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  1. What should the Israel government do?

    More thoughts on this topic. No sympathy with terror or violence. No matter what's behind. Having said that... ...suppose you're a no-terror palestinian. You've witnessed the rights of your people, and hope, taken away with force for the last 70yr. You complained. Nobody listened. What to do? No justifying violence. But at the same time, it takes a lot of naivety to expect that when the distribution of resources is as imbalanced as it is, violence will not emerge.
  2. Money-Saving Tips

    I cycle year round. Winter as comfortable as summer. But I'm fortunate that car traffic is acceptably low in my cycle routes.
  3. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    @MadAxe > And as long as they're not harming themselves... some of these people go as far as removing perfectly functioning organs that will never ever be able to replace, losing for ever certain functions. If this is not harming themselves... @snowingagain > I am not a fan of telling young children that they can be "born in the wrong body" and can change sex Same. If a body is healthy and functioning as nature intended it is not "wrong body". Beside, gender (which admittedly I do not know what actually is) perhaps can even change (but if gender is not the same as biological sex, what actually is??). But chromosomes, that determine your biological sex, cannot change. Never ever. No by any Dr. Not by any corrupted political class. Not by any brainwashed society. Thinking about sport... If an elite 90Kg male Judo athlete "identifies" himself as a woman, corrupted and brainwashed political class will probably let him compete in a woman category. If I complain they call me transphobic. If the same 90Kg male Judo athlete "identifies" himself as a 50Kg Judo player, in which category do we let him compete? And how do they call me if I complain? Weightphobic or what?
  4. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    @MadAxe Yes of course not everyone is either XX or XY. However: 1) either you have a Y chromosome, or you don't 2) the chromosomes you are conceived with determine your biological sex, and they never ever change (or do they?). Therefore the biological sex of a person does not change. Therefore transexuality does not exist. 3) True, some people are neither XX nor XY (though it remains true that they either have a Y chromosome or they don't). And such people are very few compared to those that call themselves transgender. I'm not against anything or anyone. And I'm not even expressing any opinion. Just stating facts. Or am I wrong?
  5. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    What actually is transexuality? I have thought and read very much about it (please don't ask) and yet I do not know. What I know is the following: the biological sex of every human is set at conception. Not by the Dr or midwife. And not at birth, but 9 months before that. Either you have a Y chromosome, or you don't. If you have a Y chromosome you're male and you'll be male forever. Well, unless/until you change and get rid of it, which is probably not possible (maybe it IS possible after all, I admit I'm ignorant). Changing name, hairstyles, clothes, sport team, toilet, pronoum, makeup, chopping off some organs (real functioning ones) and adding some fake ones (silicon? in any case not working organs) could well change something (your appearance? your feeling? the gender written in your id card? whatever), but does not change your biological sex and will not transition you to the other side reproductive-wise.
  6. What should the Israel government do?

    > I tend to think Israel land should have been in Bavaria, as thats where the big crime started off in the first place. not that I want to defend one side more than the other, but throughout history the Jews have always been prosecuted. The holocaust from the Nazi was "only" the biggest and most high profile. Sure saying "it all started in Bavaria" is not true, at best. > All options look bad to me at the moment unfortunately. Agree.
  7. Not saying either side is more victim, or more responsible, than the other. How should the Israeli government respond to the recent Hamas mega attack? If they go for military intervention (even if we were to ignore the pain many innocents were to suffer), this would NOT make Israel long term any safer. On the other hand, I also don't think words or diplomacy would help either. What would be best for the Israeli government to do?
  8. PayPal eur to Moldova

    Thanks for the suggestion. But this time I beat you 😃, I had already suggested it.
  9. PayPal eur to Moldova

    --> since that person is resident in Germany, just tell him/her to open a free German bank account, e.g. at N26: Not sure the residence status of this person, here in Germany, actually is (I preferred not to investigate too much, to avoid embarrassment). So it may be difficult, or impossible, to open a German bank account. Or can one open a Germany bank account even without having to prove proper income or residency? I don't think one can...
  10. PayPal eur to Moldova

    I tried to make a payment, via PayPal friends, in eur, to a person resident in Germany. I expected, this being PayPal friends, not to be charged a fee. Instead PayPal wants a fee, ca 5%. I suspect the reason is that the person does not have an account in Germany. Comments? Thanks, Alberto
  11. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

    But arrabbiata is actually italian. As the name suggests, in fact, it's the feminine version of he "angry" adjective. No idea why the word.
  12. Thinking of buying iPad for our teenager, for art drawing mainly. Never used Apple so far. Want to limit screen time, too much is simply not healthy. What's a good way to limit screen time on iPad? Would Google family link still work? Like it works on Android? Thanks, Alberto
  13. Our 2023 UK rental will generate a loss rather than a profit. We had damages, resulting in repair costs and loss of income. We report our UK rental income to the Finanzamt, Anlage AUS I think, and it counts towards Progressionvorbehalt. What changes now that it's going to be a loss? Do I perhaps "spread" the costs over some years, like this year and the next 5yr or something...? Thanks,
  14. Selling our house

    A while ago I heard of a trend in the US of setting either a ridiculous low asking price, or even NO asking price, and let the buyers outbidding each other. eBay like. Interesting.
  15. Campervan - Wohnmobil

    Thanks everybody for replying. Festival, or music, are not my things. Rather big alpine cycling Bondone, Sellaronda, Großglockner, Alpe d'Huez, Ventoux, Marmote. Will have to bribe wife and daughter to go there, we'll see...