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  1. Wiring a serial light switch.

        The OP clearly wrote "I can patch the neutral cable from the existing joint connection".
  2. woken up by neighbors alarm

  3. Wiring a serial light switch.

    1.) Take out the two brown wires on top of the switch and attach them both to LIn. You need a wago to do so. So, those two wires are shoved into the wago, and a third stumpy brown wire goes from the wago to LIn.   2.) Take out the single brown wire at the bottom and attach it to LOut.   3.) Attach a Neutral connection to NIn. It is considered good manners to use a blue wire.    4.) Take a purple wire and attach one end where the two brown ones went in; attach the other side to S1.   5.) Take a malve wire and attach one end where the single brown cable went in; attach the other side to S2.     ACHTUNG, HÖLLENZUFRIERUNGSGEFAHR! If you cannot source a purple wire or a malve wire: Do not do it, as hell freezes shut when you use the wrong colors!
  4. Only in America

    It is a wood working class after all...
  5. What made you laugh today?

    When Keith Richards and Queen Elizabeth II met the first time...