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  1. Thanks everyone. I think I will have another conversation with the consultant tomorrow and ask these questions. I'm sure this has happened before and there must be a solution. Good to know about the basis tariff not being a great option, I am going to try and avoid this then (and go to the two doctors again personally to get the letters)
  2. No, the first one did not know of the first illness. I had been to the doctor for this once before my PKV consultation, got treated and thought no more of it so I didn't think of declaring it. I know this was a mistake and do not dispute this at all - no blame on the consultant.   The new consultant  would earn new commission by getting me on a new private insurance. If he cannot manage this and I get charged this high fee next month, who is charging me this? Does this mean I am actually insured by someone? Obviously I really want to get some form of insurance at this stage. I just want to be prepared for the outcome if I cannot get the letter from the doctors. I don't understand why I am not being offered the basis tariff but being told I have to pay this high fee if I do not get the letter. 
  3. Not disputing the fact that the original insurance was cancelled through my own fault. I didn't fully understand the process. I didn't even know that something I had been to the doctor with in 2017 was considered an illness. I did declare some other medical stuff that I knew was chronic.    Have also since changed consultants so no longer dealing with the same person that sold me the original (overpriced) contract. My new consultant has tried to get it reinstated but they are unwilling - fair enough.   I have to go to the two doctors that originally treated me. So far I have been in touch with one (I only found out I need a second one today) and was told I would receive something in the post but that was a week ago. Now I am concerned that the doctors are not going to provide this letter stating that it is not a chronic illness. Since reading up a bit about it, it sounds like it is.    My question is - If I do not manage to get these letters (which it seems like I might not) and nobody is willing to insure me again - what happens. 
  4. I am not a freelancer. I am an employee earning over the amount to go back into GKV. (no plans to quit my job or reduce my salary  )
  5. Hi,   In a bit of a pickle. Last year I switched from GKV to PKV, filled out the ton of forms and assumed everything was ok. Went to claim for one of my visits and the insurer requested a full medical history from my doctors. I obliged and two weeks later my consultant received a letter stating my PKV was cancelled due to not declaring a chronic illness on the form. (Fine, I made a mistake  - didn't realise what I was treated for was considered chronic)    So now, trying to get new insurance. No insurer will apparently take me until I get a letter from two doctors stating my illness is not chronic. I have tried to contact the doctors multiple times but still no letter. My consultant has warned me that if I do not get these by the end of the month then I will be charged a lot of money.    Can anyone tell me what will be the outcome? I know I cannot get back onto GKV (Although that would be ideal)  If nobody will insure me, who is charging this money? Why am I not being offered the basis tariff? Am I being mislead by the consultant?   Thank you!!