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  1. You should have 2 printouts of the protocol when you write it already.
  2. 2. The more proof the better. I.e. best is to have them signed somehow. But: if you make photos of the damages they will be listed in the protocol anyways, right? 4. I didn't say anyone was an easy target. In the end everyone you bring will somehow have a motive to speak for you because it's either friend, family or paid by you. Why else would anyone waste their time with this, right?
  3. Anyone is eligible but in the end a judge will decide who is trustworthy and who is not. A renounced cop will be better than a drug addicted hooker. And a wife has a motive to lie for her husband.
  4. Photographing street art/graffiti?

    It might not be that simple.
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Interesting. I did not know this. It's the first time I hear about such a distinction about German nationals and place of birth. But you are correct, it is very important to know!
  6. iPhone Email suddenly doesn't work; Help please

    But the iPhone still has Internet, i.e. you can browse the web on it?
  7. Suffrage for children

    Or maybe politicians are simply reluctant to give away their power just like everywhere else...
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      No, Germany has been traditionally jus sanguinis. If one of the parents has German citizenship at birth the child will also have German citizenship and is even allowed to have multiple ones. Number of generations or place of birth are irrelevant.
  9. Photographing street art/graffiti?

    No. Even illegal graffiti is not always allowed to be used freely.
  10. What do I need for DVB-T2 free TV?

    Try firmware update and reset of the settings. Then search for channels again, including manual search. But "real" DVB-T2 start is on March 29th at noon. Might as well wait and try again then. But as SpiderPig said you should already be receiving ARD and ZDF in HD plus a lot more from old DVB-T (until it is shut off next week).   See:
  11. Travel company Insolvency, double payment

    Ask your bank to reverse the Lastschrift. This should always work within 8 weeks of the transfer. In some cases the deadline extends.
  12. After graduating from a German university you should be able to receive a visa for 18 month according to § 16 Abs. 4 AufenthG. It is usually allowed to leave Germany for up to 6 months without the visa becoming invalid (exception e.g. if you start studying at a non-German university).   What exactly do you have? "Beschäftigung gestattet" means "employment allowed", not "employment required".
  13. Parcel sent to the wrong address

    It's a DHL "Päckchen" or a similar product without tracking or mandatory signature? Go to the house and look around. Maybe it's just lying near the mail boxes. If not ask the neighbors or owner. If that doesn't work ask the postman and if he doesn't know ask in the office.
  14. What do I need for DVB-T2 free TV?

    Germans use terrestrial mostly for mobile use, 2nd TV in garden or similar with a small room antenna. Sockets in flats are mostly connected to satellite, cable TV or not connected at all (until you sign up for cable tv). Ask your landlord what the wall socket is for. Otherwise buy and try a room antenna and check if there's DVB-T(2) in your region (but Munich city should be). (or go MediaMarkt etc.) e.g. something simple like:
  15. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2016

    "normal": 8 077 U-Haft (pre-trial): 2 861 other: 246   But I would be careful when trying to correlate crime to number of prisoners. Bavaria might be stricter with sentences (in part because prisons could be less crouded) and have better police and state attorney investigations.