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  1. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    He shagged "unprepared". And he got ladies preggers, unprepared. And he was unprepared to pay. And now he's unprepared that this comes down on him (and you) like a ton of bricks. Postponing stuff will result in the law taking things over at some point: The court will seize wage from an unprepared individual. Bummer.   And you both are also unprepared that the German officials don't really buy that "I cannot pay for those children, as I already have to pay for these other children, this is to much of a hardship".   He has to pay for all of them: Not only those you have, honey.   It all begins with the name of this thread: "Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff". Yes, FFS, they come unannounced to unprepared people.   
  2. Help deciphering 1901 German handwriting

    Sorry, no.   "Vermieter" implies that he gets some rent from somebody, it doesn't say that he hasn't a job. Rentier implies that his income from rents is so high that he doesn't (have to) work anymore. As nowadays "Privatier" does.
  3. Help deciphering 1901 German handwriting

    But not in this context. As @LukeSkywalkersaid, it meant what nowadays is called "Privatier".   As @pappnasesaid, it is somebody living by property income (e.g. the RENT several people pay to the RENTier).
  4. As he himself probably knows best how to pronounce his name, listen to him:    
  5. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

    While it is possible to fake the caller ID (somebody from Molwania calls you but the Caller ID of your local bank is displayed on your phone), it is virtually impossible to intercept your call to your local bank and reroute it to Molwania.   A simple "I will call you back in 5 minutes, can you repeat your name, please?" and then calling your local bank and asking for <name> should do the trick.  
  6. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    Problem with models made for a left hand market: The fog and reverse hooters need to be adapted for the German market to make them road worthy. You can't drive them without that modification, not even a test drive!   And have detailed paperwork about the status of the exhaust system, if that needs to be adapted to German standards, that's gonna cost a lot of money.   But here comes a positive thing: When you get new German paperwork for the model, you will be owner #1, no matter how money owners this specific model had before.  
  7. Maybe the fire's still burning? :-) It was 1969, BTW.  
  8. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    Just make sure that you have a contract with the German subsidiary of the mail order marriage agency. If not, it is considered to be an international transaction/International Import and the German taxes on brides are obscenely high. I am not sure if the taxes are calculated on height, volume, or weight, though. You might want to research that and incorporate your findings before processing your acquisition any further.
  9. What has disappointed you lately?

    Just don't break a butterfly on the wheel in your English class, as your German students will immediately understand the phrase "to break a lance", as it is the English equivalent to the German eine Lanze brechen.
  10. Business compliance: gifts from suppliers

    How it was done at a former employer of mine:   Employees may not accept gifts from clients, but Employees should accept gifts were it would be considered impolite to not accept; However, the gifts must be handed over to HR upon return from the customer.   At the end of the year all the accumulated gifts are spread over *all* employees in a raffle.   If ever that company would be in a corruption scandal they could point out that there is this regulation and the problem isn't the company structure but the non compliance of some employees...   Details can be read here (in German):  
  11. North Sea ferries

    Oostende to Dover is history for more than 5 years...   When it comes to Oostende to Ramsgate, the company filed for bankrupcy...
  12. OK, let's sum it up: You were looking for a specific model for half a year. You got one with 112300km on the clock. You sold it with 116700km. So you owned it for roughly 4000km, after looking for it for half a year. In that time you -a layman- changed the tensioner of the control chain. And now there is a problem with the control chain's tension.   @McAdam, How does this look like when you stand in the shoes of  judge?
  13. Beschäftigungsverbot during pregnancy

    Why?   Let's assume you work in the warehouse and have to lift heavy stuff. Certainly your gyno doesn't want you to do that.   However, the employer still has the right to temporarily transfer you to a different department, e.g. the offices, where you do not have to lift heavy stuff.   As far as I know, the individual Beschäftigungsverbot is pronounced by your gyno. For this purpose, s/he draws up an Attest that is geared to the state of health of the expectant mother. This not only lists the work you cannot do, but also the light work you can do.  
  14. Renting long term apartment advice

    Those computers/TVs/Espresso machines are very likely not working on 230V.   When it comes to a bed: Be aware that an american bed has different sizes than the German ones, so buying a matress or fitting sheets for that here will not work very well.