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  1. Cafe to hire student part time help

    Yes, below 18 without a finished Ausbildung are exempt.   § 22 Abs. 2 MiLoG, § 2 JArbSchG
  2. You should be able to deregister via snail mail. Ask your local Meldebehörde if you are unsure.   You can apply at the Ausländerbehörde for an exception before your family leaves but >6 months of leave hardly qualify as a mere vacation.
  3. 1. Usually after 6 months after leaving Germany. The authorities may look at the de-registering date but that does not mean you are allowed to leave Germany while still being registered here and legally still have the residence permit. But it depends on what kind of permit your wife has. Also, some exceptions may apply. 2. Usually after 6 months. But there are exceptions. 3. The law says you have to register the date you move out between one week before and two weeks after the fact. 4. Well, just one person has to pay for any given apartment and they probably don't care who does it. Just make sure to deregister your wife (and yourself if you take over) at the Beitragsservice. This has to be done with them on top of deregistering at the Meldebehörde. These things are separate.
  4. Giving proper 3 month notice before moving out

    How exactly are you living with the family? There is a shorter notice period in some circumstances. A bit too late now but you might still be able to get out to the end of June at least.   § 573c Abs. 3 BGB -> § 549 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 BGB 
  5. Giving proper 3 month notice before moving out

    You have to pay until the 3 months (to the end of the month) are over unless something else is written in the rental contract. Often an agreement can be reached with the current landlord if you (or he) can find a new tenant to take over the apartment before the 3 months are over. Talk to him.
  6. Requirements for family reunification visa

    See § 30 AufenthG. Indeed according to Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nr. 3 d)/e) with a normal permit the marriage must either have been established before you got your permit or you must have had the permit for 2 years already. Exceptions are for e.g Blue Card, Asylum seekers, ...   From where are you moving to Germany? Another EU country?
  7. 1&1 not delivering on the Umzug service

    You can't find it because they really, really don't want that. It's difficult. I'd just sit it out. Not worth the trouble for a few months if there aren't any problems otherwise. (In case you want to cancel November 2017 don't forget the 3 months notice period.)
  8. Slow German internet

    Considering the measly upload it's probably Vodafone (Kabel Deutschland) Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable.
  9. Your ISP sees your router's/modem's MAC even if you use VPN. But the lawyers only see your VPN server's IP address (usually) located outside of Germany.
  10. Usually: yes. But Bavaria is still trying to resist.
  11. Internship visa to job visa conversion

    For Blue Card in occupations with shortages (Mangelberufe) there is no Vorrangprüfung. § 2 Abs. 2 Satz 2 BeschV
  12. Neither VPN providers nor torrent trackers nor torrent peers (including evil lawyers) see your MAC address. They see the IP address and know which IP address blocks belong to which ISP. They then get a court order so that the ISP reveals the name/address using his customer records and his IP address<->customer identity logs.
  13. Resigning in Probezeit

    Yes, basically. If the employer receives your cancellation on the last Probezeit day (June 30th 2017) you can cancel to July 14th 2017. So July 14th would be the last day you work.   Again: This is the standard law but your contract might differ.
  14. Resigning in Probezeit

    The "15th or end of a month" rule doesn't apply to cancelation during Probezeit. It doesn't matter when the contract started. You can cancel on your last day of Probezeit and the shorter notice period would still apply.   But: your contract might be different. Look into it.
  15. Can this be considered as fake marriage?

    It's not that simple. A marriage can start in earnest but later turn into a sham marriage. ("nachträgliche Scheinehe")