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  1. Leaving Munich back to Ireland

      How about leaving Munich end of June. Then spend extended holidays in a third country (like one or two months) and after that returning to Ireland. Did you check this option? I have no idea if that would mean that you don't pay taxes at all ?? I just heard from a acquaintance ...other countries and citizenships involved though.
  2. I wouldn’t travel outside Germany if you want to return anytime soon to start your new job. There’s Covid, closed borders, people dying in case you haven’t heard. 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Yes, so South African oranges are cheaper. So why do you complain about EU customs?
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Is that so? Have you noticed a substantial price difference between Spanish and South American oranges? 
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    You are aware that Spain is right next to the UK and California isn't? You have to shipped those oranges from CA around the world. I can't really see that that makes them cheaper than Spanish oranges. Especially not if you also consider sustainability.
  6. stolz sein = proud??

    I think you can use Stolz with your children. But only when addressing them directly and to tell them that " ich bin stolz auf dich". However, it doesn't seem to be appropriate if you use it to address adults or your own actions. To say to an adult " ich bin stolz auf dich" seems to be condescending. And to use it to describe your own achievements it would come across as boasting. So I guess I mostly agree with your wife😚
  7. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    You can make it clear in the letter that you didn't cause any damage. And you can point out that any possible claims are invalid because they are verjährt. Just need to use the right language.
  8.   I don't think there is a law that mandates that you have to put a name on the door. But I can imagine that the delivery company will be in trouble when they can't verify who lives in a building and simply hand over the mail.   We had problems too with the mailman when we had no name on the door. So yes there certainly are legal problems with mail delivery if you don't put your name on the door.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Why only shops? Why not offices as well?
  10. I think OP knows about the option. She needs someone who has real life experience with it and entered Germany recently under that option so that she can get some idea about the involved risk. 
  11.   That's so sad. A great woman, eminent lawyer with a brilliant mind.
  12. Coronavirus

    Here a result of the lock downs ( not of wearing masks or washing hands mind you):   Additional 150 million children are poor now.