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  1. Unfortunately your sentence “At the time, I was unaware of the tenancy laws in Berlin and how it could impact my future” probably tells you all you need to know.
  2. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    NordVPN still working for me for iPlayer. 
  3. Question about driving licenses

    Yes exactly, Germany waited a while before sending my licence back to the Uk and then the DVLA cancelled it as they can, they were the original issuer.
  4. Question about driving licenses

    For info, I exchanged my British licence for a German one last year. I checked on the DVLA website and my British licence was still showing until about 6 months later. Now it no longer exists. So the Germans did send my old UK licence to the DVLA eventually and it was cancelled.
  5. Diet Culture Rant

    I‘ve done Keto for over a year now and it’s great. It suits my body very well, and I lost 20kg in the first 8 months and have kept it off.   saying you can eat 4000 calories and lose weight on Keto is wrong (unless you are doing mega exercise) - that’s not how it works! It works by stopping you feeling hungry so you don’t have to eat as much, so you restrict calories automatically.   I have Labrador genes so I was always hungry. And I really always was. As a 176cm woman I weighed between 100 and 120kg at different times. Because when I felt hungry I needed to eat.   Now eating the Keto diet I have no breakfast (not hungry, saves time). I eat lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 19:00 and nothing in between - I don’t need to. My calories intake has reduced a lot but I don’t notice that at all as I am not hungry. I eat lots of lovely meat with creamy sauces, cheese, olives, nuts. The food is very tasty (although if I were a vegetarian I think it would be a lot trickier).   keto works FOR ME as it suits my body type and I find it easy to follow. It is not the right choice for other people. I feel healthier on Keto than I ever have before, and I am still slowly losing weight although being much laxer about what I eat (I have more carbs per day, probably 50-80g). To have lost weight over the year and not put it back on is very novel!   For some people it can be a really good option, so worth looking into. For others it will not suit.
  6. How to stay friends with a friend

    My partner has seen this a lot amongst his friends and he, too, broke off all contact with his mother.   We conclude it is because the parents growing up during the war or just after had many traumatic experiences and that affected their parenting style later. It’s not something I’ve ever seen in the UK but amongst my relatively small circle of Germans here I know 4 who have nothing more to do with their oarent(s)
  7. Voting in UK general elections

    My envelope B was prepaid postage including outside the UK, although for the local elections I did have to put a stamp on. I went to the post office to check this time to be absolutely sure, and it was free post.   Where I vote had a 10,000 conservative majority but I still hope that could change. I voted tactically, not for my usual party, as it’s more important to me that the Tories lose.