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  1. Tax Refund

    Steuergo is good (and comprehensive), although the interface is a little buggy. If you don't have Unterhalt to report (money sent for support of overseas relatives), then go with  it is even better. I have used it and the interface is nicer and not buggy. Before you submit you upload a pic of your passport and residence permit (both sides).   Got my tax return in 4 weeks..   for 2018 you can go as far back as 2015 before December 31st 2019. Only if you are an employee who doesn't owe taxes and just expects to get a tax refund.   I used a Steuerberator in a tax club (Steuerverein) and it was helpful for the first time, but afterwards just inconvenient and expensive compared to doing it online. With the online service, I can do it in my pajamas. For the Steuerberator I had to put my clothes on, visit them, find out I need x y z document and go back home to find all the paperwork for them... then return on another appointment, all just let to them do some data entry into a computer, which... I can do from home in my pajamas...      
  2. This is an excellent reply and explanation - especially the zones, the wire types for circuits,  and some rough ideas of when is it necessary to re-wire. I really appreciate it. I will check out the  No worries - I won't do it myself, but I like to understand things.           
  3. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    @2B  you're right - I have mixed up the date of application with the date of document submission (March 2019):   "Als Haushaltseinkommen  gilt das Durchschnitts­einkommen des vorletzten und vorvor­letzten Jahres vor Antrag­stellung. Beispiel: Für Anträge im Jahr 2019 gilt Ihr Einkommen von 2017 und 2016. Schauen Sie einfach in Ihre Einkommen­steuer­bescheide."   What I missed in the terminology was that there was such as thing as "provisionally approved applicants" from 2018... ok thanks for that clarification.    So in the case of Ashfra then, he/she would have needed to have been "provisionally approved" before Dec 2018? Is getting provisionally approved just a matter of making an account with the KfW? 
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      You don't need to be rude. Shows that you've really got no civility.    If the battery dies in 8 years as someone stated earlier, and Tesla is not around anymore, where are you going to buy the replacement battery? You just presume you will have another "energy supplier" who will make and sell to you another battery specifically for the Tesla make and model you own - how do you know this for sure? Sorry, I am stupid. Please explain.   Maybe we have different expectation for a car's lifespan. I expect to buy a car and use it, hopefully, for at least 15 years or more.    
  5. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    No, someone's daughter is incorrect - for 2018 you'd need 2016 and 2015.   I'm sorry to tell you, but if you moved in officially in April 2018 (meaning you registered your location with the city - e.g. Meldezettel) then looks like the application date is already past for you. But call them or have someone call them for you and confirm this. Get it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, not just from us internet people.    
  6. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    here is a link with the info translated - be aware google is not perfect:   Below I found some sections regarding your questions   FAQ: How is the household income defined? Taxable household income includes the income of the applicant and, in addition, the spouse or life partner or the partner from a marriage-like community. The level of income is the average of the penultimate year and the year before last - for an application in 2019 , 2017 and 2016.   So for 2019 you need the tax returns from 2017 and 2016. (Einkommen­steuer­bescheide)   Apply for a grant You register in the KfW grant portal and submit your application online. It is essential that you comply with the application deadline: Date of collection --> Submit application 01.01.2018 until 17.09.2018     --> The application deadline was 31.12.2018. from 18.09.2018 --> within 3 months after moving in  (Date of your municipality's registration confirmation)    
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      This is true, but tesla market is small - whoever steps in is going to charge a premium.   I'm not against electric. I am crossing my fingers that the whole thing works out. But the more one thinks about it, the more difficult it is to believe the logistics. Hopefully for Tesla it goes the way iPhones did , which is lots of copy cats, and driving the price down even cheaper. I remember I bought the first Samsung smartphone for 388 euros on ebay back in 2010 or so when I wanted something comparable to an iPhone (and I'm stingy with my money like a Schwabian) Now I can buy a smart phone with even better features for only 30 euros.. maybe even less if I look hard enough.        
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      If Tesla goes bust tomorrow, who is going to provide you with a replacement battery?   If Ford goes bust, I can still buy gasoline.
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      How do you even know Tesla will be around in 8 years?
  10.   sorry, you're right - the ~45% I estimated included health insurance (public in my case). I treat it like a tax (because you can't really decide not to have it!)
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Yes, exactly. This is a big problem in the whole concept. The only solution proposed so far is to have an automatic battery swap stations. But even then how do you handle peak periods for customers getting refueled? How do you store all the that battery inventory underground?    What about the cost of electric in germany? it costs 0.33 US cents per KWh , whereas in the USA it is 0.18 per KWh. Germany has decided no nuclear energy. Renewable energy is a great idea, but investment is going to be super expensive and that investment will show up in rising electricity prices.
  12.   Looking back at my post I think it sounded like I wanted to do it myself. I did not intend it to come across that way - I meant the question more like "how is it done?"  Does the electrician snake the wires through or does he have to bash the walls? I know in the US sometimes they can just "snake" the wires through the wall.  I managed to find some youtube videos showing some German electrician bashing the walls to get the wires out. That was basically my question.   You guys really like to assume the worst in people :D
  13. Reputable online Lottery ticket purchases

    Thanks - I very rarely play the lotto, but it's good to know what the legal ones are.   What would you do with the money? Right now there are two lottos shown at 18 million each.    I'd quit my job and find something similar to do but on my own schedule and selection of topics, like some self-paid visiting scholar sort of thing (I like my work in science - I just don't like all the demands on my time from others). I would buy an apartment in Vienna. Another one in London and/or Cambridge. Then on occasion I'd travel in a sort of rotation between Europe, USA, and South America just to avoid the winters and see family at the same time. I don't need too many fancy things... so boats and cars and all that I'd rather just rent when I fancy something. Oh yes and nannies for the kids.     
  14.   Yes, I totally agree it is too dangerous and easy to mess up. About the only thing I can do is light fixtures and outlets.    Also, I don't put an accurate location since I would like to maintain some privacy. It is too easy these days for some nutter to track you down with just a little bit of information.  
  15.   How hard is it to do? I'm not going to be doing it, but I've always been curious. Is it just pulling away the plaster, pulling out the old lines and putting in the new ones, or are you having to thread things blindly through walls? Sorry, I am a complete newb.