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  1. Fish market in Karlsruhe

    A colleague from Karlsruhe told me about something called "Südfisch".
  2. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      I grew up eating Kraft mac&cheese. The powder that came with the packaging was bright orange, so I associate mac&cheese with having orange cheese sauce. Of cousre, now I make homemade mac&cheese and to me I like it when it has a little bit of color. And I also like to use a "colored" cheese in omlettes too or on grilled-cheese sandwiches :-)   I prefer the English Vintage myself.
  3. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      Try the Deluxe brand cheddars that appear every so often at Lidl. Apparently, they're back in stock. There's:   English Vintage English Farmhouse Mature Scottish Mature Coloured (it's orange)
  4.   And rightly so. How do you expect to pay the rent? We have a direct deposit set up. I wouldn't know how else to pay our landlord.
  5. That's an interesting story!
  6.   That's what I did. I still had a free online checking account in the U.S. I made sure I had at least 3 months worth of loan payments in my account in the U.S. (so they could do direct debt - sometimes I'd ask my mom to feed that account with a few $$ just to make sure I had enough) and then every 3 months or so I would use XE to transfer and big lump sum. 
  7. Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014

      We were watching The Punisher (my husband's choice). He stayed up til past midnight finishing the season and didn't complain of any issues. What annoys me is they had season 3 of Outlander back in March. I got through 8 1/2 episodes (had to pause to go fetch the laundry). Came back an hour later to finish that episode and it was gone from the list. Apparently, the DVD hadn't been released yet so they quickly pulled it from their list of shows. I was soooooo saaaadd!
  8.   I just look and it also mirrors what the O2 message says. I've now seen that "Enable usage of mobile data in the background" was on for many of my apps! I guess that played a part.
  9. I just got an sms from O2 saying I've used 80% of my data volume, but I also use 3D watchdog to monitor my activity and it says I still have (about) 80% left. I'm a bit surprised because I still have 10 days left in the month and usually on a day or two before I get this text message. How do I really see what my usage is? At work I use the company wi-fi and it even showed I  went up from using 1.58 to 1.6 GB of my volume within a few hours. That can't be.   I have the o2 Blue All-in M with 2 GB/monthly data volumne, all inclusive telephony in Germany.   Any advice?    
  10.   Just consider if you do get a student loan in the U.S. you'll have to pay it off from here. It's doable, but it can be complicated. But that's for another thread (maybe I already posted this somewhere).
  11.   I don't know what a visit visa is. I think you probably have to first sort out how to legally keep these kids in your homes as they are minors. Or will the parents come too?  I'm also not aware of any international schools in Freiburg. I know there's one in the Schwarzwald close to  Freiburg, but I think it's high school only: https://www.birklehof.de/
  12. Protecting my work contract in Mutterschutz?

      That's a tricky thing. You need to let your employer know as soon as possible that you're pregnant so you get the pregnancy protection. That's when you get this note from your doc and you hand it into HR. Then you tell your boss and they should keep this information to themselves. I'm sorry this wasn't the case. I can't image your principal meant anything mean by it.But he was probably thinking "if she had wanted me to keep it a secret, she should have told me", which is kind of the opposite of how I would think, but oh well.   I know how you feel. After I informed HR about my pregnancy via the note, I told my boss, but asked her to keep it confidential that I wanted to wait til 20 weeks had passed and I would tell my team myself. She complied, but of course she began"quietly" looking for my replacement, meaning she had begun giving it some thought. It was good she did, because I left my position 4 weeks earlier than expected. 
  13. Protecting my work contract in Mutterschutz?

      AFAIK; you can do "Teilzeit in Elternzeit", so reduced hours until your Elternzeit is over. Then you can either return to your original contract hours or get a new contract, will part-time hours.     EDIT:  I accidentally deleted my last post...    
  14. Protecting my work contract in Mutterschutz?

      What many parents don't realize once they return from their maternity/paternity leave is that you're not guaranteed the same job as before. You're guaranteed the equivalent based on your job, experience, etc., but not necessarily the same job. So your concerns are justified.   I should add. I had this experience.
  15. While the first bit is true, the second isn't. It's not as simple as that. I'm sure there are threads specificially about this, but as with anything, it all depends on where you lived in the U.S. and where you live in Germany.