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  1. Buying index funds in Germany

    not sure if you guys already talked about degiro they have kostenfrei ETFs one could buy...
  2. Legal time period for apartment deposit return

    ... you should just write a formal letter requesting for the Kaution as soon as you leave the apartment. This ensures that there is documentation and bit of pressure on the landlord to return.  The law is interpreted differently in different states.
  3. Retaining NE and Naturalization

    clock doesnt start again if you have paid in the pension system  past time counts at least in north germany
  4. German economy has been very strong in recent past. But many predictions suggest that Germany will struggle to keep up the pace in next 10 to 20 years.  Question is, what are some of the reasons why   1) For a third country citizen German passport is useful? 2) For a developed world citizen German passport is useful?   Can a German passport increase your financial worth? If yes, in what ways.  Shoot all what comes to your mind. Would be an interesting thread Looking forward!
  5. folks, I stayed in Bremen for 3 months  Do I need to mention it or I can put continous Bonn for the complete timeperiod? I haev moved a lot and this time period thing can get annoying! :)
  6. German citizenship after 6 years

    Good points - if you are a "wager" But if you are a freelancer might make sense? The average income for internet workers is location independent.  Plus, these countries are beautiful.
  7. German citizenship after 6 years

    yes these days it seems they are strict with this   B1 and 7 years possible - if get attendance   B1 and 8 years is usually suggested.    Right after taking the german passport can one move to a low tax country like bulgaria or macedonia? just wondering?
  8. Climate change discussion

    way to go
  9. Climate change discussion

  10. Climate change discussion

    Hey    I searched today list of extinct species in 2018 just out of curiosity.   365 days * 200 = 7300 species extinct in 2018 according to the claims   was wondering if someone could please help me locate a list (possibly an excel sheet with all names ). I’ve read few articles online without proper details and that doesn’t quell my curiosity . I’m looking for an exact list.   Appreciate any pointers :) 
  11. Climate change discussion

    thats factually wrong   govt should stop providing potable water for sanitation
  12. Climate change discussion

    Lot of narratives in west are driven by idea of "being a savior". First create some fear and then some savior shows up.   Greta is no savior and world is not that bad a place to live as of now. In future, we will figure out some technological solution to climate problems.   Until then please stay vegetarian. And stop using toilet paper (use water instead). I do both the above things and that is sufficient for my contribution.
  13. Climate change discussion

    There are more than 100 enviornmentalists who are murdered every year according to some online reports. In developing countries like India or Africa, people are killed by some capitalists if there is too much irritation to rich people's vested interests.   What Greta is doing is nice. But it is not practical.  If govt increases power rates to 50 cents per unit in Germany (clean energy is def. not cheap as of today) then the govt goes out of power.   Some of the data quoted by Greta can also be questioned.   Younger kids should start devoting time on science and tech and develop some solutions. My fear is that people her age are detached from science and tech and are just becoming superficial agitators. Does not help in long term.
  14. B1 Certificate for Citizenship in Germany

    you just scared the hell out of me   On a serios note, would be interested to understand the reasons why you said what you said... Legal requirement is B1 certificate.
  15. Poperties by Degussa

    Folks, I was looking at a property ad by Degussa. https://www.industria-invest.de/immobilien/oberhausen/skagerrakstrasse-73/16-10/   Was wondering what do you guys think - is it too good to be true? They are offering 5% assured return!   Looking forward to your comments.