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  1.   Really?   I thought @Lavender Rain had advised you to think carefully about your posting style. I suggest you try to think again. 
  2. Who is moderating Toytown?

      A suggestion for increased self-moderation.  A very good suggestion in my opinion.    
  3. How to use the ignore function

      This has been a public service reannouncement.
  4. What made you laugh today?

      Children are off limits. End of.
  5. Bleeding a radiator

      I did not know you were an expert in bleeding radiators in Berlin.
  6. Things to ponder

      Why is this a "crime" but posting any random chichat  shit on the next available thread because you cannot stop flapping your lips is not?    
  7.   Thank you for taking part. 
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Pretty much where "we" are right now.    This is pretty much why the ongoing Stormont thing is such a concern. When you take the current difficulties in this broader context then you can only fear the worst. Pretty shitty.   The people of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland deserve better than this.      
  9.   Yes. This thread is not about you. Well done. It is about a out of control narcicist smeared in fake tan who has such a narrow world view that polarisation of opinion is the only option.
  10.   You should not threaten anyone on internet forums. It is not cool.    You should also not gang up and bully people. 
  11. If Melania Trump had a perfume, what

      Hope that helps 
  12.   You should not be rude and offensive to womem anywhere.   Not sure what the link to the Ed Buck case has to do with misogeny though. Happy to be enlightened.   I noticed that an allegedly anti FBI media outlet is reporting on a FBI investigation. I also noticed that they allegedly also are in principle able to post legitimate news. 
  13. It is not something that I would personally pursue but it might be a visble option and people do take comfort from it.
  14.   Taxidermy could also be an option?
  15.   So you have the solution for your neighbours that you need without starting all these threads.    Follow your predecessor"s example. Distract them with barking dogs and load music and carry on with your renovations, sapling removal and pet farewells safe in the knowledge that the background noise has driven them beyond reason already. As long as you are quick on your feet then you should be able to dodge the alledged dementai sufferer with homicidal tendencies.    All good.