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  1. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    Yeah, there's a "Bonusheft" (bonus notebook) which they stamp when you come in for your (free) yearly checkup. Usually you get some extra percentage points after 5 and 10 years of consecutive visits respectively on the costs of prostheses.
  2. The article reminded me of this thread somehow.  
  3. Commercial dealer, private buyer? Then the dealer is liable.   When did it arrive according to the tracking and when did you ask in the store? I would try again the next 1 or 2 days, also try other DHL shops in the area and their phone line. Then contact the dealer.  
  4. Slow German internet

    The DSLAM will automatically switch into the full, vectored profile once you fix the cabling. There is no need for 1&1 to do anything manually. That's why the technician got the full 100 Mbps when he tested at the APL.
  5. von Lenovo

    Like SpiderPig said: you can't even if you wanted to.
  6. German house insulation vs US?

    My post was sarcasm.
  7. German house insulation vs US?

    Who needs insulation during a hot summer? Electricity (for AC) must be cheap in Australia .. 
  8. Slow German internet

    "Schlechte Kabelqualität" could be misleading. Probably landlord will think that because the "cable quality" is bad he would have to replace the whole cable from basement to apartment which would possibly be very difficult and expensive. But it's likely the biggest problem isn't the quality of the cable as such but more how the TAEs connected to each other and the APL. It might be possible to fix this in 15 minutes by doing some small adjustments on the open TAEs/APL, then. Something the landlord might be more willing to pay for.
  9. Slow German internet

    Powerline is known to heavily infere with DSL connections. Best is to replace with proper CAT5/CAT7 or wifi.   Some Powerline adapters allow changing its connection mode to different ones with less interference (in exchange for lower powerline connection speed). Not sure if that's possible with your model.
  10. Credit card fraud - money returned, where to report?

    You mean the Polizei?
  11. Slow German internet

    If you have Telekom VDSL and they say they "have to" downgrade you to e.g. Hybrid: don't agree. Usually it means there's a regional ISP taking over the VDSL network in that area. Usually better to switch to that ISP (or other alternatives like cable), then.
  12. German Voting Rules

    Parties with less than 5% of the votes don't get any seats.
  13. Don't confuse "SD" with "analog". Analog cable has been mostly switched off but digital cable (DVB-C) with SD channels is still there and probably will for a few more years. RTL, ProSieben etc. have an agreement with the regulator to provide unencrypted SD via Cable and Sat at least until 2022 IIRC.
  14. Sat 1, ProSieben are not encrypted when watched in SD resolution via Satellite, Cable or Telekom IPTV. They are always encrypted when watched in HD resolution (there's no SD Sat1, Pro7 etc. via terrestrial antenna, only HD via "Freenet" as mentioned by SpiderPig.)
  15. Slow German internet

    Yeah, they should know the ISP. I wouldn't necessarily assume any malice, though. Often these guys are only sub-contractors, not direct Telekom employees. Too many appointments for too few technicians ...