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  1. Not quite sure why anyone would choose to book a hotel room near a central train station area unless they can't understand a transport map!


    Anywhere in the world, it will not be a true reflection of the city staying in the central train station area but Munich is perfectly safe for normal non dickhead people.




  2. On 2/27/2021, 12:21:50, MikeMelga said:

    Why? Just rent. Makes no sense to buy a house in Munich. It's the biggest realstate bubble in the world and will eventually collapse. Wait till it does, then buy.


    I have a friend that bought a new small row house for about 600.000€, about 40 minutes away from Munich. But it's a tiny village and definitely not english-friendly. Worst, these small villages are not foreign-friendly. And some not even German-friendly. Either your great granpas were born there or you don't belong.


    This is terrible advice! 


    Bought an apartment 5 years ago and now it is worth 50% more. Even if there is a property price decline it certainly won't go down by 50% maybe 10 or 15%. It is absolutely nuts renting if you can afford to buy. 


    I would prefer to leave my child a freehold apartment when I die than wasting all my money renting until the day I die.


  3. On 4/16/2020, 1:29:14, AnswerToLife42 said:

    They should better go bancrupt.


    Oh, I forgot: McFit - the gym for stingy people

     I know this is an old thread but really this is not true!


    Most "expensive" gyms offer a lot less in terms of equipment and are no cleaner or better maintained compared to chain gyms like Cleverfit, McFit etc.


    Also, the weights generally go up to about the amount that a 12-year-old girl lifts!! At least when you go to a stingy gym the people look like they lift weights and keep fit and not like geriatrics. Sure you can support some independent gym for 75€ a month for a piece of free fruit and get a free workout program they copied online but really is that worth an extra 50€ more a month!


    Plenty of people go to my gym that drive BMW's and Audi's but maybe that is why they do as they don't spend a lame amount on expensive out of date gyms.


  4. Commerzbanks app is in English and looks pretty slick. Transferwise just seems good for if you travel lots. Bunq doesn't have a free account so seems abit lame paying 7.99€ a month for a multicoloured card when my Sparkasse account is free.


    I also use N26 and think they are quite good. They have a bank license and seem to be one of the more traditional challenger banks.


    I think Revolut is a joke!! I had a business account through them for about a week but closed it as the debit card is prepaid so therefore half of the online stores do not accept it! I couldn't even pay for a Gsuite account from Google.


    If you have DB, Revolut and N26 not sure why you would need any more accounts. Perhaps just be abit more organised with your money so you dont need super fast transfers and instant spending updates.


  5. On 27/05/2019, 14:18:54, French bean said:

    I openly admit to being a Dinosaur and hate computers but unfortunately I need one. I need help deciding what spec I should have.


    My uses are as simple as I am:

    Intenet surfing,

    The odd spread sheet


    The odd Forum

    So I know what software I need (Windows 10) and I use Libra...


    With all the nerds on here I am surprised that no one managed to mention a Chromebook. Does everything you want for about 400-600€.


    Google Chrome O/S, Google Drive with 100GB of cloud storage more than enough for photo storage and documents. Of course you have to use Google office suite instead of Microsoft. office. They are compatible with Android apps and recently also Linux apps. No worries about viruses and constant downloading updates as everything is cloud based. 


    Best place to buy is Notebooksbilliger as generally not in the shops. A good option is an Acer or HP 2in1 11-14 inches (you can use them in laptop or tablet mode) They are not that popular in Europe yet or perhaps never will be but they outsell Windows laptops in the US mainly due to being cheaper and the education sector purchases them for schools. 



  6. 2 hours ago, trrr said:

    I'm seriously tempted to get a Chromebook, but I'm gonna wait a while. I like this review.

     I have already held off for a couple of years. My Dell recently died. Crap to start with always updating Windows and if you don't use Windows it is annoying. The constant slow updates and promoting you to use Microsoft Edge and whatever other software comes pre-installed.


    I have heard that Asus is a good Chromebook. A couple of newer options available now mainly from Samsung, HP and Acer. I think most the newer models you can also run Linux apps. Unfortunately being in Europe they are a lot more expensive than the U.S and the only real options here are Acer or HP. About 700€ would get you are really decent one. Budget ones also look quite good. Acer R13 flip 2in1 with touch screen is only 500€.


  7. OP in your other thread you mentioned you want a laptop for only surfing the internet.


    Perhaps get a Chromebook instead. Not that popular in Europe but in the U.S they are more popular in the education sector than Windows laptops. Chrome OS obviously instead of Windows. No worries about updates and slowness of windows etc on a inexpensive laptop. 


    Check out Notebookbilliger. You can get something half decent enough for €400. Usually abit smaller than  17inch screen but some great options for 2in1s.



    I am buying an HP x360 this week from them as I don't use Windows OS much but use Google Suite instead.




  8. Surprised that everyone thinks it is totally normal behaviour to purposely cause a shitload of mess to someone's else's belongings and fob it off with some jam and honey.


