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  1. Are you Swiss savvy?

    The English "Hospital" would be called "Krankenhaus" by Germans, but the German speaking Swiss tend to call it "Spital". That's all...   Have a look at this screeshot of the German wikipedia:   The red marked block translates to: "Synonymously used terms are also hospital, in Austria and Switzerland also spital. "    
  2. Yes, ceased to operate beginning 2021. Problem was that the Netflix people made it impossible to get around their geo-limitations by a DNS approach.   And selling an unlocking service that doesn't unlock Netflix is like selling a "Best of Procol Harum"-CD that doesn't have "a whiter shade of pale" on it...   I do not know any Smart-DNS service that is still in business. This season is over...    
  3.   You obviously do. It might be that the German sizes are flawed, but still, there is a way to buy stuff when you´re longer or shorter that the average person of that weight class.   There are tables on the internet giving you the short sizes or long sizes. including comparision to the US system of W/L measurement.    If you would be a man who is a little bit heavier and need pants with shorter legs (Comparable to W36-L32), for example, your German pants size would be a 25 or 26.  
  4.   If you would specify if you're a man or a woman and what actual size you need, nice people could help you by looking up the right German size...