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  1. Hmm... That was what I also thought. Anyway, if it has not been found yet, it is UniGroup   The agent we used is no longer part of the group. They are now part of another network. In case anyone wants to reach them, their website is B. R. Shastry.   It's been four years since I last updated the post. I do not think I can provide any further information. So, like Uncle Nick said, use Google.   viel Glück!
  2.   I used the services of Petra Wagner (http://sprachdienst-wagner.de/english-version.html) last year for translating my marriage certificate from English to German. It cost me around 45. I got the document translated in a couple of days. What I found interesting about her was that she initially quoted 50 based on the scanned copy of the document and then reduced it because the number of words was less than what she had originally estimated.   I believe that the translators are required to certify the translation after checking the original document directly. Some of them do insist on this. I had the marriage certificate translated once before but the translation was ordered by a lawyer's office. At the time, neither the translator nor the lawyer had the original and no one asked. So, I guess it depends on the people involved.
  3. My apologies. I realized that I had not updated this only now. So, I registered in Frankfurt in April last year and in July, I got a letter from the Landratsamt Ludwigsburg informing me of my refund and asking for the bank details to which the amount could be credited. The refund was prorated based on the date I registered in Frankfurt. Smooth process as long as it is done by mail/fax. They also gave me an option to send details by email and that did not work at all as it was not delivered.
  4. @cb6dba: Thanks, we will keep an eye out for openings. Not many employers can be flexible even if the managers are OK as they may have union limitations.   @engelchen: Thanks for the suggestion. I am not sure she has enough contribution to be eligible for this. She was working in India and US (temporary) before this. Not sure if mine can be applied. We will look at this.
  5. Hi Everyone,   My wife was working in requirements management for over 8 years. She was working in Germany last year but had to quit due to health reasons. She has chronic back pain and a 9 to 5 job in an office doesn't work for her. Since she was working in a narrow field, she's also considering retraining in another IT field.   One of the main considerations, due to her health condition, is a filed where she could work from home at least for part of the week.   Any suggestions are most welcome.   Thanks in advance, RPC
  6. Wait time for niederlassungserlaubnis

    I am also waiting for the NE (and the extension of the Aufenthaltstitel for my wife) in Frankfurt for over six weeks. I have a friend in NRW who has been waiting for over two months.   I have the support of a relocation agent and the information she got from the local Ausländernehörde is that there are some problems with the production of these in Berlin. They have no solution other than to wait.
  7. Hi Everyone,   We now live in Bietigheim-Bissingen, a town in Ludwigsburg kreis. We are relocating to Frankfurt next month. I received a letter from the Landratsamt to pay the trash collection fee. It is for the entire year. I have paid it. I am wondering if they have any refunds since we are moving away from the state itself. If so, is it automatic or should I apply for it?   Thanks, RPC
  8. Hi Everyone,   I got a lot of good advice from this community. I searched for information on relocation companies that can handle moving from India to Germany but couldn't find any details. I am looking for recommendations from people who have used the services of any companies that they found helpful.   Thanks, RPC