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  1. Large-breed dogs, off leash, in busy neighbourhood

    Thank you everyone, I will call to report.  
  2. Hello everyone,    I know there are several threads about this but I would like current advice from a local pespective.   We live in Duisburg, in a central very urbanized neighbourhood. There are many families with babies, young children and a variety of dogs.   Within the last three months a new family has moved into a multi-family apartment building directly accrossed from where will live. They have two very large dogs. One Doberman who is always on a chain leash/lead and a Shaefer Hund (German Shepherd) who is never on a leash and walks freely down the sidewalk. as the owner walks a few paces behind with the Doberman.   I love dogs and I wish these two no harm but I am extremely concerned that a dog attack is imminent. I  frequently walk around the neighbourhood  by myself and with my almost two year old daughter who is always in a stroller. I am very intimidated by these two dogs and have no idea why their owners do not keep them on a leash in such a busy area. It could be that they are trying to send some sort of message to the neighbourhood, it could be that they want to walk their dogs freely---I am not trying to judge but am very concerned something is going to happen.   What can I do?  
  3. Looking for English speaking therapist in Dusseldorf area

    I will send you a PM.  
  4. Thanks everyone...

    I just want to say how sorry I adore Beagles, and your dog was gorgeous. My family and I send our deepest condolences.
  5. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

      I am sorry that the posts in this thread are not answering your question directly,  I believe that is because no one knows (rightfully so) the terms of your wife's work contract or wishes. I should have gotten straight to point and shared what I know from associates who have had children in quick sucession: they do keep receiving Elterngeld as long as they have not changed their contract, work hours or salary in between pregnancies.   I just re read your original post, yes since your wife works in a Kita she will not be able to continue active work there once a second pregnancy is confirmed.   Is there a HR sector within her company that perhaps she can transfer to? That is what happened at my previous employer (also a kita) once a pregnancy was confirmed.   Also  I see you are in Duisburg---hi neighbour!  I have a small group of expat Mom friends based out here if she would like to join us. We are English speaking and are always looking to meet new families.
  6. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

      No I believe the basis of the change is that I went from full time to part time. 
  7. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

    Seems like the answer directly above mine is as close as we are going to get in this thread   I am a fairly recent Mother, my daughter is almost 18 months.   Several families I know through DD's  baby group are either pregnant or just recently had a child. The record being a Mom who had twins when her first child was 11 months. This see   The one thing they all have in common: they all complain about how difficult it is...well...yes obviously. I myself am a 'Irish twin' being that my brother and I are only 10 months apart in age.   I don't know why (apart for health/age) reasons that so many people insist on having two in diapers at once. The families with the most balance I know have a healthy three or four year age gap.   Some Mothers I know think that doing a two for one deal will quell any suspicions from their employers that they will quickly get pregnant again. Not my experience at all. When I came back the first thing that happened to me is that my once unlimited contract had a new end date. Is that because of I married and fertile? I won't ever know for sure. It seems to me that other people assume  once you have had one child that you will quickly have another.
  8. Coronavirus

      I believe you mean 'highly qualified Tagesmutter´
  9. Coronavirus

    No school for me tomorrow, we closed on 'health related grounds'. I guess my instinct was very correct.
  10. Coronavirus

      Exactly this, there's a chance I am already carrying the virus latently and nothing will come of it. However, what about DD's  70 year old Oma who is with us at least twice a week and takes care of DD while I am at work.   In the words of the controller on my super packed train last Friday: "Well if one person has Corona here...we all got it now."
  11. Coronavirus

    Good Morning,   I realise this thread  is a humourous take on what is probably overblown hysteria...   I am the parent of a very small child. I am also a teacher and have a long commute to work in a large city in NRW. I am becoming increasingly worried about the chances of  contracting the virus via my long and crowded train commute. It seems to be business as usual on the trains and the trams. Are there protective measures behind the scenes? My students all take some form of public transport to school and a signifigant portion of them are from Italy.   We have taken all the reccomended protective measures at my school---there's sanitizer everywhere, but now it simply doesn't seem like enough.   What are your thoughts as parents and commuters?
  12. In theory he could even just live out in Duisburg, take  bus or tram to the hbf and the next by regional train stop would be the airport. It's not walking distance but he would likely save alot of money on the rent.
  13. Stupid package stuck in customs at Frankfurt airport

    Hey good news everyone---package arrived in my mailbox on Friday: Complete with a 19.00 Euro tax bill!
  14. Bullied at work during the probation period

    Dear Murdock,   Firstly I want to say to you how heartfelt sorry I am that you are going through this. I endured several colleagues (all women I am sorry to say) that treated me like this at my first job in Germany. In such a case I bit my tongue, tucked my heart into my sleeve and waited two and a half years before I finally say enough was enough---one day I called in sick and applied for a new work visa, I also had a new job waiting in the wings.    Going through this really damaged my mental health and sense of wellbeing in Germany. I am now three years out of that experience and I will be honest with you I am still not over it. If there's anyway you can spare yourself the anguish then do it.   The question is really this: is it this one employee who  is so toxic and bitter or is this attitude systemic and rampant within the whole organization? If it it really is just this one employee you still may have a chance to get straight answers and smooth things out with management. However, if as I suspect, it's organization wide just start looking for new possibilities now. You will have little to no chance confronting a posionous employee with posionious management. Especially because you, "the foreigner" have little crediablity in their eyes.   It really makes me sick how many tales of mobbing and woe I have heard from so many people----both German and foreigner. Harassment and bullying are really a huge issue in this country and so many people I have talked to have suffered serious mental and emotional trauma in this regard. It's crazy to me how many Germans like to virtual signal about their socially progressive attitudes but workplaces are often little more than the Schulhof for adults. As far as I know the laws and regulations regarding workplace mobbing almost non-existant and everyone pushes the issue away. Why?   Anyway Murdock I wish you all the best.  
  15. Coronavirus

      If a person works at a place with vulnerable people like a Kita or Altenheim there's usually a sick note required from day one.