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  1. Cheers Yeti! I leave tonight for 4 weeks, woo hoo!


    Actually I have been turned away from a hotel before, I was in India for 2 months and we turned up in Calcutta the day before our flight home and decided to treat ourselves to a nice hotel. I can't remember the name of the hotel but it was pretty flash, we rocked up to the counter and asked for rooms for the night, they said they were full. I knew I looked pretty bad, my hair was pretty gross, I am sure we were a bit whiffy and we had just come off a 36 hour train ride but I knew we were being turned away for being rank. We ended up calling the hotel, surprise surprise they had rooms available and the 10 of us rocked back up with happy grins and happily dirtied those bathrooms :D .


    The backpack is now nice and clean, the soap has given it a nice manly smell and the frame's not rusty. Thank you all for the help!


  2. Lost, with the delectable Matthew Fox who played Charlie Salinger on Party of Five. There is another characther called Charlie on the show though so I sometimes get it all a little confused in my head :blink: Apart from the eye candy the show is really good, though the plane crash scenes freaked the crap out of me...



    wow, i always thought k1w1 was such a nice quiet girl...

    i like her much better having read her blog and been disabused of that foolish notion.

    nice quiet girl, indeed  :rolleyes: 


    edited to add - i don't think IW is a wanker, though





    Nice, quiet girl, wow! :D Kza is right about the hair, brown, straightened every day and manky, wrong on all other aspects. And about the blog- I was angry! I changed the original post but forgot about the title, nope he is not a wanker, just managed to piss the fuck out of me and I happened to be in front of my computer. Looks like I'll be coughing up for another gorilla...?


  4. This is my pack (sorry, don't know how to link):




    It has been sitting in my basement for a couple of months and now smells like basement. It is no longer black, it has nice brown splotches and nice spiderwebby-like mould patterns. Basically it is rank. It's now sitting in the bath and as I put it in the water I felt a little sad, like I was washing away the last 2 years of my travels. Then I thought about how on Monday I will be chcking into a swanky resort in Antalya and don't want to be turned away for being rank. When I check out of the resort and start "properly" backpacking Turkey, I will rub it in mud again. :D


  5. Nope, can't get the frame out. There are velco pockets that can be undone with big domes at the bottom of the frame compartments so I suppose you must be able to get it out, but there are plastic stoppy-bits on the ends of the metal bits and they can't clear the clips. I have tugged. The frame better not rust, this is a NZ$500 backpack :huh:


  6. My backpack has a build up of 2 years of filth so I think it is time it needs a wash. I tried to ram it into the washing machine but it wouldn't fit (it is 85 litres with a metal frame), this makes me think perhaps they are not meant to be machine washed? Anyone know how to wash these things?


  7. I did that last summer, a friend and I rocked up to Liverpool airport and got a last minute package deal to Corfu. We got there at silly am hoping to leave that day but the earliest package we could get was for the next day, leaving at around midnight. The hotel was pretty grotty, the food was awful and it was about a half hour walk to the beach, but we had a good time anyway, all for 99 pounds. It was fun to rock up to the airport and decide then and there where we were going but next time I will book in advance and check out the hotel online before I go.


    Do it, pack now! :)



    i wouldn't call east london dodgy, but it's a long way from posh

    if you like posh, you'd be best off moving to richmond or somewhere

    personally, i lived in richmond when i first moved to london (because i'd been advised it was a "nice" place to live) - i lasted 6 weeks, couldn't stand it, full of hooray henries, i had nothing in common with those people, i just stayed in of an evening and cried

    you're better off living somewhere with real people, and stoke newington certainly qualifies (i ended up in brixton, which also qualifies as "real" - and i loved it)

    i think there are new vegetarian restaurants and trendy cafés popping up every week in stoke newington, this is what i'm led to believe anyway

    it's one of the safer bits of east london (it's officially north london, anyway, innit?)

    not on the tube, though

    get a bus down the road to hackney, you can have some good nights out in hackney (i did), and cab it back home

    it'll be a bit of a shock to the system after the fluffy cotton-wool life we live here in munich





