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  1. Blue Card: Break between jobs

    Hmmm... I am not an expert on this. In my case, TK asked me to pay the minimum charges for the period I was unemployed. NO pension payments during this time. I do not think one would qualify for unemployment when one resigns. You might want to check with an expert...
  2. Damage claim by Sixt

    So, in the end I paid the amount. An expensive lesson. Rental agents are now going to be dealing with a more difficult customer who will insist on having every damage on record. 
  3. Protocol with Handwerkers

      Apologies if I am asking something obvious. Why wouldn't the locals work for outsiders? And if you are buying property in a place with the intention to live there, you are not intending to remain outsiders... Is this something specific to the region or is it more widespread?
  4. Health care - is it free?

    The online option is to visit https://www.kv-rlp.de/patienten/arztfinder/erweiterte-suche/ and look for a doctor. This site is for the doctors that support public insurance. Put your post code in the PLZ field, select the search radius from Umkreis and put the appropriate foreign language you need in Fremdsprache (it will show options when you start typing the German name of the language). You can narrow down the specialties using the field "Fackgebiet". For a general appointment, use "Allgemeinmedizin". This will give you a list of doctors matching the search criteria. You can look up the ratings of most doctors on jameda.   Good Luck!   PS: There are 4 general practitioners within 30km of Altstadt who speak Swedish!
  5. In the apartment we used to live, in Bochum, there were switches to control a set of plug points but these were only in the living/dining area. Not for the kitchen and definitely not for the large appliances. A circuit breaker is the normal choice for the outlets for large appliances. I am pretty sure you will need an electrician to sort this out. My own past experience is that the landlord pays for this. Usually they want to make sure that this is done to their standards. Posting the picture of these switches might result in more detailed responses from some experts.
  6. Damage claim by Sixt

    Hello Fellow TT members, I have a received a claim from Sixt for damage to a transporter I had rented. The transporter already had 18 separate points of damage listed at the time I took it. The damage they claim is to paint on the edge of passenger door. I believe it was there already and that I didn't notice it at the time of rental. It is not something obvious unless you open the door. I had given this response to Sixt when they contacted me after returning the vehicle. Now, I have a letter from them saying they looked at everything and have decided the damage is from my side. They are asking me to pay the deductible, a hefty 750 Euros. Anyone faced a similar situation? What are the options? Thanks in advance, RPC
  7. Hello,   We came to Germany through the Blue Card program. I am changing jobs after three years on Blue Card. I have a gap of a little over one month between the jobs. We were considering going on a road trip during this one month gap. Currently we are living in a service apartment. The new job would be in a different city, so we do not intend to extend our lease. So my question is, do we have to maintain an address at all times? Can we rent a PO box for one month or maybe 3 weeks while we go on our road trip? Once we are back from our trip, we would definitely be moving into an apartment; temporary furnished one or a permanent one depending on what we find.   Also, do I need to do anything specific with respect to the Blue Card because of the break between jobs?   Thanks, RPC