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  1. Slydialing. Do you know it!

    Have you heard of Slydialing? If not then here's the low down..   Say you have to call someone, but don't really want to talk to them as you don't have a lot of time, the persons will talk your ear off, etc. What if you could call them and be connected directly to their mobile voicemail without their phone even ringing. Here's the secret of how to do it...   If the number is a US mobile number, simply call 1800SLYDIAL or +1 267-759-3425 enter the phone number you want to be connected to and thats it. Direct to voice-mail. The service is free, the only cost is for the phone call. In Germany its even easier, all you need to do is insert a 2 digit code in the number you want to connect to.   Here's a list:   Provider Code Prefixes. T-Mobile - 13 - 0151,0160,0170,0171,0175 Vodafone - 50 - 0152,0162,0172,0173,0174 EPlus,Base,Simyo - 99 - 0155,0157,0161,0163,0164,0177,0178 O2 - 33 - 0159,0176,0179   So if the person you want to call has an O2 phone number of 0159123456, you simply dial 015933123456. That's it... If the person ports their number to any other provider the code is transferred with/as part of the number so the original code will still work regardless of where they transfer the number to.   Now that you have the power, use it wisely... :D