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  1. To what purpose do they take your education and employment into consideration? Gary, are you saying that two persons both with identical age X, and years of employment in Germany Y, can qualify for a pension at different age depending on their education and employment? 
  2. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Including Lüftungsanlage?
  3. Gas Heizung Wartung

    HH, I perfectly endorse the engineering mantra "don't repair it if it's not broken".   But inspecting and cleaning is not repairing.  
  4. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Why only twice in 22yr and not more regularly?
  5. Gas Heizung Wartung

    The contract includes servicing the heating (135eur+MwSt.) and luftung (62eur+MwSt.). And in case of emergency (on a 1yr old system? unlikely) they will come without emergency surcharge. Parts not included, if any needed.   Yep, I'll ask for other quotes. 
  6. Gas Heizung Wartung

    The company that built/installed our central heating is offering a contract of yearly servicing for 233eur/yr. We live in a new built from 2019. They're saying the obvious vendor things, the system will remain efficient saving you money long term, safety, blabla. I'm all in favor of servicing things before they break rather than after, but hey it seems overpriced, more than 40% of our yearly gas bill.   Opinions?
  7. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    This is interesting. Like day trading in the stock market. It boils down to how much are you prepared to "risk" waiting for a rate that perhaps will never materialize...  
  8. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    But bear in mind that "free banking" has never actually been free. 
  9. Thanks. Wow, I did not imagine currencies to have such long term dramatic trend, I thought it was only fluctuations.
  10. Thanks Sure. And I'm fine with it. But the difference between shares/assets and currencies is that shares/assets are expected to grow long term, for good reason. After all when you buy shares of Tesla or whatever you buy a piece a a business, and businesses as such are expected by their own nature to generate wealth. Currencies on the other hand are NOT expected to grow long term, are expected ONLY to fluctuate.  
  11. It's not Friday but never mind, most stupid investment question ever...   If I buy Funds linked to an index denominated in a currency other than the EUR, does it make me exposed to currency volatility on top of stock market fluctuation? My guess is yes. But I'm surprised I've never seen this mentioned.   Example: I buy S&P 500 (which is denominated in USD) paying with my German EUR. A year  later this index went up 7% but the USD dropped 3%. Did I effectively win 7%, or did I win 4%? Speaking before costs fees TER etc of course...
  12. bob, you have my simpathy on this...   just some random thoughts: 1) these things tend to be always scarier than they should. And they are challenging only at the beginning, once they are set it's plain sailing... 2) I think the word "salary" is wrong, "salary" is what employees get 3) If you do go this way it's probably easier for them to drop you if/when is convenient for them. This is one of the reasons many workers prefer to be employed rather than self employed.   Good luck!
  13.   but come'on, there are millions of workers in Germany that are self employed and this is exactly what they do... ...and many of these workers (I'm guessing here) have level of education much lower than yours...   ... if they do it ...   Some of them (ok, probably a minority) have customers outside Germany, so they do exactly what kb has described...  
  14. Moving back to UK after Brexit

      Banks communicate with the tax authorities. Whether we know it or like it or not. That's probably how many tax cheats are caught. And that's why people intending to cheat on taxes insist on cash. Never a car workshop offered you a discount provided you pay cash?