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  1. Entwässerung: Angebot 6500€, Rechnung 8500€

    Thanks.  I had no idea, and did not tell them, whether this Schmutzwasserschacht was already present or not. They should have mentioned about the Schmutzwasserschacht at first, or at least during the work. But they didn't. Most likely they made a genuine mistake. Or, less likely I'd guess, they deliberately omitted it from the quotation to make them look cheaper. Either way,  careless or dishonest, it's their fault I would say. Advice?
  2. We are building a house and a Tiefbau company (they excavate) has just done the Entwasserung (the system of underground pipes x getting rid of rainwater and dirty water).  On the quotation we accepted they wrote 6485.5 eur. Now the Rechnung just arrived and it says 8563.24 eur. Perhaps they have the right to do so,  but it seems to me in the quotation nowhere it says "be careful, this are just ESTIMATE"... What's the best way to react? Thanks, 
  3. robot vacuum cleaner

    Thanks, but we don't have pets.
  4. robot vacuum cleaner

    We are on the market for a robot vacuum cleaner. Better if with mop function. Or should I rather buy two robots?   What's your experience and reccomendation? Thanks, 
  5.   There was no Amazon in the eighties.  
  6.   Contract for what? I think the present contract settled it.
  7.   Thanks. Not very difficult. Yes, I think it's settled, I should pay.
  8. Thanks.  I just read the contract once more. It says this:   Der Besitz und die Nutzungen, die Gefahr, und die Lasten einschließlich aller Verpflichtungen aus den den Grundbesitz betreffend Versicherungen sowie die allgemeinen Verkehrsicherungspflichten gehen auf den Käufer über mit Wirkung  vom Tag der Übergabe.     I take the wording "... und die Lasten ..." means all the burdens, including this Grundsteuer (although this as such is not specifically mentioned).   Once more lesson reminded: when it's legal and there is a contract, read the contract.
  9. Yes, the vendor (the brother at least) is not a nice person. After the sale he started a fight with his sister on how to share the sum. Although at the Notartermin with us he verbally accepted the 50/50 share the sister suggested. No idea how it ended, other than the sum had to remain months (!!) in the hand of the notar before they agreed (via lawyers!) how to share.This what the notar told us, at least. Plus, the house and garage were full of garbage (garbage in the most literal sense). Maybe he thought we didn't mind as we were going to demolish it anyway. It costed us a few 100s, and lots of hassle, to get it besenrein. From this, I do have some kind of bitter taste, but I also agree this will/should not influence how to move on.   As much as I'm "happy" to pay what I should, immediately and without arguing, I also would rather not pay what I don't have to...
  10.   Thanks, Krieg. This is really strange. Amazing. What's the reasoning behind this bizarre rule, just to make it "easier" for the tax collector to know when/whom they should charge?
  11. We bought a house last year, handover May 2018. The local authority started to charge us Grundsteuer only from 1st Jan 2019. For the "in between" period, May 2018 - Jan 2019, the city continued to charge the previous owner. The previous owner is now telling us we must pay him back what the local office charged him, for the period of time between the handover, and 1st Jan 2019.   What's the most appropriate way to handle this. Paying him, right? Sounds fair and I'm in favor of it. But this being Germany, where things are only ever done officially with documents etc etc, is it not better that he gets a refund from the local tax office, and then they charge us the correct amount, rather than friendly solving this among us behind the scenes...?   Thanks,
  12.   Don't you have an allowance? Most people with a UK income have an allowance, even if resident abroad, last time I checked this was about 11000 pounds per year. If you still want to sell fair enough, but please do check if HMRC would be taxing the rental income or not. I suspect they would not.
  13. Sorry not answering your question ... just a spontaneous comment.   If the house has lots of equity, what to do with it? Converting it into euro? Bad time. My bet is in 2-5-10 yr time the exchange rate will have much improved, once the Brexit mess caused by the dishonest British politicians who cheated their stupid electorate has cleared up.   If the house has lots of equity and you are planning to move it into euro I would rather hold on a few years, if at all possible. That's just me. Good luck.
  14. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      I strongly reccommend a freshly made Mayonnaise on top of a just grilled trout.