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  1. Yes, this is true. I recently entered Germany, from a visit to India, with only a little over 3 months of validity on the passport. When I was leaving Germany, the BP officer warned me that the passport is due for renewal. I have a Niderlassungserlaubnis. Five years ago, my wife was in a similar situation as OP's family member. Her passport and Aufenthaltstitel was about to expire in two months when we returned from India. Again, no issues and not even a question at the border control.
  2. Hello,   We came to Germany through the Blue Card program. I am changing jobs after three years on Blue Card. I have a gap of a little over one month between the jobs. We were considering going on a road trip during this one month gap. Currently we are living in a service apartment. The new job would be in a different city, so we do not intend to extend our lease. So my question is, do we have to maintain an address at all times? Can we rent a PO box for one month or maybe 3 weeks while we go on our road trip? Once we are back from our trip, we would definitely be moving into an apartment; temporary furnished one or a permanent one depending on what we find.   Also, do I need to do anything specific with respect to the Blue Card because of the break between jobs?   Thanks, RPC