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  1. Reinvest in property

    Folks, If I sell a property for profit and invest it again in another property - I do not have to pay capital gains tax.  Was wondering if selling stocks and investing in property is also treated the same? Appreciate any pointers.
  2. Folks, read this one online    https://www.euitalianinternationaltax.com/2021/01/articles/uncategorized/italys-tax-agency-provides-clarification-on-special-tax-regime-for-new-resident-workers-entrepreneurs/#:~:text=The%20special%20tax%20regime%2C%20amended,their%20tax%20residence%20in%20Italy.   Pretty low taxes for self employed in Italy for 5 years.   Was wodnering if someone knows about it? And whether there could be some catch.    Appreciate any pointers.
  3. Also, btw Sofia is way underratead as a city.   I was there once. Friendly people. Amazing light feeling in the air. Low salary and low taxes. But life is good in Bulgaria. Zoom is coming after many countries in western Europe... 
  4. I am moving to Pilsen guys.   Well, you Italy just reduced their taxes for white collars. on 120k salary - you can get 105k in hand. Now, beat that. That too for 5 years.   Folks anyone for Milan here?
  5. Buy and selling carbon credits

    Hey all,  Was wondering if there is a way I could buy and sell carbon credits online?    https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/ICEEUR-ECFZ2021/   The price has been gng up and would love to make some money - rather than sitting in cash.   Appreciate any pointers. Cheers! kay