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  1. The  commuting time will be between 35-40 minutes without accounting the traffic. This is not a problem for me as I would gladly wake up as early as possible to avoid it. The issue will be that 1) I am afraid of the costs of driving a car everyday, and 2) When possible I would like to put less strain on the environment.   Maybe 45 out of 50 apartments that I saw where close to my next job location, but the one that I have currently bought has the longest distance! :| My current apt being a nice one, my frustration to find a good apt, and the stress from approaching the end of my rent contract are responsible for my (maybe) mistake to buy this apt!   Based on the comments, now I will avoid making any changes for the current time.   Thank you all for the great replies. It seems that we have a great community here in the toytowngermany!
  2. Hello,   I just make the story short and I look forward to hearing your comments which may be helpful for us.   As an international I had a difficult time finding a good apartment with a reasonable price (~50m2 for around 1300Euro). Therefore, I decided to buy an apartment since I thought I can pay a monthly loan of 2k instead of paying it for rent.   Now we have a beautiful apartment in a 3 apartment building in a ruhige-lage in north-west (Untermenzing). Then the problem! I have recently got a good offer to work in a top company in sought-east and I have already accepted it! Now, it will take around 35-40 minutes to drive or around 1:15 minutes to use S-Bahn to get to work!   I am not looking for a quick solution but a reasonable suggestion which is doable in 1 or 2 years. Is it common here to replace apartments or we should rent our nice apartment and look for another apartment to rent?   Thanks in advance  
  3. Hail insurance

    Hi,   I am on vacation and I just received photos from my apartment windows that are destroyed by hail!!!   Our building has Haftplicht, Gebaeudeversicherung, and Brandversicherung. Do they cover these damages?   Also I am on the vacation until 8th of July. Does this cause an issue or I can start the process when I am back? If this causes an issue, do I have any options?   Thank you in advance for your answers.