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  1. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Hello LeonG I emailed  of course no reply yet. I will try the other adress too. I will try the UK number, we will see...
  2. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Topics merged by admin   Months ago via Opodo I booked a JAL flight from Germany to Japan for the upcoming Easter break. Not surprisingly, Opodo just emailed me telling me to call them to discuss my flight, because the present Corona crisis. I call them and can only speak with a computer. I give the Buchungsnummer and the only reply I ever get is that such booking does not exist. Although their website says this booking DOES exist, and for a possible rescheduling I must call and speak in person. Not matter which of their numbers I call (I tried many), I always get this outcome: the telephone-computer says the booking does not exist. I never managed to speak to a person. I tried to contact JAL, the aircompany itself, and they say the travel agent is actually responsible, so it's with them that I must discuss.   Any suggestion...?
  3. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Update... I got my cholesterol tested again, this time early morning after 12hr of fasting, previous test was faulty because done just after lunch. Here the new outcome:   total cholesterol: 209 (still slightly higher, before was 242, optimum is <200) HDL, "good" cholesterol: 69.8 (was 77, optimum is >60) LDL, "bad" cholesterol: 125 (was 161, optimum is <130) trygliceridi: 70 (was 208, optimum is <150)   it seems they are good. They also tested a bunch of other parameters. It seems they are also all good.
  4. When we built our house last year the handover day was originally set for April, and eventually it gradually slipped to October.🙁 During the whole construction period the builder gave us many schedules, all turned out to be wrong🙁 Our Vermieter was Kind enough and did not insist on the 3 months notice. Had she done, of course paying 3months extra rent would have been much less expensive than 7months of hotel or Ferienwohnung. Not to speak with the extra hassle associated with changing be school etc...   Btw, if your mortgage payment is the same as the rent, you probably put down a very substantial deposit, as a fraction of the apartment value, did you? (apologies if the question is too intrusive, absolutely fine if you prefer to keep this private, I'm just curious...)
  5.   Great if this applies to you. I guess if you were s pensioner in your mid or late 70s, and although not ill no longer in best health, then "no, prob, let's just wait 10-15yr and it will have recovered" is not what you would be saying.
  6. Food delivery from supermarket

    Rewe and Real. Depends on your exact address, but i image everywhere in Hamburg will do. Never used any myself. My colleague said "bearable".
  7. Most people don't know it, but for residents outside the UK, whether HMRC grants personal allowance (and therefore income tax) or not is based on citizenship. I get it. My wife does not. We have lived at the same address (now DE, before UK) for many many years. I would guess citizenship also discriminate CGT.
  8. IFA reccomendation

    If no better solution comes up, perhaps you can fly to the UK, get a local SIM card, and then fly back. Not sure if you have a UK bank account, perhaps you need it for paying the SIM card... Far from a good solution of course, but better than nothing ... good luck.
  9. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

  10. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    I must be missing something... Are you  saying that with this very small Anlage you ended up paying 2618€ in 3yr less in electricity than you would have paid without it? Even ignoring the initial 1400€ cost, a system this size cannot possibly return this much electricity. Or am I wrong...?   Plus, how did you work out 26cts/kW from the numbers above (1400€ and 4 x 250W)??  I would have said 1400€/W which is fairly standard for a mid-size system. BTW you wrote 250W, I guess it was s typo and it's actually 250Wp...     My system is 27 panels, east and west direction, ca 9kWp and 10k€. I like east and west. Compared to South they of course receive less radiation, but they receive more radiation at the time of the day our household needs it. Less feed-in of course, but both aspects financial and environmental of feed-in are not as good as own use.  
  11. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    It was not in the TC of the contract with the construction company. And it was not a requirement from the Gemeinde. And i expect all along to be financially neutral, at best,  at the end of its lifespan.
  12. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    That's why I spent huge money for the photovoltaic on my roof, knowing and accepting it will not make me save money. And you?
  13. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    I'm not against PV, in fact exactly the contrary. Having said that, guys please leave Fantasyland. With a 15k€ system you reduce your electric bill by like 20€/month, not 400€/month.    Plus, as much as it's true that investing 15k€ in photovoltaic will give you a little "free" electricity, and feed-in, it's also true that you will have 15k€ ok less to put in the stock markets. And just remind me, what does the stock market investment returns after 20yr? Or also: were the 15k€ on your roof borrowed with the mortgage? They were for me. There are interest to pay.   I'm in favour of PV. But please leave Fantasyland and get back to reality. 15k€ for 400€/month is just not there. Not even 400€/yr. Be real.
  14. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    Last year, the year before we installed photovoltaic, we paid 700€ in electricity. How can they make me BV save 400€/month?
  15. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    We built our house in 2019 and got photovoltaic. It was registered in November, and now almost 4 months later we're still waiting for the Stadtwerke to set the Zweirichtungszähler to measure both directions. They keep telling us "very busy. Hold on a sec, we'll do it soon" so for now we give unused electricity to the grid for free.   What do you want from PV? I bet most folks want to save money. I'm happy we got them installed (I'm a green weirdo) but I still doubt it makes financial sense. The panels and the installation are simply too expensive, measured against how much electricity money they make us saves, and feed-in.