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  1. starting UG "nach Musterprotokoll"

    Thnx for response. regarding p 2. We both with my partner want to work for UG but we don't wan't to withdraw money from UG. We want first to see if it works and if we build an amount > 20k we think what to do next. So I need to have a contract earning 0 ? Or can simply work without it and think about the contract after I see company earns money?    
  2. starting UG "nach Musterprotokoll"

    In addition to my normal work. I want to start UG with my partner.  We are not sure if it will work out so we want to start cheap that iis why it's "nach Musterprotokoll" We are startinig UG with 50/50 Gesellschafter anteil 1 Geschaeftsführer    I have some questions here 1) Can it be at some point problematic that there can be only one Geschaeftsführer when starting UG with Musterprotokoll 2) Do I need to contract myself with the company in any mean in order to do activities there? From what I understand I can work for my UG and as Gesellschafter I have right to 50% of company income. Is it correct? Or I need to regulatte somehow my activity?