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  1. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

      But it’s heartbreaking to see this treatment of dogs on a regular basis. I think you can also help those dogs from Hamburg, collecting money and finding loving homes for those abandoned animals.
  2. Need legal advice for my friend

      No, it's a long-term German jurisprudence that stealing distroys trust, confirmed over and over again through all levels of jurisdiction.
  3. Need legal advice for my friend

      I know my bad. I mixed up two things. But my objection is legally speaking correct I believe. You will not find deportation as a punishment in criminal law. It's not metered out by the criminal courts but by the authorities.   Similar to another area where stealing has direct and severe consequences even if the loot is only worth a few euros: employment. Try stealing from your employer and see what will happen. To get fired on the spot for stealing little things is not based on criminal law. Getting fired is also pretty horrible. You could also argue here that the punishment doesn't fit the crime in a moral sense. But I disagree here too because thieving distroys trust and without trust you can't run a company and you can't run a country.
  4. Need legal advice for my friend

      They would be deported to their homecountry where their family and friends are, not to some deserted island where they know nobody and have ties to.
  5. Need legal advice for my friend

      I wasn't aware that deportation is based on criminal law. I always thought that deportations are administrative repercussions based on Verwaltungsrecht that follow after the punishment by a criminal court. Guess I was wrong.
  6. Death in neighbour's family

      I think it's custom to give money in some parts of Germany. When my parents died we received money from relatives in the South and from people from Muenster but nothing from people that came from the Cologne area.
  7. Need legal advice for my friend

      This principal sounds nice but is open to interpretation and needs to be defined. I think mostly this is used for extreme cases of punishment such as corporal punishment or torture. I know you mean that deportation for theft is too harsh. But I disagree ( unless the person would be deported into a war zone like Syria). But if the home country is peaceful why not?
  8. Need legal advice for my friend

    Yes that includes VW, Daimler and BMW of course. And it is unfortunately not surprising that the responsible management has not been punished. I doubt they will
  9. Need legal advice for my friend

      I wonder if there is any use in repeating myself? I was in the beginning talking about criminals not the unemployed. I also said that unemployed foreigners are a minority but not a tiny minority. I didn’t say that foreigners cost Germany more than they contribute. But thanks for the studies. I think similar arguments were raised during the discussion about Brexit in the UK.  
  10. Need legal advice for my friend

      I am aware that only a tiny minority commits crimes. Above I was talking about criminals not unemployed. But there are a sizeable number of foreigners who don’t work. It’s still a minority but not tiny.
  11. Bush Fires in Australia

    Yes, this is horrible. My friends in New Zealand all posted pictures of orange skies on Facebook. That’s how massive the fires are over there.
  12. Need legal advice for my friend

      Unfortunately, you can't get rid of your own citizens even if they are thieves or worse. But you can get rid of foreign criminals through deportation.    I know a couple that cheated to receive the US greencard. They are from Germany, lied, received the greencard, built up a thriving business in the US, never stole, paid there taxes, had a kid, applied for citizenship, got caught and were deported after decades of living a productive live in the US.   Germany is always taking about Leitkultur. But if we can't even make a clear statement with regards to criminals all the talk about cultural values are for naught in my view.  I am grinding my teeth to pay taxes for people that come here and steal or do worse. I understand these people come from cultures that are very different to our. That's why it is very important to send a clear message: you break the law you are finished. 
  13. Need legal advice for my friend

    Agreed. But in order to uphold the social loyality on which the German system is based, Germany needs to get much better in punishing people that do not live according to this social contract. To me that means to deport thieves no matter how small the theft. 
  14. Do you like living in Germany?

      Yeah, as long as you find the aggressiveness of Germans shocking and not the high murder rate in your city I think Germany is not for you.
  15. The insolvency lawyer will firstly take stock of the companies assets and will then decided if is worth trying to keep the company alive (eg finding a solvent buyer for the company). If that is not possible the lawyer will then close the company and will liquidate the assets. As a first step the fees of the lawyer and court will be paid from the liquidation money, then the employees will receive their salaries ( yes don't forget about them), then the rest of the money- if any- will be distributed among all other. That usually means that the biggest amount of your money is gone forever.   Goods that third parties own are protected and if you can prove ownership they have to hand them over to you.  It is therefore vital that you contact the lawyer and declare that your goods are in the companies possession and you want them handed over to you.