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  1. Finding a truly quiet apartment around Munich

    In the USA there are private senior communities where basically no children, pets, or loud people are allowed to live or visit. Basically anyone under 50 years old is not allowed. Is there anything equivalent in Germany?  Compared to the USA my neighbors in Germany have been wayyy more quiet and the building better insulated from noise.. the paper thin construction of usa houses is just awful for condos and apartment complexes...   Most of the time though, it's just the luck of draw regarding neighbors, building quality, and lifestyles. Anyone who engineers the best sound insulation will make a ton of money...   The worst neighbors are the ones that love the bass woofers.. there is no technology out there than can block that range of sound...
  2. Need legal advice for my friend

      Red alert ! Red Alert ! Never tell a German he/she is wrong!    "other human says I'm wrong?!! And they are non-German!? improssible!! Deny ! Deny! Never surrender!"
  3. How much is enough for retirement?

    This reminds me, I may need to contact one of you guys regarding retirement and insurances. I'm currently all over the place - have company pension, Directversicherung, Rürüp, Riester, Berufs­unfähigkeits­versicherung, Risikolebensversicherung, some 401k/IRA in the states, some cash savings doing nothing.  I also need to transfer my previous 5 years of social security credits from another EU country to Germany's. What does the average person in Germany do regarding old age care? What does the well-prepared German do (meaning someone of above average income and good savings habits) ?
  4. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I agree the barrier is the way to go for the long term solution.   While I don't like to be another grump on the streets of Germany, I think given all the rules and lack of tolerance for my own mistakes through the years, I think it's about time for some payback to my dear dear Germans...   and ohh boy.. do they have it coming to them! The chickens have come home to roost my friends !  Oh yes, the chickens have come home to roost!  
  5. Frugal Meals - Recipes and Cost

      My wife has banned those things in the house. I have to keep a low sodium diet, so I don't get them anyway, but I sometimes get a craving for broth flavor in my soups. I managed to find a decent substitute that is low in sodium and doesn't have all the junk in it:   But it is expensive when you compare to the Maggi stuff.      
  6. Expat Burnout

    Dessa, your post was exactly my experience. I couldn't have said it better.   Socially, Germany is difficult...   "I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  -Robin Williams      
  7. Frugal Meals - Recipes and Cost

    Here's my quick and easy mini Calzone recipe (makes 8 per package):   Buy a premade pizza dough, like Rewe's Ja! brand that comes with the tomato sauce (1.59 euros):   Buy some dry shredded cheese, either mozarella or emmentaler (1.39 euros) :   Ricotta cheese (1.99 euros) - this is the most important ingredient:   Some Pepperoni or Salami or Ham slices, both or whatever you like (1.09 euros):   1) Roll out the pizza dough flat and cut with a knife so that you get 8 fairly similarly sized rectangles. I say rectangles because it's not possible to cut them in squares unless you don't care to not use all of the dough. Or you can make bigger calzone.. I usually make pocket sized calzones. 2) On each rectangle put a layer of 1-2 meat slices in center of each rectangle, or a little off-center to make the folding of the dough over easier... 3) Next put two 1-2 teaspoons of sauce on the slices, spreading a little. 4) Now put some shredded cheese on top , about 1-2 teaspoons 5) Finally put a dollop of ricotta cheese on top, also about 1-2 teaspoons   Now comes the skill - stretch the dough over your cheese/sauce/meat pile to close up the calzone.. sort of like making an empanada. Use a fork to press the edges together.   Optional: slather some of the pizza sauce on the outside and top with some grated parmesan cheese or left over shredded cheese. You can also sprinkle in ground black pepper or chiles or whatever onto the cheese/sauce/meat pile before you close.. whatever you like.   Bake in an oven at 180 C for 15-20 mins... keep an eye so it doesn't get burnt.   Tip: try to use the pizza dough when it is not too cold but not too warm.. easier to work with!   Take them to work - give to the kids for school snack - like a hot pocket!  
  8. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Thank you for the barrier ideas!   The automated barrier sounds like a great idea to end all possibilities of anyone taking the spot!
  9. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

      yes, the parking spot is like a driveway in front of the garage and is my private property. So I guess I can't call the police in this case. Good to know. I have put up a sign now, it's a temporary one, until the new and more durable one arrives. Actually it is good that I start now with the sign since the house next door just got sold, and their parking spot & garage is next to mine. So there will probably be handwerkers trying to park in my spot in the future. 
  10. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

      Thanks I needed to hear that! OK, I will grow some Eier and hand out some justice!   Up goes the sign!
  11. My house is on a street with scarce street parking. The house has a garage and parking spot in front of the garage. I moved in several months ago, and on about ten occasions since I moved in someone has parked in my parking spot, blocking me from using my garage and parking spot. In looking at my options I found two services that offer an app, which you use to take pictures of the offender's car and send to lawyers and they will automatically send a cease and desist letter and penalties for the repeat offender. The point is you don't have to call a tow company. And if I understood correctly, you can make a little money on the penalties e.g. 40 euros at The other one I found was . They say it is done at no cost to you. Has anyone tried these? Are they legit? Sounds a little too good to be true...   I will have to put up one of those "parken verboten" signs as part of the process. I don't like to be heavy handed about it, especially if it might be neighbors who are just occassionally doing it, but I paid quite a bit for house and for the benefits of that garage and parking spot, and no doubt the time will come when I need to leave for an important appointment and can't afford to wait and sort it out (imagine missing a flight because you can't get out of your garage?). I also hate the feeling of coming home from work, and finding I can't park in my own damn parking spot, even if the person is there for just 10 mins. Wow... I'm really turning into a grumpy German!    
  12. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    This "free money" is just driving prices higher and the money itself just goes straight into the pockets of the Maklers and Banks (in fees and interest), and of course... hand workers.    
  13. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    Just got approval! Took approximately 3 weeks after submission of all documents!   Thank you to KfW,  Germany and the fellow tax payers of Germany! 
  14. Even after all these years, I still...

      100% this describes it. The scary thing is that I am transforming into them. Now I don't smile to others, care about being polite, worry about their personal space, or offer any help to strangers. The funny this has made service and interaction better!
  15. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    My post ident was successful. I got confirmation within 4 days. I agree with vivanco to try another location.   Did you follow instructions completely?  1) print out the post ident coupon that you can download while doing your KfW baukindergeld application 2) go to the post office with your passport and residence permit. 3) sign the paper they print out - done!