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  1. Hey Deniseelisa,    I'm an Australian mum with a 2 year old, just moved to KW in August.    I've also realised that most of the groups etc are in Berlin and wondered if there were any English speakers out here!    I'd love to meet up for a chat/coffee/play date sometime!  Unfortunately I work full time in Berlin  so it would most likely be on a weekend, not sure if that suits you...?    Cheers, Jodi 
  2. Thank you Feierabend, my husband looked into the process and it is indeed central.  We went to the Rathaus today and were basically told "you can forget about it".  Even the waiting lists are full.  There are simply no vacancies at all - let alone at a preferred kita... We were informed of one possible vacancy so went to visit the kita and to be honest, I wouldn't leave my dog there let alone my son!  It was so shocking that I almost started to cry when I saw the conditions those poor kids had to endure during the day.    At this point, I am considering quitting my job before I even start - or at least looking at alternatives, perhaps a private Tagesmutter.  If all kitas with free places in KW are like the one we saw today, then I will have no option than to stay home with him.  My son's well being is my priority. Obviously all of the good ones are those where we have no chance.
  3. Hello! My husband and I are moving in August to Zernsdorf and urgently need a kita place for our 2 year old son - either in Königs Wusterhausen or Zernsdorf.   Any recommendations?  What is the process - approach them directly?  (we are coming from Frankfurt where everything is handled via a central website). It doesn't have to be English speaking - German is also perfectly fine.    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we both start new jobs 1 September.     Cheers!  Jodi