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  1. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    I think the modern day terminology is " Go fuck off home, you have a zero hours contract!"
  2. Denim stains on my all white Nike

    But did you know "You do the shake and vac and bring the freshess back"...?   Ha!!  some of you brits will have that tune in your head all day!!  
  3. Denim stains on my all white Nike

    I cant help you to remove the stain, but to prevent it happening in the future, my advise is for you to hold your breath for 30 minutes... 
  4. Coronavirus

    So its looking grimm for Smokers with Dodgy Tickers... 
  5. Coronavirus

      It will only be the begining of the end it the "house arrest" stays in place for a good few months!...  As soon as the Ban is lifted, it will spread like wild fire again!...    Many folks will simply think " Woohoo... its all over gets get back to normal asaop..." and so it continues.
  6. Coronavirus

    are there any death statistics for smoker v non smoker?
  7. Coronavirus

    Why are the various governments reccomending that its citizens make their way back to their homeland?   Surely this is promoting the possible further distribution of the virus!   Wouldnt it simply be cheaper and safer for them to stay put and get hand-outs from their respective government?
  8. Coronavirus

    Its actually close to 85 thousand,,,,, but the mods quite like removing my twaddle...   But seriously... you know most things about most things... have the perfect car and perfect life biút look to tt for inspiration!!!   Me?   I have fiúck all better to do....    your go..
  9. What made you cry today?

  10. Coronavirus

    Says the really clever and sucsessfull guy who keeps coming back to TT to get his "Feel good" injection...
  11. Scammed on ebay, is there a way to get back at the guy?

    Not if it was "send to friend or familly"... You should ask your friend before posting Un-Truths... 
  12. Coronavirus

    A 14 day ban and you come back with more fucking shite!   Go and grow your fucking Carrots you idiot!              
  13. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Have you got a graph for that please?   You predict soooo much for Tesla... have an "educated handle" on CV_19...   but you didnt see it coming.    Those "Booms" that are often heard in North munich are probably MrMelga pulling his head out of his arse to get a breath of fresh air!
  14. Coronavirus

    Because the UK is about 2 weeks behind the rest of europe... with it being an island.. I assume fewer infected people crossing that border
  15. Coronavirus

    He said Aerosols...   He wasnt addressing you directly...