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  1. Hello fellow TT'ers,   I am currently in UK but planning to move to NRW in the nexy 6/12 months and look for work in the Netherlands.   Why would I want to do that? I speak both German and Dutch but I am not fluent and I want to improve in both languages; wages tend to be slightly better in the Netherlands and Dutch employers seem to offer full travel expense refund from anywhere (at least it was so a couple of years ago when I worked in Maastricht).   I am pretty sure my destination would be NWR but I am undecided between these three cities/towns:   1) Köln - my favourite destination. What keeps me from moving there: distance from major Dutch cities (2 hrs train) and possibly higher rents.   2) Aachen - very close to Maastricht and Belgium, low rents. What keeps me from moving there: I was there before and it feels a bit gloomy and Maastricht is not my favourite place in NL.   3) Gronau - never been there, close to Enschede, easily reached by bus, train or bicycle, possibly low rents.   Has anybody got any input about this and any recent news about the Dutch job market? I have worked in IT and logistics and that's where I would focus my job search. Thank you