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  1. Yes we did end up moving  it all depends on where you are coming from and your status. Coming from Munich with kids I can only say that Bayreuth is a paradise. There is no problem with accommodation, finding a daycare spot for your kids, a pediatrician etc all of which are extremely difficult in Munich. Much cheaper than Munich, life is easier as it is smaller. It lacks nothing in my opinion and we are happy we moved. Our quality of life has improved for sure. I could say it may be too quiet for single people who love partying but then again there is a university so I am guessing all those students party somewhere  as a town it is small neat and pretty with interesting architectural and cultural features. If someone is considering working here but doesn’t want to take the leap and live here Nürnberg is only 50minutes away by train and an easy commute. 
  2. Hello there! trying to find some members who live in Bayreuth. We are a family of three and may have the option to move there for work. We are currently located in Munich. Any info on the transition is appreciated. Practical tips like moving, costs, schools, kindergartens (especially in comparison to Munich) etc as well as how life is in a town much smaller than Munich. If you feel like it just share your experiences  your likes and dislikes and so on! Thank you!