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  1. Suspected Migrant Crime increased by 52.7% in 2016

    @yourkeau @engelchen That's the new law. It was changed in 2016 in light of the refugee crisis. Before that NE was given after 3 years. No job or language requirement for those granted political asylum.
  2. Suspected Migrant Crime increased by 52.7% in 2016

    The Aussiedler (ethnic Germans from former Soviet Union) are regarded as Germans. They got citizenship on account of their heritage. They will not be counted as Zuwanderer anymore. Also, not many former asylum seekers from the 80s or 90s or even 2000s will still fall in the Zuwanderer category as only those who still hold one of the statuses listed above still count. Most will have long moved on to other statuses such as Niederlassungserlaubnis (quasi-automatic after 3 years until recent changes) or citizenship (e.g. through marriage).
  3. Getting asylum is near impossible for US citizens. If you did receive it the media would be all over it. Don't know if that is what you would want.   What kind of education do you have? Could you land a decent job in Germany?
  4. You could not have possibly known what "everything" was. Your monthly rent payments include a fixed part as utility installments. That's only an estimate. As said before the landlord will do the actual calculation when he has all the readings and bills from the various companies, e.g. for gas, himself. It's not really possible to do this whenever a tenant moves out. This is completely normal in Germany.
  5. Insulting is illegal, not being unhelpful.
  6. 18b needs B1 as well. "ausreichende Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache" is always B1.   Were your University courses in German? That might be enough proof.
  7. streaming sites in germany,, is it dangerous?

    There was a big case where people received damage claims for streaming a certain porn movie but the courts shut that down quickly.   But: you gotta be careful. Some streaming services use torrent technology in the background. Popcorn Time has been known to do this. Keep yourself informed or better yet: stick to 100% legal, paid services.
  8. I don't really follow. Germany pays the pension and has stopped deducting orphan pensions completely. End of story. What does any US law have to do with this?
  9. I just found this. It seems marriage does not matter at all or rather it never did. The only "problem" was that the pension might be reduced according to the increased income but since July 2015 all deductions to the orphan rent have been abolished. But the problem with ending the recognized education remains. Kindergeld is another topic worth looking into.
  10. If shes quits University doesn't her pension claim end anyways? It's only paid after the 18. birthday if you are still doing an education. I doubt "becoming a dog trainer in the US" is recognized.
  11. Have bluecard, wanted to marry a German

    Yes, you can change employer more easily. But with Blue Card this is also usually possible. The new employment just has to meet the Blue Card requirements and you got to apply at the Ausländerbehörde.
  12. If your Internet is supposed to be 6 Mbps and you did an Internet speedtest via wifi got to 6 Mbps what is there to improve? Wait until you have better Internet to re-assess the wifi and/or powerline situation.   (If you just want to test the wifi you need to do a check between the router and a wifi device if the router has such a function or between a wifi device and a device attached to the router via LAN cable.)
  13. Is paying the landlord's home insurance common?

    You don't agree on a fixed priced. You agree on the monthly installments of the predicted Nebenkosten. The actual bill comes later when the landlord has everything to calculate it. He can't magically predict the gas usage for example. Insurances go up and down as well.
  14. provisional drivers licence

    Yes. Exception is alcohol. If you are under 21 or in your probationary period you must not drink any alcohol. After that there are the 0.5 ‰ (normally) and 0.3 ‰ (if you show signs of being unfit for driving) limits.