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  1. Unresponsive American consular services

      It's really frustrating--I have noticed this as well (typos and all ) but the refusal to answer phones, emails leaves one with very few options.
  2. English-speaking midwives

    Hi Maria,   I hope the story of how I found my midwife gives you some hope. I live in NRW and tried for months to find a midwife would would like to help me after I gave birth---I searched like you first for english speakers and then tried to find anyone---no luck. It seems that many midwives are booked years ahead of schedule and it's more about who you know and connections.   My pregnancy was fine until the last month or so. Then I began having blood pressure issues and needed to go to the hospital twice. I got to know staff in the natal care unit, the doctors, nurses and midwives. Of course I was also very social and kind   By the time my daughter's induction came around I was known as the 'American' and after my daughter was born one of the hospital midwives said she knew someone who worked as midwife and a fluent english speaker due to an Irish ex-husband (haha.) The rest is history we contacted her a day after coming home from the hospital.  I am thankful that we had the midwife too because as it turned out I was very anaemic and never able to produce enough breast milk.   Don't give up even after you give birth ask around :)
  3. Applying for a "Schwerbehindertenausweis"

    Hi everyone,   I can finally provide an update to my SB application and outcome. I began my application in February of this year, and it took a solid two months for orthopaedic doctors to be notified and subsequently complete the necessary documentation. I was asked to upload a Lichtbild to a database and then wait for updates.   I got a summons to appear for a physical exam and consultation at a medical center in my city at the beginning of July. This consultation was by far the most thorough medical appointment I have had since moving to Germany 8 years ago. The appointment took over an hour and the physician stopped frequently to record notes. I was told the results of this appointment might take another two months. I waited until the end of September before I became concerned that we had not received any further correspondence. I called the appropriate amt and was told that my file had been accidently misplaced…but that I would get a response within a week.   I got response a week ago and have been granted 50% status and the card arrived by post a day or two later. I do need to pay 90 Euros which is applied to another card that can be used either for a.) public transportation or b.) auto insurance.   I am not an expert in this subject yet, however, this doesn’t change my life drastically---except that transportation will become much cheaper. My understanding that I may be entitled to more Urlaub days, however, this is not an issue that concerns me.   What I am happy about is that now I will always have a place to sit on my mega busy train 😊
  4. Unresponsive American consular services

    Good morning everyone,   The Frankfurt embassy seems to have opened appointments for social security matters. Has anyone had an appointment there within the last month or two? I would like to make an appointment but really don't want to deal with bureaucrats (who have not responded to any email in the last year) about how I should have done this and not that...   All I am trying to do is  apply for a social security number for DD. ...and maybe if they were extra nice renew my passport which expires in May.   Thank you.
  5. New DHL shipping rules

    Yes I sent a package premium at the end of August, it arrived just in time for my brother's birthday at the beginning of September. Sure the 16 Euro extra to ensure that the package is sent by air and not freight was annoying but in my case it was worth it, apparently shipping by freight can take up to two months now    I highly reccomend that no matter what option you choose to fill out all documentation electronically and print said labels---this gives DP/DHL less of a reason to reject your package and send it back (at your expense of course  )
  6. Hello everyone,   I live in a large city in NRW in a large two floor family home we are the only family that lives here. My neighbourhood is "good" but I have heard from family and friends that the entire area is in a steady decline. There have been reports of attempted break-ins and robberies at the small convenience stores thtroughout the area and people who have experienced petty theft.   Today a woman came to the door, I answered becasuse I confused her for DHL. She claimed to be representing a children's puppet theatre and asked for donations. I turned her away and called the police to report about a half hour later (when I could get through.) In this city panhandeling for small change is common but I am concerned that our home or other homes could be in the proccess of being 'cased out'---particularly because so many people are on holiday.   Apart from getting a cool guard dog, what are some options DH and I might have in investing in a home security system? There are of course cameras for our doors but what of the back windows/patio doors. I am thinking more of a system like a ADT.   Apologies for my level of cluelessness
  7. Hi everyone,   I have been trying for the last four months (at least) to file for my DD's social security number with the American embassy in Frankfurt. I would like to finish filing my American taxes and cannot do so until I have her number.   I have respected embassy wishes and not emailed over and over again---although a month ago I also emailed the embassies in Munich and Berlin in an attempt to get an in person appointment somewhere.   No response from any location. A representative did leave me a voicemail about two months ago and the number she said I could call back to schedule an appointment---but this number is constantly routed to a voicemail which states people should email instead.   I feel like I am being forced into the option of having to send my and DD's passports to the embassy via post.   As some of you might know, my household has had problems with packages being not delivered or lost by DP over the last few months. I rather scared to send our passports through the mail.   Has anyone else done this? What has the 2020/2021 outcome been for you? Perhaps there is an option I have overlooked.    Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone,   It's I am officially off and in maternity leave (September 12th due date.) I have spoken with my employer and they reccomended that I apply for a "Schwerbehindertenausweis.' No not because I am pregnant, but because I have very mild Cerebral Palsy in both legs; I was born at 27 weeks and that is my only lasting consequence (thank God.)    I resisited for the longest time applying for one of these documents because I do not feel disabled. Practical reasons, such as the cost of transportation are now motivating me to take this step. Anyone else done this?    Given that I am 32 weeks pregnant and expected to be in maternity leave for the next year, I am not sure if this is the best time to start the proccess but I will have the time.   Thanks