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  1. Let me preface by saying that I've checked out the wiki and previous threads for this, and am either finding no answers, or very ambiguous ones. Here's the quick situation:   -I live in Germany, but still have student loans in the United States that I am paying off monthly. -These amounts are rather high (around 5600 dollars last year), and in the US, I can declare these loan interest payments on my taxes in the form of a 1098-E form from the bank. The exact amount that I'm able to deduct (since there is a limit) seems to vary year by year, but I am always able to deduct at least some of it. -The yearly amount I pay on this is around 10-15% of my annual income, so this is obviously going to have a major influence on my taxes owed. -I provided my Steuerberater with the 1098-E forms as proof of these payments and their amounts.   My Steuerberater just prepared by Einkommenssteuererklärung for me, but seems not to have included this information under "Aufwendungen für die eigene Berufsausbildung" or under "andere außergewöhnliche Belastungen". As a result, I think the Steuererklärung provides and incomplete an incorrect picture for the Finanzamt. Also worth noting that during this time I was working as self-employed, so my Steuererklärung also factors in other cost-of-business items (rent, insurance, travel, etc.)   Does anyone have experience with this? I've already emailed my Steuerberater and am waiting on a response... if the payments weren't such a massive part of my yearly income I would be a little less concerned, but as it stands this will have dramatic consequences for the amount of tax I am paying.   Edit: and to reference my earlier search: the German tax page on the TT wiki says that student loan payments for degrees can be deducted, but other googling apparently says it cannot, or is hazy.