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  1.   That's so sad. A great woman, eminent lawyer with a brilliant mind.
  2. Coronavirus

    Here a result of the lock downs ( not of wearing masks or washing hands mind you):   Additional 150 million children are poor now.
  3. Coronavirus

      Now take the next step. Next time when you drive a car, fly, heat etc. think about all the people that die because of air pollution. We need to tackle this deadly problem too.
  4. I am always surprised how capitalism seems to make us less individual and turns us into a homogeneous mass. Nowadays we all watch the same movies, hear the same music, wear similar clothes, eat junk food, and our kids HAVE to be successful. They HAVE to go to gymnasium. They HAVE to get the Abitur. There are not many Germans left that are comfortable with their child"only"  finishing Realschule. I mean Realschule is not on the top so gymnasium MUST be better.   It's a shame that people cannot let their kids develop into what they are. Not everyone is academically minded. That doesn't make kids less worthy. I have a friend who surprised everyone because she didn't push her kid into gymnasium. She accepted his decision to go to Realschule and start a Ausbildung as carpenter afterwards. He is happy.      
  5. Landlady not replying to termination

    I think the termination period is three months. If the period starts 1.7 it will end 30.9.   I don't think it is legal to have more than three months termination period in your contract. But this would be something to ask the Mieterverein or lawyer.    AFAIK the three working days means that your termination letter must be received at the latest within the first three working days of the month of July ( in your case). For example if the landlord receives the termination letter on the fourth working day of July the termination period starts a month later on 1.8.
  6.   I am not failing to see where he was impolite. In fact by my German standards he was rude.
  7. Sprachrassismus at Work

    I am not sure why people are surprised that a low level of German leads to a classification as less educated, less intelligent or whatever. There are academic studies that say that not being a native puts you at a disadvantage because you simply cannot be as eloquent in a foreign language. Whatever you say will sound "dumb", less elegant, less precise compared to native speakers who have a similar educational background as you . Period. People will instantly judge you because of that and you will have to work against that. I used to live in the US (NYC) and I got told " I think because of your limited English you are not able to make clear statements" - bamm, no raise for you. But I never thought that Americans are racist because of that. I think that's odd conclusion to arrive at.  
  8. Illegal Subrenting

    I don’t really understand what the fuss is all about. Am I missing something? It think it is not surprising that people sublet and try to make a profit. That’s not illegal. Illegal is not paying taxes on profits though.   And two managers at top international companies are not capable of calling it a day? Unless you are in dire need of that money you agreed to pay I suggest to stop living captain Ahab‘s life. Move on and use your energy to find a decent apartment. It’s hard to find one but not impossible. Maybe your employer can help? 
  9. You could also register with an Airbnb address if the landlord agrees and provides you with the confirmation.
  10. Why get Married?

    There are not many disadvantages to being unmarried with child. Those can be managed with a few steps. I think you need to officially recognised that you are the father (Vaterschaft anerkennen). If you don't then the mother will get sole custody should you ever separate. Also I advise to look into inheritance law. I am not sure if you will inherit from your partner if you are unmarried
  11. Entering my flat without my permission

      He values his opinions more than anything (including the peace of mind of others). My advice: Leave him in is little world. Disengage.
  12. I wrote it is desirable to make a hand over appointment. But legally her contract runs until 31st 10am (I missed the 10 am). If you don't have a provision in your contract about the time then it's midnight. The law actually states that the handover has to happen AFTER the tenancy has ended. That would point to an even later handover appointment. That's impractical I know. But that's what the law says. Just to spin this further if the Hausmeister is on vacation on August 31st I think that as a tenant you have good legal reasons to push the handover to after he returns from his vacation or have him appoint a representative during his vacation who can do the handover. Why do I need to accomodate my moving out to his vacation schedule?
  13. If your termination is effective on August 31st that's the day you have to vacate the apartment. You have till midnight. Of course it is desirable to have a appointment with the Hausmeister beforehand to discuss any issues. But you are legally entitled to be in the apartment until August 31st midnight.
  14. Entering my flat without my permission

    I don't think he is trolling. I think he truly has no sense of others feelings. He has an exceptional inflexible mind and puts his opinions above anything else. My advice: Disengage.
  15. Entering my flat without my permission

    You can't use the fire step and knock on people's windows, put away plants, walz into their apartment and leave through the front door.   I would complain to the landlord about this and clearly state that you will not accept that kind of behaviour.