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  1. ISP Contract Troubles

    They advertise this option right on their website. If you call them before the 13th month has begun there is no extension. If you call after it will run 12 months from the point of downgrade (you still need to cancel after so it doesn't auto-extend). I would suggest to use their web forum to ask for this so you at least have something in public/documented. Better than calling the Hotline with no proof. The guys working in the forum are also more competent.    
  2. ISP Contract Troubles

    Do you get the guaranteed/advertised speeds? (See the respective Produktinformationsblätter.) If the speeds aren't reached maybe you can get out of the contracts or try to get reductions. Which Vodafone tariff did you choose? They sometimes offer to downgrade after 12 months. Then you could at least downgrade to the cheapest tier.   And don't forget to cancel the contracts so you don't end up missing the 3 months to the end of a month notice periods because those contract auto-renew after 24 months for another 12 months ad-infinitum. In the future I would recommend you choose monthly contracts e.g. from O2.
  3. I don't know what you are talking about. If you mean "fraufruit": according to her forum profile she's an American citizen not a Green Card holder.
  4. Parents and siblings of Green Card holders don't have a right to a Green Card. This is not a new thing.
  5. Does anyone have experience with Eazy DSL

    (1) You have to pay for 3 more months after moving. You need to send a cancellation and the official proof ((Um-)meldebescheinigung). (2) So far nothing is known about any specific increase. Unitymedia does this every now and then but at most once per year and if the increase is more than 5% you have 6 weeks to cancel the contract and they inform you about this happening. Note that the contract will automatically extend another 12 months ad-infinitum unless cancelled before the 2 months notice period. (3) Yes.   One "landline" number is included, I think VoIP based. It doesn't cost you anything extra unless you actually call people. Yes, activation/router is 39.99 €.
  6. Does anyone have experience with Eazy DSL

    It's basically Unitymedia without any frills. No TV, no very fast downstream, no fast upstream, no public IPv4. As always: the 3 Euro "flex" option to have only 3 months minimum contract duration is recommended. If possible ask neighbors who are using Eazy or Unitymedia about problems like congestion during the evening.
  7. Identity Theft - What Is Possible and How Can I Stop It

    The 14 days cool off period for phone sales (Widerrufsrecht) doesn't start until you have been informed about your rights to use these 14 days.
  8. Powerline recommendations

    Look at the post I originally quoted and answered to. The poster said he used Powerline to connect the media receiver as wifi isn't offered. I answered that he can use wifi. In the same sense he uses Powerline, i.e. by utilizing external wifi devices. Not that the media receivers have wifi in-built. They don't have Powerline in-built either so he understood what I meant. Don't try so hard to misinterpret my posts. I even linked to the AVM website showing a nice picture of what I meant.    
  9. Powerline recommendations

    Yes, that's why I linked the "FRITZ!Repeater 1750E". You can use FRITZ!Box as router, have the 1750e connect to the router via wifi and then connect the Media Receiver to the 1750e via CAT5.   Similar with Speedport Smart 3 <- wifi -> Speed Home WiFi <- CAT5 -> Media Receiver 401.
  10. Powerline recommendations

    I think we have communication problem. Maybe I used the word "any" incorrectly. What I meant is: you can use wifi for Telekom Entertain. It works with some but not with every combination of router/switches/wifi receivers. The combination of the equipment should be built to support Entertain (e.g. via IGMP snooping so the wifi doesn't get flooded with the IPTV packets). Usually this is the case with equipment from AVM and Telekom as these are built for the German market.
  11. Powerline recommendations

    You can use e.g. FRITZ!Repeater 1750e as a "WLAN bridge" (Denglisch). (first option)   But with Telekom Entertain you cannot use any bridge. There is the danger of the IPTV multicast packets flooding the wifi effectively rendering it useless if the equipment isn't suited for each other (google "IGMP snooping").
  12. Powerline recommendations

    Be aware that Powerline can have very bad influence (low speeds, disconnects) on DSL connections, esp. "Vectoring"/"SuperVectoring" (VDSL2 G.Vector 17a/35b) as typically used in Germany for DSL connections >16 Mbps. These problems can affect not just your own connection but also the neighbors'. Some adapters allow you to reduce power a bit to reduce this effect. So I would avoid Powerline if you or your neighbors are using such connections if possible.
  13. Slow German internet

    Deutsche Glasfaser?
  14. Yeah, the market is huge.
  15. Slow German internet

    Yes. Seems like they are installing a mix of FTTC/VDSL and FTTH in the Landkreis. Address check:   Good luck.