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  1. What an absolute cunt you are....   How would you feel if I made such a comment about your son Dominics ski accident?                    
  2.     Its been mention a few times... once by your "hate group" members....    Do keep up..   't'will soon be beer time... 
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Do you honestly think its that much better here in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere?   Almost every single house has a wood burner...   In summer, almost every single day someone is mowing.. strimming or moaning about excessive traffic...    I have seen a huge change in our village over the past few years... and I dont think it will get much better... 
  4. The forum moved to a new server today

    Now that the servers are in Frankfurt, does this mean that any hate speach etc is governed by the German penal system?
  5. The forum moved to a new server today

    We heard you the first time!  
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    but this is old technology... or is history repeating itself!   I recal in the 70/80s watching Tomorrrows world and they demonstrated a driverless tractor ploughing a field...   Our Milk man was called MikeMelga and drove an electric milk float...    Rumbellows TV rental company had a fleet of Dual-fuel Cars... ( petrol/LPG)   We used Glass for Pop  and milk bottles and shopping was packed in Paper bags or in a decent cardboard box from the supermarket..!   Almost all Fruit and veg was only seasonal and "bio" !...  Every farm had a Farm shop selling their wares at fair prices..    Air travel was only for the wealthy!....    ( My British granddad used to work in Munich and was only permitted to travel back to familly twice a year... ) now its common place to fly in a country for a 2 hr meeting and fly home same or next day!!     But sadly due to the lack of internet there was a lack of public opinion.. so,  " The monster of progress"... progressed in the wrong direction...    Maybe we need to change our lifestyles and not be so darned greedy...    and Mike... That means get a smaller glass then your Half full glass will be full!                  
  7. The forum moved to a new server today

    who else is double posting?  
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    @MikeMelga That was an interesting read...     
  9. You tried to "de-google" yourself.... then you changed your twatter name...   Takes only 2 mins to find your shite though...   https://twitter.com/ElectricWomble
  10. How to separate and maybe divorce

    You just couldnt resist could you?   This thread isnt about you and your husband...  nor your sordid afair...    but you had to chip in!
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I dont think the Clean air arguement is tedious, but I do find the way the "DUH " is going about this is totally wrong...   These lawyers that work for the DUH also have no fucking idea what its like to live in a "real world"... ie, they usually have 3 or 4 credit cards.. usually all maxed out and debts that are often out of control!   ( I know a few who regularly need to give me new CC info as their other card is maxed!)...    If they actually fixed the root problem, the rest of the problems would slowly resolve themself!... ie Traffic management !..     It used to take me 55-60 minutes to take my Daughter home and its a 75km trip... These days I am lucky if I can get her home in 90 minutes... Collecting her and taking her to my place is regularly a 90-120 minute trip (one way)... and as this is walking pace traffic, there is no way to switch off the engine and reduce polution... Slow moving traffic does not distibute the exhaust gases, so the local area becomes pungent with noxios odours!   ( Smokers cause this problem too... and even Vape users cause huge plumes of poison!)   I have been a diesel fan for over 30 years and I firmly beleive that it still has a place on the forecourts!..   I know that the main engine block that is in my car is the same one that is in newer vehicles and even brand new ones that meet the euro6 regs...    I also know that there is software available for my vehicle that would make it a euro6 compliant car...( I would also need to replace the Cat and DPF for it to fully comply...   BUT the TUV /DEKRA would not allow it as its not software that was supplied for my old car!   We could go back a year and see if anything has changed with the US specs of many BMWs vs the Euro spec...    Solutions are there for older vehicles... but the big boys dont want it so the little boys suffer!   Its manipulation and bullying...     As for MM insulting folks?  No.. he is just embarrasing himself!                  
  12. How to separate and maybe divorce

    Why cant you accept that you are wrong?   https://www.gov.uk/permission-take-child-abroad
  13. How to separate and maybe divorce

    I was specifically told at my court hearing that awarded me joint custody that if I wish to leave Germany with My daughter, I may do so, but I do need her mothers written permission...    The Judge also told my ex that if I wish to leave  the country with my daughter for short trips and hollidays, then she must give me written permission. If she susspects that I will not return with our daughter, then she must go to the Jugendamt and report it to them and they will deal with it!   I wonder when CatJones last traveled out of a German airport with a child under the age of 10years old who has a different surname as they have!
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    MikeMelga as seen live!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Kum8OUTuk  
  15. How to separate and maybe divorce

    https://www.adac.de/-/media/adac/pdf/jze/musterkaufvertraege/kind-allein-mit-nur-einem-mutter.pdf   So the ADAC have produced this just for shits and giggles, eh?         https://www.google.com/search?q=einverst%C3%A4ndniserkl%C3%A4rung+reise+mit+einem+elternteil+muster&rlz=1C1CHBF_deDE802DE802&oq=Einverst%C3%A4ndniserkl%C3%A4rung+f%C3%BCr+die+Reise+mit+einem+Elternteil&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l5.4943j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8     And google have nowt better to do either?     https://www.bundespolizei.de/Web/DE/01Sicher-auf-Reisen/06Passrechtliche-Hinweise/02Reisen-mit-Kindern/reisen-mit-kindern_node.html   And the cops also have no idea eh?