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  1. Hi


    I graduated with my Ph.D. this year, and am above 45. I asked an immigration counselor about my chances to stay on if I find a job that corresponds to my qualifications and he says that I must get a salary of nearly 4,000 euros to stay because of pension contributions.  I work at the university and only a professor gets so much money.


    1. Is this true? If it is can I take additional private pension insurance to make up the shortfall if I am offered a contract at the university at a lower salary?

    2. He said that this was for para 18. If true, is there any other permit, for example, 21, freelancer, with which I can apply for permanent residence?


    I have spent about a decade in Germany as a student. As part of various jobs, I have already paid about 42 months in the statutory pension scheme,.


    I d be very grateful for advice on the matter.


  2. Hello,


    I have had great experiences with the Mietverehin and so please join ASAP.

    About your specific case, AFAIK you have to find him three tenants who are willing to take the place. If he is not happy with those three your obligation is over.

    One way of doing this is to advertise on and you should get a lot of interested applicants, certainly more than three. Then you take the offers and send them to the real estate agency.,

    At the same time, join the Mietverehin and they ll send a letter.

    Usually, the problem will be resolved.





  3. 5 minutes ago, cb6dba said:

    In the distant way past I worked with some colleagues who all worked for Jamba (before I met them). 

    they said that the management of Jamba had the policy of putting off refunds until it got serious as the longer they had the cash, the better. The people they employed to put this off (and be insulted constantly) as log as possible were being paid anyway. 


    I guess it will always be the case, cash will only be refunded when it looks like it may cause trouble for the company and not before. As a possible plus for them, people may give up or accept a better offer. 

    From my time in retail and working for a bank, one of the only consequences they are really scared of is if  a bank or credit agency (Visa etc) blacklist the company. Very rarely happens though. 

    Thanks. I think Shaw Academy is in fear of this since they have scammed many people and there is even a petition to the Irish government (they are based in Dublin) to ban the company and charge it for fraud.


  4. Just to update. I contacted them, showed them evidence that I had cancelled well in time, but they kept on offering concessions and a life time membership! I refused. Never agree to anything. I threatened to report them for fraud and to claim a chargeback.

    They first returned the April money.

    Then after more threatening letters they returned the money in full! 


    Main points

    1. Insist that you will demand a chargeback.

    2. Don t agree to any of their offers.

    3. DONT CLICK ON ANY ADDITIONAL MATERIAL THEY OFFER YOU. It s a scam. If you click then they will take money and say that you bought the material.


  5. hi,


    I have spent more than a decade in Germany on a 16 student permit and graduated with a Ph.D. this year. I also have a German master's. However, I have not been able to secure a job yet, but have freelance offers. Is there any way that I can get permanent residence in Germany? I know that I have  18 months to secure a job that is in line with my qualifications, but I have only been able to get freelance offers to teach English, edit academic texts etc.


  6. Hi,

    Saw this only now, so the late reply. I was in a similar situation during my PhD. I got an exchange at one of the most prestigious universities in France, and my German permit was enough to study there. Don't dereigster and don t take a break of more than six months. In my case my German student permit was enough to study in France. I kept my German residence and visited occasionally.

    If you just want to go and write your Masters thesis in Spain that s fine. You are allowed free movement in the Schengen zone.


  7. 1 minute ago, murphaph said:

    I wonder was the letter addressed properly. It sounds like they couldn't figure out where to deliver it to.

    It was. DHL delivered another packet on the same day! Could it then send it back for a customs check or something? In that case, why would it say Out for Delivery?


  8. 24 minutes ago, Janx Spirit said:

    There should be a slip/note (yellow usually, but depends on the carrier) in your letterbox. You will need this to pick it up from"IPZ Niederaula"

    No, I called them later with a friend who speaks German and the customer service woman said it will be send back as it is too difficult to do  a second delivery for a letter! No slip note in my box.


  9. Hi,


    I had a letter coming to me from outside the EU, from India. 

    The tracking app said "Out For Delivery" two days ago but now says "Returned to Warehouse"

    IPZ Niederaula, Germany.

    I called them  but they are very unhelpful as I don t speak German very well.

    What does it mean?



  10. 2 minutes ago, snowingagain said:

    Have you contacted Shaw Academy and asked why they still charged you despite your cancelation?   And demanded a repayment?


    Yes, I did that and they claim that it auto-renews though they officially confirmed my cancellation of the free trial.


  11. THe court summons will come anyway, but if you contact them they know that you live at that address. I was advised never to contact them, wait for the yellow letter, and then contest all charges. The first time they did not even bother sending the yellow envelope, the second time they did and I contested it. There is a box in the form that you can tick and send back.


  12. Hi,


    I signed up for a free trail to Shaw Academy and they have charged my credit card even though I cancelled well before the free trail ended. The charges are in November, December, January and April, and it is only now that I noticed. 

    Can I reverse these charges. I have all the evidence that I cancelled the trail and that the payment was unauthorized.

