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  1. Found a detailed map of the town with all the different codes for purposes of the land. My house is the number 8, and the land (garden and side terrace) I marked.   What is a Kräuterbiotop? Googling it did not make it clear to me what the purpose is...   btw they finally cut the grass so it is getting maintained albeit not as often as the other parks.  
  2. Spachteln

    Spider pig and others... what do you recommend for filling electric channels that have been cut into the cement brick wall? Can you fill it 90 % with something like Rotband? then the rest with something finer like Malerspachtel? Then do some sanding to make it flat with the rest of the wall?    Why the hell are these Germans so obsessed with "struktur" on their walls? if they are not using rauhfaser, and just putz, then they even make struktur on their putz...!   Jesus Christ what is wrong with smooth flat walls in this country?
  3. thank you this also look like a nice option.. although there are a lot of trees so maybe too shady for a garden. But I really like the idea... I personally would put up some raised garden boxes so everyone could garden a little more easily (like the elderly)
  4. Yeah, looking at bramble's link, that scared the wholy bejeezus out of me.. so scratch that idea.   I guess the best I can do is convince the town to maintain the park (cut the grass, trim the wild growth), then at least my kids can bring their toys there..
  5.   Thank you, this is really helpful and an excellent starting point!
  6.   I wouldn't mind, as long as they would let me put in some Quadro Kunstoff Klettergerüst. But I would worry about liability - e.g. if someone gets hurt on it and it belongs to me, maybe they would go after me for compensation... this being Germany one never knows.  
  7. I recently bought a house in a nice suburban neighborhood in a small town. We have a garten in the back of our house, and behind it is a small public park space (no bigger than 100m2). There is only a bench there and nothing else but grass, several trees, and some random overgrown plant growth. It doesn't seem used much (if at all). It is accessible along a shared footpath that runs along my house and others, and is surrounded by houses on all sides and sheltered by the trees. It's a nice little hidden nook of a park. The neighbor opposite me told me this small park space is owned by the city. Since November last year I have not seen any maintenance (mowing/landscaping/etc) done by the city on this small park. The overgrowth is getting noticeable and is spilling over into the footpath. My question is (1) who do I ask in this small town about park maintenance?  Is there a typical the name for it? (2) I also wonder, can I ask the city to install a small playground in this small park? Admittedly I have kids, and it would be nice if they and other kids could use this little park to play, as my garten is on a stony incline and not really ideal for running around and play. I looked at my town's website but couldn't find out any info about this.      
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I don't think anyone here is actually against EVs. What I object to is the blind belief that EVs don't come with any pollution. There is a sh!tload of environmental damage that is made when mining the materials for the batteries (and throwing them away). And a lot of plastic is being used to make the cars lighter to get those longer ranges (which btw - comes from petrol!). The energy for EVs is still being produced using coal. But progress will be made hopefully... but we cannot defy physics.    
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      ZH is a bit slanted... but it's a bit hysterical to call it alt-right. it's got juicy stories that the normal media won't show (because Everything is Awesome!). So yes, it is Pessimism Porn. But everything is biased these days (CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC/NYTimes/WaPo/etc)...  I mean how many transgender articles a day do you think are enough? (i'm completely pro LGBT btw) ... don't tell me those guys haven't gone off the deep end...  WSJ seems to be a little more fair.. but it's behind a paywall.   Still it cites a Bloomberg article... so you think Tesla is doing well? Is it just a bump in the road?
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Tesla is going down in flames...  
  11. E-car tips

      Buy a Tesla, burn more Coal & Gas! I will only buy an EV when we switch back to Nuclear in Germany.    
  12. Water heater & 2 connection taps

    In a related question, do you know why anyone would want a "drucklose" pressureless "Übertischgerät" overhead tank?    like this one, with the same small neck design:   The one I've seen has terrible water pressure. I asked the Sanitär profi about it and he told me that is completely normal. why would anyone want one of those?  
  13. Dramamine, or something similar for motion sickness

      Homeopathic are just placebos - seriously. If you want a placebo affect just give the child a chewable vitamin.   If you want something with a proven track record, then buy chewable meclizine or dramamine. Alternately you can buy Vomex syrup for kids (same thing just in liquid form). Of course this will make the kid a bit drowsy - and maybe that is why you are asking for something 'homeopathic' and not 'real' (unless of course you are ignorant about medicine, biology, or biochemistry or basic science for that matter).    Something that might help if you are absolutely against real medicine, is candied ginger. It helps settle the stomach and is not too awful to eat.   Maybe there are some herbal remedies - but don't bother with homeopathic unless you just want a placebo effect.    
  14. Harassment from neighbour about noise we dont make

      I'm guessing she means "lazy boys" or reclining sitting chairs and that persons around the age of 30-years old sit in them and take a nap.
  15. Refinancing your German Mortgage

      So are you saying you'd rather he not respond with all this useful information? or just that he missed the bus?   I'm happy he bothered to offer some additional information to the thread.