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  1. Does Anyone Work in Munich?

    Going out to eat will get more expensive if you want restaurants to pay better wages. But maybe it should be more expensive.    I might go 4 or 5 times to a restaurant in a year, so it's not a big deal to me as I like to cook at home.     Perhaps the people going 2 nights a week or every weekend should be paying more. Clearly they prioritize it!    
  2. taxation of own-generated solar electricity

      Exactly! I am clapping so hard my hands hurt. I would love to go solar, even start with the balkony and work up to garage roof and full roof. But the costs and hoops are just infuriating. Germany's approach to netzero energy is completely schizophrenic. How can the average joe join in preventing climate change ?    It's all a game of pretend at the end of the day.  
  3. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Well well well... So the "real German" finally reveals himself. I always knew there was something fundamentally anti-foreigner when it came to him. The undertone was always "shut up foreigner, this is germany, accept it"  when anybody brought up anything criticizing german law/culture/habits.        
  4. German women and femininity

      Austrian women are wayyyyyy hotter than German women. It's just a fact of life. Better sense of fashion too. They are also more charming and feminine.    German women turn into men when approaching their 30s and 40s. Not only in their looks but also in their personality.    
  5. How has Germany changed you?

        Yes, yes, and yes!! I definitely did the same just to survive here. And once I started doing it I felt like I got treated better!  Some colleague who comes from my culture of origin said I never smile or not enough. Yes, well let's see you in 10 years what you will look like!
  6. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Well.. maybe if it dips below 30,000 for too long, there is a good chance it will trigger a sell off...   the chickens have come home to roost!
  7. Maximum value to get exempt from Zollamt

    Dear Fellow TTers,   I just saw this on a shopping forum. Orders from China (and other non-EU countries) no longer have a 22 euro exemption!     ______________________________________________________________________________________   Attention! Pay attention in the future when ordering from China! Changes in eCommerce as of July 1, 2021 Tax-free limit of 22 euros on online orders from non-EU countries falls ! 07.06.2021 - 07:03 In the middle of the year, extensive changes for cross-border online trade will come into force as part of the so-called VAT digital package. From this point on, all shipments from countries outside the EU will be subject to VAT. The current regulation, under which small consignments up to a value of 22 euros can be imported tax-free, will thus cease to apply. Only import duties of less than one euro will not be levied. In addition, all commercial mail and courier shipments from non-EU countries must be declared electronically to customs in the future. The abolition of the value limit will eliminate competitive disadvantages for domestic companies. While domestic traders have to charge VAT regardless of the value of the goods sold, companies from outside the EU have so far been able to benefit from the exemption limit and thus sell mail-order products more cheaply in the EU. At the same time, this legal change structurally counteracts VAT fraud in online trade. This is because shipments are often deliberately under-invoiced and the value limit is thus abused. However, the new provisions do not mean any additional expense for most online buyers. As has been the case in the past, the contracted carrier (postal, courier and express service provider) usually handles customs clearance and pays the import duties due in advance. The consignee then pays the import duties back to the carrier upon delivery. Online customers should note that the carriers generally charge a separate service fee for declaring the shipment to customs and paying the import duties. Information on this should be included in the general terms and conditions of the carrier or seller. The service fee is not an import duty levied by customs. At the same time, from July 1, 2021, for shipments up to a value of 150 euros, there will be an option for the online retailer to pay VAT directly to the relevant tax authorities in the EU. The condition for this is that the trader has registered in the EU VAT system and uses the so-called Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) for tax processing. In these cases, the import duties are usually already included in the final invoice amount of the online retailer, just like the VAT for domestic purchases. The consignee then does not have to pay any import duties to the postal or courier service provider upon delivery. The value limit for the levying of goods-related customs duties on online orders from non-EU countries is not affected by the changes effective July 1, 2021. Here, the allowance of 150 euros will continue to apply. Detailed information on the legal changes is available at and via the chatbot "TinA" provided there. In addition, the Central Information Office of the Customs Administration answers general inquiries on the subject of eCommerce in the usual manner by telephone or e-mail. Comprehensive information has also been made available on the Customs website for online traders, carriers and other economic operators to prepare for the upcoming changes and on the future modalities for the declaration and payment of VAT (including IOSS and special arrangement). Osnabrück Main Customs Office  
  8. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Michael Saylor btw told people to put all their money into bitcoin, and if they don't have the money, to BORROW the money and put it all in Bitcoin! Does that sound like good advice???    And just recently he said, bitcoin is the **most energy efficient asset class** ever invented!!  Compared to what? His answer? Well Bitcoin has a market of 800 Billion at the moment, he says. And he compares the energy used to make bitcoins to the energy used by Apple or Google and their market caps!!!   Really?     Another Bitcoiner, Nick Szabo said we left the gold standard in 1971, because gold *WAS EASY TO FAKE* (e.g. gold bars filled with Tungsten) and *HARD TO ASSAY*. And Bitcoin solves this problem!!! Really ? Have you ever heard of gold testing machines? It has never been hard to authenticate gold. The real reason? Because USA was broke and ran too many deficits (LBJ, Nixon, etc) and wanted to keep printing money (to buy votes as it always has done since the beginning of 20th Century) without keeping a strict exchange rate of dollar to gold. Btw - going off the gold standard was to be *temporary* ! Of course, everything temporary ends up permanent.   And if you are really a history buff, you'll know that every war that the USA got involved always caused it to take *temporary* measures (e.g. implement an income tax! we used to only pay tariffs!) to support the war effort. And these temporary measures became permanent!   Civil War --> Introduced the income tax and the rule that Americans must pay income tax wherever they reside in the world, as punishment to draft dodgers (and which we expats still suffer from today) - We did it to ourselves. World War I --> increases in income taxes (and excise taxes) to fund the war... supposed to be temporary... then permanent (paid in a lump sum for the previous year) - Thank you Germany!  World War II -->  increases income tax again AND introduced payroll withholding and quarterly tax payments (the government wanted the money now! and not count on citizens to pay later!)  - Thank you Germany again!     For 80 years we are still paying an income tax today  (1941 - the Victory tax)  that was originally enacted to fight the second world war!   Thus, we can thank Germany for making the IRS what it is today              
  9. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Though JPMorgan Chase will reportedly offer a bitcoin fund for wealthy clients, chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon still isn’t personally sold on the cryptocurrency. “I’m not a bitcoin supporter,” Dimon said during The Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit on Tuesday. “I don’t care about bitcoin. I have no interest in it.”  “On the other hand, clients are interested, and I don’t tell clients what to do,” he said.   What Bitcoiners don't understand, is that those investment banks (e.g JP Morgan) only offer Bitcoin funds because their clients are asking for it. It is not an endorsement or a belief that bitcoin is the real deal. What does it matter to JP Morgan? They get to collect money on the commission/fees, whether you win or lose. What is not mentioned also is that they restrict investment to only their richest clients who can afford to lose the money and are expected to know what they are doing. They do NOT offer these bitcoin funds to retail investors (e.g. the rest of us losers) who could potentially sue JP Morgan for bad investment advice or breaching their fiduciary duty.     
  10. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Tether is a scam.    Coinseed scam. Becareful out there!      
  11. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

