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  1. Bought a cat

    No need to as you say "bung the poor cat in a river"! Tierheims are open for taking in lost pets,as I work in one. Please take the poor cat to the local tierheim where they will eventually find her a loving home. 
  2. Thanks everyone...

    Thats heartbreaking, I'm so sorry
  3. My dog escaped...

    So sorry this has happened to you, if not already done, Please contact the nearest the Rettungshundestaffel where the dog was lost. The dogs are trained for this!
  4. Duel Citizenship and Deedpoll

    Im hoping someone can help me with the legal side Deedpoll in Germany. ( I know its not accepted here) Years ago I added a vorname by Deedpoll in UK, so my birthname on my  British passport is written as my middlename,My birth certificate only shows my birthname (now middlename) Ive applied for Duel Einbürgerung, and they just need a few more things, one being My birth certificate legally translated. Name change by Deedpoll isnt accepted in Germany. Im so worried! Do I just get my birth certificate legally translated or deedpoll too. Deedpoll isnt accepted here though its confusing!              
  5. Duel Citizenship and Deedpoll

    How do I move the topic to Legal? :)
  6. Ahh I've just googled erweiterte Meldebescheinigung as I only had the updated einfach one.Luckily she said that they can sort it out there. I was surprised when she asked for the Aufenthaltserlaubnis Im sure I still have it. She just said not to worry and to take it for the Einbürgerung. I wonder if she meant after the  31.01??? that I I'll need one?? Im going start looking for it in a minute    
  7.  Oh wow! thats what I was worried about last night, writing  in ink!! Which is exactly what I quickly did last night! I didnt to  put any details of my parents, just my address schooling, ausbildung and of some work dates.written on a piece pink paper! Cos didnt have any white paper! I have nothing to hide but in the beginning lived off little savings and just felt like on holiday here,till 1999. I'm just back from the interview. Application form is handed in. What failed is My British Birth certificate needs to be translated into German and stempelt,how mads that then;-) I need also need to fone them as soon as I have an appointment for the Einbürgerungstest and B1, ASAP. (So need to start studying the 300 questions. I also cant do the german die das dem and Im not so good with Grammer or writing. I also need to find that Aufenthaltserlaubnis. She said it will be ok because I applied before the Brexit day. But still a little more to do! I'm not going to stress though:(
  8. I have no idea where to begin with the lebenslauf. When I first came here I just got by, by living off savings/or occasinal zeitarbeit firma. My First proper employment was in 1999? Is it ok to start the lebenslauf when in germany from 1999?
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I have an appointment in the Landratsamt on the 27 January. With this application form.Very last minute!!  :-)