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  1. Rugby: Six Nations Championship on TV in Germany

    It's that time of year again. Am I right in thinking there are no free TV options this year?
  2. Astronomy observations - let's get together

    Personally I would not increase my budget from 100€ to 200-300€ until my child showed that they have a real interest. There are loads of brand new telescopes available for beginners which will be easy for a child to use with a steady helping hand from a parent. If you buy a cheap telescope, new, and it turns out to have major flaws then you can always return it. This can be pointed at the moon or your neighbour's chimney pot and might just be simple enough to hold your daughter's interest. It even comes with a smartphone attachment so that you can show the target live on your phone which is a big benefit since children tend to shake the telescope so much with their eye on the eyepiece that they don't get a clear picture... This will allow you to more easily show her how to navigate with the telescope.