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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I did that on facebook too... But only if I had newspaper obituaries available. Not available to me in this case...
  2. Should I sign this Kurzarbeit agreement?

    It is not the point whether they reduce costs, the point is if they acquire customers that have work to be done by you on a 40h/week basis.
  3. Scammed on ebay, is there a way to get back at the guy?

    So, how did this evolve?
  4. Just as a hint: These Machines take cent coins and accept up to 15 coins per stamp.   So using these machines is the right time to get rid of them copper coins...  
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    One of the features of Facebook are the notifications of birthdays among your befriended folks, so that you can wish a happy birthday (only if one has given Facebook the DOB, though).   Missed TT-member @Uncle Nick did so, his birthday was yesterday, and a whopping number of 8 people wished him a happy birthday within the last hours.   How shallow are these social media when people wish the best in a robot like automated reflex but do not realize that somebody already died in 2017?   Flummoxed...  
  6. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    Immer diese Zugereisten! Das schreibt sich PINGELIG mit einem G wie GEHTGARNICHTWASSIEDAMACHEN am Ende!
  7. Hindsight is 19/82...  
  8. How to buy stock?

    Well, he happens to appear to be a little bit aggressive atm, but IRL, he's a nice bloke...   I only met him at the beer machine so far, though...
  9. Scammed on ebay, is there a way to get back at the guy?

    How did you realize it is a scam?   At this day and age, there are other reasons why somebody doesn't answer your calls the way you want them to...   And yes, there are German scammers, with German passport, German license plate, German whatsapp, a .de email address, German haircut, even German accent...
  10. I remember the days when every German Kneipe had a large beer boot behind the till (up to 3 liters!!!), and whenever somebody had the urge to spend money (became father, got a better job, won the lottery) this boot was filled and made the round among the lads. This was considered normal, umpteen lads drinking from the same glass...   This habit died in the early 80ies when the first pictures of dying AIDS-patients were on the telly, and this old custom never came back...   
  11. What made you laugh today?

    I like it when salt-of-the-earth craftsmen have kept the touch with the ground...    
  12. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    It's the Portuguese equivalent to Stockton's Parmo, just posher...
  13. Coronavirus

    Please post source...  
  14. Read this:   Also read this:   German banks need to obey the American FATCA, but also must obey the European laws concerning Bank secrecy.   This is literally a walk on eggshells, so the banks have the propensity to refrain from getting involved in legal borderline cases just for a peanut business like a mortgage on a house.   Their legal department has bigger fish to fry.