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  1. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    Apologies @yourkeau if you feel hurt in some way.  You are right many people would have thought about it.
  2. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    Yes dear engelchen I am a moron. And I have moronvirus. Have always been like that for me, sadly.   I just wanted to get educated by coming to TT.  Do you think it is the right thing to do?
  3. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    I am peaceful kick boxer John  (apologies if I offended you in some way...)   I have heard that people after taking NE - switch to cheaper HI.    I agree with all your points (... no wonder you are the expert on this topic :))       
  4. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

  5. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    I read there are more than 250k people in Germany without health insurance.  Just trying to test how important HI is.  EU law says that EU Health insurance is valid in DE. But DE law does not accept a non-German HI. For me it is all too confusing :)
  6. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    How does an owner deregister someone ?
  7. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    What would you do about the health insurance payments?
  8. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    Very tricky question.  Not sure if I have an answer to this one.   "My" logic is wherever you pay the highest rent.    So if you have two apartments - one in Germany and another in NL. Then, bigger apartment with more stuff "could" be considered center of life.     
  9. Blue card holder's spouse freelancing/mini-job

    You might have to register as a freelancer with the FA finanzamt   Plus in some cases employer approval might be needed.
  10. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    If one comes back within  6 months then it is all good. Center of living should be Germany.    You should consult a lawyer disclaimer applied.  
  11. Three entities involved (or Amts, if you will) - Meldeamt - Local court - Naturalization authority   For divorce papers all are pointing at each other.  Local court is asking for ton of paper and does not recognize a non-EU divorce with apostille. 
  12. How to legalise foreign divorce in Germany

    my ex was here for couple of years. so in their records they have my exs name   but you are right. All three - marraige, divorce and the ex were all non-EU!
  13. How to legalise foreign divorce in Germany

    I provided both of them on 23.06. They gave a paper saying I am divorced in their system.   Couple days later they issued a letter saying that 23.06. paper they issued is invalid.  Please go to the local court and get it from there.   And the naturalization folks say that I should get the status changed in the Meldeamt.   Seems like EinburgurungAmt is pointing at MeldeAmt. Meldeamt is pointing at the German court.   Funny enough marriage, divorce and ex- all from non-EU country.
  14. Hallo Leute, for naturalization with an existing Niederlassungserlaubnis - what are the requirements for pension statement.    I was not asked to submit it but just wondering how and why would the beamter check a German pension statement?  They asked it at the time of giving niederlassungserlaubnis though - but no one asked me for it for naturalization.    Any pointers appreciated.
  15. Funny response by rente folks

    I wonder if the international pension money then flows into german system where it goes to the social pension net rather than an individual one.    Lets assume you saved 5 mil. USD in your pension account (lets take that number for now ) in US - then does that money flow into the german pension system. I doubt it. But then who knows.   Why would they need the foreign data of pension - is my question?