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  1. Cutting through the bitterness, I can see where you live.. so cant reccomend a lawyer...     Secondly.. any money you send, make sure this is declared on your taxes... maybe a copy of any "aditional" payments should be sent to the jugendamt dealing with the case.
  2.  I am fully qualified as an Electrician in the UK and have over 30yrs experience in supplying quallity TV systems to my clients....    I doubt that THM is quallified in anything in Germany...    but I stand to be corrected!
  3. Doctors/therapy/mental health

    This is a Mental health thread and not political... 
  4. Doctors/therapy/mental health

      Apparently not... Camlough said so...
  5. Doctors/therapy/mental health

  6. Doctors/therapy/mental health

    Geez Swimmer, you are sounding like J²...   meme meme meme....
  7. Whats the difference between the 2 books? ( Apart from price)   Is the second one updated with all the stuff that you have gathered from TT?   Just wonderin...
  8. Dog on a leash involved in a traffic accident

    No... The fucking beast shouldnt be allowed to get out its yard....     
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    The UK public voted in the current muppetry...   The UK had a majority "Leave" vote...   FFS... Suck it up and live with it...    They scratched their arse for long enough... no wonder their fingers stink of shit!
  10. Dog on a leash involved in a traffic accident

    Tough, yeah.. stupid, no...    So, I reported her to the Ordnungs amt yesterday...  Today the Orts Burgermeister came over and told me that she will be sent an official letter telling her to keep the dog on a lead in all public places...    My buddy who has horses here has also told to woman to keep the dog under control as it chases his nags around the paddock.   Neither the Burgermeister nor my buddy thought I had the balls to do it as the woman is particularly nasty...      Lets watch this space !    
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Looks like you've blown a seal....   "Nah, my beard always looks like that..."   
  12. 2B.. V/R usually means Very Respectfully in Millitary mail jargon
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Are you refering to all those big retail buisnesses that get fucked over with all the taxes etc etc  where other evade it by claiming alsorts of bullshit excemption from uk Tax?   Dont you just love Starbucks and Vodafone?
  14. Dog on a leash involved in a traffic accident

    Sorry, No Cities near me... just hamlets and tiny villages.
  15. No.. But I have heard the Muppet show will be making a come back..   Send your CV to them...