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  1. Dog poisoning across Germany

    Is there any proof that its a "He" that is leaving the poisoned food..?   Is there any proof that its aimed at Dogs and Not Cats, Fox or Marder?   Are the Bad Bangers being left in built up areas or out in the open woods/forests?   I suppose not knowing is the wurst part about this!!
  2. Dog poisoning across Germany

    Bramble darling... He is only Teasing us all with this fake info... Its Beer O'Glock...    You know, that time of night when he shoots his mouth off!
  3. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

        If the cars are to be charged by solar, then the UK cars would be on the Charging bay for 6 months at a time!!   
  4. Maximum watts per wall outlet

      Absolutely!!      Even Home_less 
  5. Maximum watts per wall outlet

    jbabel... I think you will find that Franklan is well qualified to talk about Electrical instalations and regs in Germany...   Why would he be pissed at Brexit? He is Sausagelander!   As for the "5th wheel" option, why couldnt they add a couple of these that would be driven fron the real axle...?   http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=261489204392&t=1517604978000&tid=10&category=121837&seller=hurricanewindpowercom&excSoj=1&excTrk=1&lsite=0&ittenable=false&domain=ebay.com&descgauge=1&cspheader=1&oneClk=1&secureDesc=0 
  6. Maximum watts per wall outlet

    If its not to protect wiring and sockets... why is it that a 20amp breaker is required if you conect the sockets radialy?    
  7. Random pointless comments

    One Swallow doesnt make a spring... but it would make my year!  
  8. Maximum watts per wall outlet

    Looks like someone has overloaded our network... Not had power for the last 30 mins or so!     Feckety feck!
  9. Astra 2F and 2E Now 2G - New satellites arrive

    They have moved to the weaker transmitters/Transponders..   They work fine over here in the RLP.  
  10. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

    That didnt take long to turn this thread  into a train wreck...  ( or auto wreck)        
  11. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

        Are you already drunk at this time of the day?
  12. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

        So I was correct...
  13. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

    When I travel to Munich, I usually overnight just to the east of the city... 75% of their underground garage is permanently rented to Tesla... and all places are full...     Now I know why...     Not enough muppets are buying them! 
  14. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

    900 km...     8 hrs... 75€  of which 73.99€ is some shite tax... 
  15. "E" Highway comes to Hessen

    And just how much polution is created in the making of Lead for Lead Acid type batteries and digging the Lithium out of the ground?   As for the Charging times for your electric cars.... That is Time that I dont want to waste !!   I can drive to Munich and back on a tank full of deisel... no pause needed... can be done in 8 hrs... ( If the roads were clear)  In one of your Teslas, I would need to spend 3 hrs longer waiting for it to allow me to drive! Now, If they invented some sort of 5th wheel that drops on to the road surface and generates a decent supply of electricity to to up the batteries, then they could be onto something!