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  1. ... couple lap dances with ayran on the side :)
  2. Future of Germany

    Demographics and innovation are the two key factors.   Innovation in earlier times needed huge capital invest and Germany or US could lead that game. Any IT kid sitting in India or Africa can start solving local problems and innovate.  There is still some innovation like in space tech, which need huge sums of money. But for most part, cost to innovate has gone down. Also cost to learn has come down - you do no need to go to a US uni to learn analytics.    Demographics are improving now with locals having more kids and also immigration from muslim countries. However, there is a challenge on integration for the latter.    If you observe M&A activity of Chinese cos in Germany offlate - you do not really see much interest from the Chinese because they believe that they can do it alone.    So, if I have to buy DAX for 20 years - I wouldn't. 
  3. Folks there is a test prep session usually held at VHS. Normally they charge 62 EUR for a 7/8 hour training session for TELC B1.  This will give you a very good idea about the exam and strategy one could use.
  4. De-Registration in Bremen

    ... below 6 months ... every sin is forgiven. :)   (disclaimer check with a lawyer, I am not)
  5. Hello all, was wondering if you guys have a suggestion for someone (tax consultant) who is aware of Danish and German persnoal tax law and can support me on paid basis. Appreciate your comments. Thanks! 
  6. Letter from employer for Naturalization

    .. im really bad...   oopps I meant I am feeling bad
  7. House owner refuses to return deposit

    You can send this letter  https://www.iv-mieterschutz.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads/Musterformulare/Kautionsrueckforderung.pdf If you havent done already.    Its an official way to ask for money. Fill in the desired details. Also ask for the full amount.   You can send the letter online from  https://portal.epost.de  
  8. Dear all  Was wondering if you have a view on  - does it help at the BAMF for Naturalization to secure a recco letter from arbeitgeber? Does it have any impact? - if yes, what could / should be included in the letter. Appreciate your guidance. Cheers! K
  9. TELC B1 results how fast do they come

    Wow that is super useful information Jay!!! Cant thank you enough :)
  10. TELC B1 results how fast do they come

    Thanks guys for sharing your experience.  So it seems Goethe results come faster (about 4 weeks) vs. TELC 
  11. Owner refused to handover apartment

    Thanks for your response @Smaug   I went to his office on 3.12. to agree on everything and I got a written unsigned contract on 4.12. + a his signed cover letter stating apartment number etc. Also, logically on 12.12. if he writes an email saying he is changing his plans it means that he changing his "yes" to a "no". 
  12. Owner refused to handover apartment

    @someonesdaughter thanks for your sweet advice. Like your style of trying to censure others on an internet forum.   I have signed letter from landlord dated 4.12. And the email above from 12.12.   As far as hiding thing goes - if you wear green glasses you will see the world green Its time to grow up.    
  13. Owner refused to handover apartment

    Sure Lisa, this happened in Dec last year and I did not know the German law then. So I took another apartment. Recently someone showed me this webpage  https://www.advocado.de/ratgeber/mietrecht/mietvertrag/muendlicher-mietvertrag.html .    And I do not intend to make it a big deal. If I can "morally and legally" get some money out this weird landlord then I would do so.   But I get your point that I could go to a lawyer n seek professional help. 
  14. Owner refused to handover apartment

    Dear all,    I agreed with a landlord about an apartment and he sent me a signed letter on 4.12. with the proposed contract.  Afterwards, he sent out an email on 12.12. saying something to the effect of the attached email.   This led to me paying extra 3 month rent at my other apartment also lot of to and fro costs to Berlin.   Although it is late but a friend suggested that I should ask him to pay for one month or so.  Because according to the attached email and also according to his letter it is clear that he had "verbally agreed" to the contract but later "changed his plans".    Could you please guide what is the best way to go here.  Appreciate your guidance!  Cheers! K
  15. TELC B1 results how fast do they come

    THanks Alex.   In your opinion which one is more difficult to crack Goethe B1 or TELC B1?