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  1. I've just posted a silly photo

    What J² discovered when he gave up Window Licking... 
  2. FreeCycling. well, almost....

    Yes... or a Werkstadt ofen...      They were often used in Garages/workshops to keep the place warm and water warm fro washing/Brewing up etc...   Approx 1920s...
  3. FreeCycling. well, almost....

  4. FreeCycling. well, almost....

    So, Saturday I was at my buddies brand new recycling Hof...  Just having a look around and was horrified to see what folks chuck into the skips!! I said to him... Jesus.. you should open a "Freecycling" area... He just stared at me...  Saturday afternoon, Sunday and this morning I was uneasy... so I went back and asked him if I could have some stuff from the skip as I could see more potential and more value than the scrap value!   So... Feet aloft, Thinking of J²... I dove in and grabbed the bits I wanted whilst he stood and grinned at me...   I came home and gave it a qiúick blasting off and now I need the Helpful ... Note "HELPFUL" input from the wise TT crowd... Once It is properly sand/Pearl blasted, should I.....   leave it in its natural "From the foundry" look... ?   Spay it Matt Black..?   Power coat it Matt Black    Powder coat it in Pillar box Red, or Burgundy, White  "....Insert your preferance here....."     Next... Who wants to buy it? How much would you pay?   Buyer collects in PLZ 56370 or free delivery if within 20KM of any of my trips to Munich etc... So FFM to MUC  Via Stuttgart or Nurnberg..                            
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Fuck me... Even J² could dream up such bollox....    
  6. End of 18 months job-seeking permit

    Wow!!   How good it is to see someone admit the truth and accept the consequences!!      Wish you luck in your job hunt!
  7. End of 18 months job-seeking permit

    Will they need to have a skill that a local applicant doesnt have?
  8. Have you got the Info link in English?        Thanks...
  9. Ok.. So I am about to go for it...   I Live in "RLP"... and the Landratsamt is 5oKM away... 10 km to my local "rathaus"..   However, just 1km away is the Rathaus of a village in Hessen...   Can I apply there to do my bits and bobs or do I have to do it in the Phalz?
  10. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    Plus.. most of the new Speedports will not allow "SOME Other" VOIP services to be programmed into their routers...   Who wants to start a Facebook whinge group about them...
  11. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    AAAANNNDDD:... Telekom dont like the guys and on some of their speedport routers, you cant add a VPN router...   D-StaziKom  more like...
  12. What made you smile today?

      I still have one of these in one of the outhouses here... Except the huge copper pan that sat in it has gone... they were either flogged for scrap value or used in the Garden for Planters ...   
  13. What made you smile today?

    It was a Sunday at our place and we each got 20 minutes ... it was always a fight to get the last slot as it was Radio 1 top 10 hits!!     And whoever was in the bath at 1900 got to hear the new  #1 !!
  14. Politics Gen XYZ

    You hit the nail directly on the head....   I am sure there are others here that will agree with me...  When he used to call me every single morning, Mon-Fri, ( I was the 1030 time slot) at every single click or crackle on the line, he would say "Hear that? They are listining in... Go on.. fuck off you bastards, "etc etc etc...    And That... is the truth, I swear on my daughters life!!
  15. its caller "perrier" in france...