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  1. New DHL shipping rules

    Yes I sent a package premium at the end of August, it arrived just in time for my brother's birthday at the beginning of September. Sure the 16 Euro extra to ensure that the package is sent by air and not freight was annoying but in my case it was worth it, apparently shipping by freight can take up to two months now    I highly reccomend that no matter what option you choose to fill out all documentation electronically and print said labels---this gives DP/DHL less of a reason to reject your package and send it back (at your expense of course  )
  2. Hello everyone,   I live in a large city in NRW in a large two floor family home we are the only family that lives here. My neighbourhood is "good" but I have heard from family and friends that the entire area is in a steady decline. There have been reports of attempted break-ins and robberies at the small convenience stores thtroughout the area and people who have experienced petty theft.   Today a woman came to the door, I answered becasuse I confused her for DHL. She claimed to be representing a children's puppet theatre and asked for donations. I turned her away and called the police to report about a half hour later (when I could get through.) In this city panhandeling for small change is common but I am concerned that our home or other homes could be in the proccess of being 'cased out'---particularly because so many people are on holiday.   Apart from getting a cool guard dog, what are some options DH and I might have in investing in a home security system? There are of course cameras for our doors but what of the back windows/patio doors. I am thinking more of a system like a ADT.   Apologies for my level of cluelessness
  3. Unresponsive American consular services

    Thank you everyone for the insight. I emailed the consulate in hopes of a response but we are now going on at least two weeks. The forms are clear and in theory I could send them to the embassy today but the idea of sending DD and my passports in the post...I just don't know if I have an alternative.
  4. Unresponsive American consular services

    Hi everyone,   Thank you for all of the replies. 'DD' is indeed all school forum speak and stands for 'dear daughter' though I really like 'dear dependent' in this case   Thank you Karin the information you provided is also what I have been using as a guide---that number listed is the one that is constantly in voicemail mode. The appointment booking service online seems to have been completely removed and emails go unanswered for months.   I can't believe (or can I?) that we are talking about an official government entity here.    I am thinking perhaps my last option is to call the social security administration based in the United States directly---they probably won't be able to help but I do feel as if I have run out of options.  
  5. Hi everyone,   I have been trying for the last four months (at least) to file for my DD's social security number with the American embassy in Frankfurt. I would like to finish filing my American taxes and cannot do so until I have her number.   I have respected embassy wishes and not emailed over and over again---although a month ago I also emailed the embassies in Munich and Berlin in an attempt to get an in person appointment somewhere.   No response from any location. A representative did leave me a voicemail about two months ago and the number she said I could call back to schedule an appointment---but this number is constantly routed to a voicemail which states people should email instead.   I feel like I am being forced into the option of having to send my and DD's passports to the embassy via post.   As some of you might know, my household has had problems with packages being not delivered or lost by DP over the last few months. I rather scared to send our passports through the mail.   Has anyone else done this? What has the 2020/2021 outcome been for you? Perhaps there is an option I have overlooked.    Thank you.
  6. International or Bilingual Schools near Krefeld?

    Hi Zorba,   There is a St. Georges school in Duisburg, International School Düsseldorf and International School am Rhein in Neuss. There's also an international school in Essen. I am not aware of any English language medium school in Krefeld. There are a few options in Cologne too.