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  1. Psychologisches Gutachten - phychological assessment

    So is there any support, such as requesting the check be done in your first language? When I was in hospital in Australia after an accident, they asked me if I needed a translator (English is my first language so it was funny). Do they not do that for people in Germany? She's live in Germany over 30 years, but I think she has a hard time understanding complex issues in German. Perhaps a language barrier would be something that isn't taken into account by a psychologist.   The other situations you mentioned are entirely different, you can't compare what is happening here with someone abusing their child or domestic violence. In fact, I would be really concerned that an abusive partner could just make claims against their victim about having psychological issues and need the abuser as a carer as a way to exert control over their victim. Or prove to their victim that they can never actually leave the abuse.   So anyone can just make a claim and a psychologist is sent? There is no substantiation first? The problem with this is that having white coats show up at your front door to question your mental competency would be very upsetting on its own. And then a situation is created where someone might be affected by the circumstances where they aren't in their normal mental state. Specifically, this type of scenario can cause a person situational depression or situational based mental stress and it seems that this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy if the psychologist doesn't recognize it isn't clinical. And no, I won't trust a court ordered psychologist to tell the difference, because they are already biased, meaning they are sent for a reason. So, can someone reject a court ordered psychologist and use one of their own choosing to eliminate potential biased?   What can someone do to prevent this from happening? Would a restraining order against the accuser prevent unsubstantiated claims from moving forward? And again is there no penalty for someone making claims that have a personal agenda beyond helping someone?  
  2. Looking for some clarity over Psychologische Gutachten that is court ordered. My partner's mom, who was widowed a few years ago and lives in a small town, has been court ordered to have a psychological review. She is in her late 60s and not originally from Germany and doesn't speak German that well but well enough to get by. But this whole issue seems to steam more from a dispute from the neighbors. There's been increasing tension from the neighbors about minor disputes like the neighbor installing a video camera in their backyard that pointed into hers or they talk too loud when they are in their garden. Apparently, the neighbor has gotten angry enough he threatened to smash her car up and yelled at her that she is sick etc. She's said that she reported it all to the police in writing. So we think it was this neighbor that may have made some sort of complaint that she is psychologically unwell. Overall she is fine, she comes off a little quirky do to her background and not always saying things the right way. But she maintains herself and the house and gardens and is okay apart from picking fights with the neighbor. However that seems to be a very German thing to do so I don't see the reason behind the court order. It is also not only German, but happens all the time all over the world. The main problem is that my partner and I are stuck in "Fortress Australia" while he is completing his PhD. We literally aren't allowed to leave and finding a flight is highly unlikely. She doesn't have any other family in Germany either. I am thinking of asking my one of my aunts or uncles to help but I don't think they would be able to do much. And we just found this all out tonight, because in typical mom fashion, she doesn't like to worry us. And today the psychologist came to her door for the review. She hired a lawyer and the lawyer told her not to answer but the psychologist still threatened to call the cops on her. So this whole situation is very stressful for us right now. We are feeling pretty angry asking how can this just happen and how can someone just make these claims and the court authorizes this. Can someone just claim that someone else is "crazy" without actual evidence other than someones statement? Can you find out who made this claim? If a person must see a psychologist, can they demand an interpreter in their native language? Can we find out on what grounds the claim is made a sue for emotional damages and monetary damages from having to defend such accusations by hiring a lawyer? And if a psychologist comes over and sees how "emotional" someone is, will that already be counted against them? It all seems like really messed up emotional abuse using the system against someone just because they don't like them. Any advise would be appreciated. Just feeling totally helpless being so far away.