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  1. Damage claim by Sixt

      This is my plan from now on. I had rented transporters from Enterprise in the past and their policies were much better.
  2. Damage claim by Sixt

      They did. With items like removing/covering each part of the door in detail with separate costs. Adds up to a bit over 1400.
  3. Damage claim by Sixt

    Am trying to figure that out. I have the Amazon branded credit card from LBB. I think it does not cover it but I will look through the details.
  4. Damage claim by Sixt

    Yup. I was hoping for a wider range of responses. In the end, I might have to pay the deductible but there is no harm in checking.
  5. Damage claim by Sixt

    Hello Fellow TT members, I have a received a claim from Sixt for damage to a transporter I had rented. The transporter already had 18 separate points of damage listed at the time I took it. The damage they claim is to paint on the edge of passenger door. I believe it was there already and that I didn't notice it at the time of rental. It is not something obvious unless you open the door. I had given this response to Sixt when they contacted me after returning the vehicle. Now, I have a letter from them saying they looked at everything and have decided the damage is from my side. They are asking me to pay the deductible, a hefty 750 Euros. Anyone faced a similar situation? What are the options? Thanks in advance, RPC