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  1. The question in my mind is if you really want a job in that company or do you want money? If you go after your employer and accuse them of discrimination this might destroy the base for a long-term trusting work relationship. Are you sure they are not willing to offer you another temporary contract after maternity leave? 
  2. It's not a court hearing but it is the first step in an official proceeding against you by the Ordnungsbehörde. You need to take this seriously. I would also start by calling the school. However independently of what the school says you should explain your position in the Anhörung otherwise they might fine you. Collect some evidence as well. 
  3. Coronavirus

      Jesus, do you still use your car? Do you fly? Do you do BBQ or have a campfire? People die because of the air pollution. People have asthma made worse by pollution. Best to stay home forever or you end up killing people.      
  4. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

    How about looking for a student loan in the country you would like to move to    I doubt that any German institution would want to finance your studies if your residence visa will become void - meaning you won't return.
  5.     I think the EU compaign to be a success because the EU member states sticked together helping smaller countries to get vaccines faster.   Btw, if you look at the vaccination numbers there is not that much of a difference between EU countries and the UK or the US. Malta and Hungary have already surpassed the UK and other countries are quickly closing the gap.   I agree the van der Leyen approached the negotiations with too much nativity. I would expect that this has changed by now. Live and learn.
  6. Things to ponder

    I have to say that I read the post and briefly had the association with the Nigerian scammers emails. Although I don't think that this is racist in the sense of superiority. Most certainly this was a prejudice popping up in my head. I guess there is still work to be done and good for dessa to point this out.
  7. Coronavirus

      The incidence rate is going up in a time (spring and summer) when infections usually go down. That's indeed worrying.
  8. Coronavirus

      Indeed 🥺
  9. See that's were your unreasonable behaviour comes to fore. Instead of trying to explain and maybe convince people that vaccination is necessary and safe you insult and try to censor. If you think anyone who is unsure what to believe will be any wiser after your treatment think again. See that's why I assume that people like you get on these kind of threads to make themselves feel better not for the greater good. In fact people like you make me really mad because you drive people away from vaccination instead of convincing them to get one.   I will get my vaccine, have the appointments etc. So don't come me with antivaxxer bullshit. Just shut up and let people discuss the science.  
  10.   So this is obviously a topic that can't be discussed. It's getting really ridiculous that people cannot speak their mind . But then so be it. All people that are weary about getting vaccinated listen up: Please shut up because you are not welcome here. Take your worries and fears somewhere else.
  11.   Says jeba who cancelled a vaccination appointment because the kind of vaccination was not to his liking 🙄
  12.   I am always thinking why a God who created the whole universe would only pop up in one region of earth telling only those people living there about the one true religion...and that three times. This was way before the internet. So no communication with the rest of the world who were left in the dark and had to create there own religions ( which, of course, are not based on the truth because God didn't talk to them). And then the people who God talked to were asked to rescue the rest. Sounds to me like a very human wet dream.    My explanation of this is that there is a spiritual truth which is accessable to every human. And all religions are cultural explanations of that truth. That's why the one and only God only pops up in the Near East and not in Africa or America or the rest of Asia or Europe. The one and only God is a cultural invention of the people in the Near East that helped to explain the underlying spiritual truth. So to me God is an invention but not the underlying spiritual truth. That truth you can find everywhere in all religions. It's accessable to every human, anywhere, anytime. Everything else doesn't make sense.
  13. Secular Funerals in Germany

    I don't think that there is a rule. My parents were both buried without a priest being present.
  14.   You didn't get the point. I didn't dismiss corona or vaccination as unimportant because there are more important problems. I have my vaccination appointments and I wear masks. I do care about people and don't want anybody to die because of corona or pollution. What I don't care about is people who use a difficult situation to make themselves feel better. Who like to lecture and dismiss others. It's so hypocritical to pop up in Corona threads and dismiss others as dumb or morally wrong because they are hesitant to get a vaccine. If you care about human lifes than care! Stop flying! Stop polluting! Get vaccinated! Just don't pick one situation and forget about others. Or argue why it is ok that people die because of pollution but not because of covid. Bring it on. 
  15.   Yawn. What a lame response. People die all the time because of preventable reasons. Air pollution kills more people than covid. Kids even. So why the fuck do you all here suddenly become so aggressive and demanding that covid needs to be fought no matter what. And with air pollution everyone is like' oh people die because I go on vacation and drive my car to go shopping buying my umteens pair of jeans...oh well people die what do I care'.     And let's face it: Covid is a pandemic for beginners. The death rate is low. It's not Ebola. So if people choose to not get vaccinated or to wait with vaccination it's their right.