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  1. I can recommend the following real estate lawyers:


    Kai von Blottnitz, vblottnitz@advokath.de


    Nicolas Zimmer, nicolas.zimmer@zimmerlegal.com


    Christian Zander, ra-zander@web.de


    I can say that all three offer very reasonable prices and will provide a fixed fee so you know exactly what your costs are and all three are conversant in English.


    I have spoken to Nicolas Zimmer who was most helpful but was very busy and therefore unable to take on my case. I have also had communication with Christian Zander who was recommended by Nicolas Zimmer who again was very helpful.


    I can certainly recommend Kai von Blottnitz who I have personally used and will be using again in the future. Kai von Blottnitz was polite and very helpful and both speaks and writes excellent English. He is also able to provide a surveyor at a reasonable cost who will conduct a building survey so that you are aware of the condition of the property that you are buying and will also advise on any existing tenancy agreements already in place.


    You can also find a list of lawyers for various disciplines on www.anwalt24.de/suche/rechtsanwalt-berlin


  2. I am looking at investing in German property and have done loads of research, however I am struggling to find a real estate lawyer with reasonable fees.

    I have been in e-mail contact with a few lawyers I have sourced on the internet but most seem expensive. I did find a lawyer called Nicolas Zimmer who's fees seemed very reasonable when compared to all others. He has also had an article in the Irish Times which was very useful. Has any body used him to be able to recommend him. Does anybody know of any other real estate lawyers with reasonable fees.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.