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  1. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    Ok I did it!   A whole filling was taken out and new composite filling put in. Unfortunately, the cavity is deep and I am likely still on my way to a root canal, not my first I am afraid. That tooth,...well it no longer exists.   Another small cavity was found and so I am on my way back next week and in June I will start with regular cleanings.   Was it painful? A little, I asked to be numbed before getting an injection and that helped. It's no pleasant...but it's not labour and child birth :)
  2. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      That's exactly the plan, my German husband also wants to get back to regular dental visits. When I think back on it, I am really grateful that my parents spent their not so plentiful money on massive amounts of dental care for my brother and I when we were kids. I wouldn't let DD go a year without dental care let alone ten, 
  3. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      This is a great question. Back in 2008 when I had all my wisdom teeth and one 'hyper sensitive' tooth taken out. This was in the USA. I was under laughing gas and twilight anesthesia. I think I was given the laughing gas first (unplanned) because my blood pressure reading was high...not sure. I don't remember much except sleeping, hearing the teeth being extracated and not caring. I wish I could go to that level again on Friday. :)
  4. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      Thank you :)
  5. Did B2 for citizenship - worth doing C1 or C2 now?

      According to the course teacher, whenever you can go for the Goethe certificate. The TELC is known as the 'easiest' and therefore 'lowest' exam and isn't recognized everywhere.  Here is the book I am using for my current C1 VHS course:
  6. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    Thank you everyone so far for sharing your  responses and experiences on this thread. Some of them aren't so nice, but dentist visits are sometimes like that. I am not looking forward to my appointment at all. They can chastise me for not visiting sooner but I just know some of these old fillings are about to go   I called a few offices this morning and because I am not in pain I will have to wait for a bit.  I was able to secure an appointment for this Friday with the Romanian dentist a few blocks away from my home. The other places I called wouldn't see me until March. His reviews on Jameda were positivé.   I am in Duisburg NRW by the way   I hope I don't have anymore events this week...I see a lot of soup in the future.
  7. I was eating breakfast with DH and DD this weekend and a small part of my tooth and old filling came out. I am lucky that the tooth is not obvious and that it doesn't hurt at all but there is a gap and an exposed filling.    I've regularly visited the doctor and even had a healthy pregnancy and baby here since 2013 but no--- I have never visited the dentist in this country. I am taking this as a message to get my shit together and start getting a professional dental care. Postpartum teeth, I am told, are particularly sensitive.   I am like many people and have some anxiety as related to the dentist and need to have numbing for any kind of treatment.   Is there anything in particular I need to expect in terms of my first appointment.  What options might I be offered for this missing tooth piece?   I am insured with TK.   Thank you
  8. Did B2 for citizenship - worth doing C1 or C2 now?

    Yes by all means do C1 and then C2. I am doing C1 now and love it beacuse it challenges me to keep mastering the German language and not become too comfortable. I enjoy the challenge and the socialization with other professional adults. Here in Germany where paper is everything you never know who will ask you to prove a very high German language competency e.g universities ask for C1 usually.  
  9. Even though my Icon pic suggests otherwise "like a good neighbour stay over there" in this case I might actually invite the neighbours to dinner or reach out in some small social way. During the context of a friendly conversation you can mention how porous the walls seem to be and that any small noise is easily heard. Ask them if they have noticed this obvious problem.  
  10. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    Yes a lot of Native people are Insulin Resistant and carry weight specifically in the most dangerous part of the body which is the belly.  I am not sure if this was always a problem but the introduction of government food 'comodities' aka boxes of food that were mainly canned and/or refined carbohydrates contributed to this greatly. As did alochol and the Frybread culture---frybread being the worst food possible for some who is Insulin Resistant.   
  11. Teaching your kids to read in English

      Oh when I was a kid I loved me some 'Berenstein Bears.' Books with a nice theme or life lesson are great. Have you seen the cartoon? I like the cute little Bluegrass theme song, many of the episodes are on Youtube.  I think I am going to go with Clifford the Big Red Dog with DD wneh she's a bit older. Right now it's all nursery rhymes and Disney Stories.
  12. Risk Aversion

      Yes I am American. :)
  13. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

        I agree and identify with so many of the points brought up in this thread. I think we can all agree that at the end of the day weight loss is all math---calories in vs. calories out. When people say that Keto, Vegan, Paleo etc work for them best I believe them, because the thing we all have in common is that we probably carry a calorie defcit most of the time.    I know a few people who did not have good luck with WW in the long term because a lot of people cannot manage just going by a `'points system because they often eat too much of one type of macro (protein, carbohydrate or fat.)   I am curious too about what is going to become of hardcore Keto dieters in 10 years time. I have cooked a few Keto recipes and the  amount of butter and heavy cream in them...that's too much for almost everyone. I made a Buffalo Chicken Soup but left out the reccomended 6 tablespoons of butter...yea no.     I average about 50 net carbohydrates a day so I am not sure if I am in with the most devoted of the Keto crew, but what I love is that I do not feel hungry and suffer with the Insulin spikes that I did before. I wasn't going to do Intermittent fasting either, but it turns out that twice a week when I have to go to my German course late, not eating works better.   I carry most of my weight in the middle and have struggled my entire life with staying fit. I am from a Native American background and everyone I know was Diabetic by 40. I am 35 and during my pregnancy I kind of went crazy with the blood test results in September were not what a new mother wants to see. I was inspired by them to go back to this diet and get the blood pannel results I had in 2017.    I don't think Keto would survive here LOL but has anyone else  noticed that there are new 'high protein' products appearing everywhere now? Haha my husband brought home some Tip (Real brand) Protein Tortillas...
  14. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    Hi everyone,   I am just curious if anyone else is following a low carbohydrate/Ketogenic diet here. I gained a lot of weight in pregnancy and  going back to a low carbohydrate, bread free diet has done wonders. I have lost 35 pounds since September. I also get daily exercise and count calories. I have struggled with Insulin Resistance in the past and this diet makes the most sense for me.   The Keto diet is really popular in North America right now and God knows there are a plethora of new food and supplement products that one can buy in the USA. I really wish I could try some of this stuff.   I haven't heard much about Keto here in Germany, and I am sort of assuming that it might never catch on because...brötchen.
  15. Teaching your kids to read in English

    Hi Eaglerunner,   I am a teacher and have a four month old bilingual daughter and here is what I plan to do:   Read to her daily without  expectations (we do that already,) once she starts to become interested we will learn the alphabet and then phonic blends. When she is about the age of your DD  we will advance to sight word flashcards which I will encourage her to find in our daily reading. Sight word flashcards build confidence really quickly in most children and once your DD believes she can do it---- you will see more enthusiasm and improvement.    You could use a program like 'Hooked on Phonics' (I used this when I was teaching in Russia) but I think whatever program you build yourself using books that interest her will be  the most beneficial.    My DH is German so he will handle everything from the German language side of things.   German and English are two very different languages so don't expect any miracles regarding English once your DD does begin with German instruction. Perhaps she will use German as a springboard to also learn English but likely the pacing will be off. German schools seem to take forever with reading and writing instruction (Germans do not believe in early literacy for the most part) I do not agree with this approach so I will not be waiting.    What language do you speak at home?