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  1. This time you will have to pay. All contracts have to be paid unless you cancel, in writing, six weeks before. They are actually being nice to you by offering that you pay half.

    Next time, 1. Never sign for anything unless you are sure you want it. 2. Enclose the cancellation along with the contract. That way you make a potentially unlimited contract a limited one. Same for gyms, DB Card etc. The trick is to get you to sign on to a subscription, and unless you cancel in writing, it automatically renews. It is one of the more unpleasant aspects of living in Germany.


  2. On 12/15/2017, 8:03:00, solomongrundy said:



    I am 36 years old, have been resident as a student in Germany since 2007 (Masters program) and just got laid off from my call center job which was my only source of income. I am now in the 9th year of my PhD, which has been delayed due to some personal issues. I intend to submit next year. Right now, being laid off,  I live on my savings. Before this job I was with Mawista for five years, but the job offered me TTK which I took. However, their lowest tariff is 170 euros per month. Currently I am looking for another job, but in the meanwhile can I opt for a cheap private insurance?



  3. Frommer just uses random addresses. The moment you reply, especially if you have a foreign name, they know that you are actually a resident at that address. About the letter,s first ignore all the letters, and then,  if it comes, send the  wiedersprucht.


    After that, they have to take you to court, and if you live in a shared apartment (WG) there are many judgments that say the main internet person is not responsible. Just to be on the safe side, get people who stay in your apartment to sign a paper saying that they are sharing the apartment with you and  are using your internet. 

    Also, you are in trouble only if you use P2P. The law on streaming is still unclear and it is far more difficult to prove.


  4. 37 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    If this is so, then isn't it about time someone put a stop to this practice. Could chasing a non-existent debt not be considered illegal - harassment at the very least?

    They do it because most people, including Germans, don t challenge it. It is very scary when you see an Inkasso letter. Then comes a lawyers letter. The biggest mistake you can do is sign something they send you, or talk to them on the phone with a native speaker and try to negotiate. They always scare you. That s the trick. they know that they don t have any legal standing but most people think why fight over a small amount. You don t have to pay anything. Just the money for registered letters. With a case this weak they ll give up.


  5. This is a rather common occurrence in Germany. The Inkasso is hoping you ll fold. From now on, no e mail, no phone calls. This is a trap that foreigners fall into. They ll deny that they got the e mail, and a phone call cannot be recorded.

    Send a registered letter with everything that you have said here, and get them to sign that they have received the letter. Once you have done this, if you do get a court order, there will be a form that says "I contest all charges". Send that by registered mail too. In that case, they have to take you to court, which they are very unlikely to do so because of the two registered letters.


  6. No, it is not illegal. In this case, the onus is on the provider to take away the material if they are given notice. That s why movies disappear. If you are accused of torrenting P2P that too is a grey area. You will get increasingly threatening letters from lawyers. Never sign anything. If you get something in a yellow cover that is different. you have to respond denying all charges. Then they have to prove that you knowingly uploaded material, and take you to court, which is very difficult if you live in a shared WG.



  7. On 6/20/2020, 4:37:17, lunaCH said:

    What happened next? :unsure:

    I had a similar experience. They send threatening letters, always offering you a way out if you sign their paper. NEVER EVER SIGN THE PAPER. This went on for an year or more, then I got an yellow letter from the Court and I replied at once denying all charges and send it by registered post.



  8. On 5/2/2020, 7:57:45, shapebuster said:

    Hi all


    I am the landlord of an apartment in Berlin. It's a 4 room apartment in West Berlin. Unfortunately, we currently have a situation developing where I may never gain access to this apartment. I have owned this apartment since 2008. The apartment was already occupied by an older couple. At the time, I was unaware of the tenancy laws in Berlin and how it could impact my future. I would love to hear some advice from you if any of you have any experience in this regard. For the record, there was a couple living there since 1995 I think. 


    I went to visit Berlin last year and went to check the apartment block. When I arrived, I noticed that there was a new name stickered below the current tenant's name on the doorbell. I was concerned as I thought the apartment was being sublet. I was angry and spoke to my property manager. She informed me that the wife has died last year and the husband has a new girlfriend living there. 


    I immediately hired a lawyer to investigate the legalities of this. It turns out that its legal and they are entitled to do this. My lawyer then mentioned that if this new girlfriend marries the widowed husband, she will be entitled to live there with strict laws after he dies. This is very frustrating to me as I had hoped to let my children live here soon as they'll be finishing their studies. 


    Is there any way to reduce the possibility of my fears occurring? If I wanted to get these people to move out how would you suggest going about it? I have waited a long time now and would really like to gain access to my property.



    If he has lived there since 1995 he has a lot of memories attached to that place, and in Germany, a house is rightly a home, not a piece of real estate that you just sell and buy. Further, he is an old man. Where is he going to find a new place? Recently the rent laws have been further tightened. The best way is to accept what you have. Moreover, if your children want to come to Berlin, why don t they rent a place of their own? The recent rent laws make it more affordable.


