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  1. Random pointless comments

  2. I shall answer here and not in your other thread...   Bringing an old house upto new standards is horenously expensive...   In the past couple of years, I have "restored/renovated part of my very old house and to keep it all in character, it was about 8 grand ...  Just for 2 rooms...     I am over 40% of my way through a barn converstion and upto neów am just about at 1000€ ...   seriously different ball game..!
  3. stairwell terror

    Sure she does.. It would be hard to do it in the dark.. 
  4. stairwell terror

    They have "big boys pants" on offer at Aldi next week... 
  5. Even I wouldnt take this gamble.... 
  6. I would like to know more about this... Our villages streams here in RLp are all drying up!...      Please can you tell us your PLZ... this will not give too much away, but will help me see how to possibly drill my own well...    PM me info if you wish..    
  7. I am Still waiting Mr Morane...  
  8. Climate change discussion

    Anyone here tell me how to correctly dispose of old solar panels? 
  9.  but now you give us another number... 
  10. Dodea retiree

  11. Then you gave incorrect info   How do you expect people to help you with every single fart disater that you have when you give fake info?
  12. Dodea retiree

    Sorry I cant help...   BUT I do know that the reasoning for the Change in regs is that there have been so many road accidents involving US millitary in Germany where the Americans were at fault. Many or most of them actually claimed that they thought it was like in the states...    I beleive the test is a 100 question test, and a 30 minute drive test...    And I have to say... "About time too!"..   Hopefully they will be taught how to watch the road and not their Cell Phone screen!     Its nowt to do with Car taxes...   As for your parent driving for over 40yrs with an expired license... I hope no one realises this!      
  13. I lived on the east side in Heimstetten and on the west in FFB.. I loved both of the places..    When I was in Heimstetten, I would go skiing down in the Tirol area... but when I moved to FFB, Garmish was just as easy to get to...    I havent lived north or south of munich, but I cant imagine that there are many folks on this forum that have worked in just about every single town, village and Stadtteil of munich...   Munich is in general nice...      Find a place first (no matter where) coz its hard to find a specific place... Move in and simply make the most of it!
  14. Farmhouse renovations..

    This morning I Bit the bullet and ordered the main Patio door... Not cheap, but at 3m wide I wasnt under any illusions...   Fed and watered the wee one.. went and watch her little buddy playing footie, got some shopping and came home.. She wanted to play Xbox... so I dragged a pair of dreary old oak beams out of the pile and dollied them up...  They will be the main side supports for the door as the opening is 3.3m wide...    Just the main load bearing beam to drag out and dolly up, but that will be a job for next week..    Pictures going in the album shortly...