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  1. Here we ago, 17 days after I finally uploaded all the correct documents they requested (seems scary at first, eventually come to accept paperwork is not a big deal), I receive confirmation they will pay out.   I still think is an extremely bad political move, there is not a problem (overpriced housing near cities in this case) that politician are not capable to make worse, but so it is.
  2. Getting back my Kaution

    Just adding some facts:   *) The Toiletbrille was yellow. "it could not be cleaned", and "one cannot let a house with this". In fact: 1) it was not dirty, it must have become yellow from ageing, who is responsible for that? and 2) if it is/were true one cannot let the house with the yellowed Toiletbrille, how come the Maklerin never mentioned it?   *) they asked me to get rid of a tree that meanwhile grew in the small patch between "us" and neighbour. I did it. At the Endabnahme they were very happy, and a bit surprised that I did manage to do it. But I did not remove the root. I guess I could have done it had they mentioned it. And 6 weeks after the Endabnahme they proudly showed me the gardener removed the root.   *) The Auffahrt was "dirty", in fact normal usage, although they agreed we had removed all the weeds. They first said it was my duty to clean it. Then the husband, out of his own good will, turned up out of the blue and did the work himself. No charging us. This shows they are not just bent trying to squeeze cash out of us... they are decent people. This simply adds complexity...   *) The garden "fence" had an arch when we moved in. During our 6.5yr this grew and it became kind of a tree, no resembling an arch any more. The Maklerin said a profi was need it to restore it as an arch. The profi came, and instead he cut it to the level of the rest of the fence. I could have done this myself. They also stated it should have been done it much earlier, as meanwhile the roots grew and they risk damaging the Auffahrt. Thanks a lot, but if so why had they never mentiond it, they visited the property regularly...   *) The gardener also removed the Komposter at the back garden "it could well be that the next tenant will not want it". True, it could be. But then why mentioning this only 6 weeks after the Endabnahme? I could have removed it myself...   *) We caused some minor damages in the house. Most of them my fault.  I honestly don't know whether these qualify under "normal usage, the tenant should not bear any extra cost" or not. In any case these were first mentioned only 6 weeks after the Endabnahme. Even tough at the Endabnahme the house was completely empty and everything was very visible...   *) The shower was originally badly built. Lazy or naugthy construction company. For many years there was a small leak: water slowly entered a wall and gradually damaged it. Eventually I spotted it and told them. They dismissed it, "it's nothing". I insisted, and months later they took actions. They ended up paying 6000 eur. We were 2 months without shower but no problems. No complaining. Everything amicable. Had I not told them with insistence, the damage would have grown and they would have lost even much more. Dunno if I could in principle use this as leverage, I'd rather not to... 
  3. Getting back my Kaution

    Spot on!
  4. Getting back my Kaution

    Lisa, thanks for being brutally honest
  5. Expat Burnout

      This is not true. I have never had UK citizenship. And for many of the years I lived there neither NI number. Same for my wife. And for our child. Yet we have always had NHS coverage.  
  6. Expat Burnout

      If you have no income, in the UK you still get "free" health insurance.
  7. Getting back my Kaution

    Hello all,   there are many threads on "getting the Mietkaution back" and I'm just resuscitating one of them...   We rented a Haus for 6.5yr before moving out ca 2months ago. The Besitzerin, accidental landlord, is a supernice person and we have always had the best relationship and we both want to keep it this way. Just saying: they even invited us to their wedding, where ca 30 people were there. ca 2months before we moved out we had the Vorabnahme, with Inspektion, with the owner (well, her husband), and a Maklerin. It was stated we should do this and that, but a follow up inspektion was going to be necessary. Once we moved out, we had the Endabnahme, with 2nd and "final" Inspektion again with owner and Maklerin. It was confirmed we did most of the repairs, and very few very minor more repairs were still necessary. After we did these we had a rapid check with  the husband, he said all ok, and that was that.   6 weeks later I ask the owner, our friend, for money back. She invited us again to the house, and she showed us some faults. I know A) some of these faults were real and were our responsibilities, but once at the Endabhname Inspektion no party mentioned them (yes, we have official Maklerin document, signed by all), I concluded it was ok as it was... B ) Some other points, for which we are asked to pay, were details that both the owner, and the agent, said at the Endabhname were ok as they were. So at the final check owner and agent say "the garden is ok". And 6 weeks later the owner says "we had to pay a gardener 650eur, you did an okish job but still it was not possible to rent it as you left it, a profi gardener can do much better...".   So 6 weeks after the final inspection, once she showed us around again, we verbally offered to pay a one off xyz sum. Nothing in writing. But with second thoughts, I feel this is unfair. I feel bad that she first says "the garden is ok", hand me the document, and 6 weeks later says "actually the garden was not ok, we had to pay a profi"...   I still think she is not a "money person". But equally, I feel her requests are not entirely justified.  What's the strategy to achieve a compromise between 1) staying friends, without fighting, without lawyer, and 2) getting back the money we think is fair     Thanks, Alberto  
  8. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      Come on, the argument for the 700€ notebook does not stand. At many workplaces the IT dept. administer all software, yet employees can choose within a broad spectrum of different hardware. And even if insist on same hardware for all, they could have selected  one for 300€ instead. Yes, they could, more than high enough specs for the need of schoolchildren. BTW schools are not free here. And even if they were, it would not justify them to make you buy stuff more expensive than it needs.  What if it was musics lessons, should we accept they all have to buy the same 700€ violin, and it really must be the same so the staff can tune them all the same?
  9. Only if you are self-employed? If the answer is "yes, only if you are self employed", then if a person is employed in Germany earning peanuts, and earn zillions from abroad, the health insurance cost is low? Sounds strange, but I'm used to things being strange....  
  10.   How do you know?
  11. sorry for the late update. I was simply stupid and did not check properly. Someonesdaugther was right: after ordering a 237cm cabinet, what I received was actually a 202cm cabinet, plus the 35cm upper extension. All good.
  12. HMRC tax calculation

    I called HMRC and they were very nice and helped. Just had to pay a bank transfer to so and so HMRC account, with the 11-charachter payment reference equal to the 10 digital UTR followed by K. But even better had they explained this on their original payment request...
  13. HMRC tax calculation

    Just received the Tax Calculation from HRMC. They are just telling me based on blabla they calculated I must pay them XYZ, by 31.Jan.2020. Fine with it. Just they don't write anywhere HOW to pay them. Searching their website the best I could find is this They give their sort code and account number, and say the reference should be "Your 11-character payment reference number" which I do not have, I never had (of course I have the UTR and the NI number, but it's something else that I need).... Of course I could phone them, but I fear it will take long (at best) before getting any useful information...  Any clue?  Thanks,  
  14. Thaks for the reply. Apart from the scratches it would also have to be dismounted. And meanwhile the cardboard has been destroyed.