    It isn't dust it is brown saw dust big difference. It will take a few hours to clean once I remove everything out and put all back in once cleaned. I kind of didn't want to spend a couple of free hours cleaning up someone else's mess.


    I think the father in law had the best solution. Get a cleaning company to clean it and invoice her. I think that is what I will do.


    I might also do a shit outside her door and leave a box of chocolates as an apology!


  9. 6 hours ago, robinson100 said:


    And covering stuff kept in the cellar with plastic sheeting or whatever is simply a good idea, so quite possibly, the neighbour didn't specifically cover her stuff to practice her chainsaw skills.

    Plastic sheets tapped to the ceiling  down to the floor is a good idea and normal, yeah probably not. 


  10. 7 hours ago, optimista said:

    I guess this is what she had in mind... your cellar was going to get dusty at some point anyhow.

    Abit of dust is kind of different than brown saw dust covering everything, don't you think?


  11. 5 hours ago, SpiderPig said:

    What the hell is that?


    Lunch sleep?  


    Sorry to de-rail this thread... but "lunch sleep? "  Come on.. I feel guilty when Is say "Mittags Schlaf" to my buddies... 



    I think most children up to about 3 have a sleep around lunch time. What else is it called in English at that time of day?


  12. I was putting my son down for his lunch sleep yesterday and all of a sudden there was a loud chainsaw noise. The fact that it was during Ruhezeit i thought I better check it out.


    I went into the entrance of the Keller( we have a hallway in Keller and then individual caged storage rooms) the neighbour is standing there with safety glasses and a mask on sawing a treetrunk. There was dust everywhere and once I said you can't be doing that inside, I think it kind of dawned on her that she had made a bad judgement. She apologised and cleaned the small hallway and knocked on my door later with some jam and honey. What a nice neighbour I thought, no harm done.

    I went and checked my Keller room and due to it being caged walls, dust is on all our stuff, suitcases, storage boxes with books, childrens outdoor toys and spare furniture) and the floor. I looked through to her Keller room and she had plastic sheeting covering her stuff so she knew it was going to make a mess so now I am pissed off!


    I doubt the other Keller owners would notice unless they run their fingers over their belongings or look at the floor properly in their Kellers. If they did I am sure they would not think someone had a chainsaw going in the bloody Keller area. If they found out surely she would have to pay for the other 4 owners to have their Keller cleaned. Perhaps someone even has electronics or something similar stored there as it is a nice new build and nice warm Keller, they might be ruined from all the dust.


    What should I do? Pay a cleaner to clean it and charge her or offer to let her clean it? Which would be kind of weird. Perhaps I just clean it myself and be happy with my jam and honey for the couple hours it will take.


  13. 20 minutes ago, vronchen said:


    Germany has strict gambling laws. Online sites such as lottoland are illegal. I heard that some banks report it if they recognise illegal gambling participation from one  of their accounts. I would stay away from it and use one of the legal certified sites.

    I buy a ticket most weeks and also have won the occasional time. My bank hasn't reported me yet?



    Good spotting, you are correct. A quick Google search confirms that late last year they were banned in Germany. Strange their site still operates though.


    Gotta love the TT knowledge base?


  14. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking more the fact the my health insurance provider would be confused as to which pay to deduct my health insurance from.


    Would that not happen?


    I guess they would just deduct the health insurance percentage from both salaries.


  15. I have resigned from my job and I am currently taking some outstanding holiday leave. My contract doesn't finish until the week after next, but i have a new job offer which starts before then. Is it legal to start a new job while still be employed somewhere else?


    If it is ok I guess the tax would be considerably more but ideally they want me to start asap.


    Any help appreciated.




  16. I have been going here for the last few years. It is near Hauptbahnhof. All the staff speak English and Dr März is a friendly and competent doctor. If you ring early in the morning you can usually get an appontment the same day but of course sometimes you have to wait a while due them running behind schedule. I don't have any major health problems so I only go once or so a year! 



  17. 5 minutes ago, Petro6golf said:


    1 hour ago, MikeMelga said:


    1 hour ago, Camm said:



    I remember from years ago my mate said he had a little touch up with Keydecks so it wouldn't be the first. Not sure if Kd posts here anymore.




  18. You are correct though my maths and spelling/ grammer is rubbish. I am deslexic so thanks for highlighting the fact. I hope you feel good. 


    How is 150k deposit on 650k value now worth 850k only 23% return only 23%


    Come by Augustiner Keller if you want and you can educate me.


  19. 10 minutes ago, MikeMelga said:

    You said 100% return of investment with 150K. That means it originally costed you 150k€. Not my fault you can't do the math. The actual value is 23%, not 100%!


    Not only your math is crap, but so is your English "know wonder"? Really?

    And you are the one actually being a twat, you were providing wrong information and leading the OP to believe it was a fantastic investment. I just called your claim bullshit, which is now very clear for all.

    Tell me: was your post useful or misleading to the Op.

    I said the Ops figures were off if you read my post correctly.


    Still a ball bag!