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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Nicely done :)  
  2. Pointless plastics..

      That is good to read.    It has been an ongoing source of tedium for me with both current and previous employers regarding spamming people with marketing materials.    A well used and cared for cotton bag is a good thing. I personally prefer the ones made out out umbrella material as they tend to be a better size for carrying larger amounts of shopping home on a weekly basis.    But when you are told to give the bags out by your employer as a marketing action (mobile advertising on the side of the bag) to people who do not know (and/or possibly care) that they should be using them a specific number of times before they become "environmentally sustainable" then you just have a load of environmentally impact loaded cloth bags with a crappy logo kicking around your premises that no-one wants but no-one can find a sensible use for.  I shudder to think how many of them are wasted resources.    And don't get me started on free pens, blocks of paper, crappy plastic gimmicks that you receive every time you go anywhere in a business context.    When did we become so (self) important that we cannot bring a pen and a piece of paper with us when we know that we are going somewhere where there may be a need to write something down?   This sort of disposable culture really pisses me off. 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

       But what percentage of voters find this problematic?
  4. German labor laws for sick days

  5. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

      I heard that Samoa was particularly quick in processing applications for work permts.    
  6. Interesting shaped vegetables - post yours

    Good point.   Boris Johnson looks somewhat turnip-like to me. 
  7. I have just seen a carrot in the shape of George Clooney. Will upload a picture when I get the hang of of the forum software.   What interesting vegetables have you seen recently? Who or what did they remind you of? 
  8. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    That cloud reminds me of the clouds we used to get in Pondicherry around 1935.   Massive things they were. Took up the whole sky.   I once said to a young man that I met on the street that I have never seen such clouds.   He mentioned the upcoming monsoon and then continued to clean my shoes.        
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Boris Johnson -  Stammer Time   https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=LI87PRgIKks   Very nicely done. I am impressed. 
  10. Any scientists here? Need a reality check regarding jobs

    I would also throw Dresden into the ring plus look at the Technical Universities in general for research consortia and spin offs. 
  11. Any scientists here? Need a reality check regarding jobs

    The OP should also look at the resources provided by EURAXEES if not done so already:   https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/   Perhaps also helpful for those with similar questions.
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    Trump NATO flounce   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7755507/Hes-two-faced-Donald-Trump-body-slams-Justin-Trudeau.html    
  13. Finger in Po.. Mexico or "one up the bum, no harm done!"

    Potential relief for future kidney stone sufferers:   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7747245/An-end-pain-kidney-stones-New-drug-combination-allows-stones-pass-smoothly.html
  14. Even after all these years, I still...

      And thank you.