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  1.   Well I think nearly every German would be offended because of the rudeness in this thread. However, I read and listened a lot to this kind of whining about Germans. So I think I finally hardened up.  I just can’t get over the fact that people talk so rudely about the rudeness of Germans. The irony blows my mind.  
  2.   But you are used to hearing Trump? For my German ears Trump is unbelievably rude- but then as a German I obviously lack the polite and refined social skills of Americans.
  3. This is not necessarily correct. The courts are devided about this.
  4. Owner of wood land

    I would like to buy land. However, the property I like includes wood land. I am not sure what being an owner of wood land means in terms of legal responsibilities and maintenance. Has anybody experience in owning and caring for wood land? 🤔    
  5. People working at the German foreign office are no specialists in immigration law. Their advice might be wrong.
  6. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    Yes, you could try this. It might be possible but will be difficult. I would not decide to give up a citizenship on this kind of plan though. Too many variables.
  7. Landlord not paying back deposit

      Has nothing to do with foreigners. Happens to Germans too.
  8. What does the Mietvertrag and Hausordnung say?    
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Isn't that what the UK has done along?   However, doing that now after it is clear that the UK is leaving the EU I can see that this could seriously damage the relationship between the UK and the EU. It could be viewed as the UK being the enemy from within. I would really advise the UK NOT to do that but to treat the democratc process of foreign countries with the respect they deserve. Which would mean for the UK to shut up to not attend meetings and to influence any decision.    
  10. Berlin foodies, have your say!

    I like Feinbäckerei in Schöneberg. Schwäbisches Essen:  
  11. Maybe. But to expect the EU to assign so much importance to soon to be Non- EU foreigners is a bit much too. The EUdoesn't find a common solution for people from Bangladesh either.    There are much more important topics to the EU than Brexit or UK citizens. It is about time we focus on them. I as a EU citizen want that. I hope the UK will be out of the EU in April. It's time.
  12. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      German citizens in the UK feel also very insecure. 
  13.   If he wrote a - hopefully detailed -Angebot and actually started working you have a written contract.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Can somebody please tell me how I can get rid of those older quotes on a cell phone? 🤔
  15. Brexit: The fallout

        My grandfather was born in the Kaiserreich, lived through ww1, than came the Weimarer Republik , then ww2 and after being bombed out of the home he had to move to the countryside and live in the house of another family. Then finally came the time of stability, democracy and Wirtschaftswunder. He died in the late 70ties. My grandmother was a lot younger. She didn't experience the Kaiserreich but the reunification instead. Anyhow enough for a lifetime.