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  1. What are you cooking today?

    I love making these asian glazed chicken wings (but I leave out the cola! and substitute honey in place of brown sugar).   1/4 cup less-sodium soy sauce 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar (or honey a substitute) 3 tbsp. Dijon mustard 2 tbsp. pure sesame oil 2 tbsp.  garlic blend or minced fresh garlic 2 tbsp.  ginger spice blend or grated peeled fresh ginger 1/2 tsp. ground cayenne pepper 4 lb. Natural chicken wings, wing tips removed and cut in half at joint nonstick cooking spray 1 tbsp. white sesame seeds 3 green onions, thinly sliced In large bowl, with whisk, stir soy sauce, brown sugar (or honey), mustard, sesame oil, garlic, ginger and cayenne. Add wings and toss to coat; spread wings evenly in bowl to cover in as much marinade as possible. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours to marinate. Preheat oven to 200 C. Line 2 large rimmed baking pans with aluminum foil; spray foil with nonstick cooking spray. With tongs, remove wings from marinade (reserve marinade); arrange wings in single layer on prepared pans. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until wings are golden, turning wings once and rotating pans between upper and lower racks halfway through baking. Note: If you use airfryer you can probably reduce the heat and/or time and use the airfry basket instead of a tray.    Meanwhile, in 2-quart saucepan, heat reserved marinade to boiling over medium-high heat. Boil until sauce is thick, syrupy and reduced to about 3/4 cup. Also Meanwhile, in small skillet, toast sesame seeds over medium-low heat 3 to 4 minutes or until golden, stirring frequently; transfer to plate. Transfer wings to large bowl and toss with reduced marinade and green onions. Sprinkle with sesame seeds to serve.
  2. Ibuprofen and paracetamol syrup outage.

      Don't worry - We also had twins. I understand perfectly.   When I ran out of syrup at home (always happened on Sundays when pharmacies are closed!) I came up with another solution.   You can crush a paracetamol tablet (age appropriate dose) into a powder with a spoon (I crushed them on the cutting board), then you mix the medicine powder with 1-2 teaspoons of Metamucil powder and some water (around half a sippy cup of water). Stir for a bit and in under a minute or so it will start toward being more 'gooey' so that the medicine powder is suspended in it. Then give to little one to happily drink. They also get a little hydration in the meantime.    I used "Mucofalk" with Apple flavor as it is sweet and tastes better than the orange flavors. The kids readily took it no problems. It's also good they get some fiber with the medication as NSAIDs can cause constipation if taken for a while.   Hope that helps!  
  3. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    So it's all worth it to you then? Should we go full WW3 over this? How many people need to die?   I'm asking for balanced perspective and peaceful solutions (there are many that both sides could have arrived to before escalating to this point) and you are shouting here to see this through to the bloody end. And I'm the useful idiot?     Sorry but you are sounding like a war monger. And a useful idiot to the military industrial complex.   Let's just hope something peaceful happens soon (Putin gets assassinated or whatever), anything to end it peacefully. 
  4. Airfryers

      I bought the Ninja 8-in-1 (SP101EU),  which is large enough to cook a full sized pizza. I've also cooked on the tray, e.g. potatoes and meats. It's got the air fryer for chicken wings and fries. I can also bake with it. It's really versatile. I make enough for 4 people to eat. The nice feature is that you can flip it up when not in use and save counter space.
  5. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    The whole thing is very messy - from start to finish. Crimea was 'only' part of Ukraine since 1954.  It was transferred from Russian Republic to the Ukrainian Republic, by Kruschev - a very controversial and politically motivated gesture on his part, that Russians regretted ever since (mind you this was not decided democratically back in those days! hence the bitterness - but is it worth killing over? probably not but hey we got this point today from a mistakes made East and West). Add to that NATO expansion after the fall of the USSR beyond the past promises of "not an inch more" gradually raising the suspicions and frustrating the Russians (With NATO going so far as announcing in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia would eventually join NATO!). At the same time growing nationalism fed by Putin's growing influence in politics (a self-reinforcing feedback loop seeing him get even more power). Oligarchs (plunderers of the states' resources with dubious white-washig self-made man stories)  tried to dethrone Putin using media and failed. Funny, Putin was actually somewhat 'moderate' in the early years (well, as moderate/sane as any sociopathic FSB agent could be), even offering the possibility of Russia joining NATO sincere or not. Even in his early career he said that the Constitution should never be changed as it would be terrible for Russia.  The same guy then changed the Constitution a decade later to make it possible for him to be president for life. With the growing resentment and distrust between the West and Russia, the Ukrainians have been caught in the middle, as pawns in a tug of war between the West and Russia. The problems getting worse as the meddling from both Russia and USA got more intensified in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, our American "diplomats" are (typically) uneducated about european matters (or any foreign matters- see Iraq/Afghanistan), and in their hubris planned to "flip Ukraine". But it turns out "flipping Ukraine" to the west would not be that easy - as the eastern part of Ukraine has been heavily influenced by Russia (effectively Russian in demographics, language, and culture) , while the western part (from Kiev to Lviv) did look toward the west. The voting patterns in the regions make that clear. Seeing where things were headed Putin pulled "a fast one" and took Crimea and Donbass, most likely hoping to get a settlement.    What I would like to ask both sides is, is all this worth it for the lives killed and injured? Unfortunately neither side was more imaginative or willing to compromise to a peaceful solution. Putin is guilty for starting the war, but the West cynically pushed it to this point and now provides the weapons to fight while Ukraine provides the bodies. Both sides are acting horribly in my opinion. Nobody really cares about the Ukrainians in all this.     On what motivates Russia:    
  6. My natural gas rate doubled

