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  1.   Yes, I still have UK rental income, going into my UK account as always. I changed nothing.    
  2. I wonder what else, beyond Brexit, has happened.   Years ago I moved from the UK to Japan, and Barclays actually insisted that I kept my UK account open. Now Brexit, and UK banks want to close UK accounts to non-UK residents. What's the catch?
  3.   You don't know 5yr in advance that a company is going to be the largest in the world.  
  4. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    I installed a PV Anlage on the roof of our house, in 2019, no such a rebate at the time.
  5. Buying a house without realtor

    With mortgages like 20yr fixed at 1%, do you guys really prefer to do sondertligung rather than putting those money on the stock market?
  6. Which bank to choose?

    Interesting you complain about daily cash limit. I'd rather complain about vendors insisting on cash, like the car purchase you mention. This is 2021, Germans too should start accepting computers exist.   I'm with Comdirect btw, not too bad.
  7. Buying a house without realtor

    I agree 100% with emkay.   If you are canny enough you manage to make him giving you a better offer. People do this all the time buying goods or negotiating terms of employment. Cheeky for sure, unpleasant maybe, certainly neither illegal nor unethical.  
  8. Savings & Investments Germany

    I would rather say the decision was taken by you, when you decided what  to buy from the whole spectrum they offer.   And the whole spectrum they offer, is not really different from the one any of their competitor offers.   Plus, these days stuff is extremely positively correlated. So had you bought a random Acme fund, instead of the  Emca you randomly selected, your return would have been probably not very different. And if it did turn out different, nobody had any element to know this beforehand, so you could have just as well chosen randomly.   To the point, if a broker should be given merit or not, it should be based on how good and user friendly their website, how clearly they communicate, how fast their answers your questions, etc etc. For sure not on how the stuff you bought there performed.   Same as buying a new car. The car X is the same no matter where you buy it. So if you buy car X anyway, you choose the dealer based on how clear the guy communicates to you and how pretty his secretary.  
  9. Savings & Investments Germany

    But this is the consequence of how the stuff you bought have performed. Nothing to do with the broker itself.   Like saying "that car dealer is good, because the brand new Opel I bought there drives well". Had you bought the same brand new Opel elsewhere you would have paid the same, and it would alsodrive  identical. If there is any merit, it's not to the dealer.
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Com'on, oldest ever politics argument... With proportionate representation, a party that got 12% have a say. In Britain, a party with 12% would probably get not even a single MP. Not saying the German way is better. But the term "hardly democrary" is just wrong.
  11. Savings & Investments Germany

    Are you really asking on what to invest?🧐🤔
  12. Savings & Investments Germany

    There is nothing like the UK ISA here in Germany. Unless you are resident in the UK you can't invest in an ISA there.    Either you invest, and risk losses of course, or you accept basically zero return. Same as in every country since 2008.
  13. taxation of own-generated solar electricity

    Reducing consumption.
  14. taxation of own-generated solar electricity

    Guys, I'm surprised you are not yet aware of the change. Starting from early 2021 there is no longer income tax to pay on any electricity you sell from your domestic PV-Anlage (not on the one you sell to the grid, and also not on the one you "sell to yourself"). I think the reasoning for the change was indeed what you are complaining about, too much hassle doing the tax return, coupled with the fact that the payable tax was always very miniscule (mainly because one could offset the initial cost of purchasing the modules etc).
  15. What do you want, not be resident in the UK, or not to deregister from Germany?   HMRC says that if you spend most of your time in the UK, then you are resident there, and as a consequence you must pay taxes there. Perhaps there are exceptions I don't know about, but I doubt.   I also know people who leave Germany and deliberately do not do Abmeldung.