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  1. Contaminated milk in supermarkets

    I think MHD (Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum) is the Use by date.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      No mention the question as to will a German EHIC card be valid in the UK. Or does somebody have the answer.
  3. How to sign OFF ALG 1/Arbeitssuche etc?

    I had to fill out a form (was given it when I registered at the Amt) and handed it in to reception and received a letter in the post the next week.
  4. Bluecard salary requirments for Munich

    No idea on the blue card, but use the following link to work out your net pay and see if that is enough to live on in Munich (expensive housing).
  5. Try the website. Not the best time to look as Oktoberfest is on. Good hunting.