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  1. Hello,   I have searched all the relevant forums but I am struggling to find an up to date or explicit answer to my question.   I am Irish, expecting a baby in March 2020. My partner and I are both here for 6-7 years and both have full time, permanent employment contracts. We are trying to figure out how much leave we can take and what salary we will have. My partner would like to take 3 months leave immediately after the birth so we can bring the baby back to our families for a visit.   I understand I will receive 100% of my salary in the 8 weeks after the baby is born. As my partner and I will both use the Elternzeit, we will be entitled to 14 months shared.   So my question is:   Does the Elternzeit start from the day the baby is born? IE (Mutterschutzperiod + Eltenzeit = 14 months) OR is is Mutterschutzperiod + Elternzeit = 16 months)    If the first one then I would receive 2 months at full pay and then 9 months at 67% and he would receive 3 months at 67% If the second one, I would then receive my full pay for two months and then 11 months at 67% and he would receive 3 months at 67%   Thanks in advance!