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  1. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    thanks Luna!! Any villages I could explore?   (as you can see I prefer low taxes and an easy life) :) 
  2. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    How about living in a small nice Swiss village - rents are high there too?   My work is location independent. I travel for meetings sometimes and that can be managed from any where from EU (assuming no travel restrictions)
  3. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    Didnt realize that Swiss taxes for freelancers are that low?! Interesting. Will explore more.   Can I issue an invoice without a local address from Zug? So registering a business without local address? (I have German passport if that matters).  Two cases 1. Selling online digital products with no physcial setup.  2. Giving consulting services across EU
  4. Best EU countries for taxes for freelancers

    True so is Bulgaria. Both are good options.   Someone suggested following structure Live in Portugal on NHR  Set up company in Matla and pay taxes in Matla for the company. Pay personal taxes in Portgual. From quality of life pov Lisbon sounds better than Bulgaria.   Maybe someone can suggest legality of this structure and some experiences with this.
  5. Hej folks, which countries in  EU work best for freelancers wrt taxes.   I do not want to pay such high taxes in Germany or Denmark. Any suggestions - Czech, Portugal?   Appreciate your suggestions.
  6. I have all my monies aka equity ETFs in degiro.   They lend stocks.   I sometimes worry whether I should bring them all back to ING DIBA account (and pay huge fees).   What should the poor soul do?
  7. Folks, was wondering if I should deduct higher or lower rent for double househld (relocation case) from my taxes? I had two apartments at the same time  - during relocation period. I realize that I could get some tax benefit out of it.   Any suggestions? Thanks!  
  8. Found something online... https://www.tw-ratingen.de/Stellenbeschreibung-schraenkt-Weisungsrecht-des-Arbeitgebers-ein_764.aspx
  9. Yes it is at similar level and same pay...
  10. Moin folks, situation is that my company is undergoing an org change. I have an ok reputation and they offered me a new role but with same salary. Was wondering what happens if I refuse to take up the role. I would obv. be shown the door - but what are acceptable HR payout practices around that in Germany?   Appreciate your comments. (...I can happily survive couple quaters without work... but would try n maximize my payout with my employer)
  11. If you chose to "relocate" and "add value" from Argentinian soil on a "non German" contract - then you do not need to pay German taxes.
  12. After 6 months you can write a letter to them asking them for more information. 
  13. You are right. They will start in 2021
  14. Folks, was wondering if I invest in private pension plans from Spain - can I get the benefit on taxes in Germany?   I do not want my money to be stuck unil 67. But, until 60 is fine.    I am refering to: "Pan-European personal pension product (PEPP) - Regulation 2019/1238"
  15. Folks, usually it takes about 60 days to get the tax declaration finalized at FA. What can possibly be the shortest someone has been able to get ...?