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  1. Panda, you are kind of scary😳☺️
  2. @murphaph, the UK does not pay a widow pension.
  3. teenager shoplifting

    @MeBerlin, OP here. Thanks for contributing to this thread with such an interesting story. Why did she fake the break in? I know my own 13yo daughter is capable of many bad things. And she probably did already more than I know of. But faking a break in is probably not in her list yet.
  4. Do some Germans use synonyms unnecesarily?

    Yes, sad but true, I think this nails it. Our german neighbour, a teacher, was telling me the most difficult exam in the world is fighting with German beamte about taxation.
  5. Do some Germans use synonyms unnecesarily?

    I've always had problems with the concept of synonyms. At school when they teach you writing essays, they stress on using synonyms otherwise the text is boring for the readers, seeing too many times the very same words. But we're also taught that two words have (almost) never the exact same meanings, there's (almost) always some difference. So it's impossible just to interchange words without actually changing the message too.  
  6. Mehrwertsteuer Photovoltaik - where to enter it?

    Panda you are wonderful, thanks a lot.
  7. I'm ashamed to ask because I've been through this more than once before but...   I understand I don't pay income tax the electricity sold from my Photovoltaik. But, because I'm Regelbesteuerung rather than Kleinunternehmer, I must still pay the FA the Mehrwertsteuer that I received from the grid when I sold my electricity.   Question: where the heck do I enter this?? In which Elster formular? which line?   For the record, for my 2022 electricity I received in 2023: 680.43€ = 571.79 € + 19%(USt.) = or 571.79 € + 108.64€(USt.)
  8. teenager shoplifting

      No, this is not the case. Excellent question though.
  9. teenager shoplifting

    Dessa, this sounds good, but sorry there's some missing the point here. I've been offering activities for the last 13yr and there's still NOTHING this child is excited to do.😭😭😭 So although I agree forcing doesn't work, saying "rather than forcing just find something else the child is interested in" doesn't work either.😭😭😭
  10.   Pity. Perhaps you can still collect all your info during the years, like you bought a total of X liters of oil during the last Y years...
  11.   Of course you DO have the info, provided you record your tank readings or whatever. After all 1kWh is always the same amount of energy, no matter how you convert it into heat.  Sure, you would have to find the conversion factor from liters to kWh for your particular oil, but this is probably 1-sec work for Google or ChatGPT.
  12.   Thanks for sharing. But now I'm just curious. How big your house? And when built? And exactly what "optimization" did you actually do?
  13. Help managing 1st property

    I know nothing abut this tuff, but...   For the record: for our residential rental (not short rental like airbnb), in England, we pay the agent 12% (= 10% + VAT), plus various extra fees whenever anything to be done, like finding new tenants etc. The agent is excellent. The value of the agent is that they know everything, the market, the obligations and rights of each side, the tradesman, the legal, etc. Of course in theory I could study this stuff myself but hey, in reality that's a full time job, I rather pay them their fee and move on with my own job.   I would imagine that like everything else, especially here in Germany, doing this side hustle is necessary for you to be familiar with tons of stuff, legal and not.    Congrats for the enthusiasm and good luck.
  14. teenager shoplifting

    Violin is one of the many activities we made her try. Started just pre puberty. Loved it the first 2 weeks. Hated it the next 2 yr until she finally stopped. Apart from the formal lessons she NEVER touched her violin.   With E-Gitarre exactly the same.
  15. teenager shoplifting

    This is exactly the problems we're having: she likes absolutely nothing.😭. I encouraged zillions of activities, sport, music, scout, dancing, art, everything. Even therapist told us: make her doing something that she likes. Problem there is nothing that she likes. During the 1yr that she, theoretically, played football, during training she was just sitting on the bench the whole time, chilling. When the coach asked her to enter a game, she simply refused and started crying.