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  1. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I just got one of these today :(
  2. Be careful buying/selling on Vinted

    Yes I am going to try and get my money back. Luckily I utilised Paypal but all the same Paypal insists that you contact Vinted first and asks for proof of that. Unfortunately, a quick read of the Vinted forums has indicated that this has happened/happening to many people. For the moment I would suggest being extremely careful on websites like Vinted, Ebay Kleineinzagen etc. 
  3. Be careful buying/selling on Vinted

    I suppose the title says it all but up until two days ago I had never found myself in such a situation.   I am a big vintage clothing and handbag fan. I have been updating my wardrobe for the last month or so and I've been purchasing items from various sources including second-hand websites like Vinted.   I have also sold gently used items on Vinted for the last year. I have never had any issues as a buyer or occasional seller.  Last week I bought a handbag on Vinted. I should have stopped and considered that the seller, being review-less, was selling something too good to be true.   Long story short: the seller supplied the Vinted system a DHL tracking number for a completely different product, completely different person and completely different part of Germany. ...and the best part: the number was for a product that had been delivered two days before I even made my purchase.   I called DHL to confirm this is what has happened. I made screenshots of the falsified tracking number, the seller’s profile and the email confirming my purchase on the date in question. The reviews of their customer service are not good, and I doubt I will get any kind of result but I don’t want others to be scammed.   I read about Vinted on Trustpilot, and it seems this scam has really picked up within the last few weeks. The platform seems to have fallen prey to a lot of scammers and the company seems to have done little to nothing about it.   It’s a shame because Vinted has been decent up until this point and I think a vast majority of the people on site are honest people just looking to declutter/shop sustainably.
  4. Death and child custody

    Congrats on your incoming blessing   My husband and I just finished the process of writing a last will and testament and a child custody document with our lawyer last month, done for the exact reason this thread is about---we want our daughter to gain her rightful inheritance and go live with my family in the USA if both my husband and I pass away.   This can be a long process and would not be legally binding if done without the guidance of a lawyer and a  document that is legally binding and recognized by the state, therefore in short your best first step is to contact a family law attorney and start gathering your paperwork. This includes but is not limited to: mortgage documents, birth and marriage certificates, apostilled documents/translations etc.   In our case, it was very important, regarding the proposed custodian of our daughter, to provide the particulars of her proposed guardians such as job title, salary, household status and income.  In tragic case that you and your spouse were to pass it is these aspects that would be questioned by the authorities here and could delay the 'rehoming' of your child. I don't know about anyone else, but I loathe the idea that my already traumatized child, would be forced into the foster care system because of missing information :(
  5. Americans filing their US taxes best method?

    Has anyone used the tax preparation service Expatfile?
  6. Americans filing their US taxes best method?

      Perhaps this is the form 2555 Foreign income exclusion? Or the foreign tax credit?   Seems like this thread might help you:
  7. Americans filing their US taxes best method?

    Oh it's good to see I am not the only one here. I might be willing to pay to file online if I can also file 2020's return. 
  8. Americans filing their US taxes best method?

    Hello everyone,   Is there anyone else who is having a bit of trouble filing their American taxes this year? Previously I had used the free HR block filing program, now in order to do the standard foreign income exclussion paper work one needs to upgrade to a fifty dollar package.   What is your prefered online/software method?   I thought of perhaps just filing the old fashioned way by paper.    I also have the additional burden of needing to file for 2020 as well. It's been (understandably) hard to get anyone on the phone from the IRS to speak about this situation so I thought of just sending both years' paperwork together.   My main goals: get caught up and maybe get the second/third Corona rebate which I did not receive because my 2020 return was missing.   My situation is otherwise not complicated.    Thank you
  9. Passport renewal vs last name Change

      Is this the  Stadtverwaltung?
  10. Unresponsive American consular services

    Hello everyone,   Just an update: we filed for DD's social security number on black friday and got her number early in January via registered post. I was amazed how barren the consulate in Frankfurt was during our visit. I am going to try and take care of future matters via the post.   Thank you everyone for your advice.
  11. Passport renewal vs last name Change

    Hi everyone,   My American passport is up for renewal in May. DH and I got married in the USA and later had our marriage legally recognized in Germany in 2017. All of my documents are still in my maiden name and I would like to hyphenate my last name in the future. Of course, I like the way my name looks in this fashion but my reading here seems to indicate that in reality this choice is a huge pain.   My question:  should I file for my name change with  the Standesamt and/or American consulate (e.g social security office? )    Is it worth it please share your experiences.   Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone,   I have been trying for the last four months (at least) to file for my DD's social security number with the American embassy in Frankfurt. I would like to finish filing my American taxes and cannot do so until I have her number.   I have respected embassy wishes and not emailed over and over again---although a month ago I also emailed the embassies in Munich and Berlin in an attempt to get an in person appointment somewhere.   No response from any location. A representative did leave me a voicemail about two months ago and the number she said I could call back to schedule an appointment---but this number is constantly routed to a voicemail which states people should email instead.   I feel like I am being forced into the option of having to send my and DD's passports to the embassy via post.   As some of you might know, my household has had problems with packages being not delivered or lost by DP over the last few months. I rather scared to send our passports through the mail.   Has anyone else done this? What has the 2020/2021 outcome been for you? Perhaps there is an option I have overlooked.    Thank you.