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  • Location Dublin
  • Nationality Irish
  • Hometown da Northside
  • Year of birth 1976
  • Interests Board games and a bottle of beer and some snacks, walking/hiking in the great outdoors, learning languages (love to find out words that are spelt the same in English but have completely different meaning - lice means face in Croatian!), visiting new places, meeting people and trying new beers. Very amateur table tennis and less amateur tennis. I like watching Rugby but may have to support another team as ours was rubbish this year! I love watching Scrubs - favourite tv show at the mo, Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy...and funnily enough got hooked on the German Promi Dinner...who knew! Have one cat whom I adore and like all doggies I meet on the street too. Love the way Germans bring their dogs everywhere...so much more dog friendly here. I hope to learn to play piano at last and to learn to skate soon!
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