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  1. Folks wait for einbürgerungszusicherung is killing me... Seems like lot of German buero-kracy is about being plan-los.   Any tips or funny comments appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I am currently assessing investing in Rürup plan as the stock market is down (thank god I did not do so in 2019). Couple of questions, I seek your advice (not official "financial advice" ) ... just your experiences: 1) Post retirement - at 62 - is the money paid out in one go or is it staggered for some years? 2) Are there any major downsides to paying a big lumpsum only for one year? Or at max, paying only once in a while? Some years are good for me and some not. So, I do not want a fixed cost sitting on a permanent basis. Would appreciate if you could please share your experiences. Cheers! Kay    
  3. Rules for increasing the rent

    Dear TTers,   If you find this post repetitive please feel free to delete / merge and guide me to the right location on the forum. However, I didn't find a clear answer to: 1) What are the rules for the landlords to increase rent after first 2/3/ and 4 years or stay 2) If the rental agreement says that there will be rent increase of 10% in 2018 - is there a way to question / challenge this. 3) Which part of the German contract does it mention about the rent increases? 4) Can you / how ask the landlord to fix / maintain stuff in the apartment (his furniture which comes with the apartment), if he insists on increasing the rent?   Appreciate your input.