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  1. Why do you invest in property??

    Who said his wifes father owns the properties here in DE?
  2. What a shit industry to be a part of!
  3. Oh Franky if only that was true...    If it were, the manufacturers would put a hose on the inlet valve and fill from the bottom and put a small resevoir that never gets emptied on flush!    
  4. Condensation in both car rear lights.

    Emkay...   You have been on TT long enough to know that there absolutely fucka -all that is normal on TT nor infact Germany..   If the bloke at the garage is an arse.. find another Garage..  The Garage will unlikely have their own warranty, but a Manufacturers based warranty.   As you havent told us the make, model or year of the car.. how would anyone be able to advise about a repair?    
  5. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    Why on earth do you look at my profile every day?   Is it so that you can look at my posts, then go and stick up for your best friend Jeremy?   Maybe I cant afford it... Maybe I can afford it, but then I wouldnt have much left in the bank... Maybe I just prefer to be here on the Taunus  where I am closer to my Daughter.   If you had any children you would understand that..   Whilst I appreciate that you find it interesting to hassle me... the guys over on x-hamster are missing you.  
  6. Condensation in both car rear lights.

    You answered your own post!    
  7. Support group for fathers in Frankfurt

    There are quite a few English speakers in the area...   Look for Golf clubs with English teachers... then approach them via email...   The ones that I know are nice and friendly!    
  8. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    Magster.  You forgot option 3.. Stay where you are and you wont have any language/rent/Insurance/travel issues..
  9. Why do you bother writing a reply?   All the info is there for you...   Go to the Jugendamt.. There isnt just "one officer per street".. The Jugendamt is a govermet body that covers the whole country.. its just broken down into smaller offices per town/city or Landkreis   Get a different lawyer          
  10. I the old days of mainly "Shelf" toilets, more force and volume was required to wash the skid marks from the shelf... Over time... the cistern has become smaller, but many older bigger systerns remain and replacement parts have been developed to delay the need to replace the bigger cisterns 
  11. Maybe because there is no room for a thick liing..   And the brown discolouring will be rust or dirt particles in the water
  12. Wrong!   Its to reduce the Flush volume of the water!
  13. Complete FAIL

      Thats why they are named that way...      Play with the right one and you get a slap.... And the other... well...., you just Left Tit alone... 
  14. What made you laugh today?

      And now she has just let a Silent but Deadly fart out and claimed it wasnt her!!   I swear it wasnt me.. coz I dont do Silent... EVAH!
  15. Credit cards dot really work the same as they do in the UK... Usually you need to pay off the credit each month or get battered with high iterest repayments..   Why not just stick with what you have for now and simply pay cash?