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  1. Taking over existing mortgage from seller

    Sounds so far fetched to me that I'm surprised the contract even contemplates such scenario and at all mentions it explicitly.  
  2. Taking over existing mortgage from seller

      For example: agreed price 500k, leftover debt on current owner 200k. Are you asking if it's sufficient that you "take over" his 200k debt and that's all?  Of course on top of you taking over his 200k debt, he would have to get from you the remaining 300k. Otherwise you would be paying, and he would get, less than  the price the two of you agreed. How you find this 300k is down to you, combination of cash and additional borrowing. No mortgage expert, but never heard of this scheme with new buyer taking over old mortgage. My guess is the bank would not agreed.   House search can be very stressful. Good luck.
  3. Shall I take Statins?

    Exactly 1yr ago I had my last cardiologist visit. Actually it was not because my "high" cholesterol, it was to get a Bestatigung that I'm sufficiently fit and healthy for endurance sport, 7hr cycling race in the mountains. The cardiologist that issued the Bestaetigung looked at my "high" cholesterol and stated those values, alltogether, are not high. Cholesterol values are always 3 values that must be looked together, looking at only 1 or 2 one does not get a true picture.   If I had high cholesterol it wouldn't be because of lifestyle, I eat no fat, I eat more veg and fibers than anyone else, and I do much endurance sport (actually too much).
  4. @snowingagain Thanks a lot
  5. Interesting, then it's not only me... I rode the Stelvio a few times, and after my bad 1995 downhill crash that sent me to hospital and kept me injuried for a while, I did exactly what you mentioned.   I'm the worstest downhill cyclist ever. My Stelvio crash was all on me, not even car around, I spent too much energy climbing up, I made the stupid inexperienced mistake of not doing the simplest thing ever: eat enough, so the sugar in my blood was too low for my brain to work properly, I could no longer see or react well. I ended up in hospital, from the X-ray they couldn't tell if the superpainful shoulder was broken, I called my parents in Milan at midnight saying "I had an accident and MAYBE I have a broken shoulder, but no worries I'll be home in a few hours at most", missed the last train and hitchhike and 4am got home in Milan, Mum took me to the hospital, shoulder was not broken, 7am we left for family holiday as scheduled. Mum was not exactly thrilled but that's that.   Being fit, young, stupid, bold, arrogant and reckless was a lot of fun. Hope my child is wiser but not sure
  6. More on this topic.   On the way back I intend to climb a few Alpine passes in Austria. So I will travel, by Austrian train, from village to village:   Brenner -> Saalfelden by train, climb Grossglockner by bicycle Saalfelden -> Oetztal by train, climb Timmelsjoch by bicycle Oetztal -> Landeck by train, climb Kaunertal by bicycle Landeck -> Back home in the north of Germany, by train of course   What should I know regarding taking my bicycle in the train in Austria? Thanks,
  7. Inviting Parents in Germany

    Does one need "invitation" at all for having short term visitors here?   Maybe yes. If so, I'm surprised.   OP doesn't say of which country these 4 are citizens of, but citizens of many (most?) countries can come and stay in Germany as tourists for 90 days. Or am I getting something wrong?
  8.   how much in kWh/km, and eur/km?
  9. My Mum lives in Riva del Garda, a fab place for sailing or windsurfing (tried both, not my things), or indeed cycling   
  10. Alles klar, thanks a lot. Just checked the DB website. They confirm what you guys wrote. They also say it is not possible to buy a bicycle ticket online, only in person at the office or via phone, and like neither of these two options.   How is the whole situation different if I dismount both wheels and transport the bicycle inside a bag? Does it no longer count as bicycle, and I can therefore transport is free of extra cost etc?  
  11. I want to travel from Pinneberg, S-H, to Fortezza in Italy (just after the Brenner), via Hamburg, Munich, and Austria, mostly via IC, taking my bicycle. Anyone familiar with the conditions for transporting a bicycle?   I know many (or all?) IC have like a dedicated wagon for bicycles. I'm more concerned with the 6am regional train from Pinneberg to Hamburg, perhaps bicycles there are not allowed because it's a busy commuter train...   If there is no dedicated wagon i think I can dismount both wheels and pack the whole in a dedicated bag (done it many times in the past, just never yet in DE, bit of a hassle but ok).   Of course I can Google it etc, but it's nice to ask here, likely other TTers bicycle fanatic have experience and are happy to discuss.   Thanks, Alberto
  12. Tax deductions when buying/owning a home.

    We bought, demolished, and rebuilt our house 2.5yr ago, here what I know, I could be wrong: Notar, Makler, etc, cannot get any deductions For Handwerker you can get back 20% only for the labor cost, not materials etc. And only for "improving" the house, not for building it in the first place. Of course you need all receipts etc. 
  13.   @keith2011 could it be you meant Wh when you wrote W? e-bike are super interesting. My cycle commute is short and I'm happy to do it on a "normal" bicycle, but if it was xyz longer... I wonder how soon many motorists that now find their commute too far for cycling, will jump on the ebike wagon, super exciting waiting for this to happen.
  14.   Typing mistake and you meant 0.50 eur/kWh the "double" of 31 ct/kWh?