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  1. no probzeit in my contract

    "For the cancellation of your employment the notice periods of the collective labor agreement (Tarifvertrag) apply."
  2. no probzeit in my contract

    The law does not mandate a Probezeit. If it exists in neither your labor contract nor the collective labor agreement then there is none. Unless otherwise agreed upon you have to observe a notice period of 4 weeks to cancel your contract to the 15th or the last day of a month, then.
  3. won't accept passport as ID...

    Police can use all trains for free when in uniform. So Deutsche Bahn gets free security personnel and the officers get free rides to wherever they want to go.
  4. I don't see any screenshot but it probably doesn't matter. If even after several minutes the DSL led does not stop blinking the DSL cannot connect. Give them a call.   Are there multiple phone sockets in your house/apartment? Try a different one. Did you use the correct (grey) socket on the O2 Box for the connection to the phone socket?
  5. Indeed not much else you can do except to revoke the Einzugsermächtigung and order your bank to get the money back. Next step of escalation is Verbraucherschutz and lawyer.   What exactly does that mean? Your contract is canceled when you cancel it. It's a unilateral action.   Note there are 2 ways of canceling: - Widerruf (within 14 days) - Kündigung (to end of minimum term, e.g. 2 years) I hope it was clear from your Fax/Email you meant the former.
  6. How to contest an unwarranted Mahnbescheid

    The next step is they either sue you (in court) or they don't, e.g. because they think the risks/costs outweigh the potential benefits.
  7. Tricks and traps from Deutsche Telekom

    50 Mbit/s is VDSL. If he orders 16 Mbit/s it will be only ADSL2+, though.   Ok, that makes sense. Probably the Speedport 724v, then. You know you can order the Speedport without the installation package, right?   If you want to play it safe just order the Speedport Smart from Amazon. Not *that* expensive, good DSL modem, not outdated, officially supported by Telekom, decent WiFi and 2 analog sockets in case you have trouble getting the DECT to work. If you want dirt cheap buy 7362 SL, W723v or W921v from ebay.   Fritz!Box is mainly useful if you need some extra features, e.g. UPnP for consoles or something like that.
  8. Tricks and traps from Deutsche Telekom

    Is he using VDSL or only ADSL(2+)? Without VDSL the cheaper Fritz!Box 7272 will suffice. What are the WiFi requirements? No all routers have simultaneous 5 GHz ac wifi.   Is the phone a DECT handset? Many Fritzboxes have an integrated DECT base station. You can then connect handsets directly and the single phone socket for the fax will suffice. Then you can buy a cheaper box like 7430 or 7362 SL (latter is cheap on ebay). Personally, I'd probably buy 7362 SL or pay the extra money for the 7490. It's often on sale for about 160 Euro. Should be worth the upgrade from 7272, has 5 GHz and as long-time top model will probably receive good firmware support for a long time and retains good selling value.   Which "Speedport" did the Telekom recommend to you? They mostly sell Speedport W724v and Speedport Smart, those are only 115 and 130 Euro on Amazon. Not 250. Only Speedport Hybrid should be that expensive. Older ones like W723v or W921v still work and are dirt cheap on ebay.
  9. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    From the moment the "bad lawyers" obtain your personal information (name, address). Recent higher court decision indeed extended a part of the deadline to 10 years, namely the time damages can be enforced. The (bad) lawyer costs still cannot be enforced after 3 years. (with 3 years / 10 years counting as explained by dynamicdan.)
  10. Ok, a search reveals that it should indeed be possible to get a Visa in such a case, not just for people who withdrew their asylum application.
  11. [Q]Legal issue about Appartement

    It's pretty much the same in Germany. But "Recht haben und Recht bekommen sind zweierlei" = "to be right and to actually receive justice are two different things". What will you do when you come home and find the lock has been switched? I agree with RedMidge: you should consult Mieterverein or a lawyer and make the family know you know about your rights and will no let yourself be thrown onto the street (while at the same time not being too aggressive. Best to resolve things in peace with both parties being in agreement). Be careful and keep looking for a new apartment.
  12. According to the document it is only for those who applied for asylum in the mentioned period. But of course authorities might have increased the scope in the mean-time. Politicians wanted those asylum numbers down badly and the ones from the Balkans were very high. Getting those people into a different statistic would hide the fact they are still coming so I would not be surprised if that were the case. But at this point I'm only speculating without being able to help you. Maybe someone else can chime in on this...
  13. I don't know the program. The part you quote says it is for those who applied for asylum in Germany between Jan 1st 2015 and Oct 24th 2015. Did you do that?
  14. Is Saarbrucken nice?

    Why a big city - esp. with young kids?
  15. Is Saarbrucken nice?

    Saarbrücken is *drum-roll* in Saarland, not NRW. Saarbrücken isn't really nice but I guess there isn't *that* much difference between German cities anyways. They will all have parks and what-not for activities and at least half-decent schools. Having a river (Saar) is always nice.