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  1. I can come to the Christmas market as well.
  2. I will not be going tonight. My husband surprised me with birthday dinner plans. Hope to eventually meet all of you ladies the next time around...which will be Halloween night?
  3. I would love to join. This is my birthday :) should not be home alone.
  4. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Woah girl you are way too much for the likes of these small town folk lol. I loved reading your profile it was refreshing. We have a lot in common and I have a similar attitude and would love to hang out but I do not have the kind of income that life requires anymore 😭. Good luck to you I hope you meet some fun and open minded people.
  5. Hi everyone, I am going to try this again as I got logged out of TT and was not able to retrieve my password 🙄. What days of the week do you ladies usually meet? I would love to join you the next time.