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  1. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    I have been asked to explain how I got my £9.95 Day 2 PCR test. So I shall do... I am travelling by car from Germany to Scotland so decided to go via the Amsterdam-Newcastle ferry. So after booking this I went to the UK gov site to book my Day 2 test, The first lot in the list showed £.95 per test but when you followed the link they were for collect only and all were sold out, normal price was £79. So I kept going and fon 2A Covid testing at £9.95, again this was collect only but at Stockton on Tees. This would work as it is only about an hour from the ferry terminal. So I went forward and filled in my details, you have to be patient as it is tries to put you off buying this. I persevered and reaced the checkout and paid my money. Minutes later I received two emails, the first an invoice for the purchase, the second confirmation of mz appointment to pick up the test - and also an apology that due to safety concerns for my safety that they will in fact post out the test to me.    So a win situation for me, the booking reference came a few days later. Lets see if the test actually arrives at my hotel in Falkirk.
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Ferry booked, and got a day 2 PCR test in the UK for £9.95. Excited for the move and my new position.
  3. Covid & driving Germany-NL-Belgium-France-UK

    Thanks for the feedback, I have just booked my ferry to the UK (Amsterdam-Newcastle). This is so I only need to transit the Netherlands. Planning to stay overnight on the German border and drive straight to the port.
  4. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    Glad that all is going well with the travel back to Germany. I am in the process of trying to get things sorted for my move to Scotland at the end of this month. Will probably travel to Amsterdam and the on the ferry to Newcastle ( overnight ), more expensive but a lot shorted drive on the other side. Also if I fill up in Holland I have enough fuel to make it to Inverness.
  5. Covid & driving Germany-NL-Belgium-France-UK

    I am glad thet all this worked out for you AdHa.
  6. Covid & driving Germany-NL-Belgium-France-UK

    Why not travel from the Hook and cut out two lots of paperwork.
  7. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    I started with hand assembling on a ZX81, got taught FORTH at college and ADA/OCCAM at University.