    Cotton wool isn't all it's cracked up to be, it causes chafing in the summer. Nice to hear Stokey's one of the safer parts of east London, no need to sleep with a knife under my pillow then. My flat is actually pretty close to the tube, about 5 streets over fron Manor House. Ooh, it's nice to know I will have a social life close to home, I live in Feldmoching at the moment where the most exciting place is Pinoccio's Mucis Cafe that closes around 11 :blink:


  9. Went on a trip in high school to Japan, we spent most of our time in a city called Beppu on the island of Kyushu not too far fron Nagasaki. Beppu was fantastic, it is a pretty touristy city based around its natural hot springs. The thermal baths were pretty expensive but on the "beach" they dig you a hole in the sand and then bury you up to your neck in it, the sand is hot and soooooo relaxing and it was cheap :) (can't remember how much). If you feel homesick there is a beer garden and museum in Sapporro!


    Watch out for the monkeys. Viscious Bastards.


  10. I am going to Turkey next month and after procrastinating for so long have no idea what to do while I am there. I have a VERY limited budget, about 40 Euros per day for a month and want to see as much as possible. Has anyone been, does anyone have any reccommendations on stuff to do? Am flying into Izmir and out from Rhodes but have the Greece part sussed. Also want to buy my clothes there, am thinking they will be cheaper and suit the temperature a bit better, do they have sizes for girls who enjoy eating cake?


  11. I was also denied health insurance because of having a pre-existing condition that everything can be blamed on. I have a gold credit card which gives you free travel insurance for a year (including medical care when travelling) and when that year was up I chopped up the card and got a new one with a new bank and a new year long insurance policy. Don't know if that is wrong but it's worked so far.


  12. I'm diabetic too, was diagnosed a few years ago back in NZ and thought my life was over. Came to Germany and now I can EAT! The range of stuff here for diabetics or people on low sugar diets is FANTASTIC, especially the Schneekoppe brand- chocolate, fruit yoghurts, fruit juice, chocolate, muselis, chocolate, biscuits, cake, chocolate, all those forbidden foods are here in abundance. Rock on Germany! The only problem is you can't eat too much...I had a German friend in NZ and her parents came over laden with diät gummi bärchen for me. Ate half a packet straight away and ended up in hospital that night with major stomach pains and another slightly embarrassing problem :(


  13. Why are some kebabs in hamburger buns and others in tortillas? Is it a regional variation or the store owners choice? In Jordan whenever we bought sandwiches they were in tortilla type bread (never tried a kebab there) and Baghdad cafe, I am quessing might be a middle eastern place, while I know Mama's is turkish and Mama's has the hamburger buns. Hmmmm...


  14. Mama's is FANTASTIC but it is always a struggle to get through a whole kebab so I usually leave the place with a slightly uncomfortable feeling :( . But they are worth it, lots of salad and yummy tzatziki. I do miss the kebabs in NZ, they are in sort of tortillas instead of hamburger buns, wrapped in tin foil and then press-grilled. If you are ever in Auckland head for Kebabs on Queen, funnily enough on Queen Street. mmmmmmmmmmm... :P (smilie with tongue hanging out in hunger)


  15. I know the one on Reichenbachstr, I went there one saturday morning and just kept on walking. Scary stuff. I've had a couple of pm's with suggestions so will take those and hopefully find an unscary synagogue that welcomes pretty lousy jews like me.


    No more chicken cordon bleur though :(


  16. Does anybody go to a Synagogue in Munich? I know there are about 5 here and I need to start going again but don't know which one to choose. I know I could just go to each one one time and make my pick then but I get quite intimidated, would not be nice if I rocked up to an orthodox synagogue with my level of Jewishness! The more progressive/liberal the better where they won't mind too much if my Hebrew is a little (very) rusty. Any good schul-goers here?


    Toda raba :)


  17. As someone who has spent nearly their entire life on an island I am really missing the sea and sand. I had decided to go to a beach for a weekend but am lost for ideas, can anyone reccommend somewhere?


    It needs to be a beach with sand, somewhere warm, accessible by Eurolines and within 12-15 hours driving distance from Munich. We were thinking of Croatia (think their beaches are all pebbles, oder?) or the Almalfi coast.


    Any ideas? :(