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  1. Lynn Ruth Miller is the poster girl for growing old. She’s 84 years old and the only thing that frightens her is her own reflection. She’s feisty though and can tell some tales about dating octogenarians, what it’s like being the oldest stand up in the business (RIP Joan Rivers). Young people of the world, come and see your futureQueenie the senile stripper will entertain you with a collection of outrageous parodies guaranteed to put your underwear at risk. Enjoy comedy at its naked best in this 50 minute travesty of song and dance featuring Lynn Ruth Miller. This is musical comedy at its worst proving that even though your body parts drop to your ankles, they still can move with enough zest raise an eyebrow if nothing else Lynn Ruth Miller had been remodeling facts since she bloomed so to speak, 78 years ago. Once she began presenting her prevarications to an audience larger than her three dogs, she met with amazing success.She hit the headlines in Edinburgh in August 2005 when she jumped out of a cake (almost) and removed her clothes (not quite) on every stage that would have her. Her fame spread when she threw her underwear at the audience at the Carleton Hotel that same year. In 2006, she became a legend: a show stealer and scene blocker with enough teeth left to smile wrapping her eager fans in spandex and putting wigs on the bald heads in the group. In 2008, she taught the world that the older you are, the better you get.She was featured in The London Times and won Best of the Brighton Festival with this off-key cabaret show that glorifies even older age, reveling in the disasters it brings to the human form and the feminine mystique. In 2014 she won the TOA&ST award for best cabaret at The Edinburgh Festival , In 2015, she starred in the Bristol Burlesque Festival and in 2016 was featured May 14 in the London Burlesque Festival where they invited her back for ehir encore performance.What they are saying:Lynn Ruth Miller is a true original, a unique and vivacious artist - writer, raconteur, singer, burlesque performer, satirist and comic. She appeared several times at the late-night cabaret, the Midnight Carousel, and never failed to bring the house down. She is inspiration to younger and less energetic artists like me. ~ Mark Mc Innes Edinburgh 2006With the modesty of youth gone, she grapples life’s dilemmas head on, and with a song. Based on her own colorful experiences, her audience are taught self help cures for impotence, incontinence, and how to enjoy old age. ~ MusicalTheaterMatters, 2008.This show is an act of belated rebellion against the invisibility of older people, deriding the nursing-home mentality and celebrating the joys of Spandex and sparkle. Any stand-up, though providing her with this definite point of view, now plays second fiddle to the set-piece song-and- dance numbers. ~ Steve Bennett, Chortle, 2009★★★★★ AFTERPARTY ★★★★★ Bambule Nights - Raucous Karaoke GamesSingle and multi player games that you can sing, YES sing! A karaoke gaming adventure that will have you and your friends in stitches. Join our host ★ Scout Wölfli ★ as he spins the karaoke roulette wheel. Who’s singing next?★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★ Advanced Tickets : free entry to Porn Karaoke after party. ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★Toast HawaiiDanziger Straße 110435 Berlin, Germany
  2. Stand Up en Español : Carlos Ballarta (MEX)European Tour 2018Tuesday 29th May 2018Carlos Martínez Vallarta, mejor conocido como Carlos Ballarta (nacido en 1990) es un comediante mexicano originario de la Ciudad de México.Ballarta incursionó en el género de comedia stand up por primera vez en diciembre de 2012, en el escenario del bar Beer Hall en la Ciudad de México. Entre 2013 y 2014, participó en el programa STANDparados con Adal Ramones. En 2014 es elegido para participar en el programa Comedy Central Presenta: Stand Up, al cual regresaría en 2015 para grabar dos rutinas más. Su mediana fama comenzó por su participación en el programa "Es de noche… y ya llegué" de René Franco, con un sketch en vivo orientado en una rutina escrita por él mismo. Desde 2014 y hasta 2016, Ballarta fue parte del colectivo ‘7 Machos’, junto a Eduardo Talavera, Fran Hevia y demás comediantes. Carlos Ballarta es reconocible debido a su imagen, con lentes oscuros y cabello largo. Carlos ha declarado que los lentes los necesita por el miedo a ver a la audiencia directo a los ojos. Su imagen es también un tributo permanente a Kurt Cobain. Antes de dedicarse de lleno a la comedia, compaginaba su trabajo con el de doblaje de voz. Actualmente, Ballarta presenta su show en vivo por toda la República Mexicana. Special on netflix called "El amor es de putos" ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ Bar 1820, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 10178 Berlin, (Belushi's basement underground club) ★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★ Earlybird tickets on sale now :  price includes 7% VAT.
  3. Cosmic Comedy Special with K-von (USA)K-von is the most famous half-Persian comedian in the world and he's flying from the USA to Berlin for the 1ST TIME! Please join us for an amazing English comedy show in Berlin on June 1. "Berlin´s number #1 English Comedy Club" ~ Tripadvisor"Winner of tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2017"The venue is Non-Smoking and has a "Nice people only policy!"Pizza & Shots from 8.00pm Main Show from 9.00pm (Pizza & Shots are while stocks last) ★★★★★ THE ACTS ★★★★★ K-von (USA) warm up acts to follow ★★★★★ ABOUT K-VON ★★★★★ The star of MTV's hit show "Disaster Date", he’s received rave reviews for his comedy on NBC's 'Last Comic Standing', NETFLIX, SHOWTIME, CNN's "HLN", Good Morning America, BBC, & NPR to name a few.  K-von has garnered millions of views online with sketches, standup comedy clips, and a viral ‘TED Talk’. His style is versatile yet relatable with fun storytelling and high-energy performances about a variety of mainstream topics. Be sure to get your tix for this event. Use the Pre-Sale because we plan to sell out! ★★★★★ THE HOSTS ★★★★★ Dharmander Singh : Neil Numb : ★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★ Tickets are available for Presale ONLINE.  (also at the door, but we may sell out so be sure to buy in advance and save money) Advanced tickets : Group Bookings : ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ Bar 1820 @ Belushi´s, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 10178 Berlin :