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  1. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

    It can take a long time. The costs are calculated for a period of 1 year  ("Abrechnungszeitraum"). Then at the end of the 12th month after said period has ended the report must be provided (at the latest). I.e. if the last period ended on December 31st 2018 then you must have the report not later than December 31st 2019 (and even then the deadline might be extended under certain circumstances, e.g. if the landlord is still waiting for invoices from the gas company himself).
  2. Telekom or MNet?

    That's very unspecific.
  3. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

    Love that idea.   They cannot force you to sign anything. Once you've given them your ID (name, date and place of birth, current address) and the items you took they have to let you go. They can only hold you longer if you can't or don't want to prove your ID or they have reason to believe you have hidden more items you aren't willing to show them. They can't search your clothes/bags against your will. Then police comes to verify your ID and search you. The forms usually include: 1. list and worth of items you stole 2. statement of the employee who caught you 3. agreement to pay a fee to the store (usually 50 Euro) 4. acknowledgement of "Hausverbot", i.e. that you are forbidden from entering the store, often any store of that chain or even different chains that belong together (e.g. MediaMarkt+Saturn, REWE+Penny). Entering one of their stores again is misdemeanor punishable with a fine or up to 1 year prison (§ 123 StGB).
  4. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

    Most lawyers say you shouldn't say anything without a lawyer.   In the end it depends a bit on the mood of the state attorney but for a first-time theft of an item with low value the case will usually just be closed with no conviction at all (§ 153 StPO). So Blue Card or even citizenship usually aren't a problem. Germany is very lenient towards criminals.
  5. Cost of Master degree tuition for RESIDENT (not Citizen)

    Where do you want to study? E.g. Uni Stuttgart does list (among others) both Niederlassungserlaubnis and EU marriage as exceptions. The list is very long and covers most people already living in Germany. It seems they mostly want people coming to Germany specifically to study to pay.   Maybe other Unis or states (in Germany education is foremost in the hands of the 16 Länder) have similar rules but I'm too lazy to research all of them. My guess is all make an exception for family of EU citizens.
  6. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    I disagree. Damages can quickly exceed any Kaution and the "legal processes of eviction" are long and often unsuccessful. Basically, the landlord has the power when deciding on who to rent to. Once a tenant has moved in the landlord has lost his powers. That's why German landlords are very careful/picky about who they choose. For a small landlord letting the wrong tenant move in can end in financial ruin.
  7. How hot is it?

    If you have a Fritz!Box with the "classic" design (like 7490) put it into an upright position so that the air ducts are at the top. That will improve the air flow.
  8. Does your notice period end in 3 months or does the minimum term? I would always let the new ISP handle the switchover to avoid trouble with loss of service or double payment. So I would make the new deal about 1 months before the end of the notice period to give the new ISP enough time to handle things.
  9. If you are looking for the cheapest DSL deals besides the usual stuff from check24 et al. I would always take a look at and They often have exceptional deals with lots of cashback. (Though I do not recommend 24 months contracts ...)
  10. How hot is it?

    You know you are living in Germany when the weather reports issues a warning on account of "unhindered sunshine, cloudless, blue sky".    
  11. It doesn't. The price difference to the Smart (1) is so little I wouldn't buy a W724V or older.   Of course if you are already used to and happy with Fritz and also have a Fritz AccessPoint it would probably make sense to go for the 7520 or buy/rent the 7590.
  12. You get a dynamic public IPv4 address (+IPv6) from Telekom. So no (Telekom specific) problems with SmartDNS or similar services.   About routers: - MagentaTV does work with routers other than Speedport and Fritz!Box but not all of them. The TP-Link TL-WR841ND is probably one of them. Problem is TP-Link is one of those brands that changes the hardware/software occasionally but not the model number so it's hard to get definite information about the stock firmware. - What kind of connection did you order? DSL with <= 100 Mbps? Then the older Speedport Smart (1) and Smart 2 are sufficient (30 - 60 Euro on ebay). Both are very stable. The Smart 2 supports up to 250 Mbps (VDSL2 35b), the Smart (1) only 100 Mbps (VDSL2 17a). Only thing you really miss out on is the support for the new Telekom Wifi Mesh system in case you are interested in those kind of thing. Good thing about the Smart series is they also have a bridge/modem mode for better support for routers behind it. Otherwise you could rent a Fritzbox 7590 for 3.50 Euro a month from Fritz!box 7362 SL is very cheap on ebay if you don't mind the firmware support ending this year. Sometimes you can get a 7520 relatively cheap (60~70 Euro) on ebay. 7520 has a good DSL modem with support for up to 250 Mbps, only the wifi antennas aren't very good so the reach is a bit limited. It's one of the newer models so firmware support will probably last several years. (7590, 7530, 7520: VDSL2 35b; 7362 SL: VDSL2 17a)
  13. Crunchyroll in Germany

    Crunchyroll is 100% legal, no problems in Germany with that. (Same as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MaxDome, ..)
  14. got a parking fine

    The 3 minutes only count if you stay in the car. Once you leave the car you are "parking". § 12 (2) StVO   Going to the ticket machine is allowed as you say but it's not tied to those 3 minutes.
  15. I bought those from here. I can highly recommend such "scotchloks" for DSL connections. There is practically no quality loss of the connection and they are easy to install and difficult to destroy (impossible to disconnect them by accident). Only downside is they are 1 time use only. To disconnect you have to cut ~1.5cm cable. Do NOT remove the red insulation with the black dashes on them when using scotch loks, only the outer mantle.