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  1. Musical instrument for 7 year old

    Not having that makes the whole process of learning to play the piano pretty pointless.
  2. Zahlen, bitte!

    And here, as another example of the duty to publish results, the pages for NRW: Lebensmitteltransparenz - Informationen der letzten 90 Tage (   An example of a report on that page:     And here the deepl translation: "Serious hygienic deficiencies, abundant mouse droppings in various operating areas, open mouse poison and 2 dead mice in the guest room were found. The floor was significantly contaminated with loose poison, mouse droppings, and dark, greasy debris, particularly in the perimeter and corner areas, and under, behind, and between fixtures. The floor and grate baskets were unclean, covered with mold in places. The wall tiles were contaminated with dark dirt deposits."  
  3. Zahlen, bitte!

    But TPTB are obliged to publish, for example, here is the offical link for Bavaria: Lebensmittelinformationen nach § 40 Abs. 1a Nr. 2 LFGB (     Here is an example of a report on that web page:   Deepl-translation of the problem: "Violation: Industrial hygiene/cleaning deficiencies; pest control deficiencies; temperature violations; personnel hygiene deficiencies; placing food unfit for consumption on the market; placing food produced/treated under unsanitary conditions/conditions on the market.   Product: All food produced, stored and provided on the premises, e.g. chicken meat sliced thawed, bean sprouts, pork ribs, fish fillets, shrimp, spices, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, carrots"      
  4. Attest vs Hausrecht

    Keep in mind that  the doctor did not sign a certificate exempting you from getting a ventilator shoved down your throat. Or an exemption of death.    It is befuddling that somebody with "a pathology of the respiratory tract" insist on strutting around furniture stores right now.