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  1. My two cents would be to take a good look at the bigger picture. If in the long term your life will benefit from completing studies here, then it will have been worth it. You can move on afterwards, and know that you got something out of it. Germany can feel hugely inflexible , anonymous and tiring at times. But on the other hand it is a pretty fair country, well educated and there have obviously been some opportunities for you here. What you choose to make of them, in the end is up to you. I wish you good luck man.
  2. Also, bear in mind that Untermenzing was probably a good place in which to buy an apartment. The NW side of Munich is residential and also developing and it will rise in price accordingly. It also has an Sbahn...(I should know, I use it pretty much daily for work travel) and will get you easily to SE via Donnersbergerbrucke (change for S7 or via Ostbahnhof (other routes). Sit tight with your investment, your commute is no more than average here. At the end of the day, we all want to go home to somewhere we like living in.
  3. Claiming tax deductions

    I have a couple of basic questions about tax deductibles for self employed people, as my circumstances have changed in the last year. I married in 2018, my wife is non-EU and we are tax class 3 (me) & 5( my wife). I have private health ins and we had to get the same for my wife. My questions are 1) As sole earner in our household and therefore versicherungsnehmer of my wife´s private health ins, can I claim it as a deductible income tax expense as well as my own? Can I also claim the €480 that each separate ins must pay before receiving coverage from The Ins company for treatment/bills etc? 2) I rent a garage on the same property that came as part of our rental contract (garage at €80 per month) I use it to store my work equipment. Can I claim this therefore as a legitimate business storage cost or if not as my office? Pretty basic stuff but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Remember the film The Truman Show?...well that´s what you´re living in now.