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  1. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Yes 😀
  2. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Hello,   I believe some of what you might be experiencing from your colleagues is envy. From what I understand from your post you work a job at the airport that doesn't require a high level of skill or advanced knowledge from anyone, most of your colleagues have a Hochschule Abschluss or less. Their job prospects outside of their current work aren't so promising. In my previous job I had to deal with similar commentary and eventually I used it to motivate me to find a new job  and continue learning German. I encourage you to do this as well.
  3. Large-breed dogs, off leash, in busy neighbourhood

    Thank you everyone, I will call to report.  
  4. Hello everyone,    I know there are several threads about this but I would like current advice from a local pespective.   We live in Duisburg, in a central very urbanized neighbourhood. There are many families with babies, young children and a variety of dogs.   Within the last three months a new family has moved into a multi-family apartment building directly accrossed from where will live. They have two very large dogs. One Doberman who is always on a chain leash/lead and a Shaefer Hund (German Shepherd) who is never on a leash and walks freely down the sidewalk. as the owner walks a few paces behind with the Doberman.   I love dogs and I wish these two no harm but I am extremely concerned that a dog attack is imminent. I  frequently walk around the neighbourhood  by myself and with my almost two year old daughter who is always in a stroller. I am very intimidated by these two dogs and have no idea why their owners do not keep them on a leash in such a busy area. It could be that they are trying to send some sort of message to the neighbourhood, it could be that they want to walk their dogs freely---I am not trying to judge but am very concerned something is going to happen.   What can I do?  
  5. Looking for English speaking therapist in Dusseldorf area

    I will send you a PM.  
  6. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    Hi everyone,   I am just curious if anyone else is following a low carbohydrate/Ketogenic diet here. I gained a lot of weight in pregnancy and  going back to a low carbohydrate, bread free diet has done wonders. I have lost 35 pounds since September. I also get daily exercise and count calories. I have struggled with Insulin Resistance in the past and this diet makes the most sense for me.   The Keto diet is really popular in North America right now and God knows there are a plethora of new food and supplement products that one can buy in the USA. I really wish I could try some of this stuff.   I haven't heard much about Keto here in Germany, and I am sort of assuming that it might never catch on because...brötchen.
  7. Hello everyone,   My fiancé and I are in difficult situation.   In May we decided to rent out the top floor of our home. It’s a nice small apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Before we began to rent out this apartment we sought the advice and obtained a contact template from a lawyer.     We found our new tenant very quickly and he signed the contract. He moved in the middle of May and paid half a months’ rent, in June he also paid but for the past two months he has refused to pay rent. He says that we ‘already get enough money.’ He’s delusional, he thinks we are getting some sort of subsidy from the government for having him live with us.   He is an immigrant (aren’t we all ? ) but not an asylum seeker or a special case.     We suspect that he lost his job in the probezeit phase and is very low on funds. We have been very patient, but now I simply want him out. I cannot stand the awful, unnecessary attitude and to be honest I feel a bit scared being home alone all day (school holidays) with this guy living upstairs.   Fiance and I are willing to take this as a learning experience---that is we don’t even want the owed funds push come to shove.   What is the most civilized and legal way to get this guy out of here? Even if he paid, we would like him out by the end of the month.     Thank you.