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  1. Reunification
  2. Arbeitslosgeld 1 (ALG 1) and German Citizenship

    Are they checking that? I only ever read that "Studium an einer deutschsprachigen Hochschule" is sufficient. Today, many deutschsprachige Universities also offer courses in English. I thought it was a loop-hole.
  3. Arbeitslosgeld 1 (ALG 1) and German Citizenship

    You have studied in Germany, right? Your degree should be adequate proof.
  4. "Untranslatable" German words

    Tablettwagen Abräumwagen Tablettabräumwagen
  5. O2 internet unexpected router replacement

    Why is that obvious?
  6. Arbeitslosgeld 1 (ALG 1) and German Citizenship

    Also, German citizenship is like insurance for life. In India or US if you become unemployed and ill you may die under a bridge. With German citizenship you can always go to Germany and get free housing, food and health care.
  7. Assault

    That's totally normal. If the suspect isn't aggressive in the presence of the police they will most often just take the ID and then write a report. Later all parties will get letters asking them to write their witness reports or come to the station for questioning. It then may or may not go to court many months later.
  8. Are you sure you have your own, public IPv4 address and not just CG-NAT? 
  9. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    The longer you wait the lower the chances of getting money back e.g. because the other 100 have been faster than you.
  10. O2 DSL Internet - Which router to buy

    It covers the base needs. It has everything the 7490 has except 5 GHz wifi (2.4 GHz only), ISDN bus and a second analog phone connector. (And no support for POTS/ISDN from ISP but O2 doesn't offer that anyways. Almost no ISP in Germany does anymore so those are useless.)
  11. Triple nationality permitted?

    Yeah, NATO and EU are among the exceptions.
  12. O2 DSL Internet - Which router to buy
  13. Bad customer service at 1&1 Internet AG

    Yes, that's the fall-back profile. Since you got a new Fritz!Box from 1&1 old firmware is not the cause.
  14. Bad customer service at 1&1 Internet AG

    Does the spectrum end at 2.2 MHz? Sounds like the fallback profile for non-vectoring enabled modems. Unless your Fritz!Box has a very old firmware this can be the result of faulty wiring either in your house or outside. So check the in-house wiring. Either way Telekom may need to reset the line - it doesn't always automatically fix itself.   For English I agree with SpiderPig: go social media. Facebook or their online forum. Maybe you can also report the problem via their online customer service ("Störung melden" or similar)
  15. How to recharge my Congstar data pack?

    See data usage via (not via WiFi, only 2G/3G/4G) And: (short: SMS with "Speed" to 7277) to convert prepaid Euros to GB data.