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  1. Travellers' Cheques

    Why not simply get them to transfer you the money by Transferwise or Giroxx or some other transport service... then give them cash from your ATM ... 
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3MZgGiIAQY   Some fab music...
  3. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Was this a private purchase or was this a purchase with the intent of resale for a company?   If the latter.. I suggest you get the company lawyer involved aswell as the Zoll/Customs.. 
  4. Bought counterfeit clothes

    in counterfeit 50s... 
  5. Farmhouse renovations..

    So.. its going to be finished with normal Kalk plaster... its also breathable as long as the correct paint is used....   2 new load bearing joinst gon it today... tomorrow the last one... but is a biggie!...  Thank god for chemichal fixings and stainless steel treaded bar!   Roof joists ordered...   Tongue and groove ordered to create an optically acceptable finish... then 22mm ply will be fitted and screwed down to give a good load distribution...    Will post piccies when the ceiling is in place!  
  6. So... its I before E... except after C !!!    Do you think Science could prove this theory to be incorrect?
  7. Damage to third party car while working.

    We could turn this the other way round...   Everyone pesters the guy to drive the group home after a night in the pub.. Everyone was drunk...   The guy says" but I am drunk"... Several times, ... But then he gets in the car and drives drunk.. Police bust him...   Who is at fault?
  8. No more VW Beetle

    Why are you even thinking about a beetle?   its not like they will just disolve into a pile of mnothing!     Is that you SL?
  9. Thanks to Franklan for posting this for me...    And an even bigger thank you to the Gent who stepped up to the mark!!    ( You know who you are!!)     Best!  
  10. Problem with sublet

      Before you call others posters "idiots"... Think twice before YOU hit the "submit reply" button..   No matter what any pub/bar/restaurant does, the stench of tabacco smoke will have permiated every single piece of wooden construction in  the building...    Its harder to treat than the roof lining bof a smokers car...                
  11. Problem with sublet

    You know what to do.... 
  12. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    You could have refused to accept their car.. asked for one without any scratches....   Then when the refuse.. go to the next rental company... its not as if there arent any at the airport   Why do people rent from Sixt if they know about all the problems ?
  13. House Renovations and Flooring Options

    Usually there is a small access point in the area of the Taps/Drains...   They are usually very well hidden/Finished
  14. The Vent - No Chat!

    Dear Discount supermarket shoppers...   Stop picking up almost every single punnet of fresh fruit and squeezing it!!    Just put the fucking thing in your basket!   No wonder all the fruit is soft and soggy come 1300hrs as every fucker has man handled it!...    Have you ever wondered why the produce at a baurnmark is better... firmer.. etc? Its because the farmer usually selects the produce and packs it in a bag for you!!  He doesnt give it the "Hovis" squeeeeeze!...   Fucking idiots!    
  15. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      So what you are doing isnt Adultery and is morally correct .... Gotcha..