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  1. Hi all,   As a UK citizen with more than 8 years in Germany, I was entitled to apply for the last batch of double Citizenship (UK/German) at the end of 2020. I did so. However because it was not certain they would give it to me, and these things can take a year sometimes,  I also needed to apply for the new UK residency card post Brexit, as well as for my wife who is Venezuelan, so that we could continue to reside legally in Germany during 2021.  So, now we are both recipiants of the UK Aufenthaltstitel card, my wife for 5 years and me for 10, However now I have also received my German citizenship in the meantime. I am unsure whether now we need to re-register my wifes Aufenthaltstitel as the spouse of a new German citizen immediately or not, certainly that would help her application for citizenship further down the line. however her Venezuelan passport is practically expired and will probably now take months to replace. Legally I am uncertain of what we need to do in the meantime. Any readers have any similar experiences or decent advice?
  2. Public vs. private health insurance

    Yep, but nobody seems to be able to answer with any kind of pragmatism whether it is legally require to pay it or not. Personally, if it had been like €15 i wouldn´t have worried about it, but no one likes being ripped off. I´m sure I´m not the only one who already pays large premiums and still has to fight doctors for overcharging regularly.
  3. Public vs. private health insurance

    Here´s another fun fact for those who are (like me) unwillingly Privately insured in the German Health system. You will probably receive doctor bills after going to be vaccinated against Covid 19, even though it is specifically stated Nationally that it is a free vaccionation campaign and that the country will pick up the tab. Of course there will be no charge for the vaccine itself, just trumped up charges for Sprachstunden, hygene, special requirements for Corona virus time etc. Have any other members had this happen to them yet? My Hausärzt is trying to charge a fraction under €300 euros to me and my wife for the 2, 10 minute visits we made to getr vaccinated. Of course the Health insurance refuse to pay as the campaign is "free"....Ufff! I hate Private Health Insurance and this is exactly why.