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  1.     Thank you for  the number  my husband and I will try calling and if that doesn't work because we aren't the sender SIL will do her best.   Paypal is exactly what we did for my nieces because by that the middle of December I was having serious doubts about the efficiency of anything. My SIL is a former Target employee and loves to send very specific 'American' stuff like Halloween and Thanksgiving T-Shirts for DD. In the future I am going to reccomend they send nothing---not even Girl Scout Cookies (which did arrive promptly one year.)   
  2.   I actually think that is a good idea if we can confirm it is still there I would do it.
  3. Good morning,   There are countless posts here that are similar to mine. I understand that alone might annoy some people but I think it is important to share what has happened to us in light of all the delays and confussion the pandemic has unleashed. Please do not drag me, my child didn't get her promised presents and that is why this post exists.   We have been living at the same address for seven years we regularly get post without any problems----there is a similar address within our city but if the post code is written there are no issues.   My sister in law sent us a package of presents from the USA. She has sent us packages before and there were no problems, not even the Zollamt intercepted them.   She sent us a package in September. We were told by DP that everything could be delayed up to 45 days which is reasonable---hence why SIL sent everything earlier. December and still no package so my SIL was able to find out by the tracking number that the package had already arrived by October 16th, 2020 and had been sent to my local post office after our address came under question----somehow they knew enough to send it to the post office five minutes from my house.   We got no cards in the mailbox, no calls, no questions---nothing.   There are also two conflicting streams of information:   a.) DP says: address was under question and that they 'contacted us' twice ----they did not---we were home. Paperwork clearly indicates that they had the package at our local office in October. b.) The American authorities say that DP told them there was an address issue and therefore they could not contact us and therefore they sent the package back to Frankfurt customs.   As of December 31st it was back in Frankfurt. It may or may not be on a cargo ship and that is what we are tying to find out. To be clear there was no contact or information given in November or December.   My husband and took all the evidence we have both in German and English  from DP's electronic files / American Postal Service electronic files to our local office. We asked them to check in the back if there was a package by chance---there wasn't.   We asked them who we could contact to perhaps trace it down before and that is when our "customer service representative" started on with the "It's not my job" and "I don't know." He saw that I was upset (I am the foreign one) and told me that he didn't want to talk to me. I did not call him names, I did not accuse him of anything and even though I wanted to I did not slander Deutsche Post in anyway.    The real life human beings at our local DP did not try to assist us in anyway.   They are normally lukewarm but ok to quickly drop a letter to. The man that I spoke to is an exception. He always seems to have a poor attitude and is very condecending. Twice in the past he has quoted me the wrong price for letters and packages---he will also try to refuse to post letters if he thinks the contents of the letter do not match what you told him. I want to file a complaint against this specific person.Something tells me that it wouldn't change his demeanour anyway.    My husband did call a "customer service" line yesterday. He waited over an hour to talk to one person who quickly transfered him to another person who quickly told DH that he would not help him because husband is not the sender even though we had all the information.   Our sender is in the USA and speaks no German. We are tying to "rescue" this package from customs if possible and we are being pushed around as if we did something wrong. Is there something that we are not doing or a contact that we are missing? My SIL is doing her best to solve the problem too.   Thank you.
  4. How to get a copy of American credit report?

    Thank you for the suggestions.   I don't have an American phone anymore and did not use a VPN so that is possible reason I have had no luck.I have heard of 'Creditkarma' and I have seen the commericals  I am going to give the credit agencies a call again and see if they will help. My German residency always comes off as red flag---which I can undertand given the levels of fraud people experience in the USA.    Thank you :)
  5. How to get a copy of American credit report?

    Hello everyone,   I have been living in Germany for the last seven years but still maintain a banking presence in the US. I would like to get  a copy of my credit report but each of the three agencies (Expedian, Trans Union and Equifax) have not been helpful once I explain that I live abroad. Is there something I have not considered?    Thank you. 
  6. Hello everyone,   My fiancé and I are in difficult situation.   In May we decided to rent out the top floor of our home. It’s a nice small apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Before we began to rent out this apartment we sought the advice and obtained a contact template from a lawyer.     We found our new tenant very quickly and he signed the contract. He moved in the middle of May and paid half a months’ rent, in June he also paid but for the past two months he has refused to pay rent. He says that we ‘already get enough money.’ He’s delusional, he thinks we are getting some sort of subsidy from the government for having him live with us.   He is an immigrant (aren’t we all ? ) but not an asylum seeker or a special case.     We suspect that he lost his job in the probezeit phase and is very low on funds. We have been very patient, but now I simply want him out. I cannot stand the awful, unnecessary attitude and to be honest I feel a bit scared being home alone all day (school holidays) with this guy living upstairs.   Fiance and I are willing to take this as a learning experience---that is we don’t even want the owed funds push come to shove.   What is the most civilized and legal way to get this guy out of here? Even if he paid, we would like him out by the end of the month.     Thank you.