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  1. Telekom Fibre configuration...

    When is the date his contract starts? If the Zugangsdaten haven't arrived until then see:
  2. Telekom Fibre configuration...

    Indeed, there are some requirements. Namely PPPoE (*) and VLAN (Telekom uses VLAN ID 7) support. This is the same on Telekom DSL connections, so just the physical layer on the last mile is a bit different with FTTH. Most routers sold in Germany should meet these requirements (including most Fritz!Boxes and Speedports, but NOT including the "Speedport Hybrid" AFAIK).       (* User name/password are passed via PPPoE though it's not always necessary these days and the Telekom server will accept any credentials unless the feature was turned off by the client. Identification is then done via Line-ID.)
  3. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    He says he is returning the Fritz!Box. So it seems he only bought it recently and can still get the money back. I agree that he should be able to make the Fritz!Box work (probably - we can't know 100% how the dorm network is setup).
  4. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    No. "Another router" as described in the guide I linked would be some hardware in your dormitory/University. Of course it's difficult to offer more help with the configuration if all you say is "it doesn't generate Wi-Fi". Even without any Internet Access at all the Fritz!Box should be able offer WiFi, if only to allow you to access its Web UI (via If the WiFi LED is not on then maybe you just need to press the "WLAN WPS" button once.
  5. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Fritz!Box should be able to use it (unless network in dorm blocks Fritz products).