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  1. ES/EN teaching position [Munich] - questions

    Thanks for hint!  
  2. Employment issues

    +1 and he should read it carefully   also should have the letter of contract termination
  3. Hi All,    We have a discussion in the family whether or not my wife should pursue a local teaching position: background: - she finished an non-EU university with teaching spanish/english diploma - alternatively she is interested into working as "director of study" / methodological consultant/ whatever her stuff is there  (don't ask me, it's like Chinese for me). Are there such positions?  -   says that her Uni/qualification is recognized/ can be equated (has an H+ and  then for column "Senior year" it's an A5 mentioned there (can anyone explain what stands for?) - she is has  residency - so no visa hassle    My questions would be  - how likely is to find a job in Munchen in this area? (obviously they will see her as a non-native, would this be an impediment?)  - is possible to have TKT as an equivalent of a TESL ? - what German level is required  - what should be the salary expectations ?  - any other hints/observations are welcome    Thanks