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  1. Bank account with good online service

    Commerzbanks app is in English and looks pretty slick. Transferwise just seems good for if you travel lots. Bunq doesn't have a free account so seems abit lame paying 7.99€ a month for a multicoloured card when my Sparkasse account is free.   I also use N26 and think they are quite good. They have a bank license and seem to be one of the more traditional challenger banks.   I think Revolut is a joke!! I had a business account through them for about a week but closed it as the debit card is prepaid so therefore half of the online stores do not accept it! I couldn't even pay for a Gsuite account from Google.   If you have DB, Revolut and N26 not sure why you would need any more accounts. Perhaps just be abit more organised with your money so you dont need super fast transfers and instant spending updates.