    My card is a Deutsche Bank Visa Card.


    I tried searching online but I get different answers.


  13. It s easy to respond yourself. There are three boxes, or two, as I recall. One of them says "I will fight all charges" or something along those lines. A friend who speaks German, or deepl translate is enough. Just one tick in that box. That s all I did.

    I think that they just mass mail. I know people who paid up. So why go to court against you, especially, as another post states, they tend to lose?


  14. I have dealt with them twice. here is what you do. Ignore all letters until the yellow one comes. Personally, I used all their warning letters in my printer.


    What WF does is put a scary-looking court order in the letter they send you, but if you read it carefully, you ll see that it is against Kabel Deutschland and not against you personally.


    Finally, they will take it to the court and the court will send you an yellow envelope.


    Once that comes, send by registered post, contesting all charges. You don t need a lawyer for this. If you go to a lawyer they will only charge you a lot of money to do the same and you won't save much.

    Never ever sign anything WF sends you.


    They will have to take you to court and prove their case which they don t since it is very hard to prove. Especially if you live in a shared WG.


  15. Hi


    I saw an advertisment for a teacher in the area that I studied in and took a PhD in. It is a multi disciplinary social science subject. 

    They are looking for teachers in a social science subject that is interdisciplinary but I do not have a teaching qualification. I have a PhD and two Masters

    Is there anyway I can apply for the job? Is the PhD and teaching experience considered equal?


  16. 33 minutes ago, lunaCH said:

    I would feel absolutely awful and very sorry if I actually had to serve a termination on her, especially as she has just moved in.

    Unhappily, if I have to, it will be owing to circumstances totally beyond my control, - something which I would be happy to explain to her in detail - and the whole thing which is quite complex can be backed up with documents. 

    I did say to the Makler that it would be better if the owner annulled the already signed lease contract as it would mean less hassle for the tenant if she stayed in the other flat and not move in to the one being sold, as she risks having to move again.

    Alas, the owner did not agree and wanted it sold 'let' to get the rent money for two months before the handover. :rolleyes: 

    If he had have sold it to us empty, we would be already using it from next month for ourselves.

    Well, that puts a different spin on things. If she just moved in, she is not a long term tenant, and maybe willing to shift. It is when you live in a place for a very long time that you become attached to it. Tenant law reflects that as the notice period you have to give goes up depending on the number of years you live there.


  17. 12 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    Still landlords/owners have rights as well and the law currently states that there is no obligation to live in the freed-up dwelling for a certain length of time. Moreover the owner's needs and circumstances can change after a short period of time following an eviction. ;)

    You could hang about following an eviction and check up on the owner. But the law is on the side of the owner and the onus on the evicted tenant to prove that the eviction was abusive. You don't know the personal circumstances of the owner and what they also may be going through.


    Mieter fühlen sich in solchen Fällen regelmäßig betrogen und halten die Kündigung für unwirksam.

    Hieraus resultieren nicht selten Schadensersatzforderungen des Mieters, der seine mit dem Umzug verbundenen Kosten ersetzt bekommen möchte. Dieses Verlangen ist jedoch nicht immer berechtigt.

    Look, seriously, don t argue with me. You don t have a chance. If you have not spent your money, buy an empty apartment. If you have, prepare for a serious battle.  


  18. 22 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    Indeed it is rather confusing.

    Still, is a previous tenant really going to keep track of what's going on at their former abode for years and then start a legal case up against the landlord because she or he only stayed there for say 2 years and 6 months rather than 3 years? Fairly unlikely.

    Yes, they will check because he or she can sue you for (1) damages and mental anguish (2) rent difference between the new place and the old place (3) cost of moving (4) loss of long standing tenant rights...and so on. 

    In Germany, homes are not seen as houses (mere real estate). A home is a home. Judgments reflect that.


  19. Yes, there is a new law that prevents this. In addition, you have to really prove that you need the place and that you don t have any alternative. A lot of laws in favor of the tenant were also passed regarding the renovation loopholes.


    They keep track because the Ordungsamt knocks on the door. I live in a shared WG and people come and go. They knocked twice looking for people who had long left. 




    It s nationwide. Berlin has passed a law that puts a rent brake. All contracts that charge above that are now illegal. It is likely that the law will be extended all over the country. If you want to use the flat then you will have to really use the flat. The second article contains a link to a case in Hamburg where a long term tenant successfully sued her landlord who pushed her out claiming self use and then advertised it on AirBnB.

    I really doubt that in case of a legal dispute the Ordungsamt will not check that you are actually resident at the address.


  21. On 9/23/2020, 9:08:53, lunaCH said:

    :huh: I don't think the law specifies that you have to stay in there for any length of time or have you come across something to the contrary?

    Yes, several years. If the evicted tenant sues to say that you used the clause to just get him out you can be slapped with the fine. In addition to paying damages. The laws were tightened early this year.