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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Dominic Cummings. Not even Trump or Berlusconi could make politics so "interesting".   Do you believe what Mr.Cummings said to L.Kussenberg? I do.   For the record, I'm neither lefty nor Brit.
  2. John, could it be that when you write "Sparplan" you actually mean "Festgeld"? I'm the least knowledgeable, but Sparplan can actually be anything, including Aktienfonds...
  3. Equities Fears over Delta variant shake global markets European equities heading for worst session of the year on skittish response to spreading virus   Now top title in the Financial Times!
  4.   I thought the golden rule is that the more you are into or towards retirement, the more risk averse your portfolio should be, so less exposed to swings either side.  
  5.   from the front page of the FT: Global shares drop on fears of Delta Covid variant well, we didn't actually need the FT to tell us the covid pandemic is still around...
  6. Awful day for the markets today
  7. robinson, yes I'm familiar with it. Well, maybe ok for the school to lecture "a little bit" on nutrition. But come'on, the bulk of it should come from the parents EVERY MEAL.   Once thing that angers me very badly is the belief that crap food costs less than healthy one. It does not, it costs more. I'm very angry on this. How much you pay for spinach, tin tomatoes, bananas, tin beans and lentils, dinkelmehl, white fish? Or soda cheaper than tap water?  
  8. emkay, I often agree with you on many points, but not at all on this.   I think healthy nutrition 1) is very simple, and 2) should be taught within the family. Formal education framework should teach maths, grammar, science, geo, history, maybe sport and politics and economics... but not nutrition. Look at this: does it take long professional training to be able to teach math or grammar? Heck, yes! And does it take years of professional training to be able to tell people: "more fruit veg fiber wholegrain, less fat salt sugar alcohol caffeine"? I'd say no.    
  9. Maybe true. But I also have the impression that people very often try to substitute their lack of will with unnecessarily complicated plans. I wonder if the thinking goes like "...this is very elaborated, how cool, it's got to be very scientific and therefore very effective..."   I remember visiting a cardiologist months ago (btw, I'm healthy, touch wood). I asked him: "please give me some general advice. And should I visit a cardiologist regularly?" His answer: "follow a healthy lifestyle. If no symptons, don't bother seeing a cardiologist. And soon he almost started cursing at people that don't give up smoking AND visit him"   emkay, all the best to your family!
  10. How about this:   More fruit, vegetables, fibers Less fat, salt, sugar, caffeine Very little animal products Mostly wholegrain Zero alcohol, tobacco Minimum 1hr/day outdoor exercise and 8hr/night sleep   But mostly the first two lines              
  11. I got it today (!!) with Direct Line. I also tried many but didn't go through x your same reason.
  12. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Thanks, Keleth.
  13. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Anyone can please explain this to me...   Yesterday during Italy Wales, with Italy already secured 1st position in the group, coach Mancini replaced keeper, Sirigu for Donnarumma, at the 89th min.   What's the reason for such a ridiculous change, ONE minute before game end?
  14. Domestic Photovoltaik-Anlage now free from income tax

    This was also part of my bet at the time we decided in favor of PV. But from the last quotations 6 months ago, having a battery installed would have costed ten times the electricity it would have saved us. My guess today is domestic PV-batteries will not become financially viable during the remaining 18yr lifetime of my PV.
  15. Domestic Photovoltaik-Anlage now free from income tax

    Of course you are right. I was wrong, sorry. But it's very very near to be linear. I got many quotations, for different sizes, so I should know.   But bear in mind the other point: your the return scales much LESS than linear with the total kWp. If you add 1kWp to a small system you increase a lot your own usage, at 33 ct/kWh (and raising). But adding 1kWp to an already very big system you don't really improve your own usage, you rather increase the EEG, which at 9 ct/kWh (and falling) is much less attractive. And adding 1 kWp to a small system costs you as much as adding the same 1 kWp to a big system.   All sides of my roof are full with modules, 117qm Haus with 40grad Dach, 29 x 315 Wp = 9135 Wp.  A module is 1.0m x 1.6m, and ca 315 Wp, so 30 kWp = 30 / 0.315 = 95 modules = 95 x 1.6 = 152 qm roof. This is a very huge surface (roofs also have windows, chimney, antennas, gaube, etc etc). And maybe part of the roof is north-facing, or shadowed, so not suitable.    If you do install, good luck with it and keep us posted. After all is fun, isn't it...