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  1. I turned selbständiger as I sometimes take translation projects and only so I could invoice those companies I work with. My yearly income is in fact very low over a year and not stable. So far my health insurance is still covered by my husband under the family insurance (TK).   TK sends us a letter every year to make sure I am still covered by the family insurance with a form attched for us to declaire whether I have income and if I do how much. After we send back the form we received another letter from tk asking for my Einkommennachweise since I had income. I only have income in 2013 however TK's question is general: How much is my monthly income? We did some math on our own and filled in the form.   My question is since my income was so little (some hundreds) I didn't bother to hire an accountant monthly. For our tax 2012 we asked an account to do it. In this case how should I get my Einkommennachweise for this purpose? Who should issue it in my case?   Any advice will be appreciated.