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  1. Is German TV awful?

    Been without TV in our household since moving to Germany 8yr ago and very happy about it.
  2.  Not legal but acceptable. Everybody has its own moral standard.🙁
  3.   Are Revolut and Transferwise banks? Ok, they handle transfers but are they banks. Paypal does money too, but let's not call it a bank. OK, there could well be countries where you can open an account without being resident there. I don't think the UK is one of them. If I'm wrong please give me an example (with a bank that is a bank).   I think they demand your address, the one where you reside. I guess it's linked to money laundering. If so, giving the address of your mate is cheating / fraud.
  4. I think once you opened a UK account you can keep it forever no matter where you live. This my experience at least. Saving accounts are different tough. It's also common sense: say after you left the UK you are entitled to some UK income, like property rental or state pension. I think rental agencies or HMRC would not pay into a non-UK account.
  5. I think if you live outside the UK you cannot open a UK account. This is probably so for most/all countries
  6. My experience is that you can open an account in the UK if/when you are resident there. I always believed this applies to every UK bank.   Just before leaving the UK for the first time and moving to the far East, long time ago, I walked into the branch to tell them I was going to close the account. They encouraged me to keep it open. I kept it open.
  7. Freelancers and state pension contributions

    Btw, beyond paying into the German system, it's probably in your own interest to keep paying the UK NI contributions. Many people do that after they move out of the UK.
  8. Tour de France highlights

    I know one can watch the whole stage, but is there free decent TdF highlights available to watch here in Germany? Any language will do.  
  9. Landlords trying to cheat me!

    Good luck you have my sympathy. Extremely annoying fake people with two personalities. The fake one "I'm happy we are friends", the true one "fuckoff I don't bloody care about you or anything I just want more money, whether I'm entitled or not". Been there seen that. Very sad. Good luck.
  10. Krankenkasse, VAT and Anmeldung

    The Anmeldung IS the legal residence. Oder?
  11. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

      Why don't you finish Kindergarten before messing up with work and posting nonsense here instead? If there is a contract your employer IS obliged to pay you. And you ARE obliged to work. Not turning up at work because you don't fancy it is dishonest, unfair, evil, childish, fraudolent, bad, very bad, very very bad. very very very bad. Be an adult.
  12. Taxation on gifts from family

      Life in Lalaland must be fun.
  13. Climate change

    I bought my petrol car for 5k, it was 10yr old at the time and I expect it will last me 10-15yr since purchase, and it will cost me 100/month including tax insurance repairs TUV fuel.  I understand there are good reasons why EV can be potentially attractive and that's absolutely fine. But...   How long should I drive an EV so that the lower running cost will offset the higher purchase price? How come there is discussion on charging EVs, but not on the high purchase cost?
  14. Refund on flights?

    Finally just got the refund x two return flights to the Far East that we originally booked via Opodo and got COVID-cancelled. Fligths bought january 2020, were due on 29.3, got canceled like 72hr before departure. Never mind on the day of "departure" Opodo was still sending us SMS confirming the flights were on time, don't forget your check-in blah blah, although the air company already stated "sorry it's canceled". From cancellation to refund it took us zillions of phonecalls, unanswered of course, 99.99% of the times a machine was simply telling us "sorry mate, this booking number does not exist, bye bye...", trillions of emails, much stress, and almost 5 months.   They did offer us a rescheduling. But it had to be within their condition, the whole travel to be over maximum within 1yr of the day of booking, which was for us not acceptable. Otherwise we would have accepted the rescheduliung.   All in all we lost 60eur, on a total of ca 1400eur, I think this 60eur is a PayPal fee for the refund.
  15. German tax for property sold overseas

    Is the Abmeldung not obligatory once you no longer spend most of your time and a given address?