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  1. Injunction against Slander

    Police?   This is slander and not Threatening behavior...   I am sat having a brew with a Wiesbaden KriPo officer now...  he is laughing his nuts off!
  2. Injunction against Slander

      Log out of the "social media " site and get some sort of life!
  3. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

      How nasty...  
  4. is there anybody who uses skyDSL in 2017?

    Installation should only be 200-300€ Hardware can be puchased second hand.. Speed is quite fast and its reliable...   Only problem is finding a sevice provider with a more affordable data plan.            
  5. One never sees adverts for Heinz baked beans anymore...
  6. The Storm is Coming...

    When did i say that?  
  7. The Storm is Coming...

    Another MEME post from the drunkard!   BTW..x hamser is better...
  8. The Storm is Coming...

    I personally know the Swiss side of the  Rothchilds and DuPont "familly"... Now.. lets say "they get taken down"... they will still be rolling in money and not a single fuckety fuck will be given...   Jeremey... I have 2 questions for you.. 1.. Do you read what you actually republish? 2.. Do you beleive the crap you read? 3... Red or White tonight?    ( I lied about the 2 questions ...)
  9. Farmhouse renovations..

    Yes... The Wood burner is/was on the Landing/halway...    When its all done, the burner will remain there, but will be in the Lounge/chill area!!    Whilst all this work is going on, I am considering putting in a central Vacuum cleaning system too....
  10. Strong glue to stick plastic parts

    Heard this stuff is ok...   https://www.amazon.de/Schwei%C3%9Fnaht-Flasche-HG-Klebstoffe-Industrieklebstoff-Industriekleber/dp/B01KHEYLLC
  11. Is Euro accepted in Balkans?


    Hang on...   You welcome all the "refugees" and wish them well in Gemany..  But you dont want any housing situations to change!!   Make your bed and lay in it!
  13. Farmhouse renovations..

    Or Norway...   A Norse, a Norse, My Kingdom  ( Farmhouse) for a Norse! 
  14. Farmhouse renovations..

    She left me.... Dont you remember?  
  15. Farmhouse renovations..

    Yes... You are naturally invited too...     May we can iron out some issues that you seem to have with me?   Anyways... More pictures in the Bucket!!   Today we got the tongue and groove ceiling boxed off, 2 of the old Beams sorted out..   One was totally rotten at one end so we have suported that from 2 other beams and a badly bent/damaged one we managed to straighten out!!   One New oak bean installed for safety reasons... its also about as old as the farm house is as the Donor house was pulled down last year and I rescued the timbers that were worth while!   Next week I start and plan the electrics... and get the first fix in before my Builder buddy comes in in 2 weeks to finish off the plastering around the Resesses ...   Thanks for looking!