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  1. What do you wish you'd known / done before moving to Germany?!

    String is Altschnur.
  2. AfD on the rise

    Petry's party is dead on arrival. No chance. When Petry booted Lucke because he was too far left he founded ALFA and hadn't had any successes. Didn't even register for the federal elections last month. Now Petry will meet the same fate. Which is a pity as Petry seems to have been one of the saner, intelligent people in the AfD.
  3. Deposit not returned after 7 months

    The landlord can hold a portion of the deposit for a longer time if additional payments for utilities are expected. Utilities are often only calculated once a year for the whole building so this can take a while. Do you know when you received your last such bill?
  4. Minimum hourly wage as of 2017

    Blow the whistle? Keep records and demand the difference in pay they owe you! Or will that be problematic because then he'd be over 450 Euro (I assume) and also owe the state all those taxes.
  5. Recommended Internet Provider 2017

    No catch AFAIK. And even there was: can't do much wrong with monthly canceling. I'd go for it.
  6. Housing Benefits / Wohngeld for Refugee

    Whether it's Hartz IV/ALG II or Wohngeld (very different things): the landlord may eventually find out as the Job Center or city may demand your friend give his landlord some forms to fill out. It's not 100% identical throughout Germany, every Amt has its own little quirks. Some of them are happy with only seeing the rental contract. It's usually not necessary to tell the landlord before signing the lease but your friend should be prepared for the landlord to ask how he is planning on financing the rent.
  7. Not working while on Niederlassungserlaubnis

    Basically, the Niederlassungserlaubnis only becomes invalid in few cases: 1.) you leave Germany (more than 6 months or e.g. to study) or 2.) you commit (serious) crimes or 3.) they find out you cheated your way into the Niederlassungserlaubnis (e.g. lied on the application form)
  8. Sie oder Es?

    Duden lists something online.   I would feel better if this is true because then what sounds right to my ears would actually be correct. Would be interested in what Deezz' book has to say about it. Or can multiple answers be correct?
  9. Cancellation of an apartment rental contract

    3 months to the end of a month. You have time until the third working day, though, so you can cancel till Thursday and get out on Dec. 31st. Is your contract really limited to 1 year or is it fixed to 1 year? Also, there may be different cases if you are subletting for example.   § 573c BGB
  10. Sie oder Es?

    "Sie ist eine billige Uhr" should be correct but I agree it sounds wrong. Not something a native German would say.
  11. After 2017 election: The center holds

    The oil god is certainly not a hindrance. 
  12. After 2017 election: The center holds

    tl;dr: numbers matter. In a world with Billions below German wealth taking in a few 10,000s to paint your party or yourself as humane will do nil to ease pressure.
  13. After 2017 election: The center holds

        The idea that "taking pressure" off the migration by easing legal immigration is popular but foolish.  
  14. To me it sounds like an honest misunderstanding. Auto-renewal is so common the chat partner probably assumed you were just inquiring about the earliest cancelation date. To him (like most Germans) it is pretty obvious the contract simply auto-extends unless explicitly canceled (respecting the notice period) in writing.
  15. It can be longer than 2 years. The only thing you cannot do is to strip the tenant of the right to cancel for more than 4 years (like a minimum term). But as you say it is complicated in that you need a valid reason to limit the length of the contract to begin with. Professional advice is needed.