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  1. E-car tips

      Buy a Tesla, burn more Coal & Gas! I will only buy an EV when we switch back to Nuclear in Germany.    
  2. Water heater & 2 connection taps

    In a related question, do you know why anyone would want a "drucklose" pressureless "Übertischgerät" overhead tank?    like this one, with the same small neck design:   The one I've seen has terrible water pressure. I asked the Sanitär profi about it and he told me that is completely normal. why would anyone want one of those?  
  3. Dramamine, or something similar for motion sickness

      Homeopathic are just placebos - seriously. If you want a placebo affect just give the child a chewable vitamin.   If you want something with a proven track record, then buy chewable meclizine or dramamine. Alternately you can buy Vomex syrup for kids (same thing just in liquid form). Of course this will make the kid a bit drowsy - and maybe that is why you are asking for something 'homeopathic' and not 'real' (unless of course you are ignorant about medicine, biology, or biochemistry or basic science for that matter).    Something that might help if you are absolutely against real medicine, is candied ginger. It helps settle the stomach and is not too awful to eat.   Maybe there are some herbal remedies - but don't bother with homeopathic unless you just want a placebo effect.    
  4. Harassment from neighbour about noise we dont make

      I'm guessing she means "lazy boys" or reclining sitting chairs and that persons around the age of 30-years old sit in them and take a nap.
  5. Refinancing your German Mortgage

      So are you saying you'd rather he not respond with all this useful information? or just that he missed the bus?   I'm happy he bothered to offer some additional information to the thread.    
  6. Legal Responsibilities as Legal Father vs Biological Father?

      The main motivation is that the state doesn't want to be stuck paying the bill for raising the child. The state must then assign a provider - anyone really. So the rule is to avoid the state having to pay for the children of irresponsible men. 
  7. Legal Responsibilities as Legal Father vs Biological Father?

    Dear OP,   some people lose their spouses to accidents, others to illness, and some to mental health issues, and some to personality issues. Who knows if your wife is mentally unfit, but you can look at it that way. It's not your fault, some times sh!t just happens and you lose your spouse to unexpected situations. There are plenty of good women out there, don't spend your life tagging along with crazy, it's not worth it and it will get old really quick. Consider it a blessing, that it happened this way, where the option to leave is clear, and that it happened relatively early in your relationship, and not later in the relationship when you might be entangled to her with your own (biological/adopted/willfully accepted) children and a mortgage. This is an opportunity for a clean break away. You can recover from this - there is a whole world waiting for you. Sticking around with that women will only bring you more pain and trouble. Life is short - you need to make the most of it. Nobody would judge you for leaving. We all support you on that decision.    1) separate - find a monthly rented apartment or better yet rent a room. 2) talk to a lawyer, file for divorce and make sure you are not given paternity 3) cut off contact, maybe even have the lawyer intermediate communications     Good luck, and take care of yourself. A new better chapter of your life is ahead of you.
  8. How many colds can one get in a season?

    Yes I've been sick for 3+ weeks non-stop... can't shake the darn thing off me!   It's horrible, I almost made it through winter without getting sick until now.
  9.   There's also a special kind of paint for tiles... so you don't have to remove them.  I am thinking about doing this to my own bathroom and kitchen wall tiles.      
  10. Thanks, I didn't think about the Brutto/Netto or the travel costs! 
  11. Can anyone tell me what is the significance and difference between hiring an Electrician who has a "Meisterbetrieb" and one that doesn't ? I have been looking at quotes on as well as local electricians and I see some mentioning "Meister" and others not. If I want somebody to install new electrical fuse box, circuit breakers, sockets, switches and cables (basically a full renovation), do I need to stick with Meister labeled electricians only? I have searched in German all over the web but it's not clear to me what is important to look out for. I don't want to hire someone who does the work and find out it is not given approval because it was not done by a Meister.    For example, I see this description:   Qualifikationen und Mitgliedschaften Mitglied der Handwerkskammer YYY (Betriebsnummer: xxxxx) Gesellenbrief (Elektroniker/ in) Zeugnsi: berufs- und arbeitspädagogische Qualifikation Urkunde: Kaufmännischer Fachwirt (HWK) Teilprüfungszeugnis vor dem zuständigen Meisterprüfungsausschuss: Elektrotechniker- Handwerk   I should probably ask about proof of certificates and insurance coverage before accepting an offer. Anything else I should be aware of? 
  12. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    Interesting blog post from a pilot about it:    
  13. Pregnant without legal status in Germany

    I really enjoy the advice and debate around TT threads. But I have to say, after seeing this thread and many others, there is a level of pervasive toxicity in TT in general that turns any thread into a battle zone. There is a lack of comradery, a lack of humor, a tendency to be easily outraged by others, a lot of 'besserwisser' competitiveness (what for? is your ego that important? are you being paid for these posts?). And it does not matter if it comes from someone with 10k+ green votes or just 10 green votes (as if that really matters?). It's all toxic. And it's really sad.   It is really something I do not find in other forums. Whether this is a reflection of this forum or of being germanized into German culture, I do not know. Or maybe it is a real lack of proper moderation of the forum and letting the senior posters run rampant.
  14. Street checked by die Polizei

      Bad boys Bad Boys... watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when they come for you???    
  15. German citizen in USA wants money from here in Germany

      As my great grandma said "Never underestimate the power of the vagina!"     I can understand why he'd be upset,  but it was all a gift, and there was no contract, so he cannot claim it back. Unfortunately, love makes you do stupid things. It's a good lesson for the both of you.   I think he feels he got burned pretty badly and is going full German mode on you.   I've heard of a German guy who owns a house and charges his girlfriend rent (!). Only in Germany.