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  1. Step away from the bottle!!
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

        Are we still talking about J² ?
  3. Politics Gen XYZ

    Its got to be true... He read it on the net... 
  4. Yep...   So.. client has "DSL50 contract but only gets Maximum of 40Mbps...   Client calls ISP.. bitches and moans about not getting their 90% of the contracted speed...   ISP changes contract to DSL25...     Client gets 99% of his internet speed all the time but has lost 15Mbps...    You need to get a grip...            
  5. Is this your second apartment?     Or are you trolling TT trying to get a new tennant?
  6. Not quite true.. again...   Bis 100Mbps im downstream mindestens 54 Mbit/s im upstream mindestens 20 Mbit/s Sollte man diesen Tarif basierend auf Fiber-Technologie haben, so sind die Minimalwerte höher. Bis 25Mbps auf Kundenwunsch geschaltet) im downstream mindestens 16,7 Mbit/s im upstream mindestens 1,6 Mbit/s Bis 16Mbps Entsprechende Minimalwerte für den MagentaZuhause S und XS (diese geringen Werte werden so aber nur auf Kundenwunsch geschaltet) im downstream mindestens 384 kbit/s im upstream mindestens 224 kbit/s        
  7. My advice is " Do not sign a contract that you have not read and fully understood"    
  8. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Thank you.   Can you reccoment a fairly good router that wont fleece my clients?   I searched the DD-WRT site and found a list of compatible routers... the 841 was in the list, but when I eventually found the 4 different versions of firmware, each one came up with "wrong file name" yet I didnt change anything...   Heres Hoping!   Plus.... the dd-wrt site wont let me sign up!
  9. But isnt Scotland staying part of the EU? (or at least say they will re-apply to be a part of it)  
  10. Things to ponder

    Conqui...    Just read some of the shite that j² does and then you can find alsorts of crap to beleive in if you want...   You wont need to "Wonder" anymore and you can concentrate on finding silly youtubes to post..
  11. Effective 1und1 support in English- totally possible

    Its usually just the power supply...      
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    So.. I am in need of an idiots guide to flashing a TP-Link router..   I would like to flash it with DD-wrt firmware, but I cant follow the info on their website... There are so many different links and variations and its driving me mad..   The router is a TL841N (300mbps) The firmware is V11.   Logging into the router and finding the firmware upgrade button is no problem...      Thanks in advance   SP        
  13. Cable internet in Frankfurt

    Ok.. Having mailed and spoken to T-kom, the hybrid service has no data volume limit!  In ffm center, you are quite likely to get a good 40-50mbps...   It sounds like the best option with a good upload speed too... Sp
  14. Your stories with the Bundespolizei at the airport

    15:52  at Belle Vue dog stadium? 
  15. So, My Daughters half sister who lives just west of Munich has anounced that she is pregnant.   My ex has started to ask me " Have you still got this,that and the other"  to which I replied,  "why should I have that?.. you gave it back to me because it was broken!!"   So, me, being me would like to help the young lass so I turn to the wonders of TT   If any of you have decent quallity baby stuff in excellent condition and its up for sale and or Free, please feel free to drop me a mail with picture and prices...   jenny at bavaria-satellite.de   Thanks for looking