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  1. Hi,


    I am 46 years old, have been resident as a student in Germany since 2007 (Masters program) and just got laid off from my call center job which was my only source of income. I am now in the 9th year of my PhD, which has been delayed due to some personal issues. I intend to submit next year. Right now, being laid off,  I live on my savings. Before this job I was with Mawista for five years, but the job offered me TTK which I took. However, their lowest tariff is 170 euros per month. Currently I am looking for another job, but in the meanwhile can I opt for a cheap private insurance?


  2. Hi, 


    Updating the topic again. He left on November 1.   That s the lesson I learnt from this one. If someone with Hartz IV comes to rent make sure that the papers are in order. The Amt insisted that he give an official permission from the landowner/rental agency allowing him to sublet. He stalled, stayed on, and me, in my naivety, allowed him to. I guess he had genuine problems, but the take away is that if someone o H4 wants to sublet, be sure that everything should be nitpicking right. And, harsh as it may be, it s best to refuse. After all, the Amt will take care of them. 


  3. I am sorry for the late reply. I thought I d update after something happened.

    he agreed to sign an agreement that says he is moving out Nov.1, since he owes two months full rent and four months part rent, and that we have come to this mutual agreement.

    However, he is still in his room, and I don t see any signs of him moving out. He says he can afford a lawyer because unemployed people can get legal help for 15 euros per hour based on a letter from the amt. I don t know if this is true.

    Are there any options available to me?

    I am very thankful to those who replied.



  4. I spoke to him again. He says he won t sign and will talk to a lawyer.

    My fear is that  he just wants to keep the room  for himself since he has not paid anything and an eviction process is long and complicated.

     If I give him a  Kündigung  could he get the rental agency to come after me on the grounds of "illegal" sublet, by giving them a copy of his sublet contract? This contract  predates the lawyer s letter.

    The place has always been a WG. I only asked the lawyer to write the rental agency a few months ago, but before that a lot of people who were not on the contract stayed here and the rental agency accepted regular rent payments from them, including nearly two years from one whose name was not on the contract but who stayed here.


  5. Thank you

     I drew up a letter saying that we are parting because he cant pay the rent and that I wish him all the best, but he refuses to sign it along with me. The letter says that he has not paid his proper rent for months, and no rent for the last two months and that we are parting. I asked the Mietverein and they said it was ok for the Arbeitsamt, but I increasingly think he wants an eviction notice that he can contest. No idea why.

    I d be grateful for any help. 

    Should I sign just by myself?


  6. Thank you for the replies. 

    I am grateful. My fear is that with the   fristlose kundigung letter. he ll sue me and wait it out  for the courts. He is also going abroad for two months in a couple of weeks and I wonder if it s a trick to tie me up while he keeps the room. Right now the documents he has are the original contract for this WG, his sub contract letter, and the letter from the lawyer that says that I am allowed to sublet, a letter to which the rental agency never replied. 

    He says he ll contact the rental agency and they ll come after me for illegally subletting the place though the rental agency accepted rent payments (one of us pays, the rest pay to him) from tenants who were not on the  original contract. Can he send them a copy of his sub lease and do me damage?


  7. Call me naive, but here  s my situation.

    I have an Hartz IV claimant staying in my WG. It s a WG, my rental agency has always taken the rent from one tenant while there has been a revolving set of people going in and out,  and now I am the one on the contract, with the other three signatories having left long ago. The rental agency continued accepting rent payments from people who were not on the contracts but new tenants here.

    A year ago I took a Hartz IV guy. My mistake. I told him the situation that there is no official permission to sublet (only a letter from a lawyer saying that since the house is too big and a WG I can sublet) a letter which was send to the rental agency that never replied even though the letter specified that without a non reply would be taken as consent, and he said ok.

    he paid the rent for six months from his pocket money (the Amt kept asking for more documents or that s what he says) . In the end, he paid a reduced amount, and then nothing for the last two months. I was naive. he told me the amt was looking at it etc, etc...The amt told him to leave but he never left. Naively I agreed to help him telling him he could stay until the problem was resolved.

    Now he wants a fitlose kundigung (eviction without notice) saying that the amt has been demanding that. The amt has never paid me any rent.

    Otherwise, he ll go to a lawyer, contact the rental agency, and stay on indefinitely.

    I am not sure about him now. I don t want to be naive again. 

    A lawyer (meitverein) said that these were two separate contracts 1. me with the rental agency)  2. me with him.

    Should I give him the FK? My earliest appointment with the Mietverehin is next month.