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  1. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Actually it Landed, exploded, tooke off and landed again... maybe it was tired of standing upright and wanted to lie down!
  2. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    I have my router connected direct to a 5 port hub and my work laptop, home laptop and printer connected (mit kabel). This is plenty good enough for work use.
  3. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    That is how mine is set up, Wired in my 'home office' and then wifi in the rest of the apartment. No question is stupid, we all have to learn.
  4. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    Need to identify the black spots first then seek to place the repeaters in the correct places.
  5. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    Have you done as suggested above, ie use a Wifi Analyser App to check the signal strength and also channel usage. My Wifi in the living room started acting up in january (buffering every five minutes), checked with the App and found that the neighbour upstairs has a new smart TV and it was using the same channel as I had set. So back to my router and set up on a different channel - problem solved. Now I can waste even more time on You tube ;-) Side Note: I also used an app like this when I did a Wifi Survey on board a hospital ship it gave a good indication as to the black spots in coverage. 
  6. UK state pension

    Make sure that if you live abroad you only pay Class 2 contributions as they are lower than Class 3. See   Also
  7. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

    Need a converter to transform the 120v to 240v for the machine.
  8. Lufthansa voucher - destination unknown?!

    Being a brass band, he probably blew his own trumpet  ;-) btw I have a clarinet and a euphonium.
  9. What are you cooking today?

    Is this the one... I used it this weekend to make sausage rolls and it worked fine.
  10. They have to get confirmation of your employment history, I know that they could get this from the Tax records etc. but this is Germany. I just spoke to my employers HR dept and they did the form. They know what to do.
  11. Having no Anmeldung in Germany may stop you returning this month. Cancelling the deregistration is worth a try.
  12. Tax ID will stay the same.   Not fishy, people change their minds all the time.   Only point is - Are you a British Citizen? or hold dual with Germany?
  13. What made you cry today?

    Hearing that Gerry Marsden has died. YMWA played at both my fathers and brothers funerals. Also Ferry across the Mersey reminded me of trips across on the ferry with my grandma a long time ago.
  14. Ferry across the Mersey.
  15. Can do the registration online   First register as looking for work, sooner is better as it covers the health insurance as well when you are unemployed. I had to do this last year it was all done online and by telephone.