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  1. Apologies for the delay in responding. It's been a rather hectic few days.     Our Hausarzt is also a specialist in anesthesiology and has been managing her pain medication. So, if needed, he can provide an attestation.   Thanks a lot to everyone for the advice.
  2.   When she works from home, she is usually sitting on a sofa with some time at a regular desk. It depends on how bad the pain is. She had worked for a few months like that on a fully work from home assignment a couple of years back and this combo worked quite well. But not so easy to recreate this at work.   Also, the current company recommends 45 minutes for an 8 hr contract. Perhaps due to a union contract.
  3. Hello Fellow TT members, My wife joined a job last month. She has chronic back pain and has been on a break from work for a long time. Her pain can only be controlled (with painkillers) and cannot be resolved. She did join a company in 2015, but had to quit as she was having a lot of pain from all the sitting and they were not willing to allow her to work from home even for 1 day a week. Due to her pain she prefers working her hours without a break and leaving early. Breaks would mean another 45 mins of standing, sitting or walking all of which hurt her. She used to work this way earlier too before she quit working. So when this new job came up she categorically mentioned these issues and was told as long as she does her work and is present at office for meetings etc where her physical presence is needed they had no problem how she managed her hours. She has not been unable to work from home last month as everything is a long process in her company and she got a laptop that she could take home just yesterday. She still needs a couple of approvals before she can take the laptop home, moreover she can only work a day or two from home every week. Meanwhile her back pain has increased.   Now after one month she is being told that she has to take 45 min breaks everyday. While this might in general be for the welfare of the employee what if this is making it worse for an employee? The company she is currently at is associated with a union but she is not a direct employee. She has been placed there by another company that takes care of her payroll, they don't care if she takes a break or not - it is up to her. Yesterday she was told it is okay if she does not take breaks, today she is being told the HR and Betriebsrat need her to take breaks or rather add break times to her time sheet. Is there anything that can be done here? To be clear, we are not looking at challenging the employment law or taking the company to court. We wanted to know from the personal experience of others, how similar situations are handled in other companies. I think companies from a manufacturing background are the ones where the rules are fairly rigid. I am pretty sure even they would've had to make exceptions at times. Thanks in advance, RPC
  4. Hmm... That was what I also thought. Anyway, if it has not been found yet, it is UniGroup   The agent we used is no longer part of the group. They are now part of another network. In case anyone wants to reach them, their website is B. R. Shastry.   It's been four years since I last updated the post. I do not think I can provide any further information. So, like Uncle Nick said, use Google.   viel Glück!
  5. Hi Everyone,   I got a lot of good advice from this community. I searched for information on relocation companies that can handle moving from India to Germany but couldn't find any details. I am looking for recommendations from people who have used the services of any companies that they found helpful.   Thanks, RPC