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  1. Contested divorce due to alimony

      Better yet, stop working and start boinking a new boyfriend/girlfriend while getting paid alimony! American style!
  2. Weinstein convicted

      Good point. If we are concerned about free will, then it should not be accepted in society that women feel pressured to offer sex for a job. It should be based solely on talent. But one can look at it from many angles - not all women may be willing to play 'by the rules'. Could it be that some women cheat the system by offering sex to beat their competitors? The narrative is that it's been always assumed that the men hold all the power in these scenarios and therefore created and normalized this expectation in that industry, and this is probably more likely. But then again, all it takes is one woman to break the social contract with the sisterhood to get ahead...    
  3. Coronavirus

    Here is a COVID-19 global dashboard tracking cases , deaths, and recoveries around the world:
  4. How much is enough for retirement?

      no please explain wise elder!   clearly you did not watch the video to understand why the typical index fund can be a danger if that is the only investment you have...   OK Boomer    
  5. How much is enough for retirement?

      don't go with the baby boomer herd!! index funds included! diversify! diversify! one never knows...  
  6.   Stay away from those guys. They are just looking to use you, then blame you, like lisa said - it's always a red flag when somebody is willing to cheat on their relationship. That means they will do it to you later - guaranteed. Don't be desperate - plenty of fish in the sea who are not attached. And a man that expects a woman to chase him is just... ewwww      
  7. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    Pocahontas is gonna go down in flames:   How will she convince people of her freebies when it will piss off those who did prepare?
  8. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    If the Democrats need to bring more witnesses and evidence at this point, they are playing the game wrong. For their own self interest they should have done it all in the house. This is a hail mary pass at this point to convince the republicans to bring in witnesses! Whatever happened to the claim that the evidence was overwhelming?
  9. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    What a joke this country has become. Trump the idiot has made everyone into idiots. The Democrats are hopeless... their candidates are all clowns. Couldn't they find *anyone* better to run against Trump, the biggest clown of a President that ever was? And George W Bush was the dumbest!   As an independent , this stuff going on right now, I have to say, this is just nonsense!  The Mueller Investigation, the Russian collusion, then the obstruction, and now this Ukraine quid pro quo impeachment... the charges are really weak. You'd think they'd nail him with something big, but on what amounts to a technicality? Yes, of course the motive was to dig up dirt on Biden. But on the other hand, had this been anyone else but Biden, it would have been justified! Could it be that BOTH Trump and Biden are Crooks? Looks like it to me!    Complete circus. The Democrats will lose in 2020. They bring nothing to the table other than offering freebies. Vote for me and I'll steal for you! The republicans are no different - vote for me! I'll cut taxes and keeping borrowing on your behalf so that the military industrial complex and chrony capitalists get rich. Basically democracy is just the citizens conspiring to steal from each other.    
  10. Finding a truly quiet apartment around Munich

    In the USA there are private senior communities where basically no children, pets, or loud people are allowed to live or visit. Basically anyone under 50 years old is not allowed. Is there anything equivalent in Germany?  Compared to the USA my neighbors in Germany have been wayyy more quiet and the building better insulated from noise.. the paper thin construction of usa houses is just awful for condos and apartment complexes...   Most of the time though, it's just the luck of draw regarding neighbors, building quality, and lifestyles. Anyone who engineers the best sound insulation will make a ton of money...   The worst neighbors are the ones that love the bass woofers.. there is no technology out there than can block that range of sound...
  11. Need legal advice for my friend

      Red alert ! Red Alert ! Never tell a German he/she is wrong!    "other human says I'm wrong?!! And they are non-German!? improssible!! Deny ! Deny! Never surrender!"
  12. How much is enough for retirement?

    This reminds me, I may need to contact one of you guys regarding retirement and insurances. I'm currently all over the place - have company pension, Directversicherung, Rürüp, Riester, Berufs­unfähigkeits­versicherung, Risikolebensversicherung, some 401k/IRA in the states, some cash savings doing nothing.  I also need to transfer my previous 5 years of social security credits from another EU country to Germany's. What does the average person in Germany do regarding old age care? What does the well-prepared German do (meaning someone of above average income and good savings habits) ?
  13. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I agree the barrier is the way to go for the long term solution.   While I don't like to be another grump on the streets of Germany, I think given all the rules and lack of tolerance for my own mistakes through the years, I think it's about time for some payback to my dear dear Germans...   and ohh boy.. do they have it coming to them! The chickens have come home to roost my friends !  Oh yes, the chickens have come home to roost!  
  14. Frugal Meals - Recipes and Cost

      My wife has banned those things in the house. I have to keep a low sodium diet, so I don't get them anyway, but I sometimes get a craving for broth flavor in my soups. I managed to find a decent substitute that is low in sodium and doesn't have all the junk in it:   But it is expensive when you compare to the Maggi stuff.      
  15. Expat Burnout

    Dessa, your post was exactly my experience. I couldn't have said it better.   Socially, Germany is difficult...   "I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  -Robin Williams