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  1. Barre classes in Munich

    Hi!  Melissa here, owner and instructor at The Munich Collective.  I recently opened my doors to a new studio in Schwabing, Munich.  If you're looking for classes in english or just a fun community then please come and check us out.  What is barre?  Ballet barre classes are fitness classes based on ballet technique but have taken on many different forms since it’s beginning.  Barre classes at the MC are fun, challenging and are sure to give you results without the need of prior dance experience or knowledge. You will feel the burn! By doing small isometric movements, you work the muscle to fatigue, then stretch it out to create long and firm muscles.  Isometric exercises develop the kind of muscle fibers that are key to endurance and balance.  Barre is a great compliment to other workouts and is accessible to all fitness levels.