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  1. Stuttgart is a rich Provincial city. Home to Porsche and Mercedes. it is full of people who think it is the best place in the world and look down on those who are not from there. Personally, I found it soulless and rather  snobbish and reserved, but the surrounding countryside is beautiful and well located if you like to travel further afield. It is what it is. It´ll never be Berlin and it´ll never be considered hip outside of Baden.Württemberg, and the traffic sucks.
  2. Register birth of British child at the consulate

    I am also curious about this. Our son is due to be born in the next weeks, and as I am here longer than 8 years, he should qualify automatically for German citizenship. I am unclear whether registering the birth with the UK consulate authorities is just another expensive and useless burocratic money-maker for the consulate, or actually of some benefit to him. As regards applying for a UK Passport for him, I would like to do so, but it could wait a couple of years if necessary as we aren´t planning on moving back there any time soon and I am still in process of applying for Double citizenship here (application entered pre-31.12.2020). Any one have any useful information on current kid registration procedure?