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  1. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

    I'm not a lawyer, but I am a manager and can give you my experience in Austria.  I had an employee who wanted to do "home office" from Italy as well.  HR told me that it's not possible because you can only do "home office" from the address that is in your contract because of insurance.  As an example if you get hurt in the workplace the company might have to cover some costs if you couldn't work.  If you get hurt while working at home under a remote working contract, they still have the same obligation.  I think they feel it's low risk if you are at at your own home/apartment usually in a place near the office (with similar health care available).  However, if you are in a remote location, they don't know dangers there might be, or what kind of healthcare could be available, so they don't allow it.  Especially during the COVID time, they don't want anyone working in an area that might be potentially more risky than where you are "supposed" to be.   You could probably do it, and no one would know or care... but if you got sick or injured you will have problems.