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  1. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    I'm 50, and have worked in tech my whole career, so here's my perspective.  Generally though I agree with everything lisa13 has said!   I started out as an EE doing hardware design, the most male dominated field I can think of.  I picked it because I was genuinely interested in electronics at the time - everyone told me I should be a lawyer. Study something that you'll like doing, not what you think you can make money at or where you won't face discrimination.   Eventually I did lose interest.  Being an engineer at many companies means having to deliver miracles on someone else's schedule.  I got tired of that and went back to school for an MBA.  The combination of tech + business on a resume is a winner and it's not too difficult to find jobs that are challenging, interesting, and in some amazing locations.   Having said all that, I don't think Germany (I work for a German company in another country) is any better or worse than the US for ageism or sexism.  I've worked in groups that were absolutely toxic to women (or "woman" since I was the only one), and others where it wasn't even a thing.  It depends so much on the company, the team, the manager and you.     Anyway, don't plan a career around what might happen (or not) because you will never know what's coming next.  Once I was picked to start a fast-track manager training, then a month later the company laid off our whole team.  If things are bad in one group or even whole field you chose, try another.  It's just a job, not your life.  
  2. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      This made me LOL.  Literally every ad towards women:  Make your hair straighter/curlier/lighter/less gray.  Make your face lighter/less pale/less wrinkled/less blotchy.  Make your body more curvy/less curvy/less hairy/less smelly/more soft/more smooth.  Wear these clothes that will make you look more professional/more fun/more sexy/more fit.  Carry this handbag.  Wear this jewelry, these shoes, these sunglasses. Eat this food, drink this tea, do this exercise to lose weight/have a better mood/cure cramps/be more attractive.  I even saw one for a drug that will help with "thinning eyelashes"!   Every ad tells women how to behave and tells them that they are inadequate.  This ad only tell men to be nicer (and to buy their razor).  It doesn't seem too offensive to me.  Can't they just ignore it?