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  1. Got cheated by Indian Husband

    When it comes to legal stuff in Indian courts - they will ask you to provide documentation from German authorities or German police.   There is a growing perception in some parts of Indian judiciary that there are false cases filed on both sides. Hence, good chronological documentation will help you to fight your case. It will make your case strong.  https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/punjabi/en/article/2018/12/05/dowry-trap-untold-story-male-victims     Also, please register your facts with Indian consultate in Germany asap, if you can. At least you can consider doing so over email.
  2. Got cheated by Indian Husband

    " when ever we meet he used to torture me a lot and hurt me."   Collect all evidences and submit to German police immediately. Would help you later on having documented proof of torture. Any medical reports after torture, if available might also support your case.   If you have a genuine case please report to the German police and get it documented.
  3. Startup grant and rente

    Dear all,   Do you know if the rules change for pension submission if I am getting startup grant for sometime in Germany?   For the 9 months I had startup grant - how can pay the pension money backdated?   Thanks Kay
  4. Dear all,    As a self employed person if you did not have any savings or cash flow for some time (about one year) and you could not or did not pay into the pension account.  Can you do so after couple of years? Is that possible?    If yes, what is the process. Apperciate your guidance here.  Thanks! Kay
  5. Aufenthaltserlaubnis deleted or not?

    What happens to the condition for naturalization of 8 cont. years in Germany -  if you stayed 5 months in between abroad?   First of all, under the AufenthG residence permits can also become void when a foreigner aus einem seiner Natur nach nicht vorübergehenden Grunde ausreist.
  6. Great I registered myself for that. However, I was told that only 8 years option is available   Not 7 yrs.
  7. What is the exact name of the test you are refering to... :)?
  8. Shall I seek support from a lawyer

    Lawyer not for fighting any case but for filling up forms and making applications ready and so on. I do not want to fight any one in the court for sure :)
  9. Shall I seek support from a lawyer

    Didnt apperaring for the integration course test was considered enough? Or do I need to sit in the classes.    There is lot of content on TT on the question above but no clear answer apparently. 
  10. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    You can register at 2 places at the same time. Primary and secondary res. So, let us say you were living in House A until March 2018.  They you went to some jungle in Africa and came back to House B in Germany in Nov 2018 and registered.    When you go for your new melde appointment - you can make the new address as primary and old address as secondary.  Or, you can remove the old address from system as well. You have that option.   Center of living is very important. Questions like - where are your friends, where is your stuff and where you intend to spend your weekends etc. are imporant. This can be subjective though. 
  11. Shall I seek support from a lawyer

    Hey general Yes visited them today and they gave me a list of docs. What disappointmented me was that I expected to get done with it in 7 years but they said it is only possible after 8. So, just wanted to hire someone to ensure that I can show "integration effort" from my side to qualify for 7 yrs rule.
  12. Shall I seek support from a lawyer

    Dear all,    I am wondering if seeking support from lawyer to get naturalized makes any sense?   I can apply for citizenship this year or next and would like someone to hand hold me through the process to make it quick and easy for me.   What do you suggest?   Cheers! Kay
  13. Back payments for pension

    Dear all,    Can I make back payments from Jul 2016 to Jul 2018 to my German pension account? I was registered as a freelancer and lived in Germany but did not have any income from my freelancing stuff.   I have asked the deutsche-rentenversicherung.de but would be good to know how would you have handled this situation. Although, possibly not needed for naturalization - but would like to show a continuos payment into the rente for my German naturalization application.    Thanks and regards Kay
  14. einbürgerung in 6 or 8 years

    2011 > 5 months in Munich 2012 Nov until now > so, 6,5 years   She said that if there are rente contributions for 2011 they can consider that period into 8 year window.   I plan to take one month off in Aug 2019 to get the B1 certificate. And then go back to them in Sept or Oct.
  15. Hello all, Visited the einbuergerungs amt in Hamburg today.   Was thinking that they will allow for einburgerung after 7 years but the lady at the amt told me that it is only possible after 6 or 8 years.  There is no option of 7 years for working profeesionals. It is only for immigrants from countries struck with war etc.   This was a bit surprising and so would like to hear what you guys think? I thoguht I could appear in the integration test and move ahead.   They gave me an antrag with a contact person name and also list of docs I need to bring next time I would visit them (including B1 certificate and einburgerung certificate). Appreciate your advice. Cheers!