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  1. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    But you could also get a satellite antenna and receiver  with record funtion...   AND, there are other VPN services that do work... but they could be a bit more costly...    The company I deal with seldom has any issues.
  2. Coronavirus

        Again... Non of your buisness...
  3. Its non of your buisness... 
  4. Farmhouse renovations..

    Getting closer!  https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNidgJKjtHWPu_uAYqhx9rNq2nGqL6SdyQamVwKsBmvkd6iR7gJD7LB4FWpnQ3PkQ?key=NDdKRlpiOVFoN01xZkU2MVU1MEluejhQRlEtenN3
  5. Conspiracy theorists

    Dont Worry Kelleth, It round...   If the Earth was flat, All the cats would have pushed everything off!..   
  6. Coronavirus

    And just because the Gov says that travel restrictions are "loosened" doesnt mean you should travel...   FFS, Stay at home you Idiots!
  7. Need Malt Vinegar today (Saturday)

    mollie malones!
  8. Ouch! That hurt!

    So, yesterday I twatted my index finger with a big lump hammer! Most of the nail lifted from the bed and started squirting red stuff all over the place....   Today, its all purple and still "ouzing" fluids...    As the nail is going to come of anyway, is it best to get it removed now and prolong the current "throbingness" or wait and let nature take its course and constantly suffer from "Catching it" all the time when putting hands in pockets etc?   What would you guys do?              
  9. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Now I have...    double flummoxed...
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Picked up a 3 month ban...  Had several thousand Reputation points when the ban was applied...    Now I just have 29 points...     Flummoxed as to why and how this can happen... ?
  12. The cutting room floor

    WTF does  "Anybody else working on any crackers?   "  mean?   Milf sex or what?
  13. Why are you happy today?

    Today, Lilly got chance to play with her "Reckenroth" buddy for a few hours!!   After 8 or so weeks of lock down, Noah wasnt allowed out of the house as his sister Has eppilepsy and other problems!   Lilly and Noah played like nowt had happened!  Both with masks...    At 1400, she came and said " Can I take the blanket coz we want to go to the spielplatz for picnic...   "sure"...  hours later they came back..". we have run out of S+V crisps... Brezn, strawberries  and biscuit.. you need to go to Rewe"...      Life is starting to be fun again... 
  14. The cutting room floor

    You are a prick...   Why not just PM ed bob or have a chat with him in the shaving mirror  blah blah blah blah blah and ask him to bring back "The pit"...    That way everyone gets to vent... no, or very little evidence ...    Nothing more to see here folks...    Just Memememememe HF99 being a memememememmeme Helfire 99..            But I bet Johng will bite!.. he is a numpty
  15. Mail

    I am sure someone has