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  1. Hello Toytowners,   As a Brit who arrived on 1 April 2014, I don’t qualify for 5 years’ residency till 2 days after Brexit. Luckily I have an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde in Kreis Viersen on 1 April.   I have loads of documentation prepared, in the hope that I can get a Niederlassungserlaubnis on that date.   My employer has offered to write me a letter saying that they have employed me for 3 years and that my job needs me as a native English speaker (a kind of Vorrangprüfung letter I guess). I said great, thanks, and then they asked me specifically what they should write.   I assumed just facts (employment dates, position, key responsibilities) and the need for English as well as German, but has anyone else had anything similar and should they include more information? What would an application letter to grant employment to a third-country national look like?   Thanks in advance!    Auntie Helen