        I'm sorry to tell you this but Michael Saylor is a PU$$Y !   He has been invited time and again to debate one-on-one with Peter Schiff but refuses. Why ? Because he knows he'll get his ass whipped, MSTR will come crashing down if Peter pummels him like an MMA fighter. And he will because Saylor is just a bull$hit artist. Just listened to KITCO interviews with him (2 episodes) and he's full of it. He wouldn't stand a chance for 2 minutes with Peter in the ring.    
  12. Legionella in house water supply caused health problems.

      My system is simply point of use electric water heaters (warmwasserspeicher) e.g. 5L for kitchen, 5L for bathroom sink, 20L for shower , 100L for bath) and small instantaneous water heaters (e.g. for guest WCs. ).       
  13. Legionella in house water supply caused health problems.

    btw- I'm not being skeptical , I am also going to test my water because my pipes are old (galvanized steel from 70s). I thought legionella usually gives pneumonia in combination with other symptoms (fever, joint pain). I don't have fever , but feel some chronic inflammation, but that could be anything thing. I for sure haven't got pneumonia or any trouble breathing.
  14. Legionella in house water supply caused health problems.

    I'm curious how bad were your symptoms? I'm surprised the doctors couldn't figure it out. Did they do any blood tests? urine tests?    
  15. replace from oil to gas heating

    It could cost anywhere from 5000-8000 to have the gas line connected. Neighbor just did it and it cost them 8000 and they were just 10 meters (!) away from the connection. They will break the road and sidewalk open to reach the connection (Germany - where every time you upgrade something involves breaking concrete), then they bring a digger to make a trench to lay the gas line, then drill a hole into the basement, etc. 
  16. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    I got two letters , one Trump , one Biden, and three checks .   I also got scared when I saw the IRS envelope!!
  17. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Wow, so tweets of an incorrect & misleading article are able to make "digital gold" aka bitcoin lose 30% of its value in one day. Sounds like something I want to be my store of value! 
  18. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Cryptocurrency is like Tinkerbell's light - its power is based solely on enough children believing in it. And unfortunately what is real is that its growth could single-handedly push global temperatures above the tipping point of 2° degrees Celsius.  
  19. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      If Bitcoin Breaks This Key Level It Will Go Into A Death Spiral          
  20. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      His son is 18 years old. You are going to take financial advice from an 18 year old?      
  21. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Yes , they all laughed at him... until they didn't...       The "broken clock" will be right again. btw, he's never said put all your money in gold etc, only 5-10% as a hedge.  
  22. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Cryptos is Tech Bubble 2.0. If you don't think that then you are too young or too ignorant to remember. Take some time to listen to people who've been around for awhile.   Peter Schiff talking about the 1st Tech Bubble in the past.
  23. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    I don't know what you guys are talking about, my check was personally signed by Trump himself!