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  1. US Troops Moving out of Germany

    Trump is an idiot and a diplomatic buffoon.    However, I have to agree he is right on this point. Germany should pay the agreed 2%. 
  2. Michael Moore Film Planet of the Humans

      tea kettle calling the pot black   How about watching the film? and not reading somebody else's take on it who might have their own agenda
  3. Bathroom renovation costs

    I also need to renovate. My bathroom has ugly tiles covering every wall, ugly PVC floor, etc. I think the prices for renovation that people quote are ludicrous. I don't want to change the position of anything, simply put a new toilet in and a new shower cabinet, and reglaze the bath tub.   I'm thinking of doing like we did in the kitchen, to have someone plaster over the tiles, then cover with malervlies and white latex satin paint which is durable,  easy to wipe and water resistant. Then bordering around the tub I would put some nice acrylic paneling, and the for the shower walls also some acrylic wall panels. Put in some top of the line vinyl panel flooring and call it a day. Screw tiles and grout... a lot of extra work for nothing. Not to mention the maintance/cleaning!    
  4. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Renewables are a farce     It’s easier to fool the masses than to convince them that they are being fooled. -Mark Twain
  5. Buying property in Germany

    Cryptocurrency is nothing more than a tulip mania. There are 5000+ cryptocurrencies out there now. That defeats the purpose of making it scarce.  Bitcoin is like the first iPhone, and like any technology it gets improved and people move on. What guarantees do you have that people will continue to use it and not move on to the next big thing? btw they first told us bitcoin could be used for microtransactions - that turned out to be false... now  they tell us it is like digital gold..  really? what can you do with a bitcoin?  gold at least has uses beyond just being money.  
  6. Buying property in Germany

      If you think the bottom is in now - you haven't seen nothing yet... we got a long way to go down still, as stocks are way over valued!
  7. Driving to my garden during quarantine

      It's called minding your own business, something Germans will never understand!!
  8. Contested divorce due to alimony

      Better yet, stop working and start boinking a new boyfriend/girlfriend while getting paid alimony! American style!
  9. Weinstein convicted

      Good point. If we are concerned about free will, then it should not be accepted in society that women feel pressured to offer sex for a job. It should be based solely on talent. But one can look at it from many angles - not all women may be willing to play 'by the rules'. Could it be that some women cheat the system by offering sex to beat their competitors? The narrative is that it's been always assumed that the men hold all the power in these scenarios and therefore created and normalized this expectation in that industry, and this is probably more likely. But then again, all it takes is one woman to break the social contract with the sisterhood to get ahead...    
  10. Coronavirus

    Here is a COVID-19 global dashboard tracking cases , deaths, and recoveries around the world:
  11. How much is enough for retirement?

      no please explain wise elder!   clearly you did not watch the video to understand why the typical index fund can be a danger if that is the only investment you have...   OK Boomer    
  12. How much is enough for retirement?

      don't go with the baby boomer herd!! index funds included! diversify! diversify! one never knows...  
  13.   Stay away from those guys. They are just looking to use you, then blame you, like lisa said - it's always a red flag when somebody is willing to cheat on their relationship. That means they will do it to you later - guaranteed. Don't be desperate - plenty of fish in the sea who are not attached. And a man that expects a woman to chase him is just... ewwww      
  14. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    Pocahontas is gonna go down in flames:   How will she convince people of her freebies when it will piss off those who did prepare?
  15. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    If the Democrats need to bring more witnesses and evidence at this point, they are playing the game wrong. For their own self interest they should have done it all in the house. This is a hail mary pass at this point to convince the republicans to bring in witnesses! Whatever happened to the claim that the evidence was overwhelming?