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  1. The company that installed our central heating is offering a contract for yearly inspection etc. Yearly cost 135 for the gas boiler, plus 61.5 eur for the Lunftungsanlage, plus MwSt.  Good or overpriced?
  2. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    Thanks Jeba. I already heard something like this about the contract, that they push you to sign one (of course in their favour) and they bluff saying you must whereas in reality you don't have to.    
  3. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    There are some, but of course they are biased in the interest of the vendors.
  4. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    We got two quotations for batteries, two different companies, both 7 kWh and ca 10keur, including installation, warranty 10yr (one company) or 20yr (other company). This would reduce our reliance on the grid by, at best 7 kWh/day. In reality considering sunny days that we already use very little grid energy, and cloudy days that we wouldn't be able to charge the battery, the average reduction in grid reliance would be ca 3 kWh/day.  Couple this with an effective 21 ct/kWh (32 ct/kWh cost of purchasing from the grid, 11 ct/kWh Einspeisung). Batteries still too expensive. Shocking expensive. Better off to einspeisen into the grid the surplus PV strom, and buying from the grid the energy you need.
  5. If you are interested in learning Japanese language, via Skype,  please contact me. I know the best Japanese language teacher (not me). Native, qualified at government level in Japan, and with decades of experience.
  6. Car affordability - best brands, age

    My Peugeout 207sw costed me something near 5k 3yr ago, 8yr old and 90k on the clock at the time. Since then it costed me an average of 79eur/month, including petrol tax insurance repairs.
  7. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    If 4.5kWh is the energy that can be stored by the battery, what is "a 3.5kwh system"? 
  8. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    Could it be that you meant 3.5kWp?   For the record: we searched the market before having our system installed in 2019: icluding installstion and of course  transformer, Wechselrichter  prices were near 1300€/kWp, ohne Akku. Small Akkus cost ca 1€/Wh, installation excluded, installation cost will depends also on your Wechselrichter
  9. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    What does the term "35kwh system" in the above expression mean?🤔😵🤯🤪🤕
  10. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    Netzprovider contacted 6 months ago. They of course know, after all it's them that fitted the Zweirichtungszähler.   As for the Einspeisevergütung they keep saying: "it's first necessary to "einstellen" the Zweirichtungszähler, but we are sooooo busy we'll do it but please just wait". Sounds fishy: what the hell need to be set on the Zweirichtungszähler if it's already running properly both directions...?   As for the Einspeisevertrag: it's a myth spread by the Netzprovider that they are necessary. They are not.   As for informing the FA: I thought this had to be done, and was done, by the Installer, after all at the time they asked me my tax number and what status of Unternehmen i wanted. But I never heard from the FA about this, so I start to doubt, will chase it up...   As for battery: investing 10k€ in a battery that would last 10yr would improve my self sufficiency from the present 1/3 to 2/3, so lowering the electric bill by a further 20€/month. Please gather facts  before posting. Other than the bare financial aspect, batteries are very bad x the environment. I installed the panels x environmental reason despite the fact that I expect a financial loss, no way I take a further financial loss and cause damage to the environment.
  11. Photovoltaik (PV) Anlage

    We have a PV-Anlage on the roof of our house, ca 9kWp, angemeldet at the Martstammregister since November 2019. This eventually should produce a (small) income via the Einspeisevergütung. I'm trying to figure out how to get this. I thought it was done automatically via our Netzbetrieber but nothing has happened for almost 6 months and I start to doubt (for the record: we do have a Zweirichtungszaehler, it runs regularly)... The company that sold the Anlage, and installed it, asked us our tax number, bank details, Kleinunternehmen or not. Therefore I though the FA registration, if any, was done by them already. But I got nothing whatsoever from the FA, so not sure.   Question: Should I inform the Finanzamt of the fact that we have the Anlage? I mean, not of the income it will generate, of course I will/must report this. I mean: should we inform the FA that we have the Anlage at all? 
  12. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Good for you. I bought 3 houses, and I rent many. House #1 took us ca 50 viewing. House #2 took us ca 150 viewings. House #3 took us 2yr. Every time was a very huge painful struggle. 
  13. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      Of course they will. But after a huge struggle. BTW, the expose you linked shows a tree (!!) and a floorplan. Not even a single pic of the house. The house is probably a disaster. My guess.
  14. I'm also a non resident UK landlord. But they don't let me do it online. Could it be that you can because you started to submit it online before you became non-UK resident?
  15. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    I keep calling. The best their computer at the German number tells me is "there is no record of your booking". Then it hangs up. This is the best, and only, message I ever get.