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  1. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Of course it's not zero. No job has zero risk. But even of those few that go to Kosovo or Afghanistan or Iraq only few are fighting or at least leaving the camp. The last soldier to die from enemy engagement died in 2013 (half a decade ago) in a mission of the special forces (KSK) - only a few hundred are part of such commando units. (Last year a helicopter malfunctioned and subsequently crashed killing its 2 passengers, if you want to count that.)
  2. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Lots of soldiers just sit their assess off doing paperwork or literally nothing. Risk of dying is very low except maybe for the <1% "front line" soldiers if want to call them that. It's not 1944.
  3. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    In 2016 the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled filesharing damage claims to only expire after 10, not 3 years. Only the lawyer costs expire after 3 years but those usually only make up the smaller part of the overall claim.
  4. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Landlords aren't obliged to use the money paid for damages (whether taken from Kaution or not) to actually repair said damages after the tenant has moved out. At least the old tenant cannot force him - but he might have a responsibility towards the new tenant.
  5. Authorities stopped caring about this a long time ago. They do not monitor the Internet traffic for this. Only time people get caught is when using peer2peer technology (like BitTorrent - sometimes also "streaming" services use these) because then the content creator's lawyers can just join the peer2peer swarms and store every IP address they see. Then they make a civil claim for damages because you distributed/offered it worldwide to countless users (as is the p2p principle).   Now, this doesn't make streaming on pirate sites legal, it's just that: - since it isn't p2p the lawyers cannot record it - the authorities don't monitor the Internet exchanges for this - if you were caught the content creator cannot really claim much damage because he only lost 1 sale (as you are not distributing)
  6. Ask nicely if he would agree to end it earlier if you are able to find a suitable (someone your landlord accepts) Nachmieter willing to take over before the 3 months.
  7. Dental fillings for adults with public insurance: they fully pay for composite fillings in the (visible) front teeth, amalgam for the rest. If you want composite for the rest you pay the difference (maybe 50 to 100 Euro).
  8. Think my husband is entitled to dual citizenship?

    What citizenships did the parents have when your husband was born?
  9. permanent residency or dual citizenship?

    With citizenship you never ever have to deal with the Ausländeramt again, ever. You don't lose citizenship when you leave Germany or commit a crime or whatever reason they will come up with in the future. Your children can get German citizenship even when born outside Germany. You get help from German embassies when abroad. You can freely travel, work and live within the EU. You can participate in all elections.   If I was just 2 months shy I'd get everything ready to try to get it. There are way to reduce the years from 8 to 7 or 6. See § 10 Abs. 3 StAG. Even if I didn't meet the criteria for 7/6 years I'd just try my luck and apply shortly before Brexit. Who knows - maybe Brexit is gonna be post-poned a bit?   Also, there are ways to get dual citizenship for non-EU citizens. So it will be more difficult but not impossible even after Brexit.
  10. Cashpoint charges Germany
  11. Student to health insurance while doing voluntary internship

    Ah, I missed the "voluntary" in the title.
  12. Student to health insurance while doing voluntary internship

    Depends. Is the internship mandatory for your course? How much will you earn per month? How many hours will you work per week? Are you currently freely insured by through parents in German public health insurance? How old are you?
  13. Can I cancel a Unitymedia contract?

    Yes, they can.
  14. German courts and lawyers still massively rely on Fax. It is very accepted. Most Fax machines do offer to print a sending protocol (basically a copy with added recipient fax number and time).
  15. Bailiffs offer to deliver letters with them confirming the content. More expensive, of course.