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  1. Pause Mcfit Membership

     I know this is an old thread but really this is not true!   Most "expensive" gyms offer a lot less in terms of equipment and are no cleaner or better maintained compared to chain gyms like Cleverfit, McFit etc.   Also, the weights generally go up to about the amount that a 12-year-old girl lifts!! At least when you go to a stingy gym the people look like they lift weights and keep fit and not like geriatrics. Sure you can support some independent gym for 75€ a month for a piece of free fruit and get a free workout program they copied online but really is that worth an extra 50€ more a month!   Plenty of people go to my gym that drive BMW's and Audi's but maybe that is why they do as they don't spend a lame amount on expensive out of date gyms.