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  1. How to stay friends with a friend

    My partner has seen this a lot amongst his friends and he, too, broke off all contact with his mother.   We conclude it is because the parents growing up during the war or just after had many traumatic experiences and that affected their parenting style later. It’s not something I’ve ever seen in the UK but amongst my relatively small circle of Germans here I know 4 who have nothing more to do with their oarent(s)
  2. Voting in UK general elections

    My envelope B was prepaid postage including outside the UK, although for the local elections I did have to put a stamp on. I went to the post office to check this time to be absolutely sure, and it was free post.   Where I vote had a 10,000 conservative majority but I still hope that could change. I voted tactically, not for my usual party, as it’s more important to me that the Tories lose.