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  1. Handling inheritance - do I need an Erbschein?

    I'm skeptical that this piece of paper he signed when he was barely coherent will stand up, to be honest. 
  2. Handling inheritance - do I need an Erbschein?

    Oh well, I'll go to a Notar tomorrow. 
  3. Handling inheritance - do I need an Erbschein?

    He signed PoA in his deathbed, but his signature was just a squiggle. I'm not sure it's valid. 
  4. Hello all - any help much appreciated.   My father recently passed away, British citizien with German Niederlassungserlaubnis, like me.    He owned a flat in Berlin, without a mortgage, which being the only child will go to me. He didn't have a will. I have submitted his death certificate to the Amtsgericht for the Erbschein, but now I understand that it'll be a lengthy and costly process to get this, requiring an 'Erbscheinsverhandlung'. Do I actually need this? Basically, I want to get ownership of the flat, in my name, so I can work out what to do with it. In the meantime, it's in limbo.    Any advice greatly appreciated, or should I simply go to a Notar at this point?    Cheers. 
  5. Barclays have told me they need address varification and ID varification as well as a translation of the German Vorsorgevollmacht. Where would I go to get certified photocopies of my passport and utility bills? 
  6. He signed the  Vorsorgevollmacht yesterday with two witnesses. I assume that means I have power of attorney now in Germany. 
  7.   I believe the care home has a notary they work with and will hopefully come to his bedside in the next couple of days. 
  8. Hi folks,    Both my father and I live in Berlin, and we are both British citizens with permanent residency here. My father is terminally ill, living the last of his days in a nursing home here in Berlin. His condition is now such that it's very difficult for him to make any decisions or even sign any documents. I signed the 'Vorsorgevollmacht' today at the nursing home, and the manager urged me to contact all of his banks here. I am not 100% sure what I need to do here though - simply telephone them? The manager also mentioned that the banks might want to visit my father for proof of his condition.Of course I realise that they'll want proof of the Vollmacht. I'm assuming I can photocopy that and send it to them? It's important that I have access to his finances to sort out important things (his flat, bills etc.) before he gets too ill to communicate and passes away.    Also, he still has one bank account with Barclays UK. Am I correct in saying that I'll need a lawyer to organise PoE in the UK? The problem is is that he's here in Germany and completely immobile. Any help much appreciated.