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  1. Odd news

    To shoot people? It's the army of a country we're talking about...  
  2. Indeed, here is the German website of the Molvanian tourist office:    
  3.   Nothing. You'd probably have the same situation, if you - as an English speaking foreigner not being a native speaker of the local language - would move to Italy, Finland or Molwania.  
  4. Deutsche Kredit Bank stolen my money?

    You won't believe it, but     >per Fax an 030 120 300 01    that's their fax number. Sent them a f*cking fax.   If you cannot, sent me a PDF via Private mail and I'll fax it for you. 
  5. What made you laugh today?

    The episode "The Germans" of "Fawlty Towers" has been taken off-air by UK-TV for racissism...
  6. Summoned as a witness in a criminal case

    Here is information from Nerdistan about that subject in Germany:  
  7. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

      Hi Metall, while I believe you heard what you heard, and they told you what you heard...   It is not true about Ramstein.    There were several landing sites tailored for an emergency TAL (Transoceanic Abort Landing). To name some of the European ones: Spain at Moron and Zaragoza, and France at Istres. (Source: )   Ramstein was never officially declared as a TAL site for a Space Shuttle landing.    If there ever was a Space Shuttle TAL site in Germany, it was the Cologne/Bonn Airport (Source: )   The Wikipedia article on the subject is very accurate (to my best knowledge):   A google search for "Space Shuttle emergency landing Ramstein" did not yield a single hit supporting your claim. However, and that might be source of the misunderstanding: Those potential European landing sites were manned with military emergency crews sent from Ramstein during a Space Shuttle launch ( ).   Anyway, feel free to edit the Wikipedia article and add Ramstein to it, if you think the article is wrong... :-)    
  8. The way I know it, or at least that's the way it used to be:   The Gutachter will assess what the car was worth before the accident, and how much it would cost to repair it.  This information is then passed to the liable insurance and they decide what to do.   Neither you nor the Gutachter have the power to decide how that insurance handles their liability. They will make an offer how to handle the case, and you may accept or decline their offer.   If the liable insurance decides to accept to imburse the assessed value of the car before the accident, you aren't even the owner of the car anymore! So why would you have any say how and to whom to sell that wreck when it is not yours anyway?    Tip: Do not make any decisions how other people have to handle their wallet. The money we are talking about is not in your wallet yet.
  9. Hairfall clinic.

    In this day and age, a lot of women would be happy if they had definite hair loss in some specific regions... Just saying... 
  10. Hairfall clinic.

    Name it, please...
  11. Portable air conditioning units

    The laws of thermodynamics do not allow to produce "coldness" itself. At most, one can transfer heat from one place to the other.   So, the only thing possible to "cool" your bedrooms is to transfer the heat to somewhere else. Either by a split unit (Transfer -> the outside unit gets hot, and the inside unit gets cold) or by a hose towards the outside (Transfer -> the cooling block and the heating block is within the bedroom, but the heat of the heating block is blown to the outside).   What you want (A standalone device that gets plugged into the wall socket and produces "coldness" without producing heat somewhere else) is physically impossible.  
  12. Mail

    Your question might yield better results if you would include the vital information about the origin and the destination of your letter...   If - for example - its destination is a company, maybe the company is shut down atm? 
  13. By the way, I am back, sitting in the newly created home office, and my mandatory quarantine ended on Monday midnight, I had my first stroll through my home town on Tuesday evening, the first one since the end of February...   It's all so unreal...
  14. What are you cooking today?

      When I make pancakes I sweep/purge the flour through a fine sieve (with a spoon) before processing it. It gives a much smoother dough, definitely worth the time...   
  15. BBC Bitesize

    Yes, it can be done.    To get the gist what is required to do so, take a look at this "quick guide",