  9. Can they claim to have delivered mail to your mailbox? What if they just say that they delivered mail and you did not follow the instructions?  Usually they need to send warnings if they think I am overdue on the rent, but they have not. Can they say they did, but I did not respond? I have not received any mail like that. Plus, is it not that if I miss two months they can evict? How can they wait three years and then send a claim?  Is that even LEGAL?


  10. Yes, the King, that is his idea. I am facing a similar situation, and that s why I advised you. You can go with a German-speaking friend, or if you are a recent immigrant/refugee then there are associations to help you. You can also contact the local Antifa organization as they are very helpful in matters like this. 


  11. Don t think of joining the Meitverehin. Join it. It costs less than a 100 euros, and this kind of a problem will be solved by a letter from them. And, no, don t wait for him to end the contract. If he does, the dispute began before you joined and they cannot help you. Join now. You don t need to ask them to intervene, but it will really help you in the future.




  12. Here are the lessons I learned. Hope it helps someone

    1. Join the Meitverehin. If I had done that at the beginning of things, I d have saved myself a lot of grief. I wrote long letters, negotiated, but in the end, investors want you out. No matter how much care you have put in the building. They don t appreciate the difference between an apartment and a home.  So go straight to the Meitverehin. I d strongly recommend everyone join, It s just about 100 euros per year.

    2. There are many laws in favor of tenants that one is unaware of. Especially in things like hiking the rent. Investors always try to jack up prices. My apartment is owned by some shady London firm though I know the owner of this flat personally. A smooth-talking and charming investor. I thought he really appreciated how much I loved this place. We had long talks over coffee.   In the end, he just wants me out.  They have a local Immobilien firm that manages things. Investors think that tenants should just move out and move on when the area becomes beautiful ( when I moved in this area was one of the more notorious parts of town, now it s really beautiful) but Germany has a lot of protection for tenants, some that you can t even imagine. Use it. They tried several intimidating tactics, but letters from the Meit stopped them including eviction without notice letters. Meitverehin is really good and worth investing in.


  13. 11 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    Must be fairly quiet to have the building to yourself, nice. But what are the Nebenkosten like and how long have you been the only tenant left? 

    I had friends who were in a building of about 20 flats and there were only 3 that were occupied. The rent was low, but the Nebenkosten for some reason kept increasing.

    I can help you out with that. I asked my lawyer because the same happened to me. They are supposed to make allowances when most of the building is unoccupied. However, often they try to pass the cost on the remaining tenants especially if they want to push them out My lawyer wrote a letter to the company. No reply of course.


  14. Hi thanks so much for all the answers! I joined the Meitverehin three years ago, and yes, it started three years ago. Once the renovation was over, they left the apartment in a far worse state. For example, a huge hole between my wall and the next apartment, construction debris, openly exposed pipes etc. Yes, the building is empty except for me, and yes, the Meitverehin kept on sending letters about the damage saying that I would be paying a reduced rent. No reply ever. It s a company that manages the place. Yes, the lawyer of the landlord send a copy to the Meitverehin too so they are aware. I have already asked for an appointment.

    I had agreed to the higher rent after rennovation, but they send me an eviction without notice instead. That s when I took it to the Meit. Never heard back after they send that notice back. Then now this.

    They offer that I sign over the apartment to them and they will forgive the debt but I must decide in a day or two! 


  15. Hi


    My landlord has sent a lawyers letter asking for thousands of euros in two weeks. I have been having an ongoing dispute with him over renovation the core of which is whether it is over or not. As long as the renovation continues I have reduced rent. He did just basic work and after his renovation, the apartment is in a far worse condition than it was before. The local Meiterverehin send him scores of letters explaining why the reduced rent still holds but now he has sent me a lawyers letter saying that the renovation was long over and that I must pay the full rent.  He never responded to any of the Meiter's letters. Can he do this? Is he not legally obliged to respond to letters from the Meiterverehin or to warn me if my rent is falling short of what he expects? He has pushed all the other tenants out of the building, and I am the only holdout.


  16. Hi,


    Thank you so much for the responses. 

    More than 10 people have lived here since then. He left in 2017 and we are not sure we have all his letters. Can I just write the adressee is no longer here and send it back or should I also a

    add that he left in 2017 and left no forwarding address?  He was a very nice kid and I don t want him to get into trouble. We think that it was because he did not submit some documents that were required for the registration. He did say something like that when he left as he had planned to do it and did not get the time to do that at the last moment. 


    I only know that he is somewhere in Los Angeles.


  17. An American student lived in my WG but left two years ago. I don t have a forwarding address. When he was here he had put his address as Name C/o Main Tenant (me). A lot of people have lived in this apartment, it s kind of a revolving WG, and usually we just keep the letters in a box. However, this letter is from the court and I don t know what to do with it. Any advice? 

    I don't know if he de-registered when he left the city. 

    I would be grateful for any advice.