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  1. Don't German prison sentences seem light?

    It does. (§ 13 Abs. 3 StVollzG)
  2. Don't German prison sentences seem light?

    It was Totschlag.
  3. Digital changeover

    Some 45% of Germans use sat. Free public SD+HD and free private SD.
  4. Yep. If you go to the Amt now they'll be just as clueless. No one has any idea how to deal with the whole Brexit thing yet.
  5. I believe it's not possible anymore because of fraud. The post you quoted is from 2014.   Tell DHL you lost your card and need a new one. If you are very lucky it will arrive before the packet returns to the sender.
  6. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    It might still go to court. Having a lawyer is in no way a guarantee it will "go away".
  7. GSM is 2G, not 3G. Not sufficient for video streaming (unless your screen is the size of a post stamp)   Depending on the location and ISP LTE can be a lot better than UMTS.
  8. Converting a driver's license to a German one

    With a Turkish license he doesn't need to do the complete training. In theory he would only need to take both the written and practical exams. In practice, every driver's school will make him do a few lessons before enrolling him into the exams. (To earn money but also to make sure he'll pass.)
  9. Landlord refusing 10 potential Nachmieter...

    15. 1. basically says the standards of the law apply in case it's an unlimited contract according to Punkt 2.1. Then it's the 3 months rule of § 573c BGB cited by 2B_orNot2B earlier.
  10. Digital changeover

    Private HD channels are usually encrypted. Public (ARD, ZDF, etc.) should be unencrypted both HD and SD.   Extra compared to what?
  11. Digital changeover

    Probably not. Terrestrial TV systems with roof antenna and distribution into all apartments are very uncommon in Germany, it's mainly used via tiny room antennas for e.g. second TV in the garden house or something like that. A socket in an apartment will almost always be some kind of cable TV or satellite TV installation. You're lucky you even have it working, often the socket is completely dead until you sign up with e.g. Unitymedia (but as I said you might already be paying through your rent unkowingly).
  12. Digital changeover

    Unitymedia is not terrestrial, it's cable. Either your landlord has a contract with them (should be mentioned in the rental contract) or someone forgot to disconnect your home and you're watching illegaly.   Options: - buy a DVB-C receiver - buy a TV with integrated DVB-C receiver - actually switch to terrestrial via DVB-T2 with a room antenna (if signal is sufficient). private channels will be encrypted, though.   If you buy something I recommend to buy where they have a return policy in case something isn't working correctly (e.g online with 14 days return via law). I'd probably go with the first option as then you should have many private channels for free (in SD) and public channels free in HD.
  13. "Switching"? From what I understood he doesn't have any electricity contract yet at all.
  14. Note that in Germany you can choose your electricity provider. I don't know how good the Mainova contracts are (I really don't). Usually you want low price, long price guarantee, low minimum term and monthly payment. You can order online. They mostly just need your name/address, bank account info, number of the meter ("Zählernummer") and maybe the current reading. I can recommend this one.   If you want more comparisons:
  15. when probzeit expires?

    Yes. True: Probezeit must not be longer than 6 months but contract can specify a lower one - or none at all. If it is not explicitly mentioned in the contract it might be part of a labor agreement. Then it is often - not always - 3 months.