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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Cyprus. Another European destination it never once crossed my mind that I might drive to. Now that it has crossed my mind, my opinion is fixed. I will never, ever, drive to Cyprus. Happy to fly there again though.
  2. Absolutely right. Therefore the word "filling" actually doesn't exist, because you cannot be part way towards making something full. It's either full or it's not. Naturally this means we can also do away with the words "emptying", "stopping", "going", "living", "dying". Oh wait... no, you are wrong after all. Very wrong.
  3. Siezen or Duzen?

    I would file a police report. Deformation of character, public humiliation, slander... the possibilities are endless.
  4. Rent office space as employee

    The OP has never said that they are responsible for looking after this difficult 2 year old. In fact, we can assume they are not responsible during working hours (otherwise how is an office going to help?). Therefore, given that no other solution seems to work for them, it's time to loop back to the beginning and confront the initial problem. Get a lock for your home-office door (or use the one it already has) and teach the difficult 2 year old that daddy isn't available during the daytime if he is too sick to go to day care. It's not that difficult. And the child is two, so the problem is not with the child, it is with the parents.
  5. Rent office space as employee

    Providing your employer's business tax number should not be an issue. Every business has one, just ask your employer what theirs is and tell them what you need it for. I provide that of my business every time I have any expense bill sent to my company.
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Ioniq-6. Finally a move away from SUV styles, Hyundai's newest Ioniq model achieves ~20% more range than the Ioniq-5 using the same drive train and battery, just by paying attention to the aerodynamics. This is the car I spent the past years wondering why nobody was making.
  7. Rent office space as employee

    Yes. It makes you a contractor to the company (if they even agree to this change) and means that they no longer have to concern themselves with paying your health insurance and pension contributions and all sorts of stuff like that. They can also end your contract at short notice, they don't have to pay you when you are sick and cannot work etc. etc. It's certainly not something to be entered into lightly but there are many self-employed people on TTGermany and forums to search for information. I can sympathize about the young child at home. The corona crisis happened and millions of people have made experience in working from home with young children in the house. For me, I literally did lock my door on occasion when it was my wife's turn to look after our son and my turn to work. He was older (4) so it was a little easier, but in every case it is possible. I never looked into this myself (despite working home-office for 11 years now), but did you try looking for "shared" office space? A google search came up with this, I assume there are multiple companies doing this now:   You should not need a business tax number to rent shared office space and it could have the added bonus of giving you some people to drink coffee with from time to time.
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Ironic since their charging network puts Germany to shame. I've been driving EV for 3 years and in that time the charging network in Germany has barely changed. I like going abroad because it becomes incomparably simpler to charge... France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria... all are putting Germany to shame. That's why I'm glad my next car, arriving in the Summer, has a range of up to 615km. I drive that distance max 2x per year in Germany, so I have to plan a stop, which is possible. Otherwise I'll just reach my destination and return home without charging en-route. No problems.   edit: Switzerland, it seems, is not considering an EV ban per se. They are making considerations for what to do in various emergency scenarios where power stations go offline... in some extreme scenarios they might have to temporarily ban charging of EVs until they get the power back online.
  9. Visiting this website would seem a good idea:
  10. Okay. I think silty1 was talking about under-floor heating so I assumed they were asking about on-the-wall room thermostats. By the way, I got the cheapest units possible with the minimum functionality I needed so they cost a little under €30 per pop. You can spend a hell of a lot more than this, so I don't consider this a money-saving measure so much as an energy saving measure. I would have liked to install something which was centrally controllable but I only found (reasonably priced) products which communicated with radiator body thermostats, nothing for the wall units.
  11. I installed a digital / programmable wall thermostat in every room this Autumn to prepare for an energy saving Winter. We have underfloor heating throughout our apartment. They run off the AC mains supply of our existing heating system and so they do not require batteries (they just include some capacitor or other to provide power during outages so that the clock doesn't get reset every time the power goes out for a few seconds). Can't yet speak to reliability but they should be extremely reliable since the electronics inside is very basic. They can be calibrated up and down by 5°C. I bought 7 units and wired them all up in one location on day one to calibrate the temperatures... out of the box they varied by as much as 2°C from one unit to another, therefore I would not suggest installing in multiple rooms without calibration. If you set your living room to 21°C and your hallway to 20°C, but they are un-calibrated with 2°C error, then you might just end up with your hallway constantly heating your entire house and the living room always feeling cold! This problem exists with any thermostat though. I assume the cheap analogue ones have must more error since they rely on the temperature dependent tensile strength of metal strips, which is highly prone to manufacturing variations.   I read a lot about there being no point in trying to regulate different temperatures through the day with under-floor heating. I can safely say that, in my house at least, this is complete bull. Every room of our house is on a weekly temperature profile. All rooms are set unrealistically low at night (good insulation means no room can drop to 16°C), and the ones which should be warm in the morning I configure to the target temperature starting about 1 - 1.5 hours before the temperature is desired. I find that some rooms will lose between 2 - 2.5°C overnight, so having the floors starting to warm up 1 hour before we wake up is absolutely ideal. If my wife or I are traveling to the office then I switch off the thermostat of that room the night before. The home office tends to be 2 - 3°C colder on days when it's not used. Anybody claiming that this takes the same energy as just heating at all hours at a constant temperature has no knowledge of physics / energy transfer.   With our heating it takes around 30 minutes to feel a noticeable difference after turning it on, and around an hour to get the entire room heated by 2°C. If you factor this in to the heating schedule then digital thermostats can be great and I definitely recommend them.
  12. Your landlord and this lawyer are probably best friends and will have a good laugh about this over a shared beer at the weekend.   My advice is: do some reading over some of the hundreds of TT threads about getting Nebenkosten returned. Lawyers spent a long time training to be lawyers and they have to charge a lot. The quotation is probably legit but who in their right mind would pay it?   If you want a reasonable bill from the lawyer then forget about this contract to reduce future Nebenkosten payments (which the landlord will probably refuse to sign anyway - i.e. waste of money). Just get back the money your landlord owes and leave it at that. Or don't, your choice.
  13. Accountability in HR meetings

    I used to work in a company where somebody took a lot of sick leave and, as a result, we were all informed about the company policy (might have been law) regarding sick leave. It went something like this... after 30 days cumulative sick leave in 1 calendar year you will be invited to a discussion with HR and your line manager to see if there is a specific reason for the frequent sickness which the company can help to address. You do not have to attend this meeting. No idea if this is an employment law in Germany but it might be, perhaps somebody who knows better will reply. Anyway, at least in that company it seemed like the rules were stacked in the employee's favour and that there's really nothing the company can say against you for being sick.
  14. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    I'm glad this scamming is being discussed here. It reminds me that I need to teach my child some ground-rules for answering our house phone. I'm glad to say that, since going x-directory, I don't get nuisance or scamming phone calls any longer. I did, however, get a random call on my mobile phone last week and when I asked the caller how they got my number they told me that it was randomly generated by their computer and that they had no idea if the number they were calling was in use or who it might belong to. So, I assume the same could happen on my landline number and I need to prepare the child for shielding unwanted calls without giving away any information.
  15. Per se, no. It happens all the time and some people don't have the same scruples or concerns as you. If there was a legal requirement to stick-it-out when working on critical projects then companies would just define all their projects as critical and make sure that all their employees are always assigned to critical projects so that nobody can leave. Having said that - you are responsible to read through any document which you have signed to figure out if there are any contractual obligations which we don't / can't know about.