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  1. I think that nobody can answer that without seeing the "letter of authorization" ("Vollmacht" in German) you signed when you began working with that lawyer.
  2. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    I'd say that any German doctor performing that kind of procedure on a young lady wants to create legal certainty, because the result of the procedure is final and irreversible.   The name of the game is "informed concent", and if your German isn't really good, German doctors will have a problem reaching "informed concent" that is stressable should it ever come to a court case.   It might be better to have that procedure where medical staff can communicate with you about serious matter.
  3. Mental diseases

      In Germany, women have the right to drink alcohol during pregnancy. That's the law. Despite that, the average German considers women who do so despicable.   It is also your right and your choice to reproduce even when the chances of giving birth to a handicapped child is massively increased due to medical preconditions. There is no law against that.   But again, there is no law that forbids (parts of) society to find that choice despicable.   So, yes, I am afraid you're right: The Germany society might not be "ready" for your way of thinking.  
  4. wiring up lights

      For further information, feel free to read this:   I'll bet the lamp has those two squares as shown in the article to indicate "Appliance class 2", so no earthing is required.   Fell free to post a picture.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No, it doesn't work that way.   Assuming the electric bike has a basket, the lot will draw straws and one poor sod will have to ride to the shop to buy ten kebabs...
  6. Beerhall for a school group

      Yeah, right. Kids from Amsterdam have a spotless reputation of always obeying what the teachers say. After all, they're from Amsterdam. 
  7. Beerhall for a school group

    16 or 17 year old trying foreign beer? My guestimation is a pukeability of 10%-15%...   Does the bus driver (or whatever way of transportation is choosen) know about that?  Who's gonna clean the mess up? Who's gonna pay for that?   What about the situation that the bus driver (or whatever way of transportation is choosen) refuses to transport "tipsy" kids? 
  8. Transport suitcases to Düsseldorf Airport

    The magic word for google is "Flughafentransfer", here are some results:    
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    Read this:   The money you sponsor is given to local loan sharks, who will forward it to the people you choose, and they will ask/demand/enforce obscene interests...
  10. No internet access in my new flat    
  11.   Collect data? You might want to find out why Google Streetview stopped its service in Germany...  
  12. Illogical stuff of the German language

    Fancy people use "meinetwegen" instead of "wegen mir", "seinetwegen" instead of "wegen ihm", and "deinetwegen" instead of "wegen dir". Just saying.  
  13. Illogical stuff of the German language

    The plural of "du" and "Sie" is still used.   When a group of people approaches the hotel reception, staff might say "Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?"  In a pub, a group might hear "Was kann ich für euch tun?"   And I swear to god, I have heard the English plural of "you" in Newcastle: Youse. As in "Youse look thirsty" or "Youse clean the muddy boots before getting into the house!".  
  14. Illogical stuff of the German language

    Shoes? Goes? Does?   dough, but through and cough?   Repair, but prepare?   Are you sure you're not barking up the wrong tree?
  15. When you and your partner are on vavation you still get paid by your employer, right? What about the tax implications that you aren't registered in Germany but still get a payment by a German employer into your German bank account?   This and the fact that the teachers will smell a rat is going to back fire in your face.   The fact that you don't cancel your rental contract, don't quit your job, don't cancel your bank acount but "moved" to another country is obviously cheating the system...   The least problem will be the "Anmeldung" after coming back, when your rental contract says that you started renting that place 3 (or whatever) years ago.