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  1. Looks like my luck ran out regarding convenience of depositing the check Bank of America wouldn't let me deposit the third check via mobile app (last two times it worked!). I tried again and their automated message says I have to deposit it in-person! (ha!) I will contact them and see if they let me try it again... otherwise I will have to mail it to relatives to deposit for me.     
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    There are now 9125 crypto-currencies now (in 10 years!)   To put it into perspective, we have a 180 sovereign fiat currencies issued by governments (made over maybe the one to two hundred or so years since all these nations formed)   OK, so 95 of these cryptos have market caps in excessive of a billion dollars. How can anybody say these things are scarce? An unlimited number of them can be made in the market. Clearly this is inflation in the crypto space. 
  3. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency   Bitcoin's price is heavily manipulated by Tether (USDT) which is the primary US Dollar traded against Bitcoin. The centralization of Tether allows manipulation of the price of Bitcoin. If Tether is busted by the feds or otherwise collapses, the USD price of Bitcoin will collapse with it.   1. Take $10,000 USD and get 100,000 Tethers on margin from Binance. 2. Take the 100,000 Tethers and buy up bitcoin.  3. Bitcoin price artificially rises luring in msm and greedy wall street firms to help pump the price higher-- 4. Transfer the Bitcoin from Binance to Coinbase and cash out with gains in USD. 5. Rinse and repeat! When will the SEC end this scam?  Is Tether a regulated bank? Do they have the reserves they claim? Time will tell..  
  4. What are you cooking today?

    Guys, relax I'm only kidding! There is plenty of good German food.    btw, has anyone else experienced the difficulty in finding Koriander? It is sold but they stock so little of it in stores that they often run out of it before I get my hands on it, while petersilie is always in abundance. Clearly it is popular, but I don't see the stores reacting to the demand, and I can't believe it is that rare or hard to source.    
  5. money makes people crazy   anyway, I just got the third stimulus check today! Thank you Federal Reserve!   yes it is confirmed that the US kindergeld will happen. There's a calculator here: , in my case it will be 6k for two kids,  3k in 2021 and then another 3k in 2022.    Meanwhile.. the M1 money supply...          
  6. What are you cooking today?

      That pizza looks great! There is a guy on Youtube, Adam Ragusa, ( who experiments with all things pizza using just his home oven.  Maybe fun to compare notes.   
  7. What are you cooking today?

      Germans on the culinary scale eat like baby food. They can't imagine that there are other flavors other than Petersilie.   
  8. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Hilarious :D
  9. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    The stimulus checks are based on AGI (Adjusted Gross Income). The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion will usually knock it down significantly (e.g you make 140k $US, after FEIE, your AGI is like 32k $US). For stimulus checks AGI less 150k as a married couple filing jointly and 75k for a single person.
  10. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Are analysts still wrong?  
  11. Bathroom renovation costs

    Just requested a quote on the above idea. Let's see what they give me. The last quote I got from Viterma (one of these cover your whole bathroom with space-age paneling) wanted 24k for complete reno! My new roof + insulation will cost as much as that (with a crane, and scaffold !).   Let's say I'm willing to spend $1000 per time to replace, so one bath tub, one shower (simple, no flat floor craziness), one Stand-WC toilet, and one sink. That's $4000. And I don't need the super slick stuff, just something decently modern. If they install some paneling in the shower, around the tub, and behind the sink (on top of the old tiles) let's say $3000 for that. And the rest I just plaster over and paint, and then install a vinyl floor myself. Would I be crazy to expect that to be less than $10,000?    Who buys all this expensive stuff?          
  12. Repeating the school year (sitzenbleiben)

    Thank you kiplette and Krieg for the feedback. Since it sounds like it is not a nutty thing to do, I will approach the teacher and ask about it. I already hinted to the kids that this would be an option, and it got a lukewarm reception. On the one hand they agreed the repeat year would let them improve and catch up in Deutsch,  on the other hand they feel the embarrassment of being left behind or ridiculed by their classmates, ie. "what would their classmates think!". Their friend who gets 1-2s in Deutsch and who always compares himself to them told them they are in the "dumber" group when the classmates got split into two smaller groups. So I guess they are a bit sensitive about others perceptions. But I remind them they speak 3 languages fluently, and are very good at Math, so the only thing they are lower on is Deutsch, and that's simply from not having German parents and 24/7 Deutsch in the home. I just worry that things will continue to "ramp up" in the 4th grade and beyond, they will not be able to cope and keep up, and they will be handicapped wherever they go later whether it be Gymnasium or Realschule. I don't really trust that the teachers will teach the 4th grade, accounting for the difficult situation they had during corona in the 3rd grade.   The other thing I will do is allow them to stay up late on the weekends to read Deutsch books in bed. As they always complain we put them to bed too early (8:30pm!)  compared to their peers who can stay up until 10:30pm. I admit we don't watch enough German TV... although I did convince them about Die Sendung mit der Maus. I told them it was either German TV or no TV.        
  13. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Heat your home with bitcoins.. at least it is becoming useful!   If it pays for my heating, why not    
  14. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    A little lesson for the bitcoiners...   Investing 101 for Bitcointers: Commodities