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  1. Similar situation as K, I usually work nights but tonight I'm off.

    In case somebody cancels/ doesn't show up, I add me too :)


    1) Quietlaugh (Tenno or Mitani)

    2) Scarborough (Tenno)

    3) p.p (Tenno)

    4) oakin (no preference)

    5) Clopez (Tenno)

    6) Lucie (Tenno)

    7) 9) Mr and Mrs OzMike (no preference)

    9) Kaori

    10)Tee Thakore (Tenno)

    11) E



    -------->8---------- To attend just copy from here, paste and add your name to the list ---------->8----------


    Spanish Speaking Meet-Up / Spanisch Stammtisch MÜnchen (SSMU)

    Every now and then at a different Spanish or Latin American venue in Munich.


    Noche Ibérica


    Friday 4.Apr.2014, 8:30 pm

    Dinner / Drinks @ Centro Español

    Daiserstraße 20 - U3/U6 Implerstraße - S7/53/132/N41 Harras

    Table name: SSMU

    Seats reserved: 20

    Midnight Party @ Noche Ibérica, fiesta de Rock & Pop Ibérico

    Lindwurmstraße 88 (walking distance from the restaurant)


    Language Happy Hour from 10pm on (when other languages are also allowed)


    1. Sinderbox

    2. pretty.polly

    3. Alex

    4. TomAs

    5. Mahdad

    6. Arelett (Tentative, TBC)

    7. VeronikaO

    8. auldlangsyne

    9. elfaba

    10. Fran

    11. MelissaS

    12. Christine

    13. Liliana

    14. UlrikeA

    15. HannaS

    16. KasparK

    17. FerdinandR

    18. Lina



    -------->8-------- copy till here -------->8-------- include this line -------->8-------- copy till here




  3. 1) Georgi - Seehaus in English Garden

    2) Jalar - No preferences

    3) sofstone - Seehaus in English garden

    4) Orla - 4you

    5) Chris - 4you

    6) Eugene - No Preference

    7) Gurmok/G - new in the city so I don't know :)

    8) Abhi - 4you

    9) Elina- Seehaus in English Garden (weather is way too good for 4you)


  4. What: BMW Museum

    When: 7 April 2013, 13:00

    Where: BMW museum, at the entrance



    1. Robbert

    2. Samir (maybe)

    3. Frank Roig

    4. Sandra D

    5. Zeth-Delta

    6. Deja_Voodoo (Nasos)

    7. Jovie

    8. Lexina

    9. Mon (+1, my sis, here on a visit, nice opportunity to show her the bmw museum too :) )

    10. Elina (see ya!) :)


  5. hey there! i am a modern dancer in munich : ) I will see die faszination - but probably on saturday. on sunday i heard there is a 3d showing of 'Pina' at cinema Rex..! I love this choreographer and her work so will probably go to that tooooo... Anyway, so nice that there are other people interested in this crazy dance world : ) would be nice to see something together in future. best e x


  6. Thank you so much everyone who came to shoot today and day before!!! I didn't expect so many!!! :) It was great to have you guys there doing your thing :) Will hopefully be able to join you next week for the christmas market. In the future I hope we can have a shoot with a fixed studio / when me & dancers are not so exhausted and sick...hehehehe ;-) I had fun though. All the best to you. Thank you again!! See ya. Love Elina


  7. Heylo dear photographers of Munich! It was awesome to meet you all on thursday night. As i mentioned to a few of you, me and my dancers are meeting this weekend to rehearse our piece; if you are up for it, you are welcome to come and try out your dance photography skills. We will meet at Iwanson dance school.


    Address: Iwanson International School of dance, Adi-Maislinger-Strasse 12, 81373 Munich, Germany.


    Ah! I forgot to say: If you wish to come to the show itself on tuesday night, I think there are still some tickets left. Tues 20 Nov 8pm.


    If not, we can give you a free preview this weekend:

    Sat 17 Nov between 13.00 - 15.00

    Sun 18 Nov between 13:00 - 16.00


    If there weather is nice, we may even venture outside. maybe it's nice if you guys like to do a bit of outdoor photography :o ) but it depends on the weather, and how ready we are. We are in process..


    Any questions i'm on 0044 7787 155 183


    Best to you.


    Elina xx


  8. WHEN: Thursday 15 November 2012, 7pm

    WHERE: Café Arts & Boards http://www.arts-and-boards.de/

    WHAT: meet & greet



    1. Day

    2. walmerroad

    3. STB

    4. atyab

    5. Zeth-Delta

    6. Deja_Voodoo

    7. scof

    8. GAS

    9. Peteretep

    10. Aymanous

    11. James_bla

    12. Anchik (first time for me)

    13. LaurelR

    14. Deforest

    15. clopez

    16. Víctor

    17. Paleman (new guy)

    18. JulieVanSkittles (new and shy)

    19. Angela (first time for me too)

    20. Elina (first time for me too)(i'm excited!)


  9. Wow! this sounds great! photography is a big passion of mine, besides the dancing :)

    I could possibly meet this weekend if I am still here, but if not, then a tuesday evening sometime in November sounds great! I would love to come. I think I have both digital and film camera with me, but have to run and check...