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  1. Relocating nearby to Munich

    yes... under the bridge at the end of my huge garden!... 
  2. Relocating nearby to Munich

    then why suggest itß  you know full well that RF is hanging on every investment word you breath!
  3. Relocating nearby to Munich

      Why not?... if its that simple, you are a fool not to!
  4. Relocating nearby to Munich

      Why would one even ask a bank?...   In the next week or 2, I will close a deal where my "dosh" will be invested and I get a rather nice monthly pay out for the rest of my life...   When I croack,...  Lilly gets the lump sum that was invested...    No... I am not a millionair... well.. not yet...    Still driving a fucked up old pug407... heating the house with wood burners and living a life that many envy!!....      BTW.. when my friends come to drink and socilalise with me, its because they enjoy my hospitallity and not because I has a snazzie house and pool and debt!...                          
  5. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Fuck me... Your life must be sooooo fucking boring now...    Nö wonder you come to spead your wisdom on tt... 
  6. Relocating nearby to Munich

    But that 1m€ house ( at todays market price) will probably cost you  1.75 million when you want to retire ....      Buy now...   Sell your 1m€ house when you retire for 1.75m... then you have 750 grand to waste on renting a small flat coz the big house is too much work!!   
  7. Relocating nearby to Munich

    And I dont wanna know what the neighbour is shagging or cooking....   Horses for Courses!!  ( and donkeys fuck donkeys)... 
  8. Coronavirus

        Thats because he is... 
  9. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Very well said!
  10. Coronavirus

    Probably another swipe at fruity.... 
  11. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    In Ref to "that vid"...   Why go to youtbube and look for "Carpool Kareoke"...        Hardly a stooged vid...
  12. Relocating nearby to Munich

    I dont know what is he talking about.. but I know where he is talking out of....   If Portugal is soo gooood and soooo cheap, Why does he live in Dull Deutschland? 
  13. Relocating nearby to Munich

      Braun Hair dryers...   
  14. Changing locks

    No need for lawyers Letter..  Ask the Hausverwaltung to write him a Letter informing him that He is in posession of their property...    Befor buying a new lock, remove old lock and measure it's length and then the distance betwwe the hole and each end of the lock/cylender... 
  15. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Harry Needs to stay in some spotlight... he is the Patron of Charities etc...