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  1. Opodo Aeroflot, wrong name on ticket

      Dont try and buy a ticket whilst drunk for any chick on "Cheap Russian brides.com "    
  2. Three-word story

    Pompus and with...
  3. Brexit: The fallout

  4. Brexit: The fallout

    I thought you had thrown teddy out of the pram and left TT??   At this rate... you'll be in the "Flouncing Piggy club" in no time at all!
  5. When Burnt...   Why does one kilo of Paper leave more ash than Five Kilo of wood?    
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    unhappy... yeah and furious...   My daughter has had a problem in the "Hort"... She couldnt/didnt do her homework because she didnt understand what to do, so to have herself the embarasment, she did nothing... When she got home, her Mom eventually asked to see/Check over her homework...   Then she finds out its not been done..   Her mom then calls me and tells me that I have no idea what its like... Working and looking after a child alone!!   How the fuck can you tell a woman who needs some support that its all her own fucking doing???  I didnt walk away... I was turned away and then totally blocked    Fucking nightmare!
  7. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

    200 grand will get  my place... less than an hours drive from Frankfurt...   Plenty of garden and no neighbours to annoy!    
  8. Random pointless comments

    Munich bound this weekend.. all hotels booked... Any Offers??
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    I bet she drinks Carling black label!
  10. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

        You ought to get a new Makler!    With even the slightes of incination and Gumption... you can do much of the work yourself and get the profis to finish off or proof it for you...     I have the tee shirt!              
  11. What's wrong with being a housewife?

    Just tell them you are retired and you send the hubby to work so he can pay for the canabis and booze...   Fuck em!
  12. Ryanair cancel 40-50 flights per day

    Maybe so... but with pilots getting close to their FTL then that could scupper his plans....
  13. Why are you happy today?

    12 days or so after my First Kidney Spasm...   This bugger just popped out!   ( No, not the 1 ct coin!!!)
  14. computer repair

    Or bring it to me... just an hours drive from FFM and I will see what I can d for you...
  15. Songs that make you cry

      I dont... when you have a heart.. it gets broken all too often!