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  1. mods you can move/delete if you feel this thread doesn't belong here.   Nearly six months ago I came to Germany to pursue a Master's program in something useless (career wise), taught in English, but it was of personal interest to me so I made drastic changes in my life to get here. FF to now, nearing the end of 1. semester, and the program is.. unbearable. The whole thing is so disorganized and I don't know if I've learned anything (the most annoying part for me). It's making me depressed and hopeless. So after much thinking I've decided to quit and minimize my loss.. and do something else in Germany. But how to go about this.. some questions:   1. I turn 30 at the end of this year and currently pay ~80 euros for my public health insurance. I plan to convert my study permit to a youth mobility visa and stay a bit longer in Germany to learn intensive German (don't want to go back to Canada without having accomplished anything). For a stay of less than 1 year, would my best option be mawista or care concept type of private health insurance? I'm not really keen on staying with GKV and paying >100 euro or whatever it is..   2. I am currently enrolled in C1 right now but my German is still pretty lame, I would say I am more of B2 and I have my German class only once a week. Starting in April (after I come back from Canada with YMV) I plan to take intensive German at a language school for 4 or 5 months. After that, I'm not sure what I will do.. either go back home or stay a bit longer. I know I have very little chance of getting any job other than a minijob, but can someone recommend some sites to look into if one is interested in just temporary, befristet type of work, or even some short term voluntary work.   3. I had so many issues in getting my student permit, and the ABH guy was giving me a hard time and made me open a second bank account (DB sperrkonto) because he did not like my Volksbank account. So I have 2 bank accounts, each with the minimum amount required for getting a study permit, except one is blocked and the other is not. Does anyone know if I can just walk in to DB and ask them to unblock my Sperrkonto because I am not a student anymore and as far as I know a Sperrkonto is not required for YMV.   lastly.. not really important but there is a statistic many people quote here, which states that around 40% of foreign students in Germany drop out; do they all just go back home, or what do they do?