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  1. Anyone used

    I believe I just got my answer via this thread:    Is there a better alternative? A colleague of mine has been waiting for her tax number for six weeks.
  2. Anyone used

    Hi everyone,   I plan to start tutoringin English at Berlitz in a very limited way ( I know...I know ) and need to apply for an additional German tax number, I believe as a Freelancer.  I would like to ask if anyone has registered their application through   Here's the relevant form I would need:   Or would it be better to register via another portal? I am in NRW:   Thank you.
  3. Physical disability, job loss, and career trajectories

      It must be noted that job interviews as well as hiring during the Covid era has meant that many people, myself included, did not attend in person interviews. job fairs used to be part of the standard international school hiring process, but they have since gone the way of Zoom and it is within reason that a person's physicality might not be taken into consideration if not relevant to the job.       Certainly, my previous employer realized my physical difference within the first few weeks of working together but cerebral palsy was not mentioned during the initial recruitment process. The condition has never affected my ability to teach so I didn't mention it.    A dilemma that I now face is whether to bring up the issue of my ‘disability status’ during the next job search and thus I created this thread. I would rather not but the question I have raised in this conversation is if social ideas and norms surrounding the concept of ‘disability’ mean I should if for no other reason to avoid a bad outcome again.      At no point have I been dramatic as to wonder ‘why me?!’ Like I said, I came to terms with my predicament a long time ago. In fact, I am grateful I lived because I nearly died at birth and went through years of physical therapy just to get where I am now. You are right about age---I am at an age now that if someone doesn't want to accept me because I walk differently I am out of there.       
  4. Physical disability, job loss, and career trajectories

    Thank you everyone.  I have read the posts thus far and it's worth the time to look into and apply for government job positions. I have never done this before and besides the Bundesagentur für Arbeit and Bundeswehr  websites are there any databases I might have luck with? I also have an appointment with the Arbeitsamt tomorrow.  Pardon my ignorance, this is the first time in many years I am attempting to branch out from the education sector. 
  5. Hello everyone,   I need a bit of guidance in a difficult scenario I have found myself in.     I have been in Germany since 2013 and in nearly all aspects of my life I have been successful here. I married in 2017 and my husband and I have a child.   I have cerebral palsy which means I walk differently but other physical and cognitive functions are normal and intact. I do have the ‘Schwerbehinderung’ status at 60 percent.     I am a trained teacher (but I do not have the full qualification yet to work in state schools) and have been working with students in some capacity since 2009. My first job in Germany was rough. I experienced a lot of mobbing at the bilingual kita where I worked, the climate there was so tense that nobody ever seemed happy or professionally fulfilled.   I worked there for two and a half years before moving on to work as a teacher at a bilingual school teaching English and Politics. This school is classified as an Ersatz Schule (private but at least partially funded by the state) I was at this school for six years. Overall, it was a good place to work with decent colleagues. Student behaviour, lack of funding and staff, and teaching through the pandemic was very tough. I finished my contract in June when it was revealed that the school could not afford to have me work full-time.     I thought I had gotten lucky when I landed a fulltime contract at an ‘international school’. I was getting on well with my new students and curriculum. Yesterday without any notice I was dismissed and since I was in Probezeit that was it. Administration said I did nothing wrong, but they were unnecessarily curt and cold. I was given a lot of support from other staff who told me outright this had happened to other people.  The school is very image conscious and I suspect my physical difference didn’t positively contribute to that. The job was incredibly time consuming and didn’t work well with a balanced family life but all the same I am angry and sad that seemingly no thought was given to how such an abrupt change would affect students or myself. I am not entirely sure if the correct protocol was followed considering my status but that might be a better question for a lawyer.   I feel comfortable with who I am and the way I was made by nature, I think having this issue has made me more compassionate and built my good character, but I am becoming more and more aware that much of German society (at least where I am) doesn’t’ often seem to know how to accommodate or react to people with obvious physical disabilities.   The realization that no matter how well spoken I am, how kind I am or qualified I am might never trump my disability has caused me a great deal of stress and insecurity. It makes me incredibly upset when people assume that my physical difference must be an indicator of intellectual difference/disability.   It wasn’t until I came to Germany that I am experienced *adults* making fun of the way I walk and stares.      I am afraid to apply for my next job and this coupled with probable teacher burnout has really made me question where  I belong and where  I go from here. I am emotionally fragile at the moment of course.  I have consistently found that students don’t care about my disability, but some other people do. I used to love teaching but now I find myself just wanting to find a job where I can be a positive influence and ‘make a difference.' I am trying not to become cynical or sad.   Any ideas, insight or words of comfort? Thanks.  
  6. Hi everyone,   I have been trying for the last four months (at least) to file for my DD's social security number with the American embassy in Frankfurt. I would like to finish filing my American taxes and cannot do so until I have her number.   I have respected embassy wishes and not emailed over and over again---although a month ago I also emailed the embassies in Munich and Berlin in an attempt to get an in person appointment somewhere.   No response from any location. A representative did leave me a voicemail about two months ago and the number she said I could call back to schedule an appointment---but this number is constantly routed to a voicemail which states people should email instead.   I feel like I am being forced into the option of having to send my and DD's passports to the embassy via post.   As some of you might know, my household has had problems with packages being not delivered or lost by DP over the last few months. I rather scared to send our passports through the mail.   Has anyone else done this? What has the 2020/2021 outcome been for you? Perhaps there is an option I have overlooked.    Thank you.