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  1.   You obviously do. It might be that the German sizes are flawed, but still, there is a way to buy stuff when you´re longer or shorter that the average person of that weight class.   There are tables on the internet giving you the short sizes or long sizes. including comparision to the US system of W/L measurement.    If you would be a man who is a little bit heavier and need pants with shorter legs (Comparable to W36-L32), for example, your German pants size would be a 25 or 26.  
  2.   If you would specify if you're a man or a woman and what actual size you need, nice people could help you by looking up the right German size...
  3. Then I can understand that you find it annoying to be regularly tested. Certainly. Still, I do not see a way to overrule that decision of your employer, even if it sounds to be a "belt *and* suspenders" demand...
  4. Are you vaccinated?  
  5. The easiest way is to address the children of those people living in that place. Tell them that you're taking care of their fragile and elderly loved ones and that you find it absolutely shite that the management of that place demands a regular covid-test from you. That will definitely rock the boat, as these people usually are the ones who pay that place, so they've got a very long lever in their hands...    Just make sure you don't accidentally fall out of that boat when it rocks.    You aren't vaccinated yet, are you?  
  6. Dear Anita,   1.) imagine <someone> works for a parcel service and also imagine that the state recently has made a law that all parcel couriers must wear brown shirts and brown pants during work.   2.) Now, there comes the day when some judge sacks that law, pointing out that the state has no say what people have to wear during work. This ain't North Korea after all.   3.) However, <someone>'s employer UPS still insists that <someone> has to wear brown pants and brown shirts during work.   4.) Now, <someone> contemplates not to follow the employer's order to wear brown shirts and brown pants during work, because a judge has ruled that the state's order to wear brown shirts and brown pants at work is void.    Do you see the (logic) falacy in Position 4.)?