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  1. New home office laws?

    There was a discussion about this, but it wasn't changed after all:   It still has to be a room...
  2. If you want answers you have to post the email. Nobody can assess that case without reading that email...
  3. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    I know three people who wanted a cat from the Tierheim but stopped at some point because the ladies at the Tierheim were complete nutters and demanded obscure changes to the house or flat.   Could be a problem of our local Tierheim, though. However, what you write is exactly what those three people told me about.
  4. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    I hope I don't trigger any flashbacks, but the title is What dreams may come.  
  5. No more VW Beetle

    No he's talking about  "suspended pedals" vs. "floor-mounted pedals"...
  6. That's nice, I really love efficeint mnemonics!
  7. Kindergarten staff negligence

    Its certainly sad to hear that a kid has a broken arm.   On the other hand, if the staff would allow kids to activate "global center of attention" mode by crying,hell would break out in that kindergarden. Sorry to be that blunt, but kids try to be the center of the universe and try specific things out (e.g. crying) and the kindergarden staff is learned at ignoring those games of attention.   After some time it was realised that the kid really has pain, the arm was ice packed,and you were called.   After all, it wasn't a life threatening thing,was it? The emergency ambulance is there to support people on the verge of dying...   And let me ask you a question: Did the Doc realize it was a broken arm before or after x-raying? 
  8. How to apply for permit to start a march

    So, how did this work out?   
  9. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    Here, that's how it's done professionally:  
  10. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    You might want to look up "Confabulation" on wikipedia.   This article mainly addresses  this with reference to mental deseases,, but it can also be observed with narcissists and egomaniacs:  They blacken out unwanted memories or facts, fill the gap with stories that makes them look way better, and it is sufficient (to them) that they believe the story... After all, your different way of looking at reality is wrong anyway (to them).  
  11. youngtimers, modified ,British MOT

    If you can prove that these parts/mods were popular 30years ago, you have chances to get an H-Kennzeichen for it.
  12. House Renovations and Flooring Options

    I love it when a plan comes together... :-)
  13. Freak accidents

    Aye... Those were the days...
  14. Weiterbildung eligibility without vocational qualification?   "Voraussetzung für die Ausbildung zur Elektrofachkraft für festgelegte Tätigkeiten ist eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung oder eine gleichwertige berufliche Tätigkeit. Diese Aus bildung bzw. Tätigkeit muss für die festgelegten Tätigkeiten durch eine zusätzliche Ausbildung im elektrotechnischen Bereich ergänzbar sein."   Should work, if your employer can prove that you're good at what your doing, comparable to somebody who has vocation training in that field . Just be sure  that there is an electrician in your company. A EffT may only follow written work instructions, and these have to be written by a real electrician. If these work instructions don't exist the Efft certificate is useless, for you and for your employer.  
  15. Problem with sublet

    Your profile states that you live in Düsseldorf. Smoking in bars/restaurants etc. is completely banned in NRW.   Something doesn't add up here.