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  1.       Example  for a working white lie:   Your best mate from schooltimes called you and told you that he became father and wants you to be the godfather ("Patenonkel"). And the christening is on march Y, so you ask for vacation between march X and march Z, sorry for the short notice...
  2. A few years ago, a co-worker complained that he is very often sick since moving to Aachen for the new job.   As I knew from previous chats, he used to commute to work by car at the old workplace, but since the relocation to Aachen, he uses public transportation.   So after all, it wasn't the city, but presumably that change of life style: Sitting in a bus full of coughing and sneezing people twice a day instead of sitting alone in a car is a difference.  
  3.   It's now here: §6, Absatz 6 says: "For pupils with a non-German mother tongue who have not attended a German primary school from grade 1 onwards, aptitude may also be determined up to an overall average grade of 3.33 if this is attributable to weaknesses in the German language which appear to be capable of being remedied. The suitability for the educational path of the Gymnasium or the Realschule presupposes for these pupils that they have attended German lessons for a reasonable period of time before the issue of the transfer certificate in accordance with subsection 2." 
  4. paying taxes on a newly registered car

    I'd say that the OP ia talking about the vehicle tax (e.g based on displacement of the engine) that you have to pay annually, and not about the VAT or whatever tax based on the price of the vehicle.  
  5. paying taxes on a newly registered car

    Nowadays, you cannot register a car without handing out your bank details. Did you check your bank account for a debit? 
  6. Buying an Erholungsgrundstück (??)

    All the answers are here:
  7. Should i report my keys stolen?

    Did you look into the fridge?    That's what Germans usually do when they find an accessible flat at nighttime... They walk in, go to the kitchen and put the keys in the fridge...
  8. I think that nobody can answer that without seeing the "letter of authorization" ("Vollmacht" in German) you signed when you began working with that lawyer.
  9. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    I'd say that any German doctor performing that kind of procedure on a young lady wants to create legal certainty, because the result of the procedure is final and irreversible.   The name of the game is "informed concent", and if your German isn't really good, German doctors will have a problem reaching "informed concent" that is stressable should it ever come to a court case.   It might be better to have that procedure where medical staff can communicate with you about serious matter.
  10. Mental diseases

      In Germany, women have the right to drink alcohol during pregnancy. That's the law. Despite that, the average German considers women who do so despicable.   It is also your right and your choice to reproduce even when the chances of giving birth to a handicapped child is massively increased due to medical preconditions. There is no law against that.   But again, there is no law that forbids (parts of) society to find that choice despicable.   So, yes, I am afraid you're right: The Germany society might not be "ready" for your way of thinking.  
  11. wiring up lights

      For further information, feel free to read this:   I'll bet the lamp has those two squares as shown in the article to indicate "Appliance class 2", so no earthing is required.   Fell free to post a picture.
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No, it doesn't work that way.   Assuming the electric bike has a basket, the lot will draw straws and one poor sod will have to ride to the shop to buy ten kebabs...