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  1. Another cringe worthy post! :D
  2.   If you study STEM, then masters and phd would be free via grant funding.   German employers are weird...  my boss expects people to submit their report cards for positions that require PhD!
  3. Congratulations! I see this exact same job in my near future. What tool in the end did you use?    
  4. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

    Can we all just tell someonesdaughter that she won the whole interwebs now and she can just leave us alone?   Congratulations ! You are the world's #1 Besserwisser! You can now log off!    
  5. Smart home

    A friend recommended to me the device - it is a hub that is compatible with almost everything out there. You just buy the add-on modules to extend the compatibility. There's the "brain" cube, and then the other cubes that you attach that can support Zigbee, Z-wave, and Enocean. And it's supposed to be compatible with Alex/Google and perhaps even AppleHomeKit.  
  6. Maklerprovision ( Real Estate Commissions )

    And btw - don't worry - when the next "Night of the Long Knives" comes to Germany, the Maklers will be #1 on the hit list... 
  7. Maklerprovision ( Real Estate Commissions )

    Just pay the devil and be done with it - you already signed a contract agreeing to pay the commission - how do you expect to get out of that?   The makler commissions are out in the open:   you will never be able to claim that you "did not know"    
  8. stairwell terror

    This whole australian/austria thing reminds me of Dumb and Dumber:
  9. stairwell terror

    wow... what a crazy thread...  exercising in the stairs!?!  :D    
  10. I'm usually very tolerant of other posters, but this fella has made 2 new threads and posted in a 3rd thread on the same issue. I don't know about you but that's a bit rude and pushy to the forum...
  11.   I got used to the Sundays off and what not. But what annoys me more is when the opening times are 8:00-17:00 and the MOFOs are packing up and closing the store 15-20 mins before closing time. Isn't that false advertisement? What about being punctual not only at the start of the advertised time, but also punctual at the end of the time! Meaning - keep the damn store open and only close the doors when the place is officially closed!!    
  12. Difference when you dress up and down

    German women, once they hit 40, it's all butch hair cuts and men's clothing. No feminity left in them. Sorry but it's the truth.
  13.     I dunno, a lot of German's "facts" sound more like "alternative facts". Like the wind giving you neck pain.      
  14.     Although I've gotten over it now, I was always shocked in my early years here how the cashiers would put up with this crap of digging around for change.   I've been told it's not politically correct, but I tell my family all the time, the motto in Germany is:   Inconvenience macht frei!    
  15.   Good god.. yes..  examples like this abound. Older people in our building screaming at other Bewohners for small infractions. But then same old grouchers park in the guest only parking spaces, when they have designated parking spots already, "because they need schatten" WTF? Or parking their Campers in the "Only parking for washing cars" spot.  What about setting an example? No,  it's privileged hypocrisy!  I would love to scream my head off "Das ist verboten!!!!!" as well.. maybe I'll do it next time.