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  1. Thats exactly my problem! Years ago changed my surname by Deedpoll but kept my birth surname as my middle name . (Both names are on my passport and legal documents except my bloomen UK Driving Licence ( I had forgot about that) At 16:00 today I am due to go to the Landratsamt, I have my UK passport, Meldebescheinigung, photos, and the old paper UK driving licence address on it is still okish cos my family still lives there. I will also take along the Deedpoll paper. I am mega panicking now they wont accept it! Who actually checks it the British Consulate? It has to be changed before Brexit date oct 31 2019  
  2. UK Deed Poll Requirements

    I am in the procedure of changing my UK driving licence (the old paper licence)to a DE one.I am paniking cos I need to get it changed before the Brexit deadline!! Oct 31st Im due to go tomorrow with all the paperwork. Now here is the next panik/problem,I changed my first name by deedpoll years ago, keeping my birth name as middle name,Which shows on my GB passport. But my driving licence only shows middle name (birth name) I didnt realise at the time I should have also imformed the Driving Licence officials about my name  being changed.( stupidity I know:(  The question is will they see my middle name the same as on my driving licence and birth certificate and overlook it? I cant believe I am asking this, thankyou for any helpfull replies!
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Ok will do thanks Leon!  thanks Robinson too,Ive only just seen your reply. Also  I'm so sorry to hear Keefy, Its nice to see your'e still on here 
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Yes thanks Leon I will ask but just read on the facebook site that the Aufenthaltes thing becomes invalid when we leave the EU. They said to apply for a residence permit.  So if I have the interview for duel citizenship before oct 31 and theres a no deal brexit then its too late, but if there is a deal then they will give me time to take and pass the B1 and Einbürgerungstest? 
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Do we have to pass the B1 and Einbürgerungstest before october 31 2019? I have the application form for the Landratsamt and birth certificate. Also have the Aufenthaltes thing from 1994m which is no good when we leave