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  1. The insolvency lawyer will firstly take stock of the companies assets and will then decided if is worth trying to keep the company alive (eg finding a solvent buyer for the company). If that is not possible the lawyer will then close the company and will liquidate the assets. As a first step the fees of the lawyer and court will be paid from the liquidation money, then the employees will receive their salaries ( yes don't forget about them), then the rest of the money- if any- will be distributed among all other. That usually means that the biggest amount of your money is gone forever.   Goods that third parties own are protected and if you can prove ownership they have to hand them over to you.  It is therefore vital that you contact the lawyer and declare that your goods are in the companies possession and you want them handed over to you.
  2. Did you use some kind of physical violence or threats when detected stealing? If so that can turn shop lifting into a serious crime. Unless you were passive and compliant during the whole incident I would advise you to talk to a criminal lawyer. .
  3. possible psychopath at work

    I can't go behind the back of my female co-worker and report this. She has talked to me in confidence about this. What we have done so far is rearranged her furniture so that he cannot sneak up behind her anymore. Meaning her desk is now facing the door and she can use it to put distance between him and her. She also will start to say clearly that she doesn't want to be touched. As I mentioned before she was advised by other colleagues to not take him on because he can switch instantly and becomes very aggressive. So how do you get a psychopath or narcissists to lose interest? He is not in love. But what about he be looking for? The thrill?   The boss knows what the guy has been doing behind his back except the harassment. He has talked to HR. Apparently the guy did have problems before and HR has tried to get rid of him and failed. So we are stuck with this guy. We discussed looking for new jobs. This is an option one other co-worker has already taken. She is leaving the company because of him. However, this should really only be the ultima ratio. But even I am know starting to think that I might not want to work for such a company. I am still in complete amazment that this type of human being can sit there protected and well paid and do his evil deeds.   Thanks for all your answer.
  4. I have a co- worker who I suspect might be a psychopath... definitely he has some kind of personality disorder. When I met him he appeared to be a good talker, able to tell jokes but arrogant. Step by step I realized he is a manipulator and lies. Also he enjoys hurting people. He often says demeaning things and when the other one shows hurt he smirks. I think it makes him happy. He does something and when caught he without hesitation or any emotion turns the thing around and blames the other person.   He used to be interim manager of a department after the old manager left. Now he has a new manager and from the start tries to undermine him. He walks around the office and tells everyone how incapable the boss is. He makes jokes about him as soon as the new boss leaves the room even if managing directors are present. He does it well because the jokes are innocent enough and even the directors laugh. But the jokes always put the new boss down. Always. And he is doing this now for months. He even goes to the assistant of the boss and tells her how stupid the new boss is, reads his emails aloud to point to errors and clearly states that he will do anything to get rid of the new boss. He openly tells other departments that he is the head of the department.   Needlessly to say this has been communicated to the new boss several times and he tried to get rid of him and failed!!! I can't believe it. Somehow top management protects him. HR was so honest to communicate that they already tried to get rid of him but can't. I should add that this co-worker earns a lot of money and is known to be lazy.    Problem now is he developed and interest in a female co-worker, he touches her, tousles her hair with his head etc. Disgusting. She is fearful because she was told by others to not go head to head with him because he is aggressive and protected by someone high.   I never ever have had such a co-worker. His behaviour is not in the normal range. Lucky me I am not his target as my internal warning went off early with regards to him. And basically from the beginning I have given him nothing then polite distant coolness. However I am very interested in solutions if any, how to handle people like him especially with regards to his interest in the female co-worker and maybe somebody has an idea on why management would protect him??? He is expensive, lazy like hell, toxic ( all other departments refused to accept him) and a manipulator. Who wants such an employee???
  5.   I don't think you can keep the GC if you live outside the US permanently.
  6. Few German Mothers Go Back To Work Full Time.

    Most of my friends went back to work with reduced hours because they preferred time with their children to time in the office.
  7.   Jesus fuck. I don't want you to do anything. Just pointed out the utter irony of people rudely whining about the rudeness of Germans.
  8. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      I meant start looking for a new job now and quit when you have one. If you quit now without a new job than they won’t pay you a Abfindung and you won’t get unemployment benefits for three months. It is better moneywise to stay until you have a new job. Of course if the pressure gets too tough you might want to reconsider.
  9. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

      No, don't quit! I think your boss asked you nicely because he probably has no real grounds to fire you. So all he is trying to do is to lower the Abfindung he might have to pay to you. However, things will get nasty. Therefore, I would start looking for a new, good (!!) job now. Once you found a good job then I would quit. If you don't find a new job fight hard for a good Abfindung! That means don't quit, don't sign anything unless reviewed by somehow who knows the law (lawyer, Betriebsrat etc.).
  10.   What did I expect? Superior Anglo-saxon politness maybe - this thing you all seem to be convinced does exists? But I guess its a myth. You obviously need to be schooled on how to behave correctly. I had to learn how to behave in the US too. Welcome to the live of a foreigner. 
  11.   Well I think nearly every German would be offended because of the rudeness in this thread. However, I read and listened a lot to this kind of whining about Germans. So I think I finally hardened up.  I just can’t get over the fact that people talk so rudely about the rudeness of Germans. The irony blows my mind.  
  12.   But you are used to hearing Trump? For my German ears Trump is unbelievably rude- but then as a German I obviously lack the polite and refined social skills of Americans.
  13. This is not necessarily correct. The courts are devided about this.
  14. Owner of wood land

    I would like to buy land. However, the property I like includes wood land. I am not sure what being an owner of wood land means in terms of legal responsibilities and maintenance. Has anybody experience in owning and caring for wood land? ?