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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Sounds more that you are describing civil service middle management waffle. The hot air produced by those who wish to appear erudite but do not actually have anything of consequence to say. Not really the decision makers, rather those who have fallen along the career wayside.      
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      I have heard that this is not necessarily true for the Berlin test. Perhaps it was a mistake by the examiners but I would not recommend to presume that pattern recognition is enough.   If the purpose of the test is to demonstrate actual integration through understanding the questions then B2 and a dictionary are probably in order.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      It is nice that you would like to better inform yourself. Perhaps you might like to read a newspaper and leave this thread to those who wish to discuss the issues that are of direct concern to them.    Whether you find the content relevant is not really the point.  
  4. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    Indeed. With tailored marketing one can only presume in the absence of evidence to the contrary that the site is making a fortune from ads for stair lifts, hernia supports and prostate tablets.    It had also crossed my mind that it was perhaps worthwhile paying someone to post all these "jokes". To keep this posting pace up, it is practically a full time job with antisocial hours and no social life to mention. Probably best done from your bedroom at your parents semi outside Kettering.    Then the postings on the homepage could make sense. 
  5. Websites for laptop purchase

    Some of the laptops there are also reconditioned. 
  6. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      You are clearly also a misogynist and a very disturbed individual (IMO).    Thankfully though your posts rarely make it to the homepage. If you indeed make it at all to post.    Sadly though, the sheer volume and relentlessness negative / demeaning nature of posts from one poster to the Misc area increase the probabliity of them turning up on the homepage. No mod should have to clear up after this mess. Better, I think, just not to have Misc posts coming up on the homepage. 
  7. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      Fixed that for you. We apparently need to keep gender fluidity nowadays. Whatever the Welsh Les Dawson / Alf Garnet is muttering about now (channelling Metall I have him on ignore), he clearly does not seem to have the same sense of humor about himself as he does about other people. 
  8. EU Blue Card Application

    If the qualification is not listed in ANABIN you can also ask the ANABIN people to assess the qualification. This costs both money and time.   Probably better to ask your HR contact (or your contact to name your HR contact) to ask them which visa class they are expecting you to apply for. You can keep the question open and phrase it in the context of preparing the correct documentation for submission to the embassy. 
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Do you have a link for this decision making workflow?   We have discussed before the divergences in processes and terminologies  depending on what federal state you are living in.
  10. Recovering alcoholics in Nürnberg

      Super important general point for good listening skills.   When we are disappointed with ourselves and judge ourselves harshly then a non judgemental setting is a critical component in the support of resetting a good frame of mind. Otherwise judgemental tendencies can spill over into other aspects of life and the spiral out of control.
  11. Class trips - right to refuse?

      I think this is the OP's point.
  12. Class trips - right to refuse?

      I recommend not giving people personal advice when none is sollicited.    This is a simole request on handling German admin school processes not an invitation to start discussing thr OP's personal circumstances or making judgements on their parenting styles.   Perhaps a step back from the keyboard might be in order? 
  13. Class trips - right to refuse?

      There will always be a reason or reasons. The question is to what extent if at all the reason needs to be communicated to the school. Can a simple no thank you suffice?   I would start with as little information as possible and a friendly demeanor.  It is not for the school to judge whether my family based decision is acceptable to them and I see no need for further discussion.    I would become less friendly if they start to get pushy and not go any further than family priorities if pressed. Ditto for the child. They should also not be put under pressure by the school to provide an explanation if one has not been offered by the parents.
  14. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

      More everyday sexism masquerading as "facts" on the TT homepage.   Hardly an encouragement to join in a discussion about life in Germany, rather to join a club for "misogynists international".   Wasn't funny in the 70's and isn't funny now. Alf Garnett should go back to shouting at the neigbours but is clealy too far gone to keep himself under control.   Can only recommend that TT Germany would be improved by keeping Misc posts off the home page.    Embarressed for the people that encourage such contributions.    
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      The problem is that many people who cannot be bothered with the troublesome EU also are not particularly interested in being further troubled  by Irish troubles. Especially since they do not have an impression that Ireland is inclined to take ownership of its own woes.  This percieved lack of ownership does not make further support  for agreements etc seem worthwhile.   Whoever set off this bomb did so to an already disengeaged audience.