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  1. Where do you study? There is free legal advice from most Unis.   (To me it looks like the company wants to cut off your electricity and want you to pay 1,402.37 Euro for electricity and legal costs that accumulated until today. The court wants your reply within 2 weeks of receiving the letter.)
  2. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    Are you sure the guy gets paid for the work? Lots of volunteers doing these kind of things in Germany.
  3. "Classified" by whom? The German Finanzamt? If not, then good luck.
  4. Usually they allow switching to the new place. If you are in a longer contract that's more or less your only option. If they can't serve you at the new place they will allow to let you go but you may have to pay for some time even after having moved. Some ISPs are especially known for letting you pay some 3 months more ... Inform them as soon as you know.   If your contracts can be cancelled on short term it's your choice whether or not to move the contract or make new ones. Financially, it makes more sense to choose new providers to get the offers they reserve for new customers.
  5. New TAE socket

    Just make sure the technician has access to the APL and the end of the cable in your apartment. If there is no TAE he should install one himself. (Doesn't hurt to have a socket ready in case he currently doesn't have any in his car...). You are not supposed to work on the APL yourself, usually these are locked.   For cable: J-2Y(St)Y 2x2x0,6 is usually recommended, but CAT5 (or similar) is also ok.
  6. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Still is. CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, HDDs, PCs, MP3 players, .. long list.   But it's only to cover the cases of legal copies. For example you are allowed to make a few copies of a music CD for some friends/family in Germany.
  7. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    Look up "Freifunk".   Freifunk is a club of people interested in spreading free WiFi in Germany. If you set up a router with their firmware they will create a "freifunk" WiFi. Every traffic coming through that wifi will be tunneled via an encrypted connection (VPN) to their servers. They are committed to (a) not keeping any logs and (b) using their own lawyers to fend off anyone trying to get to the users. I believe there hasn't been a single case of a freifunk user getting sued for torrenting. So your guests wouldn't be surfing using your external IP address but using the IP address of the freifunk tunnel servers.   But with Fritz!Box .. not easily possible without a second router. But there are very cheap models.
  8. Un authorized job?? Holly molly, what is he doing?

    A written contract isn't strictly required. You can have an oral agreement. As long as all other things are in order (i.a. taxes and health insurance paid) it can be legal. (Whether or not this is the case here - we cannot know.)
  9. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    Note how the URL says "avme". That is the code for the international version.   International (with language option):   German (no language option)    
  10. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    No language options on a Fritz!Box for the German market.   Before you proceed trying to make VPN work: does your service provide IPSec with ESP, IKEv1 and Pre-Shared Keys(PSK)? Because that's all the Fritz!Box can connect to. No IKEv2 or OpenVPN. If you need one of those and can't configure VPN on your client device you may be better suited with a different (or additional) router with e.g. Tomato or DD-WRT.
  11. The end of the Vorrangprinzip?

    Germany had 1.5 Million immigrants last year. 2015 it was 2.1 Million. There is no Vorrangprüfung for EU.
  12. I love living in Germany, but...

    It gets annoying because once the cashier scans the stuff from the next person everything comes to a halt until the manager comes to authorize removing the items again from the "basket".
  13. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Do you write your own songs (lyrics and notes) or do you sing songs created by other artists?
  14. Are you already paying using your phone?

    Yeah, many shops still use signature payment if you insert your card. Usually no signature when you use NFC payment (whether it's with the plastic card, Apple watch or smartphone. I mean, there's no signature on your phone they could compare it to anyways).
  15. Are you already paying using your phone?

    What limit are you talking about? Isn't it the same as the connected card account would allow?   P.S.: I find signing annoying as well so I use contactless (with card, not phone) payment wherever possible. Never had to sign, only PIN when I pay more than 25 or 50 Euro depending on the card.