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  1. Hi everyone,   I have a rather specific question that I have not been able to find the exact answer to for my specific situation. I've been residing and working in Germany since January 2013 with an EU Blue Card, time limited with 2 renewals since being here. My card is up for renewal in September 2022 and I would like to try and get permanent or unlimited residency. My only question is the correct path to take.    I have some German skills, but I worry it may not be as up to par as A1 (I probably am over thinking how much I actually know since I haven't been tested and don't know where I rank); I can understand more than I can say and can do basics already. I got married a year ago to a German citizen and we've been living together since 2014 uninterrupted.    My question is, is there something I can do with my marriage to obtain permanent residency (family reunification?) or should I just go through my normal EU Blue Card path and apply that way and hope to get through any A1 test I am provided? The answer to this question isn't super clear for me and I'm just wondering what is the best of these 2 paths I should take. Much of the documentation online is around getting married and then getting your permit afterwards. But I already have that and have had it for almost 9 years now.    Thanks for any input!