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  1. Protocol with Handwerkers

    Its always amusing to me how people who have never trained years to do any manual skilled labour in their lives, costed jobs, dealt with clients persistant calls, tastes and often their stinginess too;  imagine every Handwerker is charging incredible prices and living like a king on the cost of their rather small two-day job...For perspective, just try hiring a lawyer, or doing anything with a notar or makler. then you will find out exactly what extortionate really means here...
  2. Protocol with Handwerkers

    Well that context certainly sheds some light on it. Yes, I would agree that the appointment issue gave you the right to look elsewhere; however as you say, you have limited options as to who you can get to do the work. I´m not castigating you, just implying sometimes its better to bite the bullet and work with what you´ve got, even if it may be somewhat frustrating communicating with German Handwerkers...believe me i do know.
  3. Protocol with Handwerkers

    You didn´t illustrate the extent of the work you need to be done. Did none of these plumbers give you a quote in advance of acceptance of the work? Why would six previous plumbers not be interested in the work? Is it emergency work for example or just fitting something? You are talking about the space between Saturday and the following Wednesday for the plumber who you then wished to hire. You spoke with him on Monday. I will accept he was on poor form not to reply in the following days and of course you are within your rights to find someone else if there was no formal agreement between you, but it sounds a little as though you have attempted to be all over the guy (who I imagine has many other jobs to attend to) in a relatively short period of time. Rather than simply wait a little more time so he can cover the bases so as to be ready to work on your project. i would say a rush on your part and a little lack of communication on his part (not unusual for germans, sadly) are what we are looking at here. No more and no less. Hope you get it fixed, whatever it may be...
  4. Thanks for the links. Very helpful indeed.
  5. Flat rental possible scam?

    So many clues here as to why this is a scam conducted from a country outside of Germany....Relatively low sum of money transferred by Western Union (who don´t check who is collecting it, they just ask for the number ID) ..and therefore police authorities will not be really interested in this level of fraud... Person "Out of the country" ----until...suprise suprise, money is received then they swoop in on the next flight...yeah, sure, Offer to pay "Notary fees"...that simply are not applicable here in Germany, but implied to gain your trust...and so on...forget it. This is a classic scam. Not really very clever, but cewrtainly someones put some effort in. Thanks for sharing OP...maybe you´ll prevent some unfortunate person from making this error.
  6. German Voting Rules

    Direct translation;  What percent of the vote must Parties at least get in order to be voted into the Bundestag? Answer: At least 5% of the vote.
  7. Einbürgerung for Brits, yes or no?

    I have no plans to leave Germany any time soon, unless it simply becomes untenable to be here any longer. I don´t particularly want to become a German citizen, and certainly not relinquish my UK citizenship to do so. I would like to have permanent residency as I´ve been here longer than 5 years, but as a self-employed it may be problematic as I´ve currently no pension plan. who knows what will be offered? My wife is Venezuelan, she only just got residence here under EU spouse rules, and there are as yet no clarifications for family members if we went back to the UK permanently so now we are waiting to see how our position sits vis-a-vis deal or no deal Brexit. All in all, a complete pain in the arse.