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  1. Probably not very useful anyway. In residential areas you can't install huge turbines, only small ones. And small turbines are much less good at harvesting wind energy. BTW if interested I strongly recommend the book of Bill Gates on climate change, very well written and thought through.
  2. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    Seeing the premium of this insurance, I think this is a good deal. Just my opinion.
  3. How integrated are you?

    Yes, if you live a short time in retirement.   But look at the annuity rates: if you live a long time in retirement, a paid-off-house is much better financially than the bigger retirement fund. Plus, the world does not end the day you pass away. When you pass away, a paid-off house goes to your heirs. Maybe you don't care and that's fine, but some oldies do give value to that.  
  4.   Ah, thanks, I probably should have known but it was not on my radar. Makes a little more sense then.
  5.   Can you please elaborate? Specifically: how much of the electricity consumed by your aircons, for heating, actually comes from your PV? Our 9kWp PV-Anlage, produces ca 7kWh/yr. When I look at my own numbers, what you wrote seems not realistic:   December 2021: sold to the grid: 18 kWh gas bought : 1606 kWh   June 2022: sold to the grid: 1090 kWh gas bought : 35 kWh   So again what I wrote many times: PV produces electricity when the demand for heating is miniscule. And viceversa. No need for a physics PhD to appreciate that since photovoltaic requires photons / light / radiation, it produces much when there is much sunshine (and it's warm), and it produces little when it's dark (and it's cold).  
  6.   I find even 100W for a fridge, still huge. When nobody is at home, our whole household consumes 1 kWh/day (just checked my Excel, with the last 3yr of data, day by day), so ca 42W.  
  7. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    I've been submitting HMRC returns for several years, rental income, never owning them any money, and they have not told me to stop. Not yet at least. Maybe I'll give them a call... ..or would it be better to write...?
  8. How integrated are you?

    But why? Because of misguided policies by those in charge, that limits the supply. If it's medicine, or food, or whatever hardware, everybody would agree in increasing supply. But if it's housing, there's much interested in limiting it. Shame.   And of course there are spectacular examples of the opposite, although rare.   My Japanese boss, early 2000s, told me thr value of their family bought 30yr earlier, was HALF what he paid at the time. Nothing special happened, just the market at the time was overinflated.  
  9. How integrated are you?

    Agreed. Sadly this is not going to happen any time soon.   Best first step would be for the politicians to allow, or better encourage, building of residential units where people want them and need them. Like in and near cities with jobs and amenities. In fact, they have been doing exactly the opposite.    The underlying cause is that it wouldn't be politically palatable. The oldies see sitting on their house with garden, whose monetary value exploded because of misguided policies, as a God given right. And the fact that their property value exploded, because indeed of corrupted policies, makes them confusing luck with wisdom, "i was smart in investing in buying my own house, you youngster better work hard and stop moaning".   And the youngsters see the lack of housing at affordable price as unavoidable, like it was a God given punishment.  
  10. How integrated are you?

    Same as in other countries. Like Germany, for instance.
  11. Regulatory organisation for electricians

    Of course handwerker turning up late is always annoying. And it makes them appear not very professional.   But most of their work, they have no way of knowing how big or small the work is before actually seeing it, and possibly doing it. So could well be he got stuck in a work that turned out bigger than he could have know before hand. So unless you are their 1st appointment of the day, like 7am, I think it's not realistic they are always on time.
  12. Regulatory organisation for electricians

    This is a very huge work. Not expert but I think it's very rare that this is needed, only if/when the property is extremely old.     Sounds like you don't really know what need to be done. Not a crime not knowing this. Yes, good to carefully listen to one (or more than one) expert and understand the advice. 
  13. Regulatory organisation for electricians

    If the work is minor, better you don't bother them with writing a detailed itemized quotations. They rather prefer "just get the job done". If the work is big, yes its good to have a written itemized quotations, they won't mind you asking.
  14. Regulatory organisation for electricians

    I normally paid Handwerker 100% once I receive the Rechnung, few days after job completed.  Only when they had very large material expenses before they could at all start, I made some advance payment. I don't think there's a general rule though.