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  1. Fiber optic wired internet

    We got fibre here in SH a couple of years ago when a local company decided to go for it. They had to do a lot of digging through the streets etc. Before deciding to do it they ran a survey to find out how many custmers were going to be interested, had we been not enough they would not have done it. Just business.   We ar emovign 10km in a few months, we won't have fiber there. The same company ran the same survey and the local residents rejected, did not want to pay more for better connections.   Mind you: yes internet connections got faster since we got fibers. But I would say reliability is much more important than speed,  and this did not change at all.
  2. UK tax free allowance    Already now If you reside outside the UK, depending on your nationality you may or may not be entitled to the UK tax free allowance. Most people are entitled, and therefore they wrongly tend to think that everybody is.
  3. Builders build us a house smaller than the contract says.

      3% tolerance, so bad? I would have guessed a much tigther tolerance... 
  4. Builders build us a house smaller than the contract says.

    OK, thanks for saying your opinion, perhaps you are right, I don't know... Anyone else?    
  5. Builders build us a house smaller than the contract says.

    Can you suggest a lawyer, ideally familiar with construction issues, and willing to communicate in English? I do speak enough German, just about, but already too many headaches to do it in my 4th language rather than in my 2nd...
  6. I will ask a lawyer. But still no harm to ask first a bunch of random strangers online, perhaps someone here has similar experience to share...   We commissioned a (very reputable) local construction company to build us a house on a plot we own. Circa 11 months after the contract was signed, or 2 months after we got building permission, or 1week before the Absteckung was due, they made a "measuring architect" measuring the plot. It came out the plot was 40cm narrower than we all thought based on the (decades old) map we got weeks earlier from the gemeinde: 14.8m instead of 15.2m. Having to leave minimum 3m clearance at each side, it was no longer allowed to build the house 9m broad as originally planned. The suggestion from the company, that we accepted, was to build it 20cm narrower, everything else unchanged. Had we tried anything else would have costed us minimum 6 months delay, at a cost of circa 2k€ a month at a time when finances are very tight (right now we are paying rent AND mortgage). No fault on their side, other than it was bad for them not to get the plot measured earlier, but I'll pass on this... We will ask the company to lower the price, not proportionally but at least as a "gesture of good will". I bet they will refuse. They already proved themselves dishonest on several occasions, not maintaining many of their (unwritten) promises. I'll keep smiling to them at least until their work is over, too much to lose if relationships turn bitter before they are done.   Question: If at the end they do refuse to slightly lower the price, what is the realistic outcome in case it goes via lawyers? My point is: they presumably use less material and less labour, so they have less cost, and we get a smaller and less valuable house than the contract says... I'm ignoring the fact that they had to redo some drawings, so faced higher cost for the architect / Zeichner, but still...        
  7. I envy your 1.4%. When we mortgaged, with a broker, we got 20yr at 1.91%, 10yr would have been 1.71%. My judgement was that 1.91% was only slightly more expensive than 1.71%, so we accepted to pay slightly more in return of extra piece of mind, so not to have surprises 10yr down the line at the time of refinancing in case interestes shoot up.
  8. taxation of own-generated solar electricity

    Another question here... say I decide NOT to register as Kleinunternehmer (maybe with the idea to switch to Kleinunternehmer after the initial 6yr period...), so I can get the MwSt. for the initial purchase and installation refunded. Then I will have to report for Umsatzsteuer to the Finanzamt, during the first 2yr every month, and eventually once per year.   Question: what is the procedure to report FA for the Umsatzsteuer? Website? Formular? Postcard, whatsapp...?   Thank you,
  9. E13 is a band, not a level, right?  I mean, different people can be both on E13 but earn very different...
  10. taxation of own-generated solar electricity

    @someonesdaughter   Sorry for the confusion, wrong post...
  11. Amazon prime video English language

    I see. This explains it. Still, the trailers available in fewer languages than the film I find it a bit odd. In fact, from the trailer of Bohemian rhapsody you can spot that German was not the original language, it's been dubbed. 
  12. Amazon prime video English language

    Gotcha! What languages are available or not depends (no surprise) on what video you are looking at. Still, Bohemian Rhapsody being right now available only in German is a big shock. 
  13. Amazon prime video English language

    Yes, this little box is there but it only ever gives me German language, no others