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  1. Buying Land + grunderwerbsteuer

    I bet most people in your situation, letting their mortgaged former house/apt, out of fear that "maybe" the bank increase the interest, simply don't inform the lender.  No, I'm not suggesting it.  
  2. Buying Land + grunderwerbsteuer

    Congrats x buying the land from the Gemeinde, they are better purchases than buying from the open market. The catch is they play politics so they normally craft bizarre rules to ensure they sell only to whom they like. We also wanted to buy from the Gemeinde, it would have been almost 100k cheaper, but they told us at 43, with a 7yr old child, we were too old and they turned us down. ☹️   This being Germany, I would imagine the minutiae of this vary from Land to Land. Nevertheless a Notar will be involved. His job is to write the contract according to what the parties agree upon, read it to them and ensure they understand it (if he doubts either party understand the German, he will request this party to have a translator), plus of course blabla all the legalities. All straightforward, I doubt there can be "good" and "bad" Notar.
  3. Gymnasium vs Gemeinschaftsschule

    Thank you everybody for contributing to this discussion.
  4. Our 10yr old child here in SH is in 4th (and last) year in Grundschule. Next year she must be in secondary. I know here in Germany school is state dependent. Here in SH after Grundschule there is either Gymnasium or Gemeinschaftsschule (I'm ignoring private schools, extremely few people go there). The Grundschule gives an Empfehlung on whether the child is fit for Gymnasium or not. According to the old cliché, pupils that are "better" students are encouraged to go to Gymnasium, and viceversa.  I visited either type of school and I became convinced of the old stereotype: Gemeinschaftsschule are best suited if a child is not very much into learning, and if the parents do not value education very much. Gymnasium exactly the opposite. I could be wrong, but after some visits I got this impression, extremely strong and clear. This is also what my German colleagues tell me. The Grundschule made a big effort trying to convince us this is not really so, is not that one route is less good, it's just a "different" route, so they say. Whatever the Grundschule recommend, the parents have the last say. But if a child goes to Gymnasium and within the first 2yr cannot do sufficiently well, he's forced to move to Gemeinschaftsschule. Only to avoid the risk of a forced "school downgrade", some parents that would prefer gymnasium send the child to Gemeinschaftsschule straight away.   Our child unfortunately got Empfehlung für Gemeinschaftsschule. Not really surprised: her attitude regarding school stuff is: "whatever takes least of my time and effort, and leave me most time for playing and chill out". Sad but true. We are trying our best but things are what they are. Despite the Empfehlung for Gemeinschaftsschule, we will apply for gymnasium. Of course the risk that within the first years she underperforms and she is forced to "downgrade" is there.   Just for the sake of discussion, can any of you with some real knowledge comment on Gymnasium vs Gemeinschaftsschule?   Thanks,    
  5. New International School in Pinneberg

    Schaafweide, since October. Working at XFEL Waldenau is the bestest place to live, especially if you have a family, superhappy to be in this area. Never mind I have my own reason why I don't like Northern Germany but that's a different story... (still, living in Germany as such I like it very much)
  6. New International School in Pinneberg

    Wow. Thanks a lot. 
  7. New International School in Pinneberg

    Hello, can anyone here share his/her opinion about this school? We live in Waldenau, walking distance from it! Our child will finish Grundschule and we are looking for the next stage. Thanks, Alberto
  8. We are considering next school x our child, 10yr old. I read here on TT that   If you send your children to a private (fee paying) school instead of a free state school, you can claim 30% of the tuition fees capped at €5,000 per annum, per child as a tax deduction.   Does it mean if i pay say €6000 per year I get a rax refund from the FA of 30% of €5000, so €1500 per year? Or does it mean that of the €6000 fee, 30% of the first €5000, so €1500, are tax free, so the rebate I get from the FA would be a fraction of this  €1500?   Thanks,
  9. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    I also think butter is ok, provided is not too much.   But I also read zillions of stories from Dr and nutritionists reminding us that nowadays most people are overweight,  consume too much food, especially too much fat and animal fat, too much salt sugar. And too little fresh fruit and veg.   I also think the debate on more carb or less carb is overrated. In my opinion the biggest point should rather be: more fresh veg, less fat salt sugar. 
  10. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Just seen s cardiologist. She says my ECG and pressure are perfect. As for the high cholesterol values she doesn't trust them because I did not fast, she suggests to take them again. Ok, will do so, but this is interesting: I know there are Dr that say the exact opposite: cholesterol values, unlike other blood measurement, are NOT significantly affect but how long you been without eating...
  11. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    The only thing that leaves me kind of gutted is that I don't really see any room for improvement in my nutrition or lifestyle. Zero. Was I eating tons of butter, or doing zero exercise, one could change that, but I'm actually doing the exact opposite for the last 30+ yr.
  12. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Haven't spoken with her yet, but the handwritten comment on the cholesterol letter says something like "slightly high values, slightly high risk, no need to take medicine". Doesn't sound too bad, doesn't it...🙄🤔😵🤩
  13. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Good point. I don't remember the numbers, and they are not in the cholesterol letter I got, but I remember that straight after measuring the Dr said "perfekt".
  14. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    @catjones I think you are correct, I agree.   I just learnt of someone, not overweight, with total cholesterol of over 400😮. This fact that sporty people with perfect diet and weight can have high cholesterol is exactly the opposite of what I always naively believed. Never stop learning.😟
  15. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Renegade, thanks for participating in this discussion, and fine with what you wrote... BUT I asked you two questions and you replied none of them. 1) are you a Dr?  2) how would you lower the value?   Since you have not replied any, I take 1) no, you are not a Dr, and this is absolutely fine and you are still welcome to contribute, just had you answered it would have helped to decide how seriously to take what you wrote, and 2) you have no idea how to lower the value, which is also fine per se, but also makes the reader suspect you did not bother reading what was written before lecturing, and makes what you wrote "I would lower..." a bit silly. Sorry if I'm harsh, I hope I am not offending you, not my intention.