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  1. Can one relocate to Romania or Bulgaria to save taxes

    Folks, really great perspective you shares above. Really appreciate the discussion.   There is a lot of activity in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia - when it comes to gaming, new age tech etc (mostly IT).  Yes there are problems when it comes to roads etc. But they have better internet and lower taxes.  
  2. Taxes for foreigner self-employed in Germany

    Not a professional advice.   You can setup a Romanian or Bulgairan comapny and invoice the German company from there. (just realised I am only 10 years late exploring this...)!
  3. Folks,   Situation:  1. German citizen, self employed earning between 20 to 50k pa. 2. Willing to relocate anywhere sunny to save taxes 3. Also expect about 30k profits from stocks in 2021   Bulgaira has 10% corporate tax and Romania charges 1% of revenue to micro companies.   Was wondering if someone explored cheaper tax options like this to relocate?   I love Balkan area btw and have no personal issues moving there. Cheers! Kay
  4. there is no need to mention if it is more than 12 months
  5. Investing in Euros / Sterling; Broker Limitations?

    I wonder if Vanguard expense ratios are same in US vs. EU   EU probably is a bit higher. 
  6. Dima was wondering if these algo trading platforms are any good? Would love to get some guidance here... 
  7. From what I understood   Holding for more than 12 months 1. Sales of crypto not taxable IF sold after 12 months of holding. ------------- Holding less then 12 months (traders) 2. If sold before that - then up to 600 EUR profit - there is no tax 3. However, if profit is even one Euro more than 600 - then whole amount is taxed
  8. Sure Red!  TT folks seem to have more and better insight. Just a small family I can trust. I like Google stock though. 
  9. Very useful info.   Bit tangential question Is there any other country in EU with NHS like system - just wondering. Being a German citizen and a freelancer - I am wondering where can I move in EU with low taxes and HC costs (...a healthy naturalized German   Appreciate your inputs!
  10. How to deregister online?

    Folks, was wondering if I could degister from Germany online and whether it is possible to cancel health insurance as well online? I am in Australia currently and would be diff to come back to DE to wrap up my stuff.    Any pointers would much appreciated.  Cheers! Kay 
  11. I wonder why would you refuse to sign Übergabeprotokoll.    It should be good for both parties to sign it with pictures, right?   Secondly, was wondering if you can ask for the original invoices of laying down of the floor? I mean the floor looks old and must have had some depreciation to it... already :). What do the experts on the forum think about that?    
  12. I wonder why would you refuse to sign Übergabeprotokoll.    It should be good for both parties to sign it with pictures, right?    
  13. Taxes if only have capital gains

    Folks    For 2021, I expect only capital gains from stocks worth 15k   And zero income from other sources and salary.   Do I pay zero tax given its below 16k - or I pay 27% like always?   Thanks for your hints.   Cheers! kay
  14. I wonder if I can sell and buy the same stock today or tomorrow and book a loss for 2020   Does that work?
  15. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    Sure how are taxes in Ireland?