      Congrats on the house purchase! I'm finding those one-page energy estimates are bollocks, mine was also 230kWh/m2 or so, but the person didn't factor in that the Reiheneckhaus has insulation on the side wall and several other things they missed. So very similar situation to yours. My real usage is only 109kWh/m2 and we keep the house at 21 C. Before the energy crisis, we were paying 200 euros month for heating and electric. I would love to have a 50kWh or passivhaus but just cannot justify the expense (I have other goals like retiring early, and I don't expect my house to be an investment engine , just a place to live).
  7. Grundsteuerreform

    I did it with, they have a formular in English for a EFH and finished it in 15 mins. It cost me 35 euros to file. I was too afraid to mess it up on the ELSTER.
  8. Grundsteuerreform

    I did it with, they have a formular in English for a EFH and finished it in 15 mins. It cost me 35 euros to file. I was too afraid to mess it up on the ELSTER.
  9. Switching electricity contract

    Thanks! I've also heard grundversorger is cheaper , and some people have opted for that, but then there is no price guarantee. My current contracted supplier is also the grundversorger when my contract expires. It is definitely cheaper, but I have no idea how much the grundversorger can change the price. I hear 2023 it will be really hard to find any deals, as electric futures are going up. I would rather secure a two year price guarantee than leave it up to chance.
  10. Switching electricity contract

    What are the best deals now for electric? If you use check24 or verivox, you get 67-76cents/kWh offers. I contacted a energy broker and got an offer for Vattenfall 46 cents/kWh for 24 months. Is anyone getting anything better?    
  11. How integrated are you?

      buying is not always better - yes it's possible that if you invest wisely you could have a bigger retirement pot. But the reality is that most renters don't really save enough.
  12.   I share my older building as not everyone has the latest in insulation.   We have 4 people, 113qm, semi-detached, built 1962 (crappy exterior walls by today's standards of insulation), new roof insulation 2021, and use 12200 kWh/yr (900 liters = 8200kWh heating with oil and 4000kWh for electric water heating and all other home electric, e.g. fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove+oven, etc).  I still need to insulate basement ceiling , hoping to get another 10% reduction. 
  13. My two kids (both same age) have started Gymnasium (5th grade) now and it's the same old story of pre-teen angst.   My daughter so far is pretty level headed about things. My son is more immature and particularly prone to comparison with other boys e.g. this boy can stay up late at night , this other one can bike all around town by himself at all hours , this other one gets more money for his birthday, etc. I forgot at this age how much bragging rights goes around boys.   And now my son is going on and on about how all his classmates have smartphones (and according to him all of them have iPhones! and not just hand me downs! ). Maybe I'm too old fashion, but what does a 10 year old need a smartphone (much less an 600-1000 euro iPhone!) for? What is with all these parents giving their kids these expensive items? I can't trust my kids with anything expensive like that, nor do I think it is right to spoil children like that. To me these are luxury items, and we are not sending our kids to some fancy elitist private school - it's just a catholic school. I'm guessing some kids were bribed with these phones if they studied hard and "got into Gymnasium".   My kids already both lost their smartwatches last year which my wife wanted them to have in order to call them to come back home while we let them loose around the neighborhood. I went cheap as they only cost 30 euros each -  I *knew* they would eventually break/lose them! So far they have not lost their replacements... but to me smartphones seems like a bad idea. First of all it will be a distraction from school and life in general, second there will the stealing/pranks from classmates, then the usual dropping and breaking stories.    I guess the excuse nowadays is to keep in touch with the kids but we never needed any of that stuff when I was a kid. And frankly a smart watch with sim card is enough for that.   I myself don't trust myself with expensive things and only buy 50 euro android phones (specs are good enough for me!). I already busted my expensive company phone within just 6 months and have to go in for a replacement.    Sorry I just need to vent! One of those "has the world gone crazy!? moments".      
  14. I personally am not a fan of violent horror movies and stories. I remember in middle school and high school many kids watching things like Jason / Friday the 13th, Chainsaw massacre, Freddy Kreuger, Chucky, The Exorcist, then later in college it was Seven (the seven deadly sins), etc, etc..     As a kid I was always a scaredy-cat and would have nightmares from watching that stuff, so it never appealed to me. Even older now and no more nightmares, I don't get a rush from that sort of stuff that some people get from seeing excessively detailed bloody violence. To me you have to be a bit disturbed to like watching that stuff, but maybe for others it is just about the experience of being scared (like a roller coaster). The other reason I don't like them is that I feel it disrespects the real life stories of people who have been victims of horrendous, sadistic violence and torture (victims of serial killers, people held as sex slaves, etc).    On the other hand I do like Terminator movies, war movies, etc and there are people being shown shot and dying and there is some blood too. And in real life there are wars where people are dying too, so I guess I am no better and can't be judgemental. I guess I have a different threshold / tolerance for the level of detail I want to be exposed to...        
  15. buying a new computer

    Another good site is , there you can search for laptops and also find deals. You can also put a price alarm on things when the price drops so you don't have to keep searching all the time.   btw Using this website, I bought a 70 inch Sharp 4K LED tv w/ android tv for 484 euros from Amazon with free shipping (the price has been fluctuating between 1100 and 484 euros). Yes it's not OLED or whatever is the latest tech, but I'm like you, I buy things usually several years behind the latest specs because I don't need the latest. I'm color blind and have bad hearing so I'm not sensitive to features as some tech fanatics (looking at you Linus Tech tips!). And let's not forget I'm a cheap bastard.