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    For those wanting to see the Video's, theres many on Youtube...


    I'm just wondering how many of those people were paid actors...

    Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch


    I'm sure that's true, but it didn't prevent them from hiring actors for the iPhone launch in Poland..


    Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

    Actors paid to join iPhone queues in Poland

    DK, the "them" you are referring to is Orange Poland. As your very own references claim (you can't believe everything you read on the internet), it was Orange that conceived of and executed the idea. It was a purely Orange promotion. The minor fact that Apple products were involved does not mean that Apple condones or uses the same methods.


    I know that you are a big fan of Linux, which is fine, and that you like to raise issues with Mac products, which is fine. Just want to be sure that you are attacking the correct target.


  2. The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom




    Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.


    (emphasis added)


    oh, dear. so many ways to ridicule, so little time... but I'll go with:


    looks like the new CEO is surprisingly unaware of the company's core business model.


  3. Money madman who declares capitalism is crazy

    Host of prime-time TV investment show says the neocon free market is to blame for the crisis



    A Harvard law school graduate who made a fortune as a trader, Cramer [host of Mad Money] is more than just a clown. He co-founded the news website, where he is paid a salary of $1.3m (£650,000), and he is arguably America's best known financial commentator.


    Off-camera, an encyclopaedic mind is evident as he sprinkles esoteric historical references into his rapid-fire analysis of America's economic crisis - for which he holds laissez-faire policies in Washington partly responsible.


    Cramer says that under Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, there was a proud tradition in the US of regulating capitalism to ensure it was fair - until the neo-conservative era dawned.


    "Capitalism is supposed to be regulated," he says, citing the need to protect the public against dodgier hedge funds and sub-prime mortgage brokers. "The marketplace is really stupid, rapacious at the margins. It's a remarkably inefficient and brutal world."

    (emphasis added)

    [sarcastically] yea, bunch of commi bastards. :P



    ... Can somebody explain to me why the whole country just doesn't vote at the one time, with consistant voting rules/laws? And why do you need about a year to decide this thing? Primaries, one month, president, one to two months. I'm suprised that the election doesn't have an official sponsor, because it seems that it was designed to cater for such an eventuality...

    Yea, it's a bit of a mess. But remember that American democracy is a work-in-progress and that the party voting process is constantly changing. Not long ago there was no popular voting at all - the candidate was typically just selected at the convention in a back-room deal. And considering how much money has been spent in the current cycle, that old system does have some appeal...


    You can be sure that the dems will change the rules before the next cycle. It is doubtful that the repubs will make any significant changes - though I could see them being tempted by the idea of offical sponsorship...


    edit: and Cheers to Janx! love it :lol:



    Yes, I do think it would be politically motivated.


    At any rate, no one is ever investigated for a criminal offense if there is absolutely no intent to (possibly) prosecute prior to the initation of the investigation. No one files such a complaint with a prosecutor unless they want to see someone prosecuted.


    I also don't think that you mention German law if you believe a TT post is out of order- you should cite TT's forum rules instead.

    do appreciate your use of the Conditional I Progressive tense on the first line.


    Re: second paragraph. Am not sure if you are being sarcastic or refreshingly naive.


    Re: final point. My original comments also made reference to US law in the sense that the Secret Service is bound to investigate threats made against high public officials and, when deemed appropriate, those made against presidential candidates (especially if they are Senators). Regardless, kudos to EditorBob in managing to get TT forum rules to supersede national laws. Very impressive. (and yes, I am being sarcastic.)


    anywho, bye for now. looking forward to Pennsylvania results.



    They have what, like 30-50 vipers maybe? I'm fairly sure that the Cylons could have 6 base stars and deal with them with missiles and their flak cannons, if you loose a few basestars, who cares? You just exterminated your enemies species. The cylons are pretty incompetant if their goal is truly eradication... Fire 300 nukes at galactica, you cant intercept them all.

    my friend, have I got a website for you (not related to BG):


    you should definitely watch the Superman one. Enjoy.


  7. really? you think this is some kind of politically motivated witch-hunt?!?!? No, you got it all wrong. Was just a friendly head's up. Consider it like a "point of order" in Robert's Rules of Order. Not meant to shut down anyone (he can say whatever he chooses as far as I'm concerned). Also, did notice that you changed the wording of your post to "could" from "will" "be prosecuted". My reply was to when you still had the "will be prosecuted". only want to add that I never said "prosecuted" - I said "investigated". You seem very keen on pointing out exact wording, and am surprised at the way you misspoke here. whatever, no big deal.


    anyway, I agree: new topic.


  8. uhm, since when did a comment like: "yo, dude, you seem to be driving a bit fast there."

    become: "I'm gonna call the police on you for speeding!"???


    I said what I said as only a semi-serious heads-up.


    And on a semi-related tangent, isn't there a law in Germany whereby a driver can be fined for "flip'n the bird" / giving the finger to another driver? I'm told it falls into the "act of aggression" laws or the like - and the police don't even need to witness the act, anyone can report anyone. Glad I didn't drive much while there ;)



    ...Anyone else close their eyes for the bit with the tribal drumming at the end of the intro credits?


    no, but did fast forward thru a couple parts... Was really disappointed with this latest episode (s04e03). They could have told the same story in a 15 minute segment, plot lines were shaky, and far too many scenes just seemed like acting school "character studies". The show hasn't lost me yet, but I am getting concerned that they are "going the wrong way".


  10. (oh boy. he's back, and bitter as ever...)


    ...Obama will never be president...


    ...Message me anytime if any of you losers want to meet to debate. I can be in munich in 20min

    Just so you know, comments like these and your repeated use of them borders on being threats and intimidation. Would hate to see you being investigated by the german police or secret service. Just saying.


    also, dude! take a chill pill. you are acting like that guy in the movie scanners... the one who's head explodes. just relax.


  11. for me, the thing about sci-fi is that the writing is either hit or miss. and then there is the all too often "out of the blue" plot fix, which is frustrating. Why bother to create a fictitious world in elaborate detail and then go and F it up with some totally out of place plot jump???


    Anyway, have been impressed with this new BG series. It is much more cohesive than the original series, which I remember being about on the same level as the Planet of the Apes movies. (as in: not fully thought out and just pandering for audiences, attention and money.) So far the series is worthy of the description of being very well written. Still I do hope that they (the producers) don't try to juice the idea / series and thereby "jump the shark".


    That said and assuming that the writers' strike didn't affect the show, I have a hard time seeing that Roslin is the 5th cylon. Same with Commander Adama. I can't see how almost all of the human leadership is actually cylon...


    Also, am very surprised that Thai (sp?) is a cylon - since he fought in the fist war (how old is he? and when did the cylons develop humaniod technology?) Thinking about it, he is one of the most complex characters in the show. I wonder if he is a metaphor for gays in the military - add a bit of self-loathing + strong need for (human) approval = over zealousness and extreme judgmentalism. So in some regard him being a cylon (early model humaniod) makes sense.


    The character of Starbuck is also interesting. But also have a hard time seeing her as a cylon (she lacks that need for approval, imho). One idea is that she is a messenger / gift from the gods (assuming that they are real). Maybe this fits into the "third species" idea somehow.


    regardless, am looking forward to the new episodes.



    ... Is there anywhere where I can legally watch it online as I for halfway through season 3. ...

    for a while iTunes was offering the mini-series for pay-for-download. seems to have been discontinued (for now). maybe that will change in future.


  13. Cendaf, if you are so unhappy and returning home would improve things, what are you waiting for? And I don't mean this is some kind of ironic / political / bashing way, but rather as person to person. Life is too short to be unhappy or to sit around feeling bad about mistakes (everyone makes them) - correct them and do what makes you happy. C'mon man, where's that American "can do!" spirit? Live and be happy, that's the best thing you can do on this earth (IMHO).


  14. There are no flights from Munich airport to Gdansk, Poland. Instead, they have flights to "Danzig"... can only imagine the fuel surcharge for time travel... but what I don't understand is: if my passport was issued in 2000, can i still get a visa for "Danzig"? It is a time difference of over 70 yrs, you know.


    On the good side, they will soon have flights to Constantinople, New Amsterdam, and Saigon.



    We needed a light moment, Chicago, thanks!

    my post got deleted :(


    such a shame. we had a nice little joking / bonding moment there... sure, the post was frivolous and silly. but even though people here may not agree on some aspects of political thought, it doesn't mean we can't have some light-hearted fun once in a while.


    oh well, TT goes on.



    You and Eurovol are obviously cut from the same cloth...


    No. We are not. Politics in the Greater Chicago-land-area are different from those of eurovol's home state. Both may be rough and require some aggressiveness, but that does not make them the same.


    My point is that if you think that this is bad, you've got something else coming. People just don't realize just how protected Obama has been so far, and however ridiculous this maybe (though I do have a serious problem with Che Guevara as an individual), you will find out soon enough that he is anything but untouchable.


    What? You think THAT is bad? Guess what, tough guy, YOU ain't seen nothing. Should I tell you stories about the Chicago Council Wars? Or stories of businesses being set on fire because they had the "wrong" candidate's banner in the window? Or the countless broken car windows for having the "wrong" bumper sticker? Or the racial slurs that were so easily thrown around during the time of Mayor Harold Washington? ppppftt! Around here, slinging mud is the warm-up exercise. It starts getting serious when they grab the tire-irons.


  17. let's see... ooooohhh we're all scared, JW (and sendoff). some blogger made some un-substantiated claims, took an old comment waaaay out of context, and raised from the dead some photoshop propaganda.


    oh my god! we should all go running for the hills!! :o



    Yeah, what matter if Richard Daley encouraged a few dead people to vote for Kennedy in 1960? It's not on the same scale as those Repuglicans!


    wait a minute, Hiz Onour Mahr Daley can hardly be accused of voter suppression! And his role of "king maker" to Kennedy was great enough that it earned him a visit from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Not bad for a southside irish boy.



    ... Illinois, where Hillary was born and grew up...

    Just so you know, we don't brag about that nor claim her as a native daughter... and she returns the favor by doing nothing for our state.


    edit: besides, a more interesting aspect of the IL primary results was that of the latino / hispanic voters. They voted for Obama. Theory is that in IL these voters have had time to get to know Obama and then saw him as better representing them than Clinton(s). The longer this primary goes on, the more this scenario could play out.