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  1. Do the math: Will your employer accept a temporary (e.g. 3 months) reduction of your work time, let's say going down to 30h/week? If that brings your earnings under the limit, you might be back in the game...
  2. What made you laugh today?

    This adds a new dimension to the phrase "to go down"...
  3. Polite and courteous way of English expression

    You opened a thread to ask how to apologize, and then you write that you have the feeling "to convey exactly when expressing"?   Writing such inconsistent things makes people frown.  
  4. Polite and courteous way of English expression

    Better be authentic and speak your own style.   Life isn't a theater stage, people around you aren't the audience, and you're not an actor.
  5. Polite and courteous way of English expression

      The best apology ever!
  6. Polite and courteous way of English expression

    What happened? What do you want to apologize for? Did Dessa  or EB bark at you not to open a new topic for every shite?  
  7. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Here is some information concerning the state of Android:   Android is a linux based operation system bespoke to mobile phones or tablets. Access to its code is free. There are volunteers working on it, and a lot of people working on it who are paid employees of google.   There was a company that wanted to bring out a Google-free version of Android (e.g. no bloatware). This company was called CyanogenMod but defaulted due to problems with the funding.   Some other volunteers then decided to continue this effort under the project name LineageOS.   see here:   This is a great stuff, really. It's just that its progress is a little bit hindered by the fact that only unpaid volunteers work on it. Throwing money after them (by the chinese) or having paid chinese programmers joining the team would certainly solve that problem.   The only big problem is: Some Apps on the Androids as delivered today are sole property of Google, and as such not freely available: These are mainly the App that gives access to Google's APP-store and the App to access GMAIL. While it is possible to install these apps on an LineageOS based Android phone, you're not really on the legal side doing so.   Now, what if the Chinese...   a.) Join the LineageOS Team?   b.) Have their own App-stores (one accessible only from china, the other one accessible from everywhere but china) and convince the App-producers to also sell their APPS via the new APP stores?   c.) let a trustworthy (maybe European) company do the "other one accessible from everywhere but china"-App-store? With lower prices for the end customer but the same income for the APP-writers? You know, cheaper than google?    d.) Declare their APP to access their APP-store to be license fee free to other (even non chinese) mobile phone producers? You know, cheaper than Google?   There is this or potentially other scenarios that - now that Huawei is looking down the barrel of Trump's gun - might back fire into Google's face!  
  8. Ikea gas hob

    YOU have to find out...   a.) if that eldslaga thingy can be set up to use LPG. b.) if 230V is available where you wan't to set it up.  c.) What thread is used on the standard LPG-bottles in India. d.) whether there is an adapter available to convert from German thread to  that Indian thread. e.) that the words "homework" and "query" have different meanings.
  9. Ikea gas hob

    FFS, why don't you specify the fucking country you want to take it to?    You are aware that this is a necessary information to answer your question, aren't you?    Will it be a fixed installation or will it run from a bottle, which gets replaced/refilled when it's empty?   
  10. Car air con specialist?

    Erm, are we talking about a cyst on your ball and cock arrangement, or are we talking about a cistern with a ball and cock arrangement?
  11. Ikea gas hob  
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Don't do that when it is TP.  
  13. What made you laugh today?

  14. Wonderful Chicken Pox!    
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Nah, not that one... I was more like  thinking about the joke of those three hammered geordie bricklayers having trouble on the autobahn, you know, the Fiat Uno with the leaking Oil filter, and that matchbox full of thumb tracks plus the big cucumber close to the jar of marmite ...