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  1. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Young investors are inexperienced, have no point of reference, and are fueling the bubble. They actually think Bitcoin is a store of value (one guy said, it represents the energy used to make it - yeah and can you get that energy back out?).    Tesla unloaded 5 billion in stock to put it in the bank. The main reason is because it is not making cash selling cars, but from selling stocks.    Suppose Tesla stock were to double , it would be worth more than the entire automobile industry! That means the expectation is that 50% or more of the car market will be taken up by Tesla. Really? You think that is going to happen?   So then the question is, is Tesla overpriced, or the rest of the automobile market underpriced?   This is just a bubble driven by the Federal Reserve stimulus.  
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation Peter noted two stocks in particular that exemplify the surging stock market – Apple and Tesla. Apple is the most valuable company in the world based on market cap. Meanwhile, Tesla is the most valuable car company. Its market cap exceeds Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Daimler, BMW, GM and Ford combined. Peter said he doesn’t think anybody buying Tesla stock is really concerned about whether the company’s sales warrant that kind of stock valuation.
  3. I agree with MikeMelga's assessment. My own experience recently has taught me that I need to spend more time keeping an eye on things with my kids regarding schooling. Both  my kids are starting the 3rd year, and during the end of the 2nd year, the coronavirus threw a monkey wrench in their progress. We got the report cards and both my kids scored a 2 in Math and a 3 in German, which to me was bit dissappointing. I admit we did fumble several of the assignment due dates during coronavirus homeschooling (on the other hand, the teachers had no online meetings, and there were no clear instructions given on when things were due for the first two months! Only later they started to improve on instructions and the clarity of the handouts and we caught up). I have hired Nachhilfe this Summer to help them with some gaps in their German (e.g. Diktat). Their Math is really good and I'm puzzled by the 2 note, as their homework and tests are always 95-100% correct. My son is even the #2 player in the school chess team composed of all grades (1-4). Meanwhile a German kid we know and spend a lot of time with got 1's in Math and Deutsch, but I'm left scratching my head as this kid has behavioral problems (has a very short attention span - cannot occupy himself more than 5 mins on any activity), pinches my kids when he doesn't get his way, is constantly rude and pushy, and honestly cannot do Math in his head as fast as my kids. Of course his Deutsch will be better because he's speaking it 100% of the day. I also need to increase Deutsch at home - but it's hard though as we're handling three languages in the household (and they speak all three,including Deutsch, fluently).   In the States, as a migrant kid, from 4 years old I picked up English as a second language quickly and did very well in K-12 . My parents never had to help me with my homework. My mom didn't speak good English at the time and my dad was too busy working. It was clear that school was my "job" and I took pride in doing well (like a boy version of Lisa Simpson). So with my kids I took a mostly hands-off approach, but I'm seeing it is not working out. The problem for me is that my free time is limited and my wife is a homemaker but has a chronic illness and doesn't support them with school work (she knows only A level Deutsch). So I think I have to go the Nachhifle route - but my son gets upset that they lose summer vacation and free time and how unfair it is. My daughter is more easy going about it. Let's see how it goes between now and the end of the year...  
  4. US Troops Moving out of Germany

    Trump is an idiot and a diplomatic buffoon.    However, I have to agree he is right on this point. Germany should pay the agreed 2%. 
  5. Michael Moore Film Planet of the Humans

      tea kettle calling the pot black   How about watching the film? and not reading somebody else's take on it who might have their own agenda
  6. Bathroom renovation costs

    I also need to renovate. My bathroom has ugly tiles covering every wall, ugly PVC floor, etc. I think the prices for renovation that people quote are ludicrous. I don't want to change the position of anything, simply put a new toilet in and a new shower cabinet, and reglaze the bath tub.   I'm thinking of doing like we did in the kitchen, to have someone plaster over the tiles, then cover with malervlies and white latex satin paint which is durable,  easy to wipe and water resistant. Then bordering around the tub I would put some nice acrylic paneling, and the for the shower walls also some acrylic wall panels. Put in some top of the line vinyl panel flooring and call it a day. Screw tiles and grout... a lot of extra work for nothing. Not to mention the maintance/cleaning!    
  7. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Renewables are a farce     It’s easier to fool the masses than to convince them that they are being fooled. -Mark Twain
  8. Buying property in Germany

    Cryptocurrency is nothing more than a tulip mania. There are 5000+ cryptocurrencies out there now. That defeats the purpose of making it scarce.  Bitcoin is like the first iPhone, and like any technology it gets improved and people move on. What guarantees do you have that people will continue to use it and not move on to the next big thing? btw they first told us bitcoin could be used for microtransactions - that turned out to be false... now  they tell us it is like digital gold..  really? what can you do with a bitcoin?  gold at least has uses beyond just being money.  
  9. Buying property in Germany

      If you think the bottom is in now - you haven't seen nothing yet... we got a long way to go down still, as stocks are way over valued!
  10. Driving to my garden during quarantine

      It's called minding your own business, something Germans will never understand!!
  11. Contested divorce due to alimony

      Better yet, stop working and start boinking a new boyfriend/girlfriend while getting paid alimony! American style!