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  1. Maybe. But to expect the EU to assign so much importance to soon to be Non- EU foreigners is a bit much too. The EUdoesn't find a common solution for people from Bangladesh either.    There are much more important topics to the EU than Brexit or UK citizens. It is about time we focus on them. I as a EU citizen want that. I hope the UK will be out of the EU in April. It's time.
  2. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      German citizens in the UK feel also very insecure. 
  3.   If he wrote a - hopefully detailed -Angebot and actually started working you have a written contract.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Can somebody please tell me how I can get rid of those older quotes on a cell phone? 🤔
  5. Brexit: The fallout

        My grandfather was born in the Kaiserreich, lived through ww1, than came the Weimarer Republik , then ww2 and after being bombed out of the home he had to move to the countryside and live in the house of another family. Then finally came the time of stability, democracy and Wirtschaftswunder. He died in the late 70ties. My grandmother was a lot younger. She didn't experience the Kaiserreich but the reunification instead. Anyhow enough for a lifetime.
  6.   Is it really drier in Germany? Always thought that there is not much difference between the UK and Germany in the amount of rainfall .
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Do you think that predicting that Germany will be worse off is not scaremongering?What would you call your post with regards to the doom and gloom future of Germany?
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Just want to respond to Krieg. Sorry don't know how to get rid of the other quotes.   Yes, Turkey wants to join the EU FTAs because it could never get them on their own. However, a customs union does not include freedom of movement. I am fairly sure about that. Unless the EU is being mean to the UK.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    So you don't want to call Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark a dictorship but stupid? It is a step forward I have to say :)
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Are you sure that is correct? Turkey is in a customs union with the EU but has no FOM. I think the red line that needs to be crossed in this case is the desire of the UK to negotiate its own FTAs
  11.   That is correct. There are not many jobs for Non-Eu citizens in the EU.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      This is something I don't quiet understand. Do you think that Switzerland is a dictorship? Because Switzerland has second and third referendums about the same topic all the time. Maybe the UK could even learn from Switzerland as Switzerland is a country with considerable experience in referendums while the UK has none.    Do you think that Ireland is a dictatorship? Because they repeated a referendum about the Treaty of Lisbon.   Do you think that Denmark is a dictororship because they had two referendums about the Treaty of Maastricht?   I personally would say that a system that doesn't allow its citizens to change is minds is a dictorship, not the ones that go back to its citizens and ask them again.  
  13.   This might be because of the EU. Lots of important decisions are taken on the EU level. You need English to communicate with your EU colleagues. Although with the departure of the UK France might try to change that 😂
  14. Kontopfändung was'n possible either? That propbably means that he currently has no money ( except the amount that he needs for living). You can't take something from nothing.   However, things might change. Why not try again in a year? Or you could try to negotiate Ratenzahlung and threaten him to inform the Schuldnerverzeichnis. But think about how much money and energy you are willing to invest in this.   Sounds to me like a lesson in life for you. Sorry.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      They are probably happy to have left that little rainy island and discovered that their own country isn't that bad and is growing and developing quickly.