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  1. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    Children are inquisitive and pick up things indiscriminately with rapid ease: colds, a rusty nail in the park, words that they hear around them.    If the parent is not in a position to discriminate on bahalf of the child, then additional help may need to be found.     
  2. What are you cooking today?

  3.   Rather than stalking j2 across the forum with you bitter vitriol (don't know don't care why), why dont you star al blog called "all the things I hate about j2" and repeat yourself ad nauseum there?    PS this poster lives outside Frankfurt!
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      They believe theoy cannot move on to trade until other matters are signed off.   In this aspect the Brexiteers do have a point.    Red tape vs red lines so to speak.
  5. What are you cooking today?

    I dont think it has the bechamel base that is the hallmark of  a souffle though.
  6. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    How old was she when she made the, in retrospect, regrettable decision? How difficult would it have been for her to get a similar job with similar prospects?    I am still regretting a ham dandwich I ate two days ago. It lays as heavily on my mind as it did on my stomach.
  7. What are you cooking today?

    Definitive Dutch Baby: https://smittenkitchen.com/2019/03/extra-billowy-dutch-baby-pancake/
  8. What are you cooking today?

    Coleslaw is also known as "swedish salad" in DE 
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

      So you are neither Australian nor intellectual then.   One less candidate for the witch-hunt then.
  10. Vegan coming for dinner

    One of those pseudo french baguette joints...   I was hungry and my train was super delayed.   The bread was indeed stale, the staff listless and despondant, and the ham of dubious texture.    Remorse abound, I did the honourable thing and ate it all. To add to the waste would have added insult to injury. 
  11. Vegan coming for dinner

    I ate a ham sandwich at the train station yesterday that I regretted already whilst purchasing it.  
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

      The Australian intellectual?   I feel a little let down by the outcome so far after its big write up. I was expecting more drama. A high speed car chase through Reckenroth perhaps? A police raid in Melbourne.      
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Not if the electorate have bought into his jingoism. Which I fear enough of them have.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No update yet on the case of the "Australian intellectual"?     If the Rheinland-Pfalz authorities consider the case to important enough to ask Wiesbaden  KriPo for support, then the case must be as serious as some posters have feared.