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  1.   Don't you have an allowance? Most people with a UK income have an allowance, even if resident abroad, last time I checked this was about 11000 pounds per year. If you still want to sell fair enough, but please do check if HMRC would be taxing the rental income or not. I suspect they would not.
  2. Sorry not answering your question ... just a spontaneous comment.   If the house has lots of equity, what to do with it? Converting it into euro? Bad time. My bet is in 2-5-10 yr time the exchange rate will have much improved, once the Brexit mess caused by the dishonest British politicians who cheated their stupid electorate has cleared up.   If the house has lots of equity and you are planning to move it into euro I would rather hold on a few years, if at all possible. That's just me. Good luck.
  3. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      I strongly reccommend a freshly made Mayonnaise on top of a just grilled trout.   
  4. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    We cook fish directly on the grill (trout, salmon, never tried to grill any others). No Alu foil or anything else. Fantastic.
  5. Gastric bypass surgery

    SP, I stand by my claim: if you are a bit physically active and follow decent nutrition, then you are not fat.
  6. Gastric bypass surgery

    I will never ever ever ever believe that a person who does a bit of physical activity and follows healthy nutrition (no need to "count" calories, or read gurus' books, or paying a dietician, or "dieting", or bla bla nonsense) will ever possibly be fat.   Just many people prefer making up excuses rather than following a healthy lifestyle.    
  7. Gastric bypass surgery

      Thats why every person who does sport is fat.  
  8. Spachteln

      Me too. My Mum was many years head nurse of an operation theatre. She taught me a thing or two about hygiene. Seeing carpets in the bathroom in the UK was a big big trauma.
  9. Spachteln

  10. Spachteln

    Thanks. Yes, I think we're talking the same stuff. Unfortunately 
  11. Spachteln

    Ales, I'm ignorant on many things, and I'm bad at languages. But ... for sure "spachteln" is the exact word everybody "in the game" use for this work.
  12. Spachteln

    Alex, are you not asking exactly what I answered before your post? Need to spachteln walls and ceiling, overall. House brand new (in fact, not yet finished). Why holes? Well, as already posted, it comes in Q2. All those I asked say "in principle Q2 should be okish to streichen straight away, in reality is much better to spachteln it to Q4 quality". That's why. Klar? Still not completely sure what to expect. Suggestions?  
  13. Spachteln

    How do I spachteln? Watched many online video but still wondering... How long it takes?  How much worse would it be if we already moved in? BTW brand new house 112qm, 40grad-Satteldach, from the Bautraeger we get walls Q2 (ceiling keine Ahnung, I guess also Q2).
  14. Spachteln

    Anyone here familiar with it and willing to give me advice? Thanks,
  15. Ask her if she's trained in first aid. And if she knows by heart emergency numbers, Notarzt, Polizei, Feuerwehr...