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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I know you didn't ask me, but all the same - at the time of buying my first EV I installed, as a precaution, a regular 16A socket in our parking port. In 3 years I've used it twice for charging my car. My intention was to plug it in whenever I got home and leave it charging overnight. In reality I realized I only need public chargers. I'm still glad it's there, just in case, specially since the public charging network is growing so... fecking... slowly... but anyway, to me owning an EV was never about convenience. If I am traveling less than 10km then I cycle. Not because it's more convenient, but because it's good for me, doesn't pollute, and at the very most takes 20 minutes longer than driving. I shop 3 times per week instead of doing 1 big shop because the supermarket is only 3km from my house. My town just held a referendum to turn around a decision by the council to turn our high-street into a pedestrian zone. I was extremely sad to discover that the overwhelming majority voted to stop the pedestrian zone, presumably because they would have to drive 1 minute further to get to the other side of town. People don't care about the environment if it impedes on their rights to be downright lazy bastards. Convenience rules, and that is the only reason that people don't get onboard with EVs. People complain that EVs cost too much. The manufacturers have consciously decided to only make mid-to-high end vehicles. As soon as they have no choice left, they will make affordable cars. And anyway, why the hell is everybody quoting new Tesla prices as a yard-stick for the price of EVs??? Tesla are a premium car manufacturer and people (normal people) rarely buy new cars. Everybody in my family has only ever bought used cars. Supply and demand, people - prices of EVs will drop, get over it!
  2. Demeaning: Where to hire midget and/or dwarf

    Fixed that for you.
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Unless you're at a hotel or a museum, which (strangely) still offer free charging to patrons in many cases. I never got a free tank of petrol when visiting a (free entry) museum before! I've charged my car for free dozens of times though.
  4. Wiring a serial light switch.

    Knowledge is power. Get yourself one of these if you don't have one already: With the power turned off I always first check that the live wires I'm working with are not live. I skipped this step once, trusting the electrician to have kept all the wiring in one room on the same circuit, and got a nice 240V shock for my troubles. Side-note: it didn't kill me, but I would have happily done without it. With the power on (i.e. when the unit is hanging out of the wall but all wires still screwed in) it's worth checking that everything is what you expect it to be (no wrong colours to confuse you).   Gloves are great (which you use already) but you can also check if your screwdrivers are isolated or not. Many are rated to >1000V so that if you do accidentally come into contact with something there will be no shock.
  5. Wiring a serial light switch.

    Anything can be fatal. Electricity in the home is very, very rarely fatal. Take into account when viewing the following statistics, that most electricity related deaths in the U.S. are work-place accidents where people are dealing with heavy equipment. Why is everybody so scared of everything? Common sense saves lives. The OP is not going to kill themselves trying to replace a switch in their home!
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Solid choice. I might opt for Road Runner, but Fred Flintstone's is a strong contender.
  7. Wiring a serial light switch.

    I think that if the OP didn't have a clue then they'd have called an electrician, wasted a couple hundred euros and would have learned nothing in the process. They even got the response they asked for and have probably, by now, completed the installation and are enjoying wireless-controlled lighting in their office. Why are you against them doing it themselves? Even if they screw something up the worst they'll get is a tripped relay.
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Porsche EVs make a deep, guttural noise when going under 30. Hyundai and Toyota's sound a bit like what I imagine singing angels would sound like - pretty strange noise. Don't know what type of car optimista drives but it is a legal requirement that all new EVs in Germany must make an artificial noise when driving less than 30km/h. My car has a switch to turn off the sound, but it would be illegal for me to push it unless I was on private land. Read: pointless switch. I have heard some EVs driving around extremely quietly at below 30km/h, so I suspect some owners either deliberately turn off the noise or else, if they have a switch like optimista, deliberately avoid turning it on. Either method is pretty irresponsible. I haven't heard a Mustang EV yet but I imagine it sounds like a V8.
  9. DHL Rip Off for postage to the UK

    It's always possible to know what import duty should be paid. The rules are readily available for anybody who wants to research them. It's just not possible to know, when ordering with Alibaba, if your shipment will have the necessary duties applied or not. Some get "lucky" and avoid paying the import duties, some get less lucky and have their orders stopped and taxes applied.
  10. Wiring a serial light switch.

    I think Franklan's right, and here's where the OP's plan is lain to waste. Whoever has done your original wiring just used a manual switch to let power pass to the next stage or cut it off. You only have live wires (brown), no neutral (blue). This means that only a manual switch like the one you have already, or else a battery powered switch (not sure if those exist?) will work in this location, unless there is a neutral wire (blue) in the cavity which you can use to provide return current for your new "smart" switch. The smart switch is useless without at least 1 brown and 1 blue wire - if either of these is missing you cannot power the switch.   edit: after looking at the Sonoff website linked by the OP, I'd suggest one of their smart light bulbs for your office and leave the existing switch on the wall.
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I miss comparing prices at the pumps and avoiding ever filling up on the autobahns due to extortionate service station prices.
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Cyprus. Another European destination it never once crossed my mind that I might drive to. Now that it has crossed my mind, my opinion is fixed. I will never, ever, drive to Cyprus. Happy to fly there again though.
  13. Absolutely right. Therefore the word "filling" actually doesn't exist, because you cannot be part way towards making something full. It's either full or it's not. Naturally this means we can also do away with the words "emptying", "stopping", "going", "living", "dying". Oh wait... no, you are wrong after all. Very wrong.
  14. Siezen or Duzen?

    I would file a police report. Deformation of character, public humiliation, slander... the possibilities are endless.
  15. Rent office space as employee

    The OP has never said that they are responsible for looking after this difficult 2 year old. In fact, we can assume they are not responsible during working hours (otherwise how is an office going to help?). Therefore, given that no other solution seems to work for them, it's time to loop back to the beginning and confront the initial problem. Get a lock for your home-office door (or use the one it already has) and teach the difficult 2 year old that daddy isn't available during the daytime if he is too sick to go to day care. It's not that difficult. And the child is two, so the problem is not with the child, it is with the parents.