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  1. DHL 7 day hold

    I do not know how well this would work for packets from outside EU but if you have an account with DHL ( https://www.dhl.de/de/privatkunden/kundenkonto/registrierung.html ) and you address the packages to a pick up point (Packstation, Affiliate stores or Post offices), you will get notifications and up to date tracking using the Paket application. I find it very useful and almost always have packages delivered to the nearest Packstation. I signed up in 2016 and it was a bit difficult with a non-German passport. I do not know if things have improved.
  2. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Getflix has been working for us for a long time, over 2 years. It works for iPlayer, Netflix etc on Samsung smart TVs and Android boxes used to run Kodi.
  3.   Unfortunately, it is street parking only and can be a bit difficult at times. I usually drop my wife off in front of the practise and then hunt for a spot. I usually find one within 100m. The good thing is that there is a lift. So, no need to climb stairs.
  4. Sozialversicherungsausweis

    You should be able to get a replacement applying through here:  https://www.eservice-drv.de/SelfServiceWeb/ We recently got the statements through the same portal in a few days. So, it works.
  5.   Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I will pass it on to her.   All the best to you!
  6.   That depends. If you have the new credit card format driving license, pick the second option. This is most likely in your case. If you really have the older license in paper form, select the first option. In this case, it might take a few days as the license must first be converted to the new form.
  7. I have taken IDP from two places in Germany. Once in Bochum and recently in Frankfurt. In both cases, the process took less than fifteen minutes. The waiting time depends on how busy the office is. For me, in both cases, waiting was also not long because IDP and similar cases were handled separately from the regular licensing operations. Keep you license, ID, a new ID photo and money to pay. If you happen to have the old paper format license, it needs to be converted to the new format and that will add a few days to the process.
  8. I wanted to add some updates here for anyone who might stumble upon this thread. Since the time the original query was posted, we moved from Bochum to Frankfurt with a short stint in Stuttgart. What we have found is that, unsurprisingly, it is easier to find doctors in larger cities. No one was so far able to provide a diagnosis though they have done a lot of MRT and X-Ray investigations. We were in Stuttgart region only for six months and although we found some doctors who appeared quite good and responsive, we cannot recommend any as my wife wasn't a patient with them long term. As for Frankfurt, my wife is now in the care of a specialist pain doctor, Dr. Miles of SCHMERZ Zentrum Frankfurt. Getting the first appointment took over six months. The process required that we send a detailed questionnaire for the clinic to evaluate. It took them a few months and then they called us and gave an initial appointment. Once that was done, it is a lot easier to manage subsequent appointments. The doctor also listens to my wife about the treatment and medication options that she has found from other sources. Overall, we are very happy with this clinic. Our Hausarzt, Dr. Dirk Messemer of Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. med. Monika und Dirk Messemer is also an anesthesiologist and was the one who recommended the pain clinic. This GP is also very responsive to patients and spends enough time understanding the complaints. My wife also had some pain in the shoulder that ended up needing arthroscopic surgery in the shoulder. She was treated by Dr. Vonhoegen and Dr. Lages of the Orthopädie department of Klinik am Ring in Cologne. This is also an excellent practise where the doctors listen to patients and the hospital was also very good w.r.t the procedure and care afterwards.
  9. My wife and I moved to Germany this February. My wife has been having chronic back pain for a few years now. She also has a shoulder pain that has worsened in the last few months. Over time, many doctors have given us various diagnoses with the most recent being probable fibromyalgia. For the last few weeks her pain has worsened and we finally managed to get an appointment with an orthopedic. So we went to see the doctor on Friday and when she tells him she has two painful problems - the back and the shoulder, he bluntly tells us that today he will look at one problem area!!! Her shoulder has been hurting as much as her back with the pain radiating all the way to her wrist but well he does not want to hear about it at all.   He has recommended acupuncture and a therapy/fitness regimen to be taken up after talking to TK and opting for one of their recommended centers.   Is this how it works here? She has already been through multiple rounds of physical therapy, cortisone shots, chiropractic sessions etc. but he seemed to be in such a hurry he just took a few minutes looking at an old MRI and some reports, told us it is a muscoloskeletal disorder and gave us the above recommendation. He did not spend any time asking her about her pain or trying to understand her situation. My wife also has thyroid problems and insulin resistance. The doctor did not spend any time understanding these or asked any follow up questions. We have been to hospitals in the US, Singapore and our country India but this is the first time we are coming across an experience such as this at a clinic. It was as if he was going through an assembly line of patients and just couldn't wait to finish one and get on with the next.   This experience has left my wife devastated, she is in a lot of pain and sleepless nights due to the pain have added to her woes. She came out of the clinic almost bursting out in tears, we were very hopeful that a first world country like Germany would have better options that would finally help diagnose her problem and treat it suitably and humanely.   Anyone have any ideas about how to work with the German healthcare system to find a good doctor for this situation? We were using the search provided by KVWL. An important thing is to find a doctor who speaks and understands English. The problems are complicated enough that basic English knowledge on the part of the doctor is not enough. Any advice at all on how to handle the existing doctor would also be very helpful. We are in Bochum, NRW.