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  1. Why new 'discount' food shops?

    You know I totally agree with your sentiment. As if stores renovate to be environmentally friendly. They renovate to make money. Anyhow, this thread is a good example on why I believe human kind is fucked. The nature is dying in front of our eyes and people can only talk about their freedom, their choices, how they don't want to be inconvenienced. Sad truth is that even parents aren't ready to sacrifice an inch of their consumer lifestyle. To ne that shows that we have reached the end.
  2. The War in Ukraine

    End the war in Ukraine NOW before the starving and riots begin!!!!!     Dozens of countries risk protests, riots and political violence this year as food prices surge around the world, the head of the food-aid branch of the United Nations has warned. Speaking in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, on Thursday, David Beasley, director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), said the world faced “frightening” shortages that could destabilise countries that depend on wheat exports from Ukraine and Russia. ... “It is a very, very frightening time,” said Beasley. “We are facing hell on earth if we do not respond immediately. The best thing we can do right now is end that damn war in Russia and Ukraine and get the port open.
  3. The War in Ukraine

    The hunger has started:   The worst drought in four decades, and a sharp rise in food prices caused by the war in Ukraine, have left almost half of Somalia’s people facing acute food shortages. ...   When her crops failed and her parched goats died, Hirsiyo Mohamed left her home in southwestern Somalia, carrying and coaxing three of her eight children on the long walk across a bare and dusty landscape in temperatures as high as 100 degrees.   Along the way, her 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Adan, tugged at her robe, begging for food and water. But there was none to give, she said. “We buried him, and kept walking.  
  4. The War in Ukraine

      For all of those hawks out there, here is another view on how Ukraine could win the war:
  5. The War in Ukraine

    Western Support for Ukraine Has Peaked   Maybe soon it will finally be time for other voices to be heard. I also read an opinion piece in the New York Times today raising doubt at hawkish positions. Listen to Macron and Kissinger.    Peace soon is necessary for many reasons - for example to avoid a global hunger crisis ( what some of you would call whataboutism).  
  6. Food outlet - catastrophe

    If the food is cheap ingredients can only be shit. 
  7. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    To my knowledge there is no plant that yields more oil per acre than palm trees. If you switch to soya oil for example you will need six times more crop area to harvest the same amount of oil. This is an unimaginable big peace of earth that would need to be dedicated to growing soya for oil production. So let's face it: The only sustainable solution is stop consuming processed foods. 
  8. Neighbor noise issue

    I would start looking for a new rental.
  9. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    This has nothing to do with perfectness. It’s just about human decency. When we know that the world is moving towards a massive hunger crisis we do not waste essential foods such as oil for deep frying.    For your information (to remember next time when you toss your oil): Caritas: Dabei braucht es nicht viel, um Menschen vor dem Verhungern zu retten: Erdnussbutter, Milchpulver, Öl und Zucker.
  10. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

      Virtue signaling? Keep on wasting oil for deep frying because of your cravings then and just ignore the rest.    One liter oil has about 8000 calories. Can keep hungry people alive with this for quite some time.
  11. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    We are marching towards a SERIOUS hunger crisis (especially in the developing world) and you are whining about deep fried food being to expensive because you need litres (!!!!!) of oil for frying. This utter waste of food should just stop. Seriously stop that shit. Stop wasting food.   If you don't believe me inform yourselves:  
  12. The War in Ukraine

    And one more:   Shall I mention that the German food industry is at the moment desperately trying to get high on the priority list so that if Stufe 3 is reached we will still get gas supplies. Gas is our main energy supply in that industry. Yes all companies are being ranked at the moment according to their relavance. If we find no solution and gas will get scarce production will  cease in some industries staring with the lowest ranked.  
  13. The War in Ukraine

    A little bit more whataboutism - I know you love to ignore it because as a direct consequence out of the Ukriane war it has of course no relevance for the Ukriane war:   UN predicts worst hunger crisis scince WWII.   I think I mentioned I work in the food industry. I can confirm this. The prognosis for the supply of the world with food is very grim. The situation is very serious.   So yes, let's hope and pray that the negotiations will be successful and that the breadbasket of the world will be able to produce again.   Hopefully the warmongers will not prevail. Especially not the fanatics behind their keyboards.
  14. The War in Ukraine

    A little bit "whataboutism" for the keyboard warriors amongst us: The majority of countries are not morally outraged about the war in Ukraine. I am sure they are all deranged afterall for such an important struggle who would not want to risk their energy and food supply? Well apparent the vast majority of human beings:   The ostensible unity in the United Nations obscures the fact that the vast majority of states in the global South have a very different perception of the conflict. Small and medium-sized states in Asia, Africa and Latin America do share a fundamental unease about Russia's incursion as an example of a powerful state overriding the interests of its smaller neighbor. But much stronger is the rejection of being drawn into a conflict perceived as a European problem. The Western portrayal of the war as a global challenge is not convincing, because in the struggle between the world's great powers, smaller and medium-sized states in the global South have little to gain and much to lose. Especially since many states in the global South have concrete interests in prosperous relations with Russia.   India and Vietnam, for example, obtain a large proportion of their armaments from Russia. Such extensive arms cooperation is the result of decades of partnerships. They cannot be replaced lightly. Once established, weapons systems require spare parts and maintenance, which are also sourced from Russia. Like many other countries in the global South, India imports much of the fertilizer essential for agriculture from Russia (and Ukraine). Wheat from both countries is a staple food in the Middle East and North Africa. Russian gas accounts for about one-third of Turkey's consumption, and 80 percent of Turkey's wheat imports come from Russia. In energy-hungry Bangladesh, Russia is building a nuclear power plant together with India, which the West refused to finance.   ...Moreover, Vladimir Putin's attack is hardly fit for moral outrage. And who can blame the people? After all, innocent people continue to die in Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Mozambique as a result of organized armed violence. The fact that Ukraine, a European country, is now affected, that the European security architecture has proven to be unstable, does not make an epochal change.