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  1. Driving license renewal - medical tests

    Everything you need to know:   Eye test: Farbsehen = color perception
  2. Blue Card vs PR benefits They seem to want a written application. So get all the documents and drop them off there.   I have not.
  3. Blue Card vs PR benefits

    The Niederlassungserlaubnis doesn't expire. You don't have to re-apply. Even if you lose your job you can stay in Germany. So most people try to switch from Blaue Karte to Niederlassungserlaubnis as soon as possible. You apply for it at your local Ausländerbehörde. Look on their website for infos about the required documents.
  4. Bank account - Berlin to Freiburg, what are my options?

    Yeah, you can keep the accounts. But as with Sparkassen: the regions are more or less independent so you cannot just walk into Volksbank Freiburg and expect the same service.
  5. German labor laws for sick days

    Then go to a different doctor. But that is very unlikely. As Krieg said German doctors very rarely object to giving a sick note. If the patient says he has pain they will accept it. No need to panic.
  6. boyfriend live with me on the aufenthaltstitel

    Yes, US citizens are privileged in that they can change/apply for a visa/resident permit from within Germany.
  7. Question about associates degree

    That is at the discretion of the German uni. They will decide if and how they will accept your old performances. But AA is usually only considered equivalent to a German high school diploma so chances are it will only allow you to start a bachelor in Germany (with 0 credits). You should make sure your course combination is accepted as an Abitur equivalent for the course you want to study in Germany!
  8. Ebay Kleinanzeigen Stolen Item?

    You realize if said goods were stolen they do have a rightful owner? And that won't be you. So the boots might be confiscated by police. And as has been said previously buying stolen goods is illegal in some circumstances. Actually being punished for it in this case seems unlikely but there is a small chance. A judge might look at how it would have been possible for you to see they were stolen before buying them (e.g. much lower price than is usual for such an item).
  9. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Maybe, maybe not. We don't know. Some people ignore the letters and the statue of limitations passes uneventfully (except a Mahnbescheid and said threatening letters). Others ignore the letters and get sued. Some pay upfront, others settle when they get sued, others go all the way to court and lose, and yet others go all the way to court and win. There is no perfect strategy. It depends on your circumstances. If you live alone your chances are often bad. With family/roommates or open wifi (e.g. you own a café) it might be better.   Standard tactic I've seen most people use nowadays: - send (modified) cease-and-desist (modifizierte Unterlassungserklärung) - do not admit anything, don't tell them anything about you, how you live, what you work etc., totally ignore letters (but carefully collect them), never talk to them on the phone - when Mahnbescheid comes object to it - if they do actually sue people take a lawyer that specializes in these cases. With them people discuss either to go for a settlement or go to court/shoot it down if possible. But this only works for people with thick skin. There will be lots of threating letters ("WE WILL SUE YOU!! COSTS WILL TENFOLD!! WE ARE PREPARING THE LAWSUIT THIS VERY MOMENT!!! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!!" etc.)   But in some circumstances it can make sense to take a lawyer right from the start. Above is only what most people use. Either way there is no guarantee to get away cheap or free. Nobody really knows how they select those they take to court and those that will only every receive evil letters or at most a Mahnbescheid. I know this is not what people want to hear but that's just how it is.
  10. Starting a new bacholer at the age of 28

    The things you cite don't contradict what franklan or I have said. Women will be preferred when underrepresented, men only when underrepresented AND structurally discriminated. So this law does prefer women. I haven't heard of a single case of man having successfully argued he was structurally discriminated against - it is not of any relevance as of today. Furthermore, this is the federal law. The state laws might differ. The law for NRW (where OP is living) does not have these additional sentences for the preference of men. (there are currently lawsuits running against the NRW law at least)   But in this case it doesn't matter much because IT would definitely be an area where there are much less women than men so the laws do favor OP.
  11. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    It's a standard letter. Doesn't mean anything except they still expect money and will continue to send you letters until you give in or the statue of limitations has expired.
  12. Starting a new bacholer at the age of 28

  13. Starting a new bacholer at the age of 28

    Not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious.
  14. Starting a new bacholer at the age of 28

    I don't know "business information". But computer science (Informatik) graduates are sought after at the moment. Especially women because companies want to be more diverse and there are few female graduates and even fewer who actually go into the private sector instead of dropping out to become a stay-at-home mother. In the public sector they are even preferred by law. So if you could finish your B.Sc. quickly in three years I think you'd have decent job prospects. But: how much are you interested in IT and math? It is a very mathematical field esp. at universities. If in doubt I would recommend a fachhochschule. Of course you might be a bit late for the winter semester - deadlines are usually somewhere between end of May and mid-July.
  15. wg-flat as investment

    How are student rooms / WGs not "private living quarters"? Because OP will earn money? Every landlord does that. The laws aren't supposed to punish earning money, they want to increase the number of apartments for long-term living in lieu of short-term like AirBnB. If OP is creating more long-term accommodations I don't see how it goes against the letter or purpose of the law.   OP should seek professional advice on this.