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  1. That's what is for.   About impressum: maybe the company isn't even in Germany despite the site being in German?
  2. Widerrufsbelehrung - WTF?

    Widerrufsbelehrung is the makler informing you about your rights. If he doesn't do that he might end up empty handed. For example the 14 day deadline doesn't even start before you have received the Belehrung.
  3. I've been told German ATM owners charge considerably more than those in other countries so it is indeed kind of a Germany thing to pass this on to the customer. Esp. today with the low interest rates which make banks look for other ways to cover their costs.     And yeah, most Germans seem to use Sparkasse. They have the biggest ATM network (twice what Cash-Group and Cashpool have combined). Though there are some banks offering at least a limited amount of free withdrawals anywhere with their cards (N26, DKB). Also, many supermarkets and gas stations now offer free withdrawals.
  4. Emergency Plumber disappeared

    Often payments with cards are done via Lastschrift (ELV without entering PIN). Then you have (at least) 8 weeks to simply order your bank to get the money back.     About the topic: it hasn't even been a week. Relax.
  5. Widerrufsbelehrung - WTF?

    You are using the services of a makler, i.e. you two have a contract. In Germany you have certain rights to get out of contracts - usually within the first 14 days if made via phone/mail or otherwise not in a shop ("out of house"). The makler has to inform you of this right by handing you the Widerrufsbelehrung. If he doesn't do that the deadline for the 14 days never start and you might get away with never paying. Your rights are explained in the Widerrufsbelehrung.
  6. DVB-S = satellite DVB-C = cable DVB-T = terrestrial (antenna)
  7. O2 changing internet technology

    Can you make a screenshot of the webinterface that's asking for the password? I thought the password would be deactivated after a reset. Are you sure the reset worked?
  8. O2 changing internet technology

    Do you have the letter with the PIN? Did you do the reset procedure I described in the other thread?
  9. O2 changing internet technology

    It should already be working. Which router model do you have? See:   If it isn't a problem with the router you need to report it. If you can't get ahold of someone who speaks English ask a German-speaking friend to do it for you. Or try their online community.
  10.   How fast do you need? How much data?   Cable: Unitymedia Eazy (cheap brand/daughter of Unitymedia)   DSL: EasyBell (offer monthly cancellation) O2 (offer monthly cancellation but have data caps) 1&1 (offer cancellation with 3 months notice) Telekom Vodafone     Usually it is recommended to go for a contract with monthly cancellation - esp. for expats. Most other contracts are 24 months, 3 months notice period with automatic renewal of 12 months ad infinitum)  
  11. I your employer accepts the settlement proposal as well there will be no Urteil. It will just be written into protocol that an agreement was reached and the lawsuit ends. Only if you don't reach an agreement with your employer the lawsuit continues and an Urteil will be pronounced by the judge eventually.
  12. Frtiz DECT Telephone range

    AFAIK Fritz!Fon are using DECT as well, not wifi.   Solutions: - get DECT repeater or - get DECT base connected via LAN/SIP (e.g. another Fritz!Box) - get DECT base connected via analog phone connecter of the Fritz!Box. Either use a free CAT7 cable or if not available use - of the 8 wires a CAT7 cable has - 2 wires for the phone and 4 for LAN. LAN will be limited to 100 Mbps with just 4 wires, though.
  13. ALG II

    They try to be more subtle.   One concept is that every uni gets money to hire female professors. When a male candidate applies they simply say "sorry, we don't have any money - the position was to be financed through this special program for women".
  14. ALG II

    In a public German university? I doubt that. Women get increasingly preferential treatment there. It goes so far that there are positions that men cannot apply for at all. And a (female) "equal opportunity commissioner" is involved in every hire.