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  1. Where to hide comfortably

    People went to prison because did not report the mistake and instead spent the money. Good luck 😃   By the way, how much did you get?🤣
  2. Gas Heizung Wartung

    My gas boiler is from the company Elco. Perhaps this is one of the lesser common, because out of the many gas engineers I phoned most told me they don't do Elco. Eventually I managed to get two quotations and they were almost identical. Next time around I'll try more...
  3. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Got the gas heating and Luftungsanlage serviced just now. First service after 2 winters of life. It actually took 1hr, estimate was 2hr, two guys present: one worked and the other extremely young (maybe a trainee) did nothing other than watching. Costed 215eur.   I understand the cost of a service is not linked to how long it takes, or how difficult it is, but ONLY to the max they think the customer is prepare to pay.
  4. Why does the Finanzamt change my tax number?

    I moved (but within the same FA) and I became a business (because I installed Photovoltaic on our roof). But this was 18months ago. And I filed taxes with the old number, and got a refund. 
  5. Out of the blue. And without explanation of course.   Why?
  6. Ispropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol -- seeking   Search Isopropanol. They normally sell it in various different purity. It is used in every scientific labs. That's how I know it. Make sure you understand and follow the safety instructions. IPA is not as bad as Acetone, it's not super bad, but it's still bad.
  7. Robot lawnmower

  8. Robot lawnmower

    @kapokanadensis Thanks. Price difference between cheap and expensive ones seem pretty huge to me, even without going to the Professional ones. Can you comment?
  9. Elster - how to include PDF Beweis as Attachment?

    Thanks. My bad, I have not. Not yet at least.   The Finanzamt cleary states you "don't have to" submit the receipts etc. But (of course) you must have them ready in case they come asking.    Question: what's best, to submit them straight away nevertheless, even tough you don't really have to, or not to submit them (but of course keep them in case they ask)?
  10. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Of course you mean per square metre?
  11. How can I attach, in Elster, an external PDF Beweis to my tax report? I fear there is no way yet, but it seems strange...😬   Thanks,
  12. Robot lawnmower

    More question: what is the difference within a family of mowers from the same series, which at first seem identical, just they offer different specificiation for max lawn area? Just the length of the cable? For sure it's not the battery capacity, often different lawn area are specced with identical battery capacity.   Price difference seem very big just for cable a bit longer or shorter.
  13. Robot lawnmower

    No, thanks, our garden is very big by most standard but these mini tractors are mega big and expensive, and for us overkillers. But I agree they seem a lot of fun!
  14. Robot lawnmower

    I'm curious, which one do you have and would you recommend it?