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  1. Deutsche Telekom DSL versus LTE/DLS hybrid

    Well, the Speedport routers do most of the basic tasks fine. They don't have a lot of features but from your description it might not matter. Most Telekom customers either get a Speedport from Telekom or buy a Fritz!Box. The Speedport Smart has pretty decent hardware so I'd look into buying that one.
  2. Deutsche Telekom DSL versus LTE/DLS hybrid

    The main contracts cost exactly the same. Only the hybrid router is 10 Euro rent per month but you can also buy it for ~300 Euro which is cheaper in the long run. It sells well even when used on ebay.   Since Zuhause L is already 100 Mbit/s the hybrid is not worth it IMHO. The technology is a bit more fragile and the router a bit buggy. LTE only adds up when DSL is fully used which AFAIK does not even work correctly with the 100 Mbit/s DSL. 100 Mbit/s ought to be enough for everyone. Only real bonus is the redundancy, i.e. if your DSL has a problem you can still surf via LTE.   But those aren't your only options, also using Telekom network for 100 Mbit/s DSL: 1&1, Vodafone, O2, Some of them offer contracts shorter than 24 months + 12 month auto renewal Telekom offers. I recommend shorter contracts, esp. for expats. Also Vodafone or Tele Columbus cable might be available at similar speed.
  3. AFAIK there is no notice period. But duty to pay does not end before the end of the month you informed them about moving out.
  4. I would also check whether or not the Kündigung was correct, e.g. if the notice period was observed. She might be entitled to pay for some time after the last actual working day.
  5. deregistration and apartment

    O2 DSL contracts with monthly cancellation have a 4 week notice period (to the end of a month). The 24 months contracts have a 3 months notice as you say.   @leoleo
  6. So I don't understand how you came to your conclusion.
  7. 15 Year Old Syrian Refugee Killed in Bremen

    They caught three suspects back in January. 15, 24 and 35 year olds from the same Kurdish family. Two of them known for an attack with an axe in 2014 which has not yet resulted in any punishment whatsoever. Can't find anything more recent about the case of the 15 year old Syrian.
  8. Yes, it has to be from 1.3.2015 - 1.8.2016. March 2015: 17,98 April 2015 to August 2016: 18 * 17,50 + 3 * 8 Euro reminder charges = 339,48 Euro
  9. Employment termination & aufhebungsvertag

    They have to pay to the end of the contract.
  10. Is this the begining of Merkel's election campaign?

    Well, at least not from building new prisons for deportees when the existing ones aren't full. Of course that's only one part of a larger package of actions. They put more pressure on home countries to provide papers. More pressure on the Bundesländer to actually deport. And they try to better coordinate things. In the end it's better than nothing but overall too little too late. Immigrants can still come and the courts can still block deportations.
  11. Is this the begining of Merkel's election campaign?

    Now that is an excellent question! I'd argue that politicians are just putting out proposal after proposal at the moment. Are they useful? Doesn't matter. Just need to look tougher than the other parties for the elections. They are trying to fool us.
  12. Is this the begining of Merkel's election campaign?

    Again: such facilities already exist but are run by the states. And they have been used. Even Anis Amri was imprisoned to be deported. But a court set him free. Here's one of those facilities:   The problem with Anis Amri was that the wait to get papers from his home country was too long. It's illegal to imprison illegals for an unlimited amount of time. A new shiny building couldn't have changed that. Most such cases are a mix of unwilling or incompetent authorities and politicians. Will the federal government be tougher than the states? We shall see... Some states have indeed be very reluctant when it comes to deportations.
  13. Is this the begining of Merkel's election campaign?

    No they are not. Imprisonment for those who are to be deported has existed forever. The proposed change is for new ones to be run by the federal government instead of the 16 states as it is currently the case.
  14. Is this the begining of Merkel's election campaign?

    Cash for return programs have existed for years. It's nothing new. Merkel's u-turn has been the Turkey deal (March 2016). Though indeed the number and severity of proposals to toughen immigration have been increasing for some time now which certainly has to do with the upcoming elections.