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  1. Einbürgerung for Brits, yes or no?

    I have no plans to leave Germany any time soon, unless it simply becomes untenable to be here any longer. I don´t particularly want to become a German citizen, and certainly not relinquish my UK citizenship to do so. I would like to have permanent residency as I´ve been here longer than 5 years, but as a self-employed it may be problematic as I´ve currently no pension plan. who knows what will be offered? My wife is Venezuelan, she only just got residence here under EU spouse rules, and there are as yet no clarifications for family members if we went back to the UK permanently so now we are waiting to see how our position sits vis-a-vis deal or no deal Brexit. All in all, a complete pain in the arse. 
  2. I love living in Germany, but...

    It always reminds me of fertile ground for serial killers. Probably neighbours, certainly with a keller. Never anyone remotely hot in there either, not worth the sweat
  3. I love living in Germany, but...

    My personal bugbear is a dislike of German group activities (especially practically enforced ones such as sauna) that are at the same time horribly boring and annoying if ever you should transgress an unspoken rule. Oh, and almost anybody in a car.
  4. I love living in Germany, but...

    Probably for the best that there aren´t jay walkers here in any number, it can be dangerously problematic...The roads are wider, the cars drive faster and more aggressively and are generally more self-contained and newer (i.e blot out external sound) Plus everyone behind a wheel seems to be permanently in a foul mood...
  5. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Hey OP!! Get in touch with this one. lisa13  She´s like the Ambassador for Munich. More fun than a bag of hammers.   Alternatively, run for the hills!
  6. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Not really...time to get off this one...too lame.
  7. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    You´re not anything from what I can see....just a sad case hanging around on TT who likes to make big assumptions and asinine insults. In your own words ; ridiculous
  8. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Keep watching...the passive-aggressivity is already coming to the boil 
  9. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    You like to troll as well...Ok, show´s over.
  10. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    I don´t care if you bitch about Munich or not. Neither do I care if you like TT or not. My response wasn´t to you in the first place and now you want to get personal. I suggest you take a valium and lie down. All days can feel the same in Stepford...sorry Munich. Asshat.
  11. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Dear lady, I think you doth protest too much....hahahahaha
  12. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Now here comes the bad news:  Munich is filled with wealthy and entitled junior Stepford Wives and Husbands (and plenty of seniors too), and no matter how much time you spend here will you ever find the energy, dynamism, lust for life and random fun that can occur in the better end of New York or London living...my suggestion; Look for other foreigners on OK cupid or somesuch...this website is great to meet a tax accountant but if you´re looking for Hunter S Thompson style chicanery sadly, no... that said i wish you all the luck in the world, and at least try before you give up and move to Berlin...you never know 
  13. Germany is not a good place for starting a fully functioning business, unless you are in a very niche market and have the time to spend ploughing through endless regulations and subsections of regulations on employment, declaration of taxes, social security etc etc (or have a highly educated German spouse who will do it for you) Being a subcontractor/freelancer though, is actually quite agreeable here, as the system is not really set up to milk you as a business (except for Gewerbersteuer in Bavaria), ostensibly as you employ no one except yourself. Just keep abreast of the necessary requirements (often not that complicated) and be open and honest with your Steuerberater (and therefore with the Finanzamt) about your sources of income/expenses etc. I have always found I could trust the Finanzamt here. As long as I am on time and honest there is little to worry about.
  14. As a Munich cyclist with some sense of humour and little self-righteousness when it comes to right of way, I have come to accept that the biggest handicap to cyclists here is neither cars, pedestrians nor Polizei, but other cyclists who simply behave as though the rest of the world must jump out of their way and not have to show any consideration whatsoever to anyone else..   Pee on them.!
  15. Looking for an English Speaking House Doctor

    I can strongly recommend Dr. März. Went to her this week with my wife, she was super helpful and very friendly. Great atmosphere in the practice and also reception were very helpful on the phone beforehand. If any readers have a similar experience with an English speaking Dentist they could share  (and more importantly with reception in that Dentists practice), would be good to hear. Invariably otherwise there are problems in communication that often prove